Public library now using new library card system

New automated library card system ... The new scannable system includes a free larger card for a wallet and a smaller one for a key chain. These bar code cards will help with tracking library materials and with the efficiency of checking out those materials.

The new cards for the Haakon County Public Library and its automation system arrived last week.

These are a two-part card that includes a regular credit card size library card for patrons' wallets and a much smaller card to carry on a key chain. Both sections of the card have a bar-code on the back, which is specific to the owner of the card. The library patron will also have their signature on a designated line on back of the larger card.

The library's post office box address is on the front of the larger card. Thus, if it is lost, it can be returned to the library through the postal service, and eventually back to the owner.

In order for library patrons to receive their card, they must fill out an application at the library. There is no charge. If the patron is under 18 years of age, they will need to have a parent or guardian sign the bottom of the form. Once in the system, if a patron forgets their card, they can still be found in the computer system and assisted by the librarian.

The library cards will coordinate with the bar codes on books and other items so the new automation system can keep track of circulation at the library. This will speed up the checkout process and make it easier to locate items requested by patrons.

"At the present time, there is no real system to know what titles we have by any given author," said librarian, Annie Brunskill. "At this time the automation process for the items in the library is about 40 percent complete. Those sections of the collection that are the most popular are ready to go. So, if you have your card and are looking for a good novel, we can check you out on the new system."