Preparedness main part of council meeting

Haakon County Emergency Manager Lola Roseth addressed the Philip City Council during its monthly meeting on September 4.

Roseth updated information on community preparations for any possible pandemic flu outbreak. Also, she is applying for a grant for an area-wide plan in preparation of any hazardous material situation. Roseth reported that the local fire departments, search and rescue and police are in need of upgraded radios. The two emergency shelters in Philip are the basements of the Haakon County Courthouse and the Catholic Church. Roseth closed with advancing the idea of future emergency operation center classes for city and county decision-makers. This could include a major disaster drill sometime in 2008.

Watering restrictions imposed by the City of Philip have been lifted. When the current Missouri River water project is completed, West River/Lyman-Jones Rural Water should be able to supply enough water to the Philip area that there should be no need for water restrictions in the future.

After investigating the costs of reroofing the south side of the municipal building, the city council has decided to pursue other options, such as possibly tearing down and rebuilding just that portion of the building which needs repair.

The quarterly report by the street department was mostly about chip sealing Philip streets, particularly Oak Street. After that, every city blacktop road west of Highway 73 will have been sealed within the past four years.

The City of Philip will continue its current weed spraying contract with Jack Hansen. Hansen's spraying business has been sold to Jeremy Noteboom, though Hansen will remain with the business for a period of time. When the time comes that he is no longer part of the business, the council will offer bids and enter into a formal contract with whomever wins the bid.

Lease bids for the farm ground near the airport will be opened during the October council meeting.

On Monday, September 17, the City Finance Office will be open only during the afternoon. Along with other Philip community members, Finance Officer Mona Van Lint and Deputy Finance Officer Brittany Smith will be attending the Horizon's Finding Community Direction workshop in Rapid City.

The next Philip City Council meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on Monday, October 1, in the Community Room of the Haakon County Courthouse.