Reflections of a 2010 Philip High School senior

It all begins between the ages of five and seven: the quest for knowledge. We set out in search of wisdom and somewhere along the way, life finds us.

The rapid approach of graduation has triggered a flood of nostalgia combined with anxious anticipation for the next stage of life. Just months ago, I was the girl who would cringe at the thought of leaving high school and moving on. While I still have some fears, I've come to realize that I am prepared to take that step forward. I've also found that by the time one period of your life is due to be completed, you will have readied yourself to adjust to whatever comes next. So I guess we must all take Chana Gottsleben's advice, "Enjoy the time you have. It goes fast!"

As a class, we seniors feel compelled to leave behind some guidance, advice and words of wisdom for the students in the years to come. School may be hard at times, but Tim Wells said, "You will get through it." That being said, here are some more inspirational reminders from the class of 2010.

Zach Baxter observed, "I like our class; we seem a lot closer this year. Senior year rocks." "The best part of school for me is that great feeling it gives you towards the end of the day after you have an awesome time with your friends and you just look forward to the next day," explained Aida Junita. AJ Bartlett had the same idea with his statement, "Cherish your friends, because you may never see them again after high school." Another classmate, Marissa Mann would advise upcoming students to, "Have fun, but always remember that high school only happens once, so make it worthwhile!" Dallas Lamm has learned, "The mistakes you make in high school are because you think you know what you're doing, but the memories you make are because you have no idea what you're doing." With that in mind, heed this thought from Colton Nickelson, "Remember and cherish the little things of high school, but don't let them keep you from focusing on the big things." In Theo Fitch's words, "Enjoy the present!"

"It's a teacher's responsibility to teach, but it's a student's responsibility to learn. Do your part because you know teachers are doing theirs," said Rob Williamson. On that note, Troy Guptill stated, "Do what you do, just do it better." "Try your best and you will succeed," as stated by Devon Ehlers, is another example of the importance of confidence and dedication.

As far as homework goes, getting good grades can be easy if you, "just get things done. Don't procrastinate," as Kelsey Hostutler said. Charlsie Mettler would like to reiterate, "Go to your classes every day. They are important!" Caleb Clements offered this helpful advice, "You're never too young to start filling out scholarships!"

The well-known phrase, "practice makes perfection," has been very influential in the lives of many including Kathleen Nelson. However, if you do stumble through difficulties, remember Kareshia Enders' words, "Always keep your head up, no matter what happens."

Emily Schofield also reminded readers, "High school goes by fast. Have fun while it lasts." Remember to take chances that offer positive outcomes. Colin Van Lint has been inspired by the advice, "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." As these words imply, do not fear judgment or ridicule. Instead, be outgoing and try new things! But in everything, responsibility is vital. So take this statement from Blake Lobdell, "Don't do drugs, stay in school!"

Many of the seniors would like to share the vital life lessons they've learned. Dace Kelly has realized that to be happy we need to, "Enjoy the little things in life." Casey Cvach instructed, "You only have one life. Live it with NO regrets." Regrets are only a judgement of yourself or your actions, sometimes even the lack of actions made. Always keep in mind that everything you regret now was exactly what you wanted to do at one point in time. "If you're different, embrace it. Let your peers and teachers know you are not like the others, especially when you're gone," expressed Jesse Manke. While Danielle Piroutek agreed, "Be yourself. You will eventually be accepted for the wonderful person that you are." Do not waste your talents by not using them, even if you are uncertain of your abilities. "Challenge yourself now, so that the obstacles you are faced with later won't slow you down!" encouraged Carissa Doolittle.

Be a good role model at all times because one never knows when an impression is being given. Karch Foley remembered this statement, "What we do in life echos an eternity."

I would like to add this advisory, "Take advantage of every single opportunity offered to you in high school. We have a great community with so much support for its young people. Embrace that and be thankful for this amazing town!"

When I think back to my first day of school, I do not remember a single thing that I learned (no offense to my teachers!). I do, however, remember a few details about my friends and experiences. Looking back over the 13 years that came next, many sporadic memories remain clear through the blur of homework and activities. The ones I treasure most involve the people I met in the process of becoming who I am today.

As I've come to know quite well, the moments when we wish we could pause time to savor that instant a little longer are the times when it seems life gets thrown into fast forward. If there's ever a possibility that in the future you may stop to re-evaluate your actions or lack thereof, choose the path that you would not wish to go back and change later on. With that in mind, always try your best, work your hardest, care the most, laugh the loudest and live to the fullest. Live so that you, "Never forget or regret your past because it will help you in your future in some way," said Kenzy Pinney. However, don't get stuck in the past either. Accept the changes in your life and move on so that you can fully commit to succeeding in the new endeavors taking place. Take time to relax and enjoy every second of your life, may it be in grade school, high school or beyond. You know what they say, "Time is the one thing we want the most, but use the worst!"

Finally, I cannot imagine what school would have been like if I had not experienced it with these classmates. Now we are all about to head off to the next chapter of our lives and begin with a clean slate. Although this is true, we will always remember the time we've spent here at Philip High School with the people who made school fun. We have been well-prepared for life, thanks to our parents, teachers, coaches and peers, and are ready to finally walk across that stage in our gowns and toss our caps.

We've grown up together, some from the beginning, some from later on, but we are all accepted into our places with each other. So no matter where we go or what we do, we will always have one thing in common, the one thing that will hold us together in years to come - our lives began at PHS.