Postmistress meets with council

The Philip Postmistress warned the Philip City Council of problems that could occur should the hospital place a mailbox on the street. Jodi Kammerer appeared at the Monday evening meeting to discuss with the council the proposed hospital mailbox along Pine Street.

At the July meeting Hans P. Peterson Memorial Hospital Administrator Dave Dick met with the council in regards to placing a mailbox along the street to receive mail that has been sent back due to the wrong address. He had stated that some of the mail was time sensitive and they were frustrated that it had been sent back.

Kammerer noted the problems with addresses started with various people and businesses across the nation using their physical address as the mailing address. She added this became a problem after the September 11 attacks.

The postmistress said she had been hand correcting a lot of the addresses and asking individuals to notify who they receive mail from of the correct post office box address. Kammerer stated people and businesses can put both the physical and post office box number on their address.

The problem she predicts, if Dick places the mailbox along Pine Street, are snow removal and people parking in front of the mailbox. Her driver has to be able to drive up to the box. If mail can not be delivered, it is returned to the post office and is delivered the next day, if possible.

Councilman Dan Walker noted the area on the street in front of a mailbox is public right-of-way. “We won’t block off parking,” he said. “People have to understand that.”

Kammerer added each section of the hospital could be required to have a separate mailbox. She stressed she was not against the hospital having the mailbox, she just wanted the council to be aware of other possible problems that could arise.

Councilman Greg Arthur noted that the believed Dick wanted the mailbox just so mail would not get returned. If it was undeliverable due to parked cars, he could still go down to the post office and pick up the mail.

Mayor John Hart questioned Kammerer as to who does not have to pay for a box within the post office. She said those people who live within a quarter-mile of the post office do not have to pay the fee to rent a box. The exception to the rule is those people who live within that quarter-mile and are on a route of a rural mail carrier.

In other business the council:

•approved meeting minutes from July and payment of bills;

•reviewed the well users meeting;

•noted field work on audit is completed;

•approval for finance officer to apply for credit card;

•approved building permits for the Philip Health Services for a mailbox, Jerald and Dorothy Neville for a modular home, garage and storage shed; and Eddie and Patricia Childers to remove a house from its current location to outside the city;

•reviewed and passed a reading on the revised city building permit ordinance;

•approved to update the city’s mileage and lodging reimbursements to the state rate;

•held a public hearing and approved the special malt beverage license for the Philip Chamber of Commerce in a tent in the bank parking lot for Festival Days;

•reviewed the 2005 budget proposal;

•approved a motion to revise the cash management account in regards to interest and deposits;

•approved to pursue the capital for a day application;

•reviewed reports from the pool, police, street, and water departments;

•approved to hire Randi Holman as a certified lifeguard on a fill-in basis;

•approved to change pool employee overtime to regular pay, not time and a half;

•approved to surplus a typewriter and a spine board;

•approved wage for extra police officer for Festival Days;

•approved purchase of Show Me Rate Maker to analysis utility rates, to aid in grant and loan applications;

•discussed dumpster overuse at the rubble site; and

•next council meeting is set of Tuesday, September 7.