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county’s statement in regards to cattle guards/auto gates. Candelaria said that had been moved to the county road clause and definition. In regards to two other sections that had been deleted, Candelaria said he would speak with TransCanada representatives. TransCanada had omitted the county’s request for a $200,000 bond. Candelaria said the company did not see a need for the additional bond since they were bonded through the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission. Konst said, “It is not that much. Why take it out?” The commission wanted the bond request as part of the agreement. Candelaria and Haakon County Highway Superintendent Kenny Neville will meet to redraft the agreement. Once redrafted it will be submitted to TransCanada. The board reviewed dollar amounts for all funding sections. Contingency transfers were approved for register of deeds for $3,500, veterans service office, $900, mentally ill, $1,000, library $2,000 and weed control, $100. A supplement for the court appointed attorney fund was supplemented by $14,000. A supplemental hearing was held to add $7,000 to the courts, $12,000 to the register of deeds and $13,500 to the jail fund. The board approved the supplements. Auditor Patsy Freeman informed the board that Dean Dayton from legislative audit informed her that to be in compliance for the opt-out, those monies would have to go through the general fund before being placed in the road and bridge fund. She said she would run a legal in the Pioneer Review to explain the process. Liquor one new liquor license and three renewals were approved. South Fork Ranch, LLC, T-34 Truck Stop, Lake Waggoner Golf Club Association and Wheeler Brooks Post 173 American Legion hold the licenses. Following a near hour long executive session to discuss personnel the board approved to cut the deputy treasurer position to half time. Another half time position will be created for the office. The change will be effective January 2012. Neville updated the board on the highway department. He did note that the slide area that had been fixed on Hardingrove Road looks good. He said there is some dirt sliding, but it is part of the design, to let nature take the dirt down. Freeman said the board will need to discuss the policy handbook during the next meeting. She has been noting areas that need to be discussed. She said she also found a police handbook from 1993 that was prepared by Jim Pelle. She said she would get copies to the board for their review. The board will hold a public hearing on redistricting Tuesday, December 27th at 6:00 p.m. in the courthouse community room. The board approved a spending priority policy so that all county funds are in compliance with Government Accounting Standards Board Statement 54. The annual contract for Women Infants and Children for the community health office was approved. Dues for the South Dakota Association of County Officials and South Dakota Association of County Commissioners were approved. Warrants for the past month and meeting minutes for November 1 were approved. Department reports were reviewed. The board will meet in special session Tuesday, December 27 for their year-end meeting. The next regular meeting will be January 3, 2012. by Del Bartels The United States Office of the Secretary of Defense has recognized Philip Health Services Inc. as a patriotic employer. This recognition comes through the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR). As stated on the award, it is for PHSI’s “contributing to national security and protecting liberty and freedom by supporting employee participation in America’s National Guard and Reserve Force.” Kent Olson, chief executive officer for PHSI, has signed a statement of support for the guard and reserve. PHSI recognizes that “the guard and reserve are essential to the strength of our nation and wellbeing of our communities.” The statement also said, “We fully recognize, honor and support the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act .... We appreciate the values, leadership and unique skills service members bring to the workforce and will encourage oppportunities to hire guardsmen, reservists and veterans.” This statement of support, along with the patriotic employer recognition as well as a certificate of appreciation, will be displayed for public viewing in the halls of the medical center. The certificate is “for the support you have shown to your National Guard employee during the 2011 Missouri River flood. Your commitment strength-
Number 17 Volume 106 December 15, 2011
Commissioners act on key issues Philip Health Services Inc. honored by
by Nancy Haigh Plat approvals, haul road agreement and budget action were all part of the Haakon County Board of Commissioners meeting December 6. Four plat requests were made by county residents. Bob Fugate’s south of Philip on Highway 73, Jake Fitzgerald’s along Highway 14 on the west edge of Philip and Clark Morrison’s along Hilland Road north of Philip were all approved with little discussion. R. Lee and Christy Smith, Jacksonville, Fla., are selling part of their land holdings in Haakon County north of Highway 14. Their buyer from Onida, purchased all the land that was farmable from Smith. Yackley wished to have his acres platted. Smith brought the plat to the commission to be approved. Commissioner Nick Konst asked Smith if the rest would be kept for hunting, which he replied in the affirmative, along with cattle. Commissioner Ed Briggs stated his only concern was future development, if it would be broken up into pieces. Haakon County State’s Attorney Gay Tollefson said it could be if replatted for smaller acreages. Smith said it was the cleanest, best way to transfer the property. The board approved the plat. The sale of the land and its subsequent replatting brought up the issue of zoning for Haakon County. Tollefson said it is better to be proactive, rather than reactive. Haakon County is one of counties in South Dakota that do not have zoning ordinances. Chris Candelaria, Keystone XL pipeline permit specialist and senior land agent met with the board in regards to the haul road agreement. TransCanada sent back the county’s proposed haul road agreement with changes. TransCanada deleted the
National Guard as a patriotic employer
Patriotic employer ... Matthew Spaans, left, a representative from the South Dakota Army National Guard, visited Philip, Monday, December 12, to present Philip Health Services, Inc. with an award for being a supportive employer. Kent Olson, center, and Terry Henrie, right, received the awards for PHSI. Henrie, who nominated PHSI for the recognition, is one of several National Guard employees at PHSI. Photo by Del Bartels
ens the National Guard’s ability to rapidly respond to local and state emergencies. Thank you for your support.” Terry Henrie, a physician’s assistant at PHSI, nominated Olson and the rest of PHSI for the recognition. As a National Guard member, Henrie requires his work scheduling to adjust for a monthly weekend commitment for Guard training. He also, sometimes with very little advance notification, has to leave his work for Guard missions. Specifically, this last summer he assisted with the relief needed because of the flooding of the Missouri River. Henrie said of the recongition to PHSI, “This is to recognize not only Kent, but the entire organization.” Olson responded, “We are just happy to be in this role. That guys like Terry volunteer to leave their jobs and families is incredible.” Olson complimented such efforts, “They are committed moms and dads, as well as employees.”
High school students gain experience through local business internships
by Nancy Haigh This year’s group of Philip High School Internship program/school to work juniors and seniors are busy working in a variety of jobs and gaining experience for future careers. The 17 students, four juniors and 13 seniors, have chosen a wide range of businesses in Philip in which to work. Two students are splitting their days between two different areas. Marcus Martinez, a senior, is working at Barr’s Sign Shop. “I chose Barry’s sign shop as a place to work because I felt as though I could express myself artistically in the sign shop and flex my drawing muscles at the same time,” said Martinez. Martinez said the experience has been exceptional and enjoyable. He is looking forward to the rest of the year, he said. One aspect that he really enjoys in the shop owned by Barry Knutson is the wide variety of projects on which he gets to work. Plus there are many different areas of craftsmanship that he is learning. Back in fifth grade, Jade Konst learned how to play drums through music teacher Barb Bowen. Now, he is helping her teach other young percussionists. Konst said he chose the Philip music department because he loves music. “I like teaching lessons to some of the grade school drummers,” said Konst. It has been a great experience for him, the high school senior said. Konst said he was surprised at how much work goes into the program. Kianna Knutson headed for Kerry Hostutler’s Cabin Fever Floral. “I wanted to work at a handson business with a fun mentor. I really like Kerry and working at a flower shop sounded like a lot of fun,” she said. And fun it has been for the PHS senior. She said she has learned to make bouquets and how to trim flowers, among other things. “Making bouquets doesn’t take as long as I thought it would, for Kerry that is! I’m still slow, but I’m working on it,” she said. Her least favorite activity is cleaning up the mess that bouquet making leaves. “There’s so much,” she said. Knutson also enjoys visiting with all the different people that come into the store. Deliveries are always fun she said. “I love seeing people’s reactions,” she said. Junior Lakin Boyd chose to be a teaching assistant in Kory Foss’ room. Foss teaches social studies and history. “I really enjoy it,” said Boyd. “I thought it would be really cool to see what it’s like to be a teacher.” She does stay pretty busy she said. “I love grading papers! It’s so much fun to me for some reason,” she said. What Boyd doesn’t like is the classroom noise. “I don’t like experiencing how loud the classes are. I definitely quiet down in class now because students can really give you a headache,” she said. Boyd admitted that the job is harder than she expected, but still what she had in mind when she decided to be a teacher’s assistant. The First National Bank in Philip is Tara Gottsleben’s place of work. Her work mentor is Jolene Haynes. Gottsleben said she chose the bank as she thought it might be a possible future career, and she wanted to see how the bank operates on a daily basis. “It’s been a good learning experience,” said Gottsleben. “And although it is a good job, I now know this may not be the career choice for me.” The high school senior said she has enjoyed being able to gain more experience in the work force. Because he likes getting greasy and doing hands-on work, senior Roger Davis chose West Central Auto owned by Tom Konst. Davis said he has learned a lot under Konst’s tutelage and he would consider this as a future career. He especially likes test driving cars. When asked what he liked the least he said, “When I was working on a car and it was time to leave. That was the hard part, to leave (continued on page 2)
Philip youth part of Wreaths Across America
United Church confirmation students Riley Heltzel, shown above left, and Jace Giannonatti, shown above right, with mentors Jesse Hansen, Barb Bowen and Pastor Kathy Chesney, participated in the annual wreath-laying event at Black Hills National Cemetery. Commemorative wreaths were placed for each branch of the military – Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines and one for missing in action personnel. The master of ceremonies told the audience that since World War I there are almost 93,000 Americans who have been
declared missing in action. A time of silent prayer was observed in their honor. The tradition of laying wreaths during the holiday season to honor of our veterans began in 1992, when Morrill Worcester of Worcester Wreath Company of Maine, remembering a boyhood trip to the Arlington National Cemetery, donated 5,000 wreaths to be placed at the headstones of an older section of the cemetery. What began as one man’s gesture grew into a national movement when in 2006 Wreaths Across America was formed as a
non-profit. Each year, donated wreaths are delivered to national veterans cemeteries around the country, where thousands of volunteers take a quiet moment to show their gratitude and appreciation during the holiday season. “I hope we can participate again next year,” said Chesney. “Due to scheduling conflicts we had several students and mentors who were unable to experience this event. The national cemetery has such a powerful presence and it is a great lesson in honor and service.”
Local Modern Woodmen of America members reach out to those in need
Philip and Wall Modern Woodmen of America members recently provided assistance to The County Cupboard. The Philip-Wall Modern Woodmen chapter donated $250 worth of food items as part of the organization’s Care and Share Program. Coordinated by local Modern Woodmen members, chapters provide opportunities to connect through social activities and volunteer projects. Care and Share is a nationwide program that offers Modern Woodmen chapters an opportunity to provide up to $250 of basic life necessities to individuals and families in need in their communities. Each year members from over 600 chapters purchase and donate thousands of dollars worth of food, clothing and more. “When a family needs household items after a natural disaster or other crisis, or a shelter or food pantry needs more supplies to help families, Modern Woodmen mem-
Chamber of commerce prepares for 2012
by Del Bartels The Philip Chamber of Commerce has long acknowledged that the volunteer base for the organization and for local events is activity driven. The next big scheduled community activity will be the weekend that includes the Matched Bronc Ride and the Philip Festival Days. Whether that weekend becomes known as Scotty Philip Days or not, it is still one of the largest draws to the community. During the Monday, December 12, meeting, chamber members discussed possible new leadership members for 2012. The official election for the president, vice president, treasurer and secretary will be during the Monday, January 9, meeting. That meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and be at the 73– Saloon. Attendance by all members and potential members is strongly urged. The annual membership drive will be during January and February. A repeat of the popular Las Vegas night is likely. A different band is being sought for the annual street dance following the bronc ride. Ongoing discussion is for an even more wellknown band to be brought in. President Ron Larson said that there were no bridges burned. The Dustin Evans Band has agreed that a new band name should be offered every so often. A larger dance crowd would demand more detailed planning, such as a possible camping site close to the roping arena, more grandstand space for rodeo and concert audiences, an earlier start time for the bronc ride, more available parking, and other points. The discussion will continue next meeting. Larson cautioned about growing the audience in too big of a jump without preparations, especially at the roping arena. He liked a big jump, “But, right now, there is not a bad seat in the house.” A larger band seemed to be the direction the audience was leaning. Kent Olson summed it up, “We should go for it. If you aren’t growing, you’re getting smaller.” Brandon West agreed, “The thing is deciding how big do we go; what we want to spend for a group and what we can make back on it.”
Reaching out ... Modern Woodmen of America donated $250 to the Country Cupboard food pantry. Pictured, from left: Mike West, Don Haynes, Carol Hoffman and Marcia West. Photo by Laurie Hindman
bers can help through this annual project,” said Don Haynes, local Modern Woodmen activities coordinator. For more information about the local chapter and how you can get involved, contact Haynes at 8592778 or at dhaynes@gwtc.net.
High school students gain experience
(Continued from front page) my work not completed.” As they have just an hour each day it can be hard to get a job completed in one day. Davis said he has learned that some jobs can take 15 minutes to half an hour to complete while others take days or weeks. Brooke Scheessele is working in the activities program with Cheri Heeb at the Philip Nursing Home. Scheessele, a senior, has worked at the nursing home before as a certified nurse’s assistant. “I loved the residents. I thought I would work with them again, but doing something a little different,” she said. The experience has been great, Scheessele said, “I have a blast hanging out with everyone.” She said there is more to do than you ever see. “ I enjoy spending time and listening to all of the residents’ stories the most,” Scheessele said. Brad Pfeifle, a junior, heads down to Doreen Vetter’s Philip Chiropractic Clinic four days a week. Pfeifle said there has been nothing that he hasn’t liked doing at the clinic. “I have liked working there so far,” he said. Pfeifle is glad to be able to get additional experience in the work force, and as an added bonus, he is able to get away from the school for that extra hour each day. Senior Jace Schofield chose to work for Irvin Jones at Jones’ Saddlery, Bottle & Vet. The chance to work with leather is what drew Schofield to Jones’. “I’ve always thought the work that Irv does is cool and I’ve always liked leather work,” said Schofield. “The experience has been awesome,” said Schofield. “I’ve learned a lot. He said being able to solve problems for people, is one of the most enjoyable parts of his job. He said sometimes there are multiple ways to fix something, but they have to figure out the best and most economical repair. “There is really nothing that I don’t enjoy there. I love it all. Every day I’m learning something new,” Schofield said. Konst Machine was chose by Cody Reder because he likes the field of work. Jeff Konst, owner is Reder’s main mentor. Chipping in on the duties are Jim Harty and Rudy Reimann. Reder, a senior, said the experience has been really fun. He enjoys welding and doing things with metal. Putting steel away is not high on the fun list. Reder said he was surprised to learn how many jobs they do outside of the shop. Watch the December 22 Pioneer Review for part two of Internships.
December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
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CHRISTMAS LIGHTING CONTEST … by the Philip Community Betterment Committee will be judged Sunday, December 18, starting at 6:00 p.m. Make sure your light are on! There will be one category with first, second and third place winners, as well as honorable mention. To nominate a home to be judged, call Darlene Matt at 859-2077, leave message. GARDEN CLUB MEMBERS … Annual party will be held Friday, December 30, 6:00 p.m. at The Steakhouse. Bring the family if you like! To have your NON-PROFIT meeting listed here, please submit them by calling: 859-2516, or e-mailing to: ads@pioneer-review. com. We will run your event notice the two issues prior to your event at no charge.
performed Tuesday evening, December 6, in the Fine Arts Building. An elegant affair, the young men were sharply dressed in tan slacks, black shirts and ties, while the young ladies were attired in evening black. The band began the entertainment with the national anthem followed by three other pieces; “A Nation’s Prayer,” “Flight of Valor” and “The Blessing.” The mixed chorus started its section with the classic “It’s beginning to look like Christmas,” then upped the beat with “Jazz Gloria.” The chorus included the spiritualistic “Bring Us Peace” and then in song wished the audience “Happy Holidays.” Donning Santa hats and dancing with striped canes, the ladies took center stage with “Candy Cane Lane.” The band again took over with another three selections; “Carol of the Bells,” Christmas Declaration” and “Scherzo for Santa.” The concert ended with the choir performing the emotional song “Coming Home.” Photos by Del Bartels
“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” ... The 2011 Philip High School band and choir concert “It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas” was
Winter Wheat, 12 pro .........................................................$6.08 Any Pro..........................................................................$5.38 Spring Wheat, 14 pro .........................................................$7.91 Wednesday Night: Breezy. Partly cloudy. Lows around 16. Northwest winds 15 to 25 mph. Thursday: Mostly sunny. Highs around 30. North winds 5 to 15 mph. Thursday Night: Mostly cloudy. Lows around 15. Friday: Partly sunny. Highs in the upper 20s. Friday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows around 15. Saturday: Sunny. Highs in the upper 30s. Saturday Night: Mostly clear. Lows in the lower 20s. Sunday: Sunny. Highs in the upper 30s. Sunday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows around 19. Monday: Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 30s. Log on to www.pioneer-review.com for all of the latest weather updates for your area.
weather forecast–––––––––––––––––––––––
Gant announces new South Dakota campaign finance reporting system
Secretary of State Jason Gant has unveiled his upgrade to South Dakota’s campaign finance reporting system. Gant said, “For a decade, South Dakota was ranked among the worst states in the nation when it came to campaign finance disclosure, consistently earning “F” grades.” The online ledger system for candidates, known as the Campaign Accounting Statement History system, or CASH system for short, allows candidates to track their campaign receipts and expenditures online as an accounting ledger. “When the candidate is ready to submit their report, they simply hit a button which will automatically populate fields in their report,” Gant said. The public for the first time will have the ability to directly search donors and expenditures, as opposed to the old system which only provided access to imaged paper documents. “CASH will make it easier for the public to see who is giving to candidates, as well as where they are spending their campaign dollars. The same applies for Political Action Committees (PACs) and political parties. 2011 year-end reports are due for all candidates, political parties, political action committees by February 1, 2012,” Gant said.
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I see Santa ... by Del Bartels
The mall was crowded with people bustling, with electronic speakers from various stores playing competing Christmas songs, with a nondiscerning noise of too many people talking. Still, the exhilaration of one little girl’s joy could be heard, “Mommy, I see Santa!” The tide of walkers gently swept me closer to the cordoned off area where a red-and-white-clad gentleman was handing out candy canes and posing for photos. I eventually got the attention of one of the young ladies posing as an elf and taking payment for the photos. I asked if the man was getting paid. Not really, but his intended pay was instead going to a local charity. That was all I needed to know. I maneuvered to the “North Pole” exit path, watched and waited. It didn’t take very long at all. A young boy dazedly walked back to his waiting mother and quietly exclaimed, “Mommy, I saw Santa! I like the way his eyes smiled!” Above the white whiskers, under the huge hat and through the multi-colored Christmas lights, about all a child could really see were the man’s eyes. I walked on, continuing my window shopping, even though I didn’t really need any windows. A burly man wearing a volunteer fireman’s jacket walked by. He barely shifted over quickly enough to be missed by a child yanking its mother toward a toy display. The man smiled at me, apologized for not having brake lights, and moved on. His eyes were Santa’s eyes. A man was sitting at an information booth taking donations for the Shriner’s Children’s hospitals. Underneath his fez of a hat, he had Santa’s eyes. A little old lady, worn out from the crowd, was sitting on a bench watching the people. She offered candy to a frazzled young mother, to be then given with permission to her energetic toddler. The older lady had Santa’s eyes. A small group of college-aged people were singing carols. There was no donation bucket around. They were just having fun. When they looked at you, you could tell that they had Santa eyes. An older man, waiting for someone, stood up from a bench to offer a couple enough space so they could sit together. He smiled with his eyes. A young entrepreneur at a candy store offered a free sample to one child from a family with three children. An older clerk noticed and immediately offered a sample to the other two children. The first clerk got an unspoken reprimand from her kind, but stern, Santa eyes. A wheelchair slowly made its way through the crowd. A child was riding on the lap of some grandfatherly-type. The man, and the fatherly-type pushing the wheelchair, had Santa eyes. Now, having wandered half a mall from the red-clad Santa, I again heard a child’s exhilarated announcement, “Mommy, I see Santa!” The tyke was pointing, but no red and white suit was in sight. I smiled and whispered to myself, “So do I. I see him everywhere, even in people who don’t have fluffy white beards. Merry Christmas.”
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Philip Nursing Home Tree of Love … honors loved ones
The Philip Nursing Home will again have the Tree of Love during the holidays. You may ask: “What is the Tree of Love?” The Tree of Love is a way in which the community can remember loved ones who may have passed away or a loved one who is still living. It is a worthy project which makes money for the residents’ activity fund. Three trees will be placed on the bulletin board at the nursing home in early December: The In Memory Tree – for those loved ones no longer living; the In Honor of Tree – for that special loved one still alive; and the Tree for Businesses. Colored symbols are placed on the trees. Red symbols are $25; Blue are $10; Green are $5; and White are $1. The price differences allow everyone the opportunity to give a tribute in someone’s name. The name of the honored person and the name of the sponsor are placed on the symbol. Those decorating the trees appreciate a condensed version of the information. For example: The John Doe Family. Include the necessary information of the honoree and the sponsorDonations will be accepted from now until Christmas. Your Tree of Love donation can be sent to the Philip Nursing Home, Attn: Cheri Heeb, PO Box 790, Philip, SD 57567. Please note on the envelope that it is a Tree of Love gift. Out-of-town businesses are also invited to participate. Barbara Kroetch and Peggy Hook will be visiting local businesses for the Business Tree donations.
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Rural Living
December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
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Extension News
SDSU Regional Extension Center Grand Openings This is the last chance to invite everyone to the Grand Opening of the new SDSU Regional Extension Center in Winner, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (CT), Friday, December 16. We’ll have snacks and refreshments on hand, and be more than happy to give you a tour. We are located at 325 S Monroe St. in Winner, which was the Middle School building until recently. It is also one block south of the only traffic light in Winner. Interviews for the secretary/receptionist position were completed this past week, and although we will not have anyone in place by the grand opening, they should be soon after. We welcome you to call or stop in anytime to just say hello or if you have questions we can help you with. If you are traveling from a distance, you may want to call ahead (842-1267) to make sure someone is here. I would suggest you try calling the Regional Center first, but I can also be reached on my cell phone, 730-4072. ***** National Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) Forum If you have experienced yield loss and/or low test weights in your wheat production in the past several years, you may be interested in what is going on regarding efforts to control Fusarium Head Blight (scab) in wheat. I attended the National Fusarium Head Blight (Scab) Forum in St. Louis, Mo., earlier this week, and learned a great deal about efforts to breed scab resistant wheat varieties, and the research being conducted to predict and manage the disease. Some of the posters, presentations and discussions were way over my head, as they dealt with the genetics and gene markers that wheat breeders are studying and using in their efforts to breed resistance into new wheat varieties. Fortunately, a fair amount of the meeting centered more on what might be called the applied research in scab management, which I could relate to. One of the questions I asked was
by Bob Fanning Field Specialist, Winner Regional Extension Center where sorghum (milo) and millet residue fit regarding risk to plant wheat into compared to corn or wheat residue. I know some producers experienced serious “scablike” symptoms in wheat fields that were planted into sorghum and millet residue in 2011. The answer was that about any grass plant can host the disease pathogen that causes scab. That certainly reinforces the value of crop rotation, particularly those that include broadleaf crops, and especially if the broadleaf crop immediately precedes the wheat. More than one presentation dealt with how the level of vomitoxin/Deoxynivalenol (DON) in the straw of a scab infected field relates to the level of DON in the grain. I was particularly interested in this topic because I’ve been asked if wheat straw from a scabinfected field is safe to feed to livestock. More than one research project reported that DON levels in straw can accumulate at much higher levels than found in the grain. Ten ppm is the highest level of DON suggested for grains and byproducts to be fed to any class of beef cattle, so testing straw from scab-infected wheat fields for DON is highly recommended. Some studies found DON levels in the straw in excess of 50 ppm, where the DON in the grain was closer to 10 ppm. Calendar Dec. 16: Winner SDSU Regional Extension Center Open House, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., 325 S Monroe St., Winner Jan. 9: Private Applicator Certification (PAT) Meeting, 1:00 p.m. MT, Senior Citizens Center, Philip Jan. 13: PAT Meeting, 1:00 p.m. MT, Bennett County Library Learning Center, Martin Jan. 16: PAT Meeting, 1:00 p.m., Fire Hall, Presho Jan. 18: PAT Meeting, 1:00 p.m., 4-H Center, Winner Jan. 31: PAT Meeting, 1:00 p.m., Civic Center, Burke Feb. 15: PAT Meeting, 1:00 p.m., American Legion, Wagner March 6: PAT Meeting, 1:00 p.m., SDSU Extension Center, 325 S. Monroe St., Winner
Grindstone News
by Mary Eide • 859-2188
How time flies by. It is time for the news again and just 13 more days till it is time to remember a birthday with a holiday with His name in it, Christmas. Presents are not what it is all about. The greatest gift is that we can have a better life to come because of His birth. Some of our neighbors decorate for Christmas and it is a pleasure to drive by Bill and Jayne Gottsleben’s as it really tells the story of Christmas. If you have never been past their home at this time of year, it is worth the drive to see all the lights. When I drive home from Philip, so many lights near and far sure tell you that it is Christmas. As for me, I did not do much this year. There is a wreath at my mailbox, a tree in my living room and one in the window on my porch and some window clings, that is it. I am not home for Christmas, thanks to family. Kevin Coleman was in to see the doctor Friday as he fell off a ladder from about two stories up on a building. He broke some ribs and has other bruises and is very miserable. I am sure he would enjoy some cards to help make him feel better. They can be sent to him at his parents’ address. Phyllis is still laid up with her arm and their daughter, Dawn, is still there being nurse, housekeeper and cook. It is a busy place right now. Marvin is a good cook and helper, also. We hope you all have a speedy recovery. A correction from last week: I stated that it was Rich and Gladys Smith’s 72 wedding anniversary on the 11th, but it was their 74th instead. Joyce Buchholz is here this week getting her mother’s room ready for Christmas. Ed and Joyce are staying with her dad, Rich Smith. They came to be with her folks for their anniversary. The family had a potluck supper at the hospitality room in the nursing home for them. Rich and Gladys enjoyed this so much. Janet and Ken Lurz, Larry and Linda Smith, Kieth and Deb Smith, and Joyce and Ed Buchholz all attended. The rest of the kids were unable to be there because of other involvements. We were sorry to hear of the death of Marilyn Frein who was a longtime neighbor. Kenneth and I would visit at their house often as our kids were growing up. Then she moved into Philip for school, then to Wall and later she moved to Rapid City. We continued to visit through the years. Our sympathy goes out to her family at this time. Her services were held in Sturgis Monday, December 12. Larry and Charlotte Gabriel, Jerry and Bobby Sloat, and Jack and Marlene Burns, all Jean Burns’ children, enjoyed a trip overseas. They landed at Cairnes, Australia, and left from Auckland, New Zealand, for home. The hardest part of the trip was the 26 hours spent on the plane. They will report more on their trip at a later date when they get their pictures back. They are going to share about their trip at the Grindstone Club get-together, so will try to let people know when a date is set. Mary, Marvin and Vicki Eide enjoyed the release time Christmas program and soup supper at the Evangelical Free Church at Milesville Friday night. Also at the program were Jim and Betty Smith, Philip, and Kelly and Deanna Fees, Cottonwood. Of course we were all there to see the grandchildren who took part. There was a large crowd present and many different soups and desserts were available to enjoy after the program. If you liked to be entertained, go to Milesville. They go all out to entertain you, as they work together as a neighborhood and keep their little community alive and well. Dorothy Fortune was telling me about having so many bachelors in this area in years past. I was surprised by how many there were: Len Frein, Everett (Bus) Smith, Alfred (Bill) Smith, Harry Falken, George Manahan, Red Percy, Sam Kirkpatrick, Richard Kury, Lars and Henry Kronen, Charlie Allen, Alfred Kawi and Ruby Tungland. There were probably some more, I just can’t recall them at this time. I don’t think that we have any at this time. It seems to be a woman’s world right now. The Grindstone Club met for
their last meeting of the year and a potluck lunch was enjoyed by everyone and gifts were exchanged among those where there. Everyone who attended brought a gift and numbers were drew for each gift. A program for next year was decided and the card party that we had last year was a must for this next year as everyone had such a good time and it brings the community back together once more. Some other things discussed and our president, Arlyce Griesel, will be looking into these as we try to meet four times a year. This worked out well for everyone this last year. Guests at club were Dorothy Fortune, Vicki Eide and Phyllis Coleman’s daughter, Dawn. The husbands who came enjoyed some cards and visiting. I spent some time at Philip Health Services visiting Gladys Smith, Dorothy Urban and Jim Moriaty. Jim Gottsleben was busy so missed seeing him this week. I plan on going in on the 17th to a music recital that my grandkids will be in, I can visit a few more then. I was at Norma Oldenberg’s house and it was hard to get in, as she had Christmas decorations all over. She was getting ready to decorate inside and out for Christmas. It must have taken a week for her to get them all sorted out and ready to go. I went by later and she had the outside all done and have not been back to see what she did inside, but to put them away again will be a task. You can’t help her, as each box is filed and put away in order. A lot of work, but beautiful. Never forget the nine important words of any family – I love you… You are beautiful…Please forgive me. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
FFA Career Development Events competition ... The Philip chapter of FFA competed at the State Leadership competition in Pierre, December 4-5. The students in the CDEs were, back row from left: Colter Cvach, Wyatt Johnson and Sam Haigh. Front: Gavin Snook, Thomas Doolittle and Carl Poss. Johnson placed sixth in agricultureal sales. Haigh placed 18th in public speaking. Cvach placed 13th in extemporaneous speaking. The ag marketing team of Poss, Courtesy photo Doolittle and Snook placed sixth.
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Ride-up window at the bank ... Though the First National Bank in Philip is an agriculturally-based institution located in the middle of a ranching and farming community, it has now seen it’s first horseback customer at the bank’s drive-up window. Cap Herber, Kadoka, along with his horse, did some financial business while they were in town for a livestock sale. Courtesy photo
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4-H youth program advisors chosen
Karla Trautman, associate director for South Dakota State University Extension, has announced the hiring of the following 4-H youth program advisor positions. Haakon/Jackson/Jones/Mellette counties – Carrie Weller. Campbell/Edmunds/McPherson/Walworth counties – Jeff Mueller. Butte/Lawrence counties – Elizabeth “Betsy” Burtzlaff. Harding/Perkins counties – Ida Schmidt.
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Hit & Miss
Elderly Meals Thursday, Dec. 15: BBQ Meatballs, Red Mashed Potatoes, Garden Veggies, Roll, Fresh Fruit. Friday, Dec. 16: Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Peas and Carrots, Roll, Layered Jell-O Trifle. Monday, Dec. 19: Lemon Pepper Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, Biscayne Veggies, Roll, Pears. Tuesday, Dec. 20: Meatloaf, Cheesy Potatoes, Glazed Carrots, Roll, Yellow Cake. Wednesday, Dec. 21: Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Corn, Roll, Pistachio Eclair Dessert. *** Thursday, the Wii bowling scores at Somerset Court were Irene Cox, 150 and 134, Eileen Tenold, 97 twice, Anne Brink, 173, Irene McKnight, 112 and 137, Mildred Kraemer, 167. Thank you, Sandy, for the scores. December 1, Somerset Court bingo winners were Irene Cox, Betty Downen, Marilyn, Irene McKnight, Inez Perli, Agnes Tastad, and Vivian Hansen, twice. Thank you Sandy for calling numbers. Shawn, Susan and Kay helped and they also helped at snack and chat. We had ice cream bars. A few of us played whist and dominoes after snack and chat. The Somerset Court bus will take residents to look at the Christmas lights, Saturday, December 3. They are also taking us to the mall for shopping. Then December 18, the bus will take residents to the Kantorei Christmas at the cathedral. Plans are for musical groups to entertain at Somerset Court throughout the month of December: December 8, The Shrine of Democracy, December 9, Music with Skeeter, December 17, Magic Flutes, December 21, Country Christmas. Movies scheduled at Somerset Court for December are December 12, “A Christmas Story,” December 19, “The Santa Clause,” and December 26, “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Friday, December 2, we had all the whist we wanted, and lots of rummi-cube too. Shawn, Susan and Sandy cleaned walkers and wheelchairs and sanitized them. Thank you. Dave, our bus driver,
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grandkids. Thanks and Merry Christmas. My niece, Wanda Artz, Humboldt, sent a card and letter and a pretty snowflake that she had cut from tissue paper. She also had left an amaryllis bulb planting kit with Barbara to bring over to me. Today, I found the kit on my table and I don’t know who brought it. There was also some pretty Christmas stamps. Thank you for all the gifts, Wanda and Ed. I planted the huge amaryllis right away. Pale green leaves were already starting to form. Last night, I plugged in the lights of my little Christmas tree that was made by my sister’s grandson, Michael Meyer. I am not sure of his Florida address. Thank you, Michael, it is lovely as ever. The light glows around in spirals because it is strung up with a fishing leader. Come see it at the doorway of my apartment #224, Somerset Court, 4001 Derby Lane, Rapid City, SD 57701. Saturday, December 3, Irene McKnight and Gloria Crumet went shopping with Irene’s daughter, Bev. I met a new Somerset Court resident Friday, December 2, Verda Maxson. I hope you like it here. Lewis Tracy had a visit from her daughter Saturday evening. Don Stensgaard had company Saturday, his grands and great-grands. Please put your complete address on all Christmas cards, as well as on the envelope. That way, we can still reply, even though the envelope is lost. You need to get up on third floor at Somerset Court to see all the beautifully decorated doorways. Several are right in a row, Elaine Backes, Ray and Mildred Kraemers, Irene Arbachs, Irene Coxs, Connie Stevens, Mac and Dorothy McDonalds, Larry Solanos, Irene McKnights, and Gloria Crumets. Crossword puzzles should have more clues with Bible references. They are always interesting and promote Bible reading. The Rapid City Journal crossword puzzle had one December 4. The clue was “Job’s friend.” (Elihu) It is okay to tell, the answer was given in the same paper. Also in the Rapid City Journal December 4, 2011, the USA Today’s bestseller list has at the top, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever” by Jeff Kinney. Second was “Explosive Eighteen” by Janet Evanovich. Third was “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. Fourth was “Inheritance” by Christopher Paolini, fifth, “Steve Jobs: A Biography” by Walter Isaacson. Number nine was “The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition” by Carol V. Aebersold, Chandra B. Bell. “The Litigators” by John Grisham was number 10. The Grisham book is only one I still want to read. Lew Tracy’ daughter has been visiting him. Sunday, Marcella Kraft had company, her son, John. Bud Ross’s son was here at Somerset Saturday and Sunday. At Sunday church services here at Somerset Court, we had speakers, Terry Pulse and Steve, and Jack Humke played several Advent hymns for singing. The theme of the talks were keeping Christ in Christmas. John 1:1-14 were cited. M.R. Hansen came for scrabble and we found a new word (MEM, a Hebrew letter and RUTH, without compassion.) You have heard of ruthless. M.R. Hansen and one civil engineer student at SDSM&T will be going to Dubai next week to a concrete conference. They are researching new forms of concrete, such as selfhealing concrete, which are being developed to fill emerging needs. Journals of Rolla Palmer 1913 May 22. Plowed all day. Effie planted garden. It was hot. Rausch came and got our spade. 5-23. Hot. I finished plowing for corn and
December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
went up to Hinish’s to get a planter. Went over to Scharff’s to get a planter. He said I could have it but it was over to Bacon’s, so I came home. 5-24. I went up to
Page 4
was busy hauling Somerset Court residents to appointments. I went to physical therapy for the last time unless something flares up. I could give the physical and occupational therapy professionals a perk. My shoulder feels a lot better. On our way back to Somerset Court, Dave took us by the new Main Street Square. I had been wanting to see it. Thank you, Dave. Some people were skating. Thank you to my old, next-door neighbor, Darlene Baye, Philip, for kind Christmas greetings. And to my great-granddaughter, Melissa Snively, Gillette, who sent a pretty Christmas card with photos of great, great-grand, one-year-old Teagan. Teagan is wearing a blue dress and looks like a princess. The December 2, 2011, Rapid City Journal had a news item about South Dakota School of Mines receiving a valuable mineral collection. Dr. Clark Scoval, now of Tennessee, who had grown up in Rapid City, had given his unique collection which contains calcite and fluorite crystals and barite spheres of unusual size and quality. One item contains the very heavy element strontium and requires several men to move it. The exhibit will be on display in the W.L. Roberts Hall at SDSM&T Museum of Geology. Names of some of the SDSM&T students who worked at preparing the exhibit are Everett Brill, Sarah Knight, Julie Rozen and Daniel Ryczek. In the Philip Pioneer Review of December 1, 2011, in the Betwixt Places news by Marsha Sumpter, I received Christmas greetings from an old PHS schoolmate, Carol Fairchild Ripley, Bakersfield, Calif. (Hi, Marsha, please send me Carol’s address.) My new email address is vivivi224@yahoo.com. Phone number at Somerset Court 431-9816. Reading the Philip Pioneer Review, I found out that Ruth Sharp, Somerset Court resident, was down in the Philip country for Thanksgiving, enjoying the day at Donna Newman’s. Eileen Tenold had company over the weekend, her friend, Dave, from Lemmon. Christmas cards are coming in. Gayle and Jack Rush, Philip, sent a nice letter and photos of their
Bacon’s and got the planter and then planted corn the rest of the day. Effie and Cecil went to Grindstone. The wind was in the east and it was cold and raw.
Food drives ... The Philip churches continue to accept donations of food and money to assist with the area’s food pantry. There will also be collection boxes at the home basketball games. The United Church youth group spent part of their Wednesday evening, December 7, going door to door collecting donations. Shown above, back row from left: Sam Johnson, Marcus Martinez, Dakota Bauman and Jade Konst. Second row: Kelsie Kroetch, Colton Triebwasser, Jordyn Dekker, Blake Puhlman, Sam Huston, Misty Johnson. Front: Wyatt Johnson, LaRae Van Tassel, Rachel Wheeler, Kaci Olivier. Photo by Del Bartels
Open meetings panel debates open, closed doors
distributed by SDNA Community News Service Determining which school building doors were open and which doors were locked during a school board meeting factored into the South Dakota Open Meetings Commission's decision regarding a complaint filed against the Willow Lake School Board. Ultimately, the Open Meetings Commission decided unanimously at a December 7 meeting in Sioux Falls that the Willow Lake School Board did not violate the open meetings law during an emergency February 23 meeting. Marshall Edleman, Willow Lake, had filed a complaint that the Willow Lake board violated the open meetings law on three different occasions. The open meetings panel did agree that the Willow Lake board violated the open meetings law by not posting any agenda in advance of meetings on December 21, 2010, and January 11, 2011. During those two meetings, school board members met with school staff and administrators to discuss the district's financial problems and hear staff concerns. “I am not denying the three meetings,” Willow Lake School Board member Sandra Hovde told the open meetings panel in response to the complaints brought by Edleman. “The meetings were held to boost morale and communicate with staff. We had some very unusual circumstances with our school last year.” Edleman's attorney, Scott Swier, argued that the board had violated the law during the February 23 meeting because a primary entrance to the school was locked while the special meeting was going on. Commission member John Steele asked Swier if any other doors to the school building were open during the meeting. Swier said there was another door open, but it was not a “primary access door” to the school. Commission members were in agreement that the issue of the primary entrance used by the public to enter the school building being locked did not rise to the level of an open meetings law violation. “Primary door probably should have been open. Probably an oversight that it was not open,” concluded Commission Chairman Mark Reedstrom. In a series of four complaints brought by Betty Breck, Groton, against the Aberdeen City Council and the Aberdeen Planning Commission, the open meetings panel decided that no violations had occurred in three instances while a fourth complaint did merit a reprimand for violation of the law. The city of Aberdeen did not challenge the fourth complaint, admitting that a quorum of council members did meet without notifying the public or news media in advance. City officials said they contacted the local newspaper once they realized they had not given advance notice of the July 27, 2009, meeting. Three of Breck's complaints focused on whether or not agendas posted by the city should have been visible to the public for a full 24 hours in advance of the meetings. State law requires the 24-hour advance posting notice, but the bulk of the debate before the Open Meetings Commission was about if the law means the agenda must only be posted 24 hours in advance of the meeting or if the law means the agenda must be visible to the public for a full 24 hours leading up to the meeting. Breck argued that the city was violating the law because she could not view the meeting agenda at city hall after the offices had closed for the day. Keith Jensen, Brookings, testified in favor of Breck. As the general manager of South Dakota Newspaper Association during the 1980s and early 1990s, he lobbied for legislation in Pierre to require the agenda-posting requirements in the open meetings laws. Jensen told the Open Meetings Commission that legislators who approved the agenda-posting requirements meant for it to be visible to the public for a full 24 hours in advance of a meeting. Jensen gave panel members notarized statements signed by five legislators who voted in 1990 on the bill requiring the 24-hour notice. “I would like a clear message sent to government bodies,” Jensen told the panel, arguing that the posting requirements should be determined to favor the convenience of the public, not at the convenience of government entities. But a majority of Open Meetings Commission members were reluctant to side with Breck and Jensen, in large part because the panel had decided in a 2008 case involving the Brown County Commission that the law was not violated because the posted meeting agenda was not visible to the public after normal business hours when the courthouse was closed. Commission member Steele argued unsuccessfully to his colleagues that the panel had made a mistake in the 2008 Brown County Commission decision. In another case, the commission reprimanded the Silver Creek Township Board in Sanborn County for failing to post a notice for a May 2 meeting by two township board supervisors to discuss a road maintenance situation. The two supervisors said they didn't think a meeting notice was necessary because the road maintenance problem involved an expenditure of less than $2,500. Open Meetings Commission members said the monetary thresholds were about compliance with state bidding laws, not the open meetings laws. Before adjourning, the commission voted to make Lisa Rothschadl the panel chairman for the coming year. She is the Bon Homme County state's attorney.
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Thank you for the many best wishes and gifts we received for our 65th wedding anniversary. Having nearly all the family home for our weekend reunion was really special and will be a treasured memory for both of us.
Gregor & Dorothy Weber
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Church & Community
= Obituaries =
Juanita Stoeser____________________________________
union were born two sons, William Roscoe Jr. (Dan) and Ricky Alan (Rick). After living in Hattiesburg, Mich., and Wichita Falls, Texas, they moved to Hayes, S.D., in 1948 where they farmed and ranched. On January 3, 1994, she married Eugene Stoeser in Pierre. They lived at Hayes until July 2004 when they moved to Parkwood. Nita was a founding member of the Hayes Drama Club and performed in many of the community plays. She was also a member of the Hayes School Board, Order of Eastern Star, and the Happy Home Club. She served as a board member of the First United Methodist Church and was a director on the board for West Central Electric Association and the South Dakota Rural Electric Association. She is survived by her two sons, Dan (Myrya) Riggle of Bandera, Texas, and Rick (Nancy) Riggle of Pierre; five step-children, Rodney (Patti) Stoeser of Ft. Pierre, Deb (Brad) Schiefelbein of Pierre, Clayton (Bev) Stoeser of Ft. Pierre, Norm Stoeser of Ft. Pierre and Rene (Mark) Flannery of Excelsior, Minn.; six grandchildren, Tonya (J. R.) Bell of Sherman, Texas, Clay (Rea) Riggle of Pierre, Shad (Jenifer) Riggle of Hayes, Cort (Stephanie) Riggle of Ft. Pierre, Zachry Riggle of Camp LeJeune, N.C., and Cutter Riggle of Bandera, Texas; seven great-grandchildren, Linzie and Kaytlin Stevens of Sherman, Texas, Chancy, Cattibrie, and Kinsey Riggle of Pierre, Nevaeh Karber of Pierre, and Mindy Riggle of Ft. Pierre, one great-great-granddaughter, Giselle Navarro of Sherman, Texas; 17 step-grandchildren and 12 stepgreat-grandchildren; a brother, Rannie Vickers of Gig Harbor, Wash.; three sisters, Sammie McCulloch of Amarillo, Texas, Francis James of Belle Vista, Ark., and Gail (Jimmy) Scott of Tulia, Texas; and a host of nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents; husbands, Roscoe Riggle and Gene Stoeser; brothers: Bud, Gene, Jimmy, Bob, Stan, Don, and Tommy Vickers and sisters: Dorothy Krizen and Ruth Gilliland. Services were held December 10 at First United Methodist Church in Pierre with the Rev. Howard Grinager officiating. Burial followed at Scotty Philip Cemetery. The family requests that expressions of sympathy be in the form of memorials directed to the Hayes Community Hall, Kirley Hall or Countryside Hospice of Pierre.
December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
Page 5
Family and Consumer Science class and Family Career and Community Leaders of America at Philip High School. Santa Claus will deliver the socks during lunch time, Wednesday, December 21, to staff and students. Will you have Santa give that special someone a sock full of candy or a sock full of coal? Students, parents and grandparents are urged to order early to get the best selection of colors and designs. Purchases can be made through FCCLA advisor Brigitte Brucklacher or at booths set up at concerts and sporting events. Shown above is Amanda McIlravy and Brucklacher. Photo by Del Bartels
Candy or a lump of coal? ... It is time to order Santa Socks from the annual fundraising project sponsored by the
Juanita Riggle Stoeser, 87, Hayes, died Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at Maryhouse in Pierre. Juanita Vickers was born on April 15, 1924, in Cooperton, Okla., to James and Vera (McKelvey) Vickers. At the age of 13, she moved with her family to Floyd County, Texas, then to Chandler, Ariz., when 14 years old, and back to Floyd County when she was 16 years old. On February 13, 1941, Nita married William Roscoe Riggle at Crosbyton, Texas, and to their
Marilyn Joyce Frein_______________
Marilyn Joyce Frein, 80, of Sturgis, left this life and family that loved her so much to be with our heavenly father on December 7, 2011, at the Sturgis Regional Senior Care in Sturgis. Marilyn was born June 21, 1931, as the first and only daughter to Marvin and Marie Heim in Centerville, S.D. Eight years later she was joined by her only beloved brother, Marvin “Bud” Lee Heim, who resides in Williston, N.D. At a very early age she entered the nursing profession, which was her passion. She later married B. Edward Frein on June 12, 1951. They started their life together on a ranch north of Philip. They later purchased a dairy farm, south of Wall. After selling the farm at Wall in 1976, they moved to Rapid City. In 1991, they returned to Philip where they lived until Ed’s passing in 1994. Marilyn returned to Rapid City and lived there until 2008 at which time she moved to the Sturgis Senior Care Center. Grateful for having shared her life are her five children, Lloyd (Marianne) Frein, Philip, Marlene (Bob) Baker, Rapid City, Mary “Pat” (Dennis) Kniffen, Scotland, Douglas Frein, Philip, and Elizabeth "Betsy" (Daniel) St. Pierre, Rapid City; 15 grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; and a brother, Marvin “Bud” Heim. She was preceded in death by her husband, B. Edward Frein; her parents; and a daughter-in-law. Mass of Christian burial was celebrated Monday, December 12, at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Sturgis with Rev Arnold Kari as celebrant and Rev. Peter Etzel, SJ, as concelebrant Interment was at Black Hills National Cemetery near Sturgis. A memorial has been established to the St. Jude’s Children's Hospital. Friends and family may sign her online guest register and leave written condolences at www.blackhillsfuneralhome.com.
Jackson 4-H.
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GrowinG olD GrACEFully
by Paul M. Sadler, President Scripture Reference: "rebuke not an elder, but entreat him as a father; and the younger men as brethren; the elder women as mothers; the younger as sisters, with all purity." -- i Timothy 5:1,2 The Apostle Paul deals with many different types of relationships in his epistles, but perhaps the most delicate relationship is with those who are older in years. Like the seasons of the year, each of us gradually grow older until we find ourselves in the winter of our lives. The first 70 years are normally filled with vim and vigor as we fulfill the desires of our heart. But if by reason of strength we survive beyond this point the Scriptures indicate that the days ahead are going to be filled with labor and sorrow. Labor, in the sense that even the mundane things of life, such as rising from a chair, becomes burdensome. To complicate matters further, sorrow surrounds us like a tattered garment as death robs us of those we love. Little wonder that Paul admonishes us to esteem the senior members of the Body of Christ as fathers and mothers. Their plight deserves our sensitivity and their years of experience our respect. Furthermore, it will serve us well to remember that someday soon we will be the patriarch or matriarch. In Ecclesiastes wise old Solomon, stricken in years himself, describes the aging process that creeps up on us like the leopard that stalks its prey. "remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, i have no pleasure in them" (Eccl. 12:1). Someday the grim reaper will stand at the foot of our deathbed and the "mourners [will] go about the streets" whispering: Has he passed on? Beloved, there are thousands of ways to leave this earthly tabernacle, but perhaps the most common today is when the "pitcher is broken at the fountain." In short, a fatal heart attack. "Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it" (vs. 7). The sting of death is sin, but thanks be unto God that Christ died for our sins thereby removing its sting. Thus, according to Paul's epistles death is merely a passage way into eternal life for all those who believe (I Cor. 15:55-57; Heb. 2:14,15). No one looks forward to growing old, but hopefully we will do so gracefully and with dignity. As they say: "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself." The blood of Christ is our eternal life insurance policy which has a rider guaranteeing our future resurrection!
Ronald G. Mann, DDS Dentist Philip, SD 859-2491
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Chapels in Philip, Wall & Kadoka Jack, Gayle & D.J. Rush
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Scotchman Industries
Midland Socials
It’s a gloomy, gray old day out there this Monday morning. I could not live where there is very little sunshine. My system requires sunshine. There is just something about sunshine that makes the day a whole lot better. It’s kind of like when you clean house. If there is sunshine and it is warm enough to open windows, cleaning house is much more enjoyable. If cleaning house is ever an enjoyable task, that is. Jerry has had a cold and sinus issues and bless his heart, he decided to share it with me. So, with being on medication, who knows what my fingers may decide to type out for this week’s news column. We shall see. Midland is beginning to take on the look of the Christmas season with lighted decorations and lighted manager scenes in different yards around town. I do enjoy those good movies that come out on the Hallmark channel on TV during the Christmas season. Some of them just have a way of putting you in the spirit of Christmas. Jan Cerney and I had our 1880 Town book for sale at Christmas in Midland and because of that had the opportunity to learn some interesting history. Annette Hand came by our table and was looking through the book. She had a mission in mind and she found what she was looking for. She also bought a book. It had to do with her uncle, Dick Lord, who is in the book and the Oahe Mission Post Office, which is also in the book. For those of you who may not know Annette, she is married to Duane Hand, who is the son of Tommy and Lani Hand. Annette shared some family history with Jan and me. Since the Oahe Mission Post Office is now at 1880 Town, it sparked our interest. There is a connection between Annette’s family and that post office. I asked if she could get some of that family history for my new’s column this week. There is a most interesting history about the Oahe Mission Post Office, of which I cannot go into detail in my Midland News column, but we do have that history in our 1880 Town book. A short version on that particular post office. It had been a former claim shack, later to become a post office. Was first located on a road west of the Oahe Mission buildings and later was moved to the location near the stone house at the mission. In 1883, a stage line from Pierre to Ft. Sully and Ft. Bennett was established to Peoria Bottom. A petition was issued and granted for a post office at Peoria Bottom. It was named Oahe meaning, “Something to stand on, to build on.” There were different postmasters and postmistresses over the year. The last one, Margaret Louisa Riggs became the postmistress in 1913 and retired in 1939. Since no one was hired to replace her, the post office closed on January 31, 1940. At some point, Annette Hand’s great-grandmother, Anna Alleman, purchased that post office. Anna Alleman is related to the family of Clark Alleman and Phyllis (Alleman) Stoeser. In fact, when Annette’s dad, Robert (Bob) Lord, was around 14 years old he worked for Clark and Phyllis’ dad, Clint Alleman. And, if I got this all correct, Clark and Phyllis’ grandfather, Lawrence Alleman, and Robert and Dick Lord’s grandpa, Sam Alleman, were brothers. Sam Alleman would have been Anna’s husband. The house that Annette’s dad, Bob, and uncle, Dick, were born in and grew up in was in the Oahe Mission area on the Peoria Bottom near Pierre. But, that house was moved before the flooding waters of the Oahe Dam. Annette’s dad can remember going over to the Riggs stone house and playing with the kids there. Annette’s grandfather, Oren Lord, worked for Lewis Kletsch, (Lowie) as he was called by the Lord family, and her greatgrandmother, Anna Alleman, cleaned house for him and cooked meals. When the flooding waters of the Oahe threatened the Oahe Mission, several buildings were moved. Lewis Kletsch moved seven miles north of Pierre and Anna moved with him and continued to keep house for him and to cook his meals. The Oahe Mission Post Office was moved to this area. The beautiful Riggs stone house was not able to be moved, but the wood flooring was taken out before it was submerged under the Oahe waters, along with some other buildings. When Lewis Kletsch passed away, Anna Alleman inherited the property. Dick Lord went to live with his grandma, Anna, and it was passed on to him. Clarence and Richard Hullinger acquired the Oahe Mission Post Office from Dick in 1993 and it has found a new home at 1880 Town. I do always find it interesting how one story can lead to another story. I am hoping to have some future articles concerning this era later on. We wish to extend our sincere sympathy to the family of Juanita (Riggle) Stoeser. In her obituary it told that she was a founding member of the Hayes Drama Club and performed in many of those community plays. I remember those plays and those folks did have fun putting on plays. The legacy keeps going as the Hayes’ plays continue to be put on each year and folks still enjoy seeing those plays. The St. William Altar Society met and had their Christmas party at the home of Michael and Susan Nemec Tuesday, December 6, with Sally Ehlers as co-hostess. Michael and Susan live in what was the home of his folks, Edward and Elizabeth Nemec, and where Michael and his siblings grew up. They have done some extensive remodel-
Contact Sonia Nemec • 843-2564 e-mail: home_maker_sonia@hotmail.com
turned to Blunt Sunday. Don and Vera Kraemer, Bison, came to visit and were supper guests at the home of Ernie and Laurel Nemec, Friday. Bob and Verona Evans were also there for supper. Saturday, Bob and Verona and Laurel and Ernie went to Pierre, to see the Christmas trees and to hear the Haakon County Crooners sing, of which Don is a member. Don and Vera treated all to supper out, along with Rich and Celia Doud. Everyone returned to Bob and Verona's for dessert. After dinner Sunday, Don left to sing with the Crooners at the Philip Nursing Home. Ernie, Laurel, and Vera went to Philip to hear the Crooners at the Philip courthouse. Then both couples departed for home. Gene and Audrey Jones went to Rapid City Sunday spending the night and having supper at the home of their daughter, Julie and Jer Whitcher. Their daughter, Paula Jones, Rapid City, was also there for supper and visiting. Monday, Audery did some odd sewing jobs for Julie and Paula while Gene took care of some business at Rapid. Coming home Monday evening they had heavy fog to deal with. Night driving is never fun considering the deer population and the hazards they can be and when it is foggy it makes it even worse. Most of us have heard about the tragic airplane crash recently at the Sioux Falls airport. On a more personal note, the 30-year-old man who was killed in the crash was married in June and he and his wife and her two children, I believe it is, go to the same church that Becky (Nemec) and Rob Thompson and Josiah attend in Sioux Falls. Death at any time is never easy, but when it happens around Christmas time it seems to be even harder. Bad River Club December 2, 2011, a cold north wind caused the day to be a bit chilly, but no snow, therefore all members and a special guest were able to enjoy the delicious, traditional Christmas ham dinner with all the trimmings prepared by our hostess, Verona Evans, and Maxine Stirling, co-hostess. The table was set with festive Christmas dinnerware along with other seasonal decorations. Decorated bags filled with Christmas goodies were placed under the tree along with secret pal gifts. It seems we are better at keeping our secret pal a secret as only one of us guessed correctly. New names were drawn for hostess month and secret pal. We were sorry our longtime member, Edna Joy, has decided not to participate any more since she now resides at Philip. We assured her she is always welcome to join us whenever she feels able. A name game was played after the luncheon. Betty Sinkey was a whiz at this. She finished much before the rest of us had gotten started. She was awarded a singing, dancing Santa. It seems, Mr. Bo Jingles (I thought he should have a name) wanted in on the festivities. Whenever we started to
December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
visit among ourselves or started to open the gifts, he would automatically start singing and dancing as if to say, “Hey, look at me. See how I can dance.” We had a lot of fun with Mr. Bo Jingles. Just before starting for home, we gathered around the table again to enjoy the crisp apple dessert, ice cream and other goodies prepared by Maxine and Verona. Next meeting will be in February with Kathy Tolton as hostess. Janice Bierle guessed the correct prize for price is right and Emily Sammons took home the door prize. Happy New Year. Club Reporter, Isabelle Sampson Midland Senior Citizens The Midland Senior Citizens met at the center December 4 for their regular meeting with 11 members present. President Woitte called the meeting to order and led in the flag salute. The minutes of the November
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you’re invited to a Come & Go Double Shower!
Baby Shower for Keenan Derex (son of Jenna Tolton) Bridal Shower for Courtney Hunt ursday, December 22nd 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. (MT) Trinity Lutheran Church, Midland
ing to the house. A basement was built and the house was moved to that basement and it is the hunting lodge area of their home. They did some changes to the main part of the house and also left some as it was. They have made it into a beautiful home and I do believe Edward and Elizabeth would be pleased. Father Kevin joined us for the Christmas party which began with a potluck meal, followed by a meeting, gift exchange, some goodies and more visiting before everyone headed home after a most enjoyable evening. The ladies of the Open Bible Church in Midland had their annual Christmas gathering Thursday, December 8. They invited ladies from the community to join them for fellowship and singing of Christmas carols, which were accompanied by Pastor Blye on his guitar, followed by a delicious lunch and a time of visiting. Everyone has a good time and it is nice of them to do this each year. Saturday, December 3, the Fosheim Christmas gathering was once again held at the home of Jackie Fosheim at Murdo. Jackie and George Fosheim started this a number of years ago inviting George’s siblings and spouses for a family Christmas get-together. And though George passed away some years ago, Jackie has continued on with the tradition. Those able to be there this year for a delicious meal, gift exchange, visiting and card playing were Jackie, Vic and Carol Fosheim, Peter and Sylvia Fosheim, Pierre, Judy (Fosheim) and George Gehrig, Sturgis, and Judy Fosheim. Reports are that Jackie’s home is always beautifully decorated putting one in the Christmas spirit. Happy birthday greetings to Phyllis Hanrahan, Philip, who will be celebrating her 80th birthday Saturday, December 17. My husband, Jerry Nemec, hauled bulk fuel to Buddy and Phyllis when we had Nemec Oil. And I stayed with Phyllis at Philip when our youngest child, Christopher John, was getting closer to entering this world. Jerry was going to be gone for about a week and was worried about leaving me at home. It was winter time, the roads were not the best, and he worried that something would happen when he was gone. Phyllis learned about it and told me I was more then welcome to stay with her. And, so I did. That definitely put Jerry’s mind at ease because I was also doctoring at Philip. I was fine and nothing unexpected happened, but Phyllis and I had a good time visiting. Erin Bourk, Blunt, was a weekend guest at the home of her daughter, Holly and Randy Nemec, Midland. Saturday, they surprised granddaughter and great-granddaughter Morgan Ortlieb at her final basketball game of the season in Sturgis. Her fifth grade team was one point away from being undefeated on the season. They all had lunch with the Ortliebs and Chelsee, Addison and Joey Rankin before returning to Midland to visit with Tyler, Angel, Tukker and Emry Nemec for awhile. Erin re-
meeting were read and approved. Mahon gave the treasurer’s report. George Stroppel moved to accept it, seconded by George Anderson and motion carried. There were three cards sent, the bulletin board was decorated, and there was no maintenance report. We voted to keep the same slate of officers for another year, and it was decided that we were too old for a Christmas tree. Meeting adjourned. Mickey Woitte, Secretary It is time to close my column for this week and get my news sent off. Tuesday is pretty much the same as Monday, gloomy and gray looking. But, it could be worse we could have freezing rain turning to snow. Sounds like there may be some of that later in the week. That freezing rain is not a good thing. Be safe, be kind to yourself and to others, and have a good day and a good week.
Conservation Stewardship Program application cut-off date January 13
United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has announced that the ranking period cut-off date for the Conservation Stewardship Program is January 13, 2012. Producers interested in CSP should submit applications to their local NRCS office by the deadline so that their applications can be considered during the first ranking period of 2012. “CSP is one of our most popular conservation programs, and we expect to receive many applications,” said NRCS Chief Dave White. “I encourage all farmers and ranchers who are interested in applying to contact their local NRCS office as soon as possible so they can meet the deadline.” CSP is offered through continuous sign-ups. The program provides many conservation benefits including improvement of water and soil quality, wildlife habit enhancements and adoption of conservation activities that address the effects of climate change. Eligible lands include cropland, pastureland, rangeland and non- industrial private forest land. A CSP self-screening checklist is available to help potential applicants determine if CSP is suitable for their operation. The checklist highlights basic information about CSP eligibility requirements, contract obligations and potential payments. It is available from local NRCS offices and on the CSP Web page. As part of the CSP application process, applicants will work with NRCS field personnel to complete the resource inventory using a Conservation Measurement Tool. The tool determines the conservation performance for existing and new conservation activities. The applicant’s conservation performance will be used to determine eligibility, ranking and payments. In 2010 alone, nearly 21,000 applicants enrolled in CSP, putting additional conservation on 25.2 million acres, about the size of the state of Kentucky, to improve water and soil quality, enhance wildlife habitat and address the effects of climate change.
Five recommendations for surviving the holiday heart attack season
Temperatures are dropping and the holidays have arrived. Danger; we have officially entered what is often referred to as the heart attack season. “In addition to the cold weather restricting our blood circulation, most of us do things during the holidays that are very hazardous to our health, especially if we’re in poor shape to begin with,” said Dr. Debra Braverman, a specialist in rehabilitative medicine in the cardiology department at The Albert Einstein Medical Center. Braverman said that heavy meals, excess alcohol and lack of exercise all can contribute to problems with heart health. Combine the stresses of holiday travel, visits from in-laws and a disrupted medication schedule, and it is not surprising that heart related deaths increase by five percent at this time of the year, according to studies. Braverman provides five recommendations for protecting heart health during this winter’s heart attack season: •Beware of fatty foods and large portions – Stay away from foods high in sugar, fat, cholesterol and salt, and make sure your holiday dinner table consists of lots of veggies, fruits, lean protein and whole grains. •Exercise – Try 30 minutes of light exercise per day to help strengthen the heart by delivering more oxygen to the body. Exercise also lowers blood pressure and helps decrease cholesterol levels. •Stop smoking – Replace your smoking routine with a 30-minute exercise session, which will help distract you and get your mind off smoking. Exercise is also a great way to combat stress, which can often trigger nicotine cravings. •Avoid those obvious holiday heart attack triggers – Excess physical exertion (i.e. shoveling snow), overeating, lack of sleep, emotional stress, cold temperatures, illegal drugs and alcohol. •Talk to your doctor – For those diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, stay regular with your medications and ask your doctor about a new non-invasive treatment to improve circulation and overall heart health called EECP.
Tukker is Proud To inTroduce His BaBy sisTer!
emry Jo nemec
born August 22, 2011 • 7 lbs., 7 oz. Parents: Tyler & Angel Nemec, Midland
Maternal Grandparents: Greg Dubois, Pierre Al & Rita Weatherbee, Hayes, Virginia Paternal Grandparents: Randy & Holly Nemec, Midland Paternal Great-Grandparents: Don & Erin Bourk, Blunt Ernie & Laurel Nemec, Midland; the late Dick Vosberg
This feature sponsored by Grandpa Randy & Grandma Holly
December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
L.A. Walters construction during the past few weeks just five doors south of Sooper Dooper’s present location connecting on the south of McKay’s. Births … Mr. and Mrs. Robert Radway, Milesville, boy, December 9, 8 pounds and 7 oumces. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pekron, Milesville, girl, December 9, 8 pounds 3 1/4 ounces. Mr. and Mrs. John Griesel, Philip, boy, December 11, 5 pounds and 12 1/4 ounces. Hardingrove News … Larry Bendigo, at the White Thunder Ranch, had a tank of anti-freeze blow up in his face. Coke Chapman flew him to Faith where the doctor there sent him on to Rapid, where he entered the Bennett Clarkson Hospital. 25 Years Ago December 18, 1986 Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Terkildsen on the birth of a son born December 9. He was named Gordaro and joins twin brothers, four-years-old, and another small brother. *** Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Boyd, a daughter, Alysia Noel Boyd, December 10, 1986 at 8:44 a.m. weighing 8 lbs. 10 ozs. and 20”. ***
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Milesville News
by Janice Parsons • 544-3315
Congratulations to Brennen and Joni Parsons, Piedmont, on the birth of their daughter, EmmyLee Rose, who was born Saturday, December 10. She weighed seven pounds and is 19-1/2 inches long. Congratulations also to grandparents, Byron and Peggy Parsons and great-grandma, Joanne Parsons. Kyle and Lynsy Brink have named their new baby boy Cayson Lee. Grandpa Lee Neville wasn't sure about his name last week. This Sunday, December 18, the youth from St. Mary's church will present their Christmas program after 11:00 a.m. Mass. A potluck dinner will follow. Milesville School's Christmas program will be held December 21 at the hall beginning at 6:00 p.m. All are invited to these Christmas activities. Jason and Vonda Hamill joined the Danas and Engelhardts of Spearfish for supper and a Rush hockey game Friday night in Rapid City. Thursday, Jason and Vonda Hamill invited the kids from the Milesville School over to their place for a tree hunt and snacks. The Milesville Rangers 4-H Club Christmas party was held Friday at the bowling alley. Members attending were Allison and Grace Pekron, Sam, Ben and Mark Stangle, and Rachel and Sarah Parsons, and leaders, Donna and Tina Staben. Thursday, Linda Stangle and Joan Patton helped Irene Patton move from her apartment in the Senechal to Pierre. News from the Sandals: They attended the 70th birthday party for Jim Moriarty at the Philip Nursing Home Tuesday. That evening, Donnie and Marcia Eymer stopped to watch some of the National Finals Rodeo from Las Vegas. Wednesday, Karyl attended the noon Christmas potluck at the courthouse. Bill and Karyl went to Matt and Anita Sandal’s Thursday evening to celebrate Kohl’s ninth birthday and River’s fourth birthday. A friend of Jennifer Sandals (Todd), Stephanie Erickson, Rapid City, came to Karyl's house Saturday to get some lessons on how to make lefse. They had a great time. Sunday, Karyl attended Nancy Neville's piano recital at the United Church. Nancy has eight students (four boys and four girls). That evening, she was at the courthouse to hear the Crooners’ Christmas concert which is always very good. Waylon and Kreed Smith spent a few days with Dave and Tonya Berry. Last week, Misti Berry trapped her first bobcat, weighing approximately 60 pounds. Way to go, Misti! Jim and Lana Elshere watched several performances of the National Finals Rodeo at Donnie and Marcia Eymer's. Linda Smith attended the Philip hospital Christmas party last Saturday night at the American Legion Hall. Sunday, she and Larry joined others of the Smith family at the nursing home to congratulate Larry's parents, Rich and Gladys, on their 74th anniversary. Last Tuesday evening, the Philip High School band and chorus held their Christmas concert. Attending from our area were the Phil Carleys, Steve Pekrons and Mark Radways. Ben Stangle and Brayden Fitch played basketball games over the weekend – Friday night in Wall and in Philip Saturday with Rapid City Christian. Leo and Joan Patton had a bunch in Sunday to help cut up beef. They included the Jim Stangle family, Kay Ainslie, Gary Stephenson and Ralph and Carol Kroetch. Guests at Paul and Donna Staben's Friday night for birthday cake were Charles Staben and Jeff, Terri, Leah and Zoe Staben. Paul was celebrating his birthday. The Haakon County Crooners sang at the state Capitol in Pierre Saturday. Sunday, they sang at the nursing home and courthouse. Later, they gathered at the Senechal for a party with the residents. The Mark Radways have been busy with school activities including Bailey's basketball game Thursday and Tanner was wrestling Saturday in Gordon, Neb. Monday, Judith went to Philip to visit her sister, Shelia Trask. Shelia had knee replacement surgery last week in Rochester, Minn., and is recuperating in Philip. Abby Carley's son, Wace, is spending this week with Grandpa Phil and Grandma Karen. Abby is busy this week with finals at Black Hills State University. Last Thursday, Bart and I flew to Las Vegas for the last three performances of the National Finals Rodeo. We agreed that three days was long enough for us – too much noise and too many people. I guess when you've lived in the country all your life, that's where you want to be. Our son-in-law, George Hohwieler, and grandson, Andy, met us there and we did have a good time.
Blast from the Past
From the archives of the Pioneer Review
85 Years Ago December 15, 1927 On Wednesday at the time of this is written there is no decided abatement in the rigor of the winter weather that swept down upon us more than two weeks ago. All last week it was bitter cold, with little wind, however; temperatures ranging in the neighborhood of twenty degrees below zero every night. There was not much wind, and after a day or so of adjustment to the snappiness, the situation was not disagreeable at all. Monday there was a sudden thaw, the balmy air promising almost summer weather until nearly Tuesday noon. Then it turned colder, snow is again falling, and it looks like a spell of real winter again. *** Earl Brooks was the victim of two accidents within a few minutes of each other last Friday afternoon, the first of these being when his Star coach turned over on the road north of Philip. No damage was done to car or driver. Jess Baker who happened to be coming along helped him to right his car and Brooks proceeded on his way to Philip. About two miles out he noticed that the rear end of his car was on fire, failing to make his breaks hold he turned the car off the grade and jumped into a snowdrift just as the car turned over. He was unable to extinguish the flames and the entire body of the car which was practically new, was demolished. Local News … Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kertzman of Milesville are rejoicing over the arrival of a son born to them Friday, December 9. Mrs. Glenn Bachman is confined to her home with mumps this week. Mrs. Deane Hockett is substituting at the Murphy school for her. Rev. R.M. Walker joined in marriage at the Methodist parsonage last Saturday afternoon, Morgan Williams and K. Jennie Van Cleve both of Philip. Emil Toczek met with what might have been a very serious accident last Monday afternoon on the grade west of the eleven mile corner north of town. He was driving his truck loaded with barley. Coming around a corner at a fair rate of speed his car left the road turning over twice with Mr. Toczek still in the cab. A loaded shot gun which he had with him was his first thought when he knew the car was going over and he held onto the gun until he was able to get out. The damage done to the truck was slight and most of the grain was salvaged. Mr. Toczek came out without a scratch. *** During the past year American women spent more money putting waves in their hair than Uncle Sam did keeping his fleet on the waves. Something more than 325 millions of dollars went for hair dressing while 312 millions were expended on the country’s navy. 75 Years Ago December 17, 1936 Rural school teachers in Haakon County are receiving an average salary of $55.74 per month for the year 1936-37. Teachers in the twon schools receive more than double that figure. There salaries average $115.33. There are 56 rural schools in operation this year, employing 57 teachers. There are 455 pupils enrolled in the rural schools, averaging eight to the school. The Elbon and Nowlin schools have the largest enrollment with 17 each. The Nowlin School has two-year non-accredited high school with two teachers. All others are oneteacher schools but two of them give one year of high school work. The two town schools, Philip and Midland, have four-year accredited high schools. *** About 20,000 pounds of dressed turkeys were shipped from Philip by the Union Creamery in the Land ‘O Lakes turkey pool for the Christmas market. This was made up of about 2,000 birds, averaging 10 pounds each. Most of the turkeys were dressed at the Creamery dressing plant and from 8 to 12 people were kept busy last week picking them. North Fork News … Saturday night Sam Darmer’s car went into the ditch near the Babcock place. The occupants, Mr. and Mrs. Darmer, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Kerstein, and Misses Frances Rausch and Dorothy Hazen walked to Triolos. When they got there Orville’s ears were frozen and the girls had frozen their feet and legs. After thawing out with snow they warmed up and spent the remainder of the night and part of Sunday at the Triolo home. Frank Miles came out and got the occupants and took them back to town. A work of baker’s art is on display in the Reber Bakery window that is attracting much attention. It is a basket, interwoven lattice design, made entirely from sugar and egg whites. To the uninitiated it looks like an extremely complicated piece of work, but Ernst says it is really simple to make. 50 Years Ago December 14, 1961 The Sooper Dooper grocery store will be moving into their new building in Philip this weekend, manager Bill Dodge reported. The move is to be made after closing Saturday night and on Sunday and the market will be open for business in the new location Monday. The new structure was built by
Carrie Roseth became excited last week when she learned she had been named to the third team all-state for Class A girls basketball.
munity Health.
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Sports and accomplishments
Super Scotties
Elementary Students of the Months for November/December
These elementary students are Super Scotties for November and December 2011. They have earned the distinction through different individual displays of good character. Each teacher selects at least one of their students at the end of each month. The Philip Area wrestling team began its 2011-2012 season by competing at the Gordon/Rushville Invitational wrestling tournament in Gordon, Neb., Saturday, December 10. Out of 16 schools represented, the Philip Area team tied for second place with Chadron, Neb., with each team earing 102.5 points. Last year Philip took fourth place. First place again went to Valentine, Neb., this year with 202.5 points. Fourth place went to Mitchell, Neb., with 93 points, and fifth place went to Gordon/ Rushville with 75 points. The other team scores were Ainsworth, Neb. – 73.5, Perkins County, Neb. – 71, Bennett County, S.D. – 70.5, Sidney, Neb. – 57, Mullen, Neb. – 54, Ogallala, Neb. – 49.5, Hay Springs, Neb. – 27, Pine Ridge, S.D. – 26, Red Cloud, S.D. – 0, and Little Wound, S.D. – 0.
Nick Donnelly, 106 lbs., 3rd place •bye •decision by Trever Bukaske (VAL), 0-4 •bye •pinned Zacharia Sanabria (MIT), 3:36 •decision over Trace Strotheide (CHA), 11-
December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
Page 8
Philip Area takes second at Gordon wrestling invitational
•pinned Bukaske, 2:41 Jeb Brown, 113 lbs., 4th place •bye •pinned by Timothy McClure (CHA), :56 •decision over Thomas Harvey (VAL), 3-2 •decision by Conor Lococo (SID), 6-13 Raedon Anderson, 120 lbs. •bye •pinned by Jacob Hand (VAL), 1:59 •bye •pinned by Yulchi Kokawa (RC), 3:14 Grady Carly, 126 lbs., 6th place •bye •pinned by Sam Ireland (BC), :53 •pinned Zach Mika (SID), 1:04 •pinned Pryce Pinney (AIN), 2:43 •decision by Garrett Toner (PC), 5-10 •(NA) Levi Ray (HS) Reed Johnson, 138 lbs., 4th place •bye •decision over Luke Tinnon (OGA), 9-5 •major decision by Brandon Dehling (CHA), 2-11 •major decision over Jaylin Dixon (PR), 11-1 •decision by Jesse Retzlaff (G/R), 3-4 Austin Pinney, 145 lbs. •bye •technical fall by Willy Cogdill (CHA), 24 •bye •decision over Brenton Christian (SID), 14-8 •major decision by James Garcia (OGA), 0-11 Chandlier Sudbeck, 152 lbs., 3rd place •bye •technical fall over Brad Hann (BC), 19-3 •major decision by Chance Bila (CHA), 311 •pinned Duell Puttergill (MUL), 1:43 •pinned Tanner Clark (AIN), 4:22 Clint Stout, 160 lbs., 2nd place •bye •bye •pinned Ken Graham (G/R), 3:28 •decision by Tyson Lanka (OGA), 7-8 Tanner Radway, 170 lbs., 2nd place •bye •bye •pinned John Graham (VAL), 2:34 •decision by Cooper Cogdill (CHA), 4-7 Herbie McDaniel, 182 lbs. •pinned by Dylan Haas (SID), 1:17 •bye •pinned by Brody Cleveland (OGA), :52 Logan Ammons, 195 lbs. •bye •major decision by Tanner Wintholz (SID), 1-12 •bye •decision over Tanner Kickland (CHA), 13-5 17 •pinned by Spencer Rein (MIT), 3:46 Gavin DeVries, 220 lbs., 3rd place •bye •bye pinned by Stevin Horrocks (HS), 1:48 •bye •pinned Tristan Miskimins (CHA), 2:37 Junior Varsity Rance Johnson, 106 lbs. •decision by Caleb Grooms (VAL), 0-9 •decision by Dalton Zimmermann (MUL), 4-9 •pinned Amanda Standing Bear (RC), 1:15 •pinned Wacey Gallegns ((AIN), 4:12 Brennan Kukal, 120 lbs. •decision by Shane Phillips (PR), 0-9 •pinned by Zack Borges (SID), :17 •pinned Nichole Carseco (MIT), 4:19 •pinned Krystin Quickler (MIT), 1:33 Roger Davis, 182 lbs. •pinned by Matthew Skinner (OGA), 1:41 •decision over Zach (NA) (SID), 13-9 •pinned Ed McCleary (VAL), 1:03 •technical fall over Garrett Steckle (MIT), 17-2
Misti Berry Milesville
Brett Freeman 6th grade
Lane Kuchenecker Kindergarten
Tanner Hajny 1st Grade
Eastan West 1st Grade
Eathan Burnett 2nd Grade
The next wrestling meet for the Philip Area team will be Friday and Saturday, December 16-17, in Valentine, Neb.
South Dakota governor’s FY 2013 budget; education, Medicaid providers and state employees ‘modest’ increases
Kelcey Butler 3rd Grade William Kochersberger 3rd Grade Bailey Bierle 4th Grade Aitanna Nadala 5th Grade by Elizabeth “Sam” Grosz Community News Service More money for education, medical services for the poor and state employees was the center pin of Governor Dennis Daugaard’s proposed fiscal year 2013 budget presented December 6 to legislators in Pierre. The emphasis, however, was on “modest” by the governor, who said, “by being frugal, we have successfully achieved a new normal and can more optimistically plan for the future. The 2012 South Dakota Legislature begins its session January 10. The state budget that legislators will approve covers fiscal year 2013, which begins July 1, 2012, and ends June 30, 2013. The national recession and declining state revenues last year had made it necessary to make significant cuts in funds for schools and Medicaid providers in order to balance the current state budget without increasing taxes or dipping into reserve funds. The budget proposal outlined by Daugaard also is meant to provide essential state services without increasing taxes. However, to do so, meant using some of the state’s reserve funds to respond to the emergencies of flooding this past summer and an increasing mountain pine beetle infestation. “This year, our state faced historic flooding along the Missouri River, as well as in the northeast and in other parts of South Dakota,” said Daugaard. He said he will be proposing a special appropriation to pay for the state’s share of the costs of the flooding, estimated at more than $14 million. “We also face a potential disaster in the Black Hills, as the mountain pine beetle infestation, if unchecked, could lead to a massive forest fire.” He said that he is proposing to use $6.1 million from reserves to pay for these costs. As for education, kindergarten through 12th grades would receive a 2.3 percent ongoing increase, coupled with an extra $12 million onetime investment. Daugaard said he is committed, in years when new dollars are available, education should receive “the first dollar and the last dollar” of state funds. He proposes giving K-12 education that first dollar by increasing the per-student allocation for K-12 education, by 2.3 percent, at an estimated ongoing cost of $9.8 million in state funds. He said additional students entering the school system will cost an additional $2.9 million in general funds. Additionally, he proposes to “increase the per-student allocation, on a one-time basis, outside the formula,” by an additional 0.7 percent, at a one-time state cost of $3.9 million. He proposes the “last dollar” of $8.4 million in one-time funds be used for intensive professional development for teachers in the Common Core curriculum standards, and for administrators in new techniques for teacher evaluation. Medicare providers would receive an increase in rates paid of 1.8 percent, or $6.1 million. He said he would also like to increase those rates on average another 1.2 percent with one-time funds at a cost of over $4 million. And, he said, since there are additional one-time funds available, he proposes increasing rates another 1.5 percent, or more than $5 million. State employees, who have had salaries frozen for three years, now under the governor’s proposal would receive a three percent ongoing increase. In addition, he said, “my budget includes a one-time payment to state employees, equal to five percent of their salary, to partially offset the loss of purchasing power due to inflation in the three years their salaries were frozen.” The governor also called for increased funding for higher education, through both ongoing and one-time funding increases for both the Board of Regents and for the state’s technical institutes. An ongoing increase of 0.9 percent, or more than $1.4 million, was proposed by Daugaard, as well as a one-time increase of 2.1 percent at a cost of more than $3.4 million, and a 1.5 percent additional increase in one-time funds of more than $2.4 million. Technical institutes, under Daugaard’s proposal, would receive funding similar to that for K-12 with a 2.3 percent ongoing formula adjustment, 0.7 percent in onetime funds and an additional 1.5 percent in one-time funds. Daugaard said he is proposing that $10 million in one-time funds from FY12 and more than $12.1 million in projected funds from FY 13 remain unappropriated. Each of these amounts, he said, is less than one percent of the general fund budget, and leaves room for “weaker-than-expected revenue collections. Iit is crucial that we remain true to maintaining a structurally-balanced budget based on conservative revenue estimates.” Not to do so, Daugaard said, “we risk a return to an era of structural deficits.”
Philip High School
November 2011 Students of the Month
Allison Stahl – senior Fun to have in class. Very positive attitude. Uses time wisely and gives her best effort. Participates in class discussion. Volunteers to assist when the class is working on activities.
Todd Antonsen – freshman Polite and uses study hall time wisely. Works hard to do a good job on his studies. Works independently and is punctual.
Philip League Bowling
Monday Nite Mixed Badland’s Auto..........................36-20 Rockers......................................34-22 Groven Chemical ......................34-22 Dakota Bar................................25-31 Shad’s Towing...........................23-33 Handrahan Const .....................16-40 Highlights: Harvey Byrd..................174, 163/437 Jennifer Reckling..................140/316 Cory Boyd ..............................236/598 Maralynn Burns....................179/470 Karen Byrd...................................126 Marsha Sumpter .........198 clean/518 Matt Reckling...............................205 Ronnie Coyle.....3-10 & 3-9-10 splits; .....................................192 clean/585 Connie Schlim...........5-7 & 2-7 splits Bryan Buxcel.....................2-3-7 split Wendell Buxcel.....................5-7 split Marlis Petersen ..............2-7 split x 2 Tuesday Men’s Early G&A Trenching.........................25-15 Cork’s.........................................25-15 George’s Welding ......................23-17 Kadoka Tree Service.................23-17 Peoples Mkt ..............................22-18 Kennedy Implement .................18-22 Bear Automotive.......................15-25 Ghost Team.................................9-31 Highlights: Wendell Buxcel.................4-5-7 split; .............................200 clean, 203/595 Ed Morrison ..........................201/551 Dakota Alfrey...............................544 Alvin Pearson........................204/541 Tony Gould ....................201, 200/535 Fred Foland..................................533 Steve Varner ................................514 Ray O’Connell.....................3-10 split Wednesday Morning Coffee Cutting Edge Salon ..................43-13 Invisibles ...................................33-23 Jolly Ranchers ..........................31-25 State Farm Ins....................28.5-27.5 All Star Auto .............................26-30 Ghost Team...........................6.5-49.5 Highlights: Karen Foland ........................213/578 Marsha Sumpter...................172/475 Debbie Gartner....5-10 split; 157/439 Lila Whidby...........................150/426 Audrey Jones ......................5-10 split Joy Neville ..........................5-10 split Donna Newman....................5-8 split Wednesday Nite Early Morrison’s Haying ..............30.5-21.5 First National Bank ...........30.5-21.5 Dorothy’s Catering .............30.5-21.5 Wall Food Center......................28-24 Dakota Bar................................24-28 99 Pins.......................................23-29 Just Tammy’s............................21-31 Chiefie’s Chicks ..................20.5-31.5 Highlights: Rachel Kjerstad ............196, 179/502 Val Schulz .............................205/520 Marlis Petersen............................181 Annette Hand...............................158 Karen Iwan ..................................153 Emily Kroetch ..............................153 Cristi Ferguson ...............5-6-10 split Sandee Gittings.................4-7-9 split Thursday Nite Men’s Coyle’s SuperValu.....................22-14 O’Connell Const ..................21.5-14.5 West River Pioneer Tanks .......20-16 A&M Laundry.....................19.5-16.5 WEE BADD...............................17-19 Dakota Bar................................16-20 McDonnell Farms .....................14-22 The Steakhouse ........................14-22 Highlights: Bryan Buxcel...3-6-7-10 & 5-6 splits; ...............................................227/585 Alvin Pearson........................220/575 Matt Schofield .....215, 208 clean/572 Mark Foland .........................5-7 split Roger Williams .....................5-7 split John Heltzel .........................4-5 split Wendell Buxcel...................3-10 split Stuart Letellier...................3-10 split Ronnie Williams .................3-10 split Friday Nite Mixed King Pins...................................41-15 Cristi’s Crew .............................36-20 Randy’s Spray Service..............31-25 Rusty Spurs ..............................26-30 Rowdy Rollers ...........................26-30 Hart to Hart..............................25-31 Philip Health Service ...............24-32 Roy’s Amigo’s ............................15-41 Highlights: John Heltzel ........213 clean, 211/625 Randy Boyd .........3-10 split; 180/521 Whitney Antonsen ................158/431 Cory Boyd ............3-10 split; 236/602 Earl Park.....................226, 237/6299 Deanna Fees.......................184 clean Aaron Richardson .................221/569 Clay King ..............................202/538 Dakota Alfrey...............................186 Trina Brown .....3-5-10 split; 174/477 Skyler Patterson ..........................522 Kristin Schmidt...2-7-10 & 2-7 splits Kelly Fees ...........................3-10 split Duane Hand............3-10 & 4-7 splits
Left, National Mutual Benefit’s wreath is on display at the Haakon County Courthouse’s annual Parade of Trees. Stop in during regular business hours to view all of the lovely displays!
Parade of trees ...
Nuts about planning
I have written and spoken about planning and preparing many times in the past, and will probably continue to do so into the future. I have talked and written so much about planning and preparing that I imagine there are a number of people who think I am kind of nuts about it and I am okay with that because I know the value of having a plan and being prepared. I also know what happens when I fail to plan and prepare. Whenever I look back at the projects and ideas that have not worked out, I see that I did not have a plan. Conversely, every project that I have ever desired to bring to a successful conclusion has succeeded when I have had a written plan. In other words, just winging it or flying by the seat of my pants never really seems to work for me, so if I really want to get results, I know I must plan for it. You know, I really love the feeling that comes from planning and one of my favorite things to do every 30 to 60 to 90 days or so, is to look back over my written plans and check off what has been accomplished and update and revise parts of the plan that have not been accomplished yet. This practice gives me a great sense of satisfaction in what I have accomplished and gives me the motivation and encouragement to keep working to reach my goals. Planning also gives me a sense of security. I know where I have been and where I am now, and where I am headed into the future. Planning is my assurance policy; it assures that my hopes and dreams and aspirations don’t just stay in the realm of wishing, but that they actually become reality. Planning does take time and very often people tell me that they are so busy they don't have the time to plan. What these people fail to understand is that planning actually saves time in the long run. I can attest to the fact that taking the time to plan has kept me from wasting a lot of precious time chasing down rabbit trails. Planning helps me to clarify my mission and purpose, to assess the good, bad and ugly about things, and set goals to get me to where I want to be. How about you, are you an avid planner, as I am? Or is your tendency more likely to be that you just wing it. If wishing and hoping your life will change for the better isn’t really working for you, why not write a plan? Do you want a promotion or greater success in you career? Write a plan! Do you want to overcome some obstacle in your life? Write a plan! Do you want to get out of debt? Write a plan! Do you want to reduce the negative stress in your life? Write a plan! Do you want to manage your time more effectively? Write a plan! Do you want to improve the relationships in your life? Write a plan! Of course the list could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. Some have asked me if there is ever such a thing as too much planning, and I say the only way you can take planning to the extreme is if you spend all your time planning and never take action to implement the plans you have written. If you haven’t spent much time planning lately, may I encourage you to invest some time in planning every day this week. I assure you that I am investing at least two hours per day in planning. Better yet, just go nuts, and make planning a life long habit.
Philip AAU Wrestling
There will be AAU Wrestling sign-up on Monday, December 19th at 5:30 p.m. Please come to the high school computer room. There is a double header basketball game that night so we hope to see you all there. If you have any questions please contact Nicole Dennis or Brad Heltzel.
“I can find WHATEVER you’re looking for!” –David Burnett, Owner
OPEN BOWLING: Sunday-Friday, 12 to 6 p.m. • Saturday, 12 p.m. to closing The kitchen is open – we have orders to go!!
Rock ’N Roll Lanes
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Philip Scotties defeat Rapid City Christian Comets 54-43
The Philip Scotties boys’ basketball team hosted Rapid City Christian, Saturday, December 10. Philip 17 14 10 13 = 54 R.C.Christian 4 11 13 15 = 43 The Scotties grabbed a 13-point lead in the first quarter, then increased the spread by another three points in the second quarter. The second half saw a slackening of
Philip scorers: Austin O’Dea – 14, Colter Cvach – 11, Gunner Hook – 8, Kyle Schulz – 7, Quade Slovek – 4, Cody Reder and Tristen Rush – 3 each, Nelson Holman and Wyatt Schaack – 2 each. Rapid City Christian top scorers: Peter Irwin – 23, Jadd Evans – 13, Eli Houchens – 3, Matt Muehlbauer and Lucas Clegg – 2 each. Philip field goals – 25% (20 of 81). Free throws: Philip – 39% (19 of 36), Rapid City Christian – 33% (6 of 18). Philip three-pointers – 0% (0 of 4). Philip rebounds – 37. Leaders: Cvach – 9, O’Dea – 8, Hook – 6, Schulz – 5, Reder and Schaack – 3 each, Rush – 2, Slovek – 1. Philip assists: 11. Leaders: Rush – 4, O’Dea, Reder and Hook – 2 each, Cvach – 1.
December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
Page 9
the Philip intensity, with the Comets recouping five of those points. The final buzzer had Philip a comfortable nine points ahead.
There were no statistics available for the junior varsity game. The next game for the Scotties boys will be a boys’and girls’ doubleheader starting at 2:30 p.m., Thursday, December 15, at Fort Pierre against the Stanley County Buffaloes. Their next game will be another boys’ and girls’ doubleheader, starting at 2:20 p.m., Saturday, December 17, in Philip against the Edgemont Moguls.
Philip steals – 24. Leaders: Rush – 7, O’Dea and Hook – 5 each, Reder – 3, Schulz and Cvach – 2 each. Philip blocks – 2. Leaders: Hook and Rush – 1 each. Philip turnovers – 17. Team fouls: Philip – 19, Rapid City Christian – 19. Fouled out – Schulz.
Philip Lady Scotties nudged out by R.C. Comets 36-38
The Philip Lady Scotties basketball team hosted the Rapid City Christian Lady Comets, Saturday, December 10. Philip 4 14 6 12 = 36 R.C.C. 2 13 6 17 = 38 The Scotties lead the game until the fourth quarter. When the last buzzer sounded, Philip’s four-point advantage had dissolved to a twopoint loss. time. The Scotties regained the lead in the third quarter, then stalled and were not able to score at all in the fourth quarter. Philip 7 2 8 0 = 17 R.C.C. 2 7 3 7 = 19
Rebound fight ... Lady Scottie Jordyn Dekker stretches to retrieve the rebound before a Lady Eagle can. Other players from left are Eagle Kaitlin Schreiber, Scottie Sam Johnson and Eagle Autumn Schulz. Photo by Nancy Haigh
Driving in for two... Freshmen Nelson Holman brings the ball in a hard drive to the basket. The Philip Scotties traveled to Wall last Friday. Eagles pictured are Clancy Lytle, front and Lane Hustead, back. Photo by Nancy Haigh
Philip leading scorers: Josie Guptill – 15, Jordyn Dekker and Bailey Radway – 8 each. Rapid City Christian leading scorers: Jaya Evans and Marissa Heard – 10 each, Mikayla Heard – 9. Free throws: Philip – 47% (7 of 15), Rapid City Christian – 52% (14 of 27). Rebounds: Philip – 34. Leaders: Guptill and Dekker – 7 each, Audra Antonsen – 6. Team fouls: Philip – 19, Rapid City Christian – 13.
Philip leading scorers: Hanna Hostutler – 6, Bailey Radway – 4, Katelyn Enders – 3. Rapid City Christian leading scorers: Erin Broberg – 14, Bailey Blain – 3. Free throws: Philip – 50% (1 of 2), Rapid City Christian – 66% (19 of 29). Rebounds: Philip – 30. Leaders: Ariana Arampatzis – 9, Justina Cvach – 6, Hostutler – 5. Team fouls: Philip – 26, Rapid City Christian – 10. Fouled out: Philip – Peyton DeJong, Rapid City Christian – Candance Lowe.
The junior varsity also felt the agony of defeat in the final quarter. They had contolled the first quarter, and kept the score tied at half-
The next game for the Lady Scotties will be a doubleheader Thursday, December 15, at Fort Pierre against the Stanley County Lady Buffaloes. Their next game will be another double-header, Monday, December 19, hosting the Kadoka Kougars.
Philip Lady Scotties fall at home to Wall Eagles 25-43
The Philip Lady Scotties basketball team held a home game to start its 2011-2012 season. The varsity team lost to the Wall Eagles 25-43. Philip 2 9 5 9 = 25 Wall 7 7 14 15 = 43 The game consisted of up-close play, resulting in a high-intensity atmosphere ripe for fouls. Philip attempted only two, three-point shots, missing both, while no threepoint attempts were recorded for Wall. Each team lost two players during the game because of fouls, with Philip totaling 26 fouls and Kyle Schulz passess the ball to a teammate over the heads of two Wall Eagles in Wall Friday, December 9. Wall players are Laketon McLaughlin in front and Kale Lytle in back. Photo by Nancy Haigh
Philip leading scorers: Josie Guptill – 12, Sam Johnson – 6, Katelyn Enders and Katie Hostutler – 2 each. Wall leading scorers: Autumn Schulz – 17, Krysta Kjerstad – 9, Sadie O’Rourke – 6, Josie Blasius – 4, Emily Linn – 3. Field goal: Wall – 25% (11 of 44). Free throw: Philip – 26% (7 of 27). Wall – 62% (21 of 34). Rebounds: Philip – 34. Leaders: Johnson – 7, Guptill and Jordyn Dekker – 6 each. Wall – 27. Leaders: Kjerstad and Carlee Johnston – 6 each, O’Rourke – 3, Blasius – 2. Turnovers: Philip – 53, Wall recorded 27. Fouled out: Philip – Dekker and Johnson, Wall – Kaitlin Schreiber and Elsie Fortune.
Wall ending with 23. The percentage of foul shots sunk was in favor of Wall, while the number of turnovers was against Philip.
High pass ...
Other than the game was won by Wall, no other statistics were available on the junior varsity game.
Going for two ... Josie Guptill doesn’t let the two Eagle players stop her attempt for two at the game in Philip last Thursday. Guptill scored 12 points for the Scotties that night. Photo by Nancy Haigh
Philip Scotties blocked by Wall Eagles
The Philip Scotties boys’ high school basketball team started their 2011-2012 season with an away game in Wall against the Eagles, Friday, December 9. Philip 10 13 8 8 = 39 Wall 16 11 19 25 = 70 The Scotties were only two baskets behind at the end of the first half. The second half, though, did not go well for them.
Philip scorers: Cody Reder – 9, Colter Cvach and Nelson Holman – 6 each, Gunner Hook and Austin O’Dea – 5 each, Kyle Schulz and Tristen Rush – 3 each, Quade Slovek – 2. Wall scorers: Chavis Shull – 12, Kale Lytle and Clancy Lytle – 11 each, Tyler Trask – 10, Lane Hustead – 9, Laketon Mclaughlin – 6, Tyler Peterson – 5, Les Williams – 3, Ron Linn – 2, Carson Johnston – 1. Field goals: Philip – 28% (11 of 39), Wall – 37% (24 of 64). Three-pointers: Philip – 25% (1 of 4), Wall – 9% (1 of 11). Free throws: Philip – 55% (16 of 29), Wall – 64% (21 of 33). Rebounds: Philip – 33. Leaders: Hook – 9, Cvach – 5, Holman, Schulz and O’Dea – 4 each, Rush – 3, Wyatt Schaak – 2, Reder and Slovek – 1 each. Wall – 35. Leaders: Peterson – 8, McLaughlin – 7, K. Lytle – 6, Shull – 4, Hustead – 3, Johnston and O’Rourke – 2 each, Danny Muzik, Linn and Kaden Eisenbraun – 1 each. Assists: Philip – 4. Leaders: Cvach, Holman, O’Dea and Rush – 1 each. Wall – 9. Steals: Philip – 9. Leaders: Hook, O’Dea and Reder – 2 each, Cvach, Chaney Burns and Slovek – 1 each. Wall – 18. Blocks: Philip – 9. Leaders: Hook – 7, Schulz and Reder – 1 each. Wall – 0. Turnovers: Philip – 35, Wall – 17. Fouls: Philip – 26, Wall – 25.
No statistics were available for the junior varsity game.
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Legal Notices
Proceedings of the City of Philip
REGULAR MEETING DECEMBER 5, 2011 A regular meeting of the Philip City Council was held on Monday, December 5, 2011, at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room of the Haakon Co. Courthouse. Present were Finance Officer Monna Van Lint, Council Members Tom Struble, Shirley Chin, Greg Arthur, Jason Harry, John Kangas, and Mike Vetter. Also present were Deputy Finance Officer Brittany Smith, Public Works Director Matt Reckling, Chief of Police Kit Graham, Gen. Maint. Brian Pearson, Harlan Quenzer with SPN & Assoc., Charles Allen, Gary Stephenson, Del Bartels with the Pioneer Review; and later, Carol Schofield, City Attorney Gay Tollefson, Marlene Knutson and Justin Otsea with CSDED. Absent: Mayor John F. Hart. Council President Arthur called the meeting to order and presided over the meeting in the Mayor’s absence. Motion was made by Kangas, seconded by Struble to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. Motion was made by Vetter, seconded by Harry to approve the minutes of the last meeting as published in the Pioneer Review. Motion carried. PWD Reckling was questioned about the ’79 Ford repairs and how many lift station transducers are kept in stock? He confirmed that the ’79 Ford is the sanding pickup that had repairs done to its brakes. The City also maintains one transducer on-hand in the event that we may need to make emergency repairs to the lift station. Motion was made by Kangas, seconded by Harry to approve payment of the bills from the appropriated funds. Motion carried. Gross Salaries - November 30, 2011: Gross Salaries: Adm. - $2,795.87; Police - $5,735.59; Sewer - $9,618.25; Water $2,197.86 AFLAC Employee Supplemental Ins.11/11 .......................................291.90 EFTPS S.S., Medicare, Withholding11/11 ....................................4,202.28 SDRS Employee Retirement11/11 ....................................2,713.06 Add’l Bills - Nov. 2011: Lake Waggoner Golf Crs., Req. Donated Funds - 11/11 ........1,000.00 Hospital Geo-Thermal Project: Philip Health Services, Inc., Pay Req #05 Geo-Thermal Project ...41,214.77 Pine St. Phase III Project: SPN & Assoc. Design Eng. thru 11/26/11 .............................10,500.00 This Month's Bills: AT&T, Cell Phone 10-11/11 ...........79.28 Brown, Susan, Cust. Deposit Refund 12/11 .......................................100.00 CBA Lighting & Controls, Airport Bulbs 11/11 .......................................303.65 Cenex Harvest States, Fuel 11/11 .......................................133.06 CRA Payment Center, Equip. Supplies - 11/11 .....................................259.51 Dakotacare Health Ins., Employee Health Premium - 12/11 .....10,037.94 Delta Dental Ins., Employee Dental Premium - 12/11 .....................635.00 Ed’s Repair, ’79 Ford Repairs 11/11 .......................................259.71 FedEx, PD Evidence Postage 11/11 .........................................10.97 1st Nat’l Bank - Philip, Utility Postage 12/11 .......................................109.88 1st Nat’l Bank - S.F., SRF Loan #02 Pay #157 - 12/11 .................2,163.90 SRF Loan #03 Pay #60 12/11 ....................................2,223.41 Fitzgerald Oil Co,. Fuel 10-11/11 ..................................385.26 Golden West, Telephone/Internet 10-11/11 ..................................576.11 Grossenburg Imp., Supplies 11/11 .........................................11.76 Haakon Co. Treasurer, Office Rent 12/11 .........................................60.00 Heartland Waste Mgmt, Inc., 378 Residential Collection 11/11 ....................................4,120.20 Hills Material Co., 32.02 T Cold Mix - 11/11 ...........................3,371.70 Ingram Hardware, Supplies 11/11 .........................................26.95 Michael Todd & Co., Blades/Sign Decals - 11/11 ......................1,196.31 Morrison, Heath, Cust. Deposit Refund - 12/11 ....................................100.00 Morrison’s Pit Stop, Fuel/Supplies 11/11 ....................................1,351.96 NAPA Auto Parts, Supplies 11/11............................................5.75 Neve’s Uniforms & Equip., PD Uniforms - 10/11 ....................................107.82 Occupational Health Network, Random Testing - 11/11 ........................218.00 Quality Flow Systems, Inc., Lift Station Transducer - 11/11 ..................916.43 Pearson, Brian, Mileage Reimb. Safety Trng - 11/11 ..............................97.68 Pioneer Review, Publishing/ Subscription - 11/11 ................515.26 Quill, Supplies - 11/11 .................200.93 SD Dept. of Revenue, Sales Tax Payable - 11/11 .......................318.88 Water Coliform Testing - 11/11 ..12.00 SD State Plumbing, Com. Water/Sewer Licenses - 2012 ......................240.00 Stamp Fullfillment Center, Postage Envelopes - 12/11 ................1,065.50 Tollefson, Gay, Attorney Retainer 12/11 .......................................150.00 USDA, RD Loan Pay #84 12/11 ....................................3,069.00 VISA - UMB, Bank Safety Benefits Travel Exp. - 11/11 ....................61.55 West Central Electric, Electric Charges 10-11/11 ...............................2,720.41 WR/LJ Rural Water, 2,261,000 gals. 11/11 ....................................2,826.25 Contract Min. - 11/11 ...........3,000.00 Airport Water - 11/11 .................40.00 South Shop Water - 11/11 ........22.50 Wohlenberg Ritzman & Co., FY2010 Audit Prep ...........................7,881.31 Total Expenditures 12/05/11 .........................$102,700.60 Old Business: PWD Reckling updated the Council on the 1986 Case Loader repairs stating that Kennedy Implement has estimated the repairs between $2,500 and $2,700. He stressed that this is only an estimate, but they are positive that the problems are in the transmission or motor. It was noted that the loader is not as valuable for resale in its current condition and should be repaired. Following discussion, motion was made by Vetter, seconded by Struble to authorize the repairs of the 1986 Case Loader at Kennedy Implement. Motion carried. PWD Reckling went on to update the Council on the Lake Waggoner repairs as recommended by SD DENR. He noted that he has reviewed possible repair options for the gabion wall with City Engineer Harlan Quenzer. This along with hauling and placing concrete on the dam grade will be done before spring. They are also waiting for a harder freeze to clean-up the reeds and trees. FO Van Lint updated the Council on the transfer of Lake Waggoner from the water fund to the general fund. Following a review with the City’s auditors regarding the Council’s direction to transfer the asset, they have made suggestions and have asked Council to consider a cleaner means of transfer of this asset to the general fund. The auditors have suggested that the general fund pay the water fund for the transfer of the asset. The purchase option to consider included a 10-year payment plan to the water fund plus interest for the lake’s depreciated value of $372,673.00 through 2011. The proposed interest rate of 1% has also been flagged as being insufficient since it does not meet the fair market value for interest rates. FO Van Lint went on and clarified that the water, sewer, and garbage funds are enterprise funds. They are established on the basis that they are and should be selfsustaining as they are supported through and by collecting revenues for the services they provide. The general fund, on the other hand, is supported mainly with tax dollars and in turn, is not self-supporting. Since the lake has been supported with water fund revenues, removing the asset to the general fund without compensating the water fund would result in an unreciprocated loss. Furthermore, this action could possibly be noted on a future audit with an unfavorable note to the City's financial statements. Council Member Vetter stated that he is not in favor of paying the water fund for the asset transfer, but feels that it is in the best interest of the City. It was also noted that the City did not budget for the purchase of the lake in the general fund 2012 budget. It was suggested that the City wait on the transfer of the asset until the payment expense can be budgeted for, such as in 2013. Following discussion, motion was made by Vetter, seconded by Chin to transfer Lake Waggoner from the water fund to the general fund on a 10-year payment plan plus the amount of interest as determined at a later date for the lake’s depreciated value at the time of the sale beginning in 2013. Motion carried with all members voting aye. New Business: At 7:15 p.m., as previously advertised, a Public Hearing was held on the renewal of the following establishments Liquor Licenses for the year 2012. 73 Bar & Lounge, BMT, Inc. - On Sale Liquor & Sunday On Sale privilege; Dakota Bar, Jason or Marlis Petersen On Sale Liquor; Jones’ Saddlery, Bottle & Vet, Irvin or Alice Jones - Off Sale Liquor; The Incorporated Steakhouse and Lounge, Gerald Carley - On Sale Liquor, Off Sale Liquor & Sunday On Sale privilege; Zeeb Pharmacy, Inc., Milo Zeeb Off Sale Liquor. With no one appearing for or against the requested license renewals, Council President Arthur asked Chief Graham if he had any comments relative to renewing the above licenses. Graham advised that they had no problems to note regarding the above licenses. Following discussion, motion was made by Kangas, seconded by Harry to approve the above Liquor License renewals for 2012 contingent upon all property taxes and appropriate fees and applications being submitted. Motion carried with all members voting aye. SD Hwy 73 aka Larimer Ave. Sidewalk Project: Motion was made by Struble, seconded by Chin to approve and authorize the Mayor’s signature on the Maintenance and Encroachment Agreement between the City and State of SD. Motion carried with all members voting aye. Airport: Council reviewed an update on the Airport Land Acquisition and Environmental Assessment (LA/EA) and the Medium Intensity Runway Lighting (MIRL) Design project from the Airport engineer, Rod Senn with Kadrmas, Lee and Jackson (KLJ). No changes were noted. The Project Validation Worksheet for the 2012 Airport Improv. Program has been submitted. Motion was made by Kangas, seconded by Struble to approve and authorize the Mayor’s signature on the FAA’s updated terms and conditions. Motion carried with all members voting aye. PHSI Geo-Thermal Project: Marlene Knutson with CSDED reviewed the progress of the project with the Council. She noted that pay request #5 in the amount of $41,214.77 is being presented for approval contingent upon receiving all of the necessary paperwork. There will be one more additional pay request for the project and the expected completion date for the project is Dec. 10, 2011. Following review, motion was made by Vetter, seconded by Harry to approve pay request #5 in the amount of $41,214.77 contingent upon receiving the necessary paperwork. Motion carried with all members voting aye. Council reviewed the following building permits as presented: Mike & Debbie
Official Newspaper for the City of Philip, Haakon County, Haakon School District 27-1 & the Town of MIdland
Miller - emergency sewer repairs; Roger Williams - 12’x12’ shed. Motion was made by Kangas, seconded by Struble to approve the above listed building permits as presented. Motion carried. Departmental Reports: The monthly Police Dept. report was presented and reviewed with Chief Graham. The monthly Street Dept. report was reviewed. The quarterly Rubble Site report was reviewed. PWD Reckling noted that City personnel have cleaned up the site and estimates that the burial pit may have enough room for another two years at the most. The quarterly Water Dept. report was reviewed with Gen. Maint. Pearson. Pearson reported a water loss of 4% for the month of November. He mentioned that the leaks located and repaired by the Catholic Church and the livestock auction’s old water tap have alleviated the issues with the City’s water loss. Council reviewed the FY2010 audit report as prepared by Wohlenberg, Ritzman & Co. FO Van Lint noted that one deficiency was reported and relates to the lack of segregation of duties. This has been and will continue to be reported as the City is incapable of hiring an individual to perform each duty in the Finance Office. The report does encourage the Council to be diligent in reviewing and overseeing the operations of the Finance Office. She also noted that the audit report is reviewed by the SD Dept. of Legislative Audit for their approval and asked that any questions relative to the report be directed to the Finance Office. Following review, motion was made by Vetter, seconded by Struble to approve the City’s fiscal year 2010 audit report. Motion carried. Council reviewed the following L/P Propane bids received: Nov. 21, 2011 Fitzgerald Oil Company ..........$1.78/gal. Midwest Cooperatives ............$1.85/gal. Wood/Walden Ave. Improv. Project: The City has been denied SD DOT Community Access funding for the Wood/Walden Ave. Improv. project. Marlene Knutson with CSDED advised that Community Access funding is for improvement projects that serve business and school areas. With the current project, the state found that mainly residents and only one business, Scotchman Industries, would be affected. She had visited with Paul Huizenga, SDDOT, who indicated that one of the reasons for denying the grant was the lack of businesses on Wood and Walden Ave. Due to the lack of businesses, Knutson indicated the project would not receive SDDOT assistance in the future unless circumstances changed. Harlan Quenzer with SPN & Assoc. reminded the Council that they were hopeful that the project area would qualify since it provides direct access to the downtown area. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Knutson also noted that the amount of funding available through the Community Access program varies and this year they gave out $2 million dollars. The applications are ranked with this year’s funding supporting agriculture businesses and industrial park areas. The ranking may change from year to year and she recommended the Council not give up hope for future funding for other projects. Quenzer stressed that with any funding applications, there is no guarantee that grant money will be received as it depends on numerous factors. He did mention that the Pine Street Phase III project, which includes Wray Ave., may have a greater chance since it serves two implement dealers and the livestock auction as well as provides direct access to the downtown area, but again, there is no guarantee. Council Member Vetter questioned when the City needs to determine its course of action – to proceed with the Wood/Walden Ave. project or change direction to the Pine St. Phase III project? Quenzer stated that the City can proceed with either project, but highly recommended meeting the application deadline of Jan. 1st, 2012, for SRF and Clean Water funds. The next deadline is April 1st and the grant or forgiveness money allocated may be gone by that time. He also stressed the importance of representatives of the Council meeting with the SD DENR Board prior to submitting the application. If funding is approved, the City does have the option to accept or deny the funding package. It was noted that if the Council changes direction to the proposed Pine St. Phase III project, another public hearing will have to be held prior to the Jan. 1st deadline. Quenzer also advised that if the Council would determine to change projects, the engineering costs will not be affected. There will not be any changes to the design, construction, and administration engineering costs. At 7:30 p.m., as previously advertised, a public hearing was held on the City of Philip’s application for State Revolving Loan Funds (SRF) for the proposed Wood and Walden Ave. Sanitary Sewer Project. The City expects to apply for up to $1,034,000 in funding which includes the televising of the existing VCP sanitary sewer pipe. The funds could be in either grant dollars from the State Consolidated Water Facilities Construction Program or a loan from the Clean Water SRF Program at a rate of 3.25% for thirty (30) years. All or a portion of the loan principal may be forgiven from the Board of Water and Natural Resources. The community's needs within the City were addressed at this time. It was noted that a facility plan was completed in spring 2011 which addressed the need for sanitary sewer upgrades and replacements in this area. This also includes the City’s prior commitment to proceed with the Wood and Walden Ave project and it is the City’s intent to make any needed infrastructure improvements when a street is being renovated. This is to address underlining issues such as storm drainage and sanitary sewer. This project also includes the cleaning and televising of the sanitary sewer lines to determine which portions are in need of repair and/or replacement. Quenzer advised that the SRF loan funds will provide funding to sanitary sewer portions of the project. A portion of the street surface will also be eligible, considering those areas that will have to be replaced to install the sanitary sewer. Any water improvements and the subsurface drain tile will not be eligible for any funding. These two items will be the City’s sole responsibility. Council was informed that SD DENR has approved the placement of the City’s projects outlined in the facility plans, which includes the proposed Wood and Walden Ave. sanitary sewer project on the State Water Plan. The application deadline for SRF loans is January 1, 2012, with application review by the SD DENR Board in March 2012. The City has pledged the repayment of the loan with the sewer funds and/or general fund second penny sales tax dollars. The City has approximately 460 sewer customers and has implemented sewer rates to reflect the State’s recommended rate of 5,000 gals. for $22.00 per month. Amortization schedules were reviewed, considering the different levels of loan funding received for the project. The City rates may need to be raised if grant funds are not received and/or depending on how the loan is paid back. As for alternatives for the proposed project in the instance that funding is not available, the City considered reducing the scope of the project. This included waiting to pursue the project at a later time, removing portions of Wood Ave., and all of Walden Ave. The City also considered changing the project as a whole by pursuing that of the Pine St. Phase III project which includes Wray Ave. It was also noted that if the City determines to wait on the proposed project, CDBG funds may be sought if sufficient funding is not received in order to complete the proposed project or the alternatives. There are also rural development loans, but since the 2010 Census did not request income levels, the City will not meet the low income guidelines for grant assistance funding at this time. At 7:30 p.m., as previously advertised, a public hearing was held on the City of Philip’s application for State Revolving Loan Funds (SRF) for the proposed Wood and Walden Ave. Storm Sewer project. The City expects to apply for up to $1,073,300 in funding. The funds could be in either grant dollars from the State Consolidate Water Facilities Construction Program or a loan from the Clean Water SRF Program at a rate of 3.25% for thirty (30) years. All or a portion of the loan principal may be forgiven from the Board of Water and Natural Resources. The community needs within the City were addressed at this time. It was noted that a facility plan was completed in spring 2011 which addressed the need for storm sewer installation in this area. This also includes the City’s prior commitment to proceed with the Wood and Walden Ave project and it is the City’s intent to make any needed infrastructure improvements when a street is being renovated. This is to address any underlining issues such as storm drainage. It was noted that the drainage issues in this area are causing deterioration of the street, curb and gutter as well as damage to personal property. Quenzer again advised that the SRF will provide funding to storm sewer portions of the project. This also includes the curb and gutter as it is vital for the drainage. A portion of the street surface will also be eligible, considering those areas that will have to be replaced to install the storm sewer. The subsurface drain tile and any water improvements will not be eligible for any funding. These two items will be the City’s sole responsibility. Council was informed that SD DENR has approved the placement of the City’s projects outlined in the facility plan which includes the proposed Wood and Walden Ave. storm sewer project on the State Water Plan. The application deadline for the SRF loans is January 1st, 2012, with application review by the SD DENR Board in March 2012. The City intends to pledge the repayment of the loan with the general fund second penny sales tax dollars. Amortization schedules were reviewed, considering the different levels of loan funding received for the project. Accordingly, the City does not anticipate the proposed financing to affect the City customers unless a storm drainage surcharge should be implemented in the future. As for alternatives for the proposed project in the instance that funding is not available, the City considered reducing the scope of the project. This included waiting to pursue the project at a later time, removing portions of Wood Ave., and all of Walden Ave. The City also considered changing the project as a whole by pursuing that of the Pine St. Phase III project which includes Wray Ave. It was also noted that if the City determines to wait on the proposed project, CDBG funds may be sought if sufficient funding is not received in order to complete the proposed project or the alternatives. There are also rural development loans, but since the 2010 Census did not request income levels, the City will not meet the low income guidelines for grant assistance funding at this time. In considering the alternatives, discussion was made regarding the low interest rates that are available at this time. Should the Council determine to wait, there is also the risk of inflation causing the material and labor costs to increase. It was also
December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
noted that the next project date following the current proposal of the Wood and Walden Ave. project is 2018. This is due to the City's current SRF debt pledged to complete other projects (Pine Street Phase II and the Downtown Improvement). By general consensus of the Council, the City will proceed with both applications for the proposed Wood and Walden Ave. projects. Both Knutson and Quenzer highly recommended the City Council meet with the SD DENR Board prior to the application deadline as well as during the application review in March. Council requested Knutson set up a meeting with the Board on Tuesday, Dec. 13. Those attending are: Vetter, Arthur, Kangas, and FO Van Lint. Following discussion and with no other comments, the public hearing was declared adjourned. Motion was then made by Harry, seconded by Kangas to approve Resolution #2011-13, authorizing an application for financial assistance, authorizing the execution and submittal of the application, and designating an authorized representative to certify and sign payment requests for the proposed Wood and Walden Ave. Waste Water System project. Motion carried with all members voting aye. RESOLUTION NO. 2011-13 RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING AN APPLICATION FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION AND SUBMITTAL OF THE APPLICATION, AND DESIGNATING AN AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE TO CERTIFY AND SIGN PAYMENT REQUESTS. WHEREAS, the City of Philip has determined it is necessary to proceed with improvements to its Waste Water System, including but not limited to replacement and/or rehabilitation of portions of the collection system along Wood and Walden Ave, plus clean and televise existing VCP sanitary sewer pipe, and WHEREAS, the City has determined that financial assistance will be necessary to undertake the Project and an application for financial assistance to the South Dakota Board of Water and Natural Resources (the “Board”) will be prepared; and WHEREAS, it is necessary to designate an authorized representative to execute and submit the Application on behalf of the City and to certify and sign payment requests in the event financial assistance is awarded for the Project, NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the City as follows: 1. The City hereby approves the submission of an Application for financial assistance in an amount not to exceed $1,034,000 to the South Dakota Board of Water and Natural Resources for the Project. 2. The Mayor of Philip is hereby authorized to execute the Application and submit it to the South Dakota Board of Water and Natural Resources, and to execute and deliver such other documents and perform all acts necessary to effectuate the Application for financial assistance. 3. The Mayor of Philip is hereby designated as the authorized representative of the City to do all things on its behalf to certify and sign payment requests in the event financial assistance is awarded for the Project. Adopted at Philip, South Dakota, this 5th day of December, 2011. APPROVED: (Seal) /s/ Greg Arthur, Council President City of Philip ATTEST: /s/ Monna Van Lint, City Finance Officer Motion was then made by Harry, seconded by Kangas to approve Resolution #2011-14, authorizing an application for financial assistance, authorizing the execution and submittal of the application, and designating an authorized representative to certify and sign payment requests for the proposed Wood and Walden Ave. Storm Water Drainage System project. Motion carried with all members voting aye. RESOLUTION NO. 2011-14 RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING AN APPLICATION FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, AUTHORIZING THE EXECUTION AND SUBMITTAL OF THE APPLICATION, AND DESIGNATING AN AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE TO CERTIFY AND SIGN PAYMENT REQUESTS. WHEREAS, the City of Philip has determined it is necessary to proceed with improvements to its Storm Water Drainage System, including storm water drainage improvements along Wood and Walden Ave, and
Page 10
WHEREAS, the City has determined that financial assistance will be necessary to undertake the Project and an application for financial assistance to the South Dakota Board of Water and Natural Resources (the “Board”) will be prepared; and WHEREAS, it is necessary to designate an authorized representative to execute and submit the Application on behalf of the City and to certify and sign payment requests in the event financial assistance is awarded for the Project, NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the City as follows: 1. The City hereby approves the submission of an Application for financial assistance in an amount not to exceed $1,073,300 to the South Dakota Board of Water and Natural Resources for the Project. 2. The Mayor of Philip is hereby authorized to execute the Application and submit it to the South Dakota Board of Water and Natural Resources, and to execute and deliver such other documents and perform all acts necessary to effectuate the Application for financial assistance. 3. The Mayor of Philip is hereby designated as the authorized representative of the City to do all things on its behalf to certify and sign payment requests in the event financial assistance is awarded for the Project. Adopted at Philip, South Dakota, this 5th day of December, 2011. APPROVED: (Seal) /s/ Greg Arthur, Council President City of Philip ATTEST: /s/ Monna Van Lint, City Finance Officer Public Comments: A “thank you” from Kay Ainslie was read, expressing her appreciation for “the nice swimming pool this past summer.” Council Member Chin questioned if the City owns Pleasant St. that runs on the south-side of Philip Livestock Auction? She noted that she received a complaint about a flat-bed trailer that is and has been parked along the side of the road. The complainant stated that it never moves and takes up parking for those going to the auction. Chief Graham stated that he would review the complaint and determine if it is in the City limits. In Other Business: The SDML Dinner & Day at the Legislature in Pierre, is Feb. 7-8, 2012. FO Van Lint advised the Council that she will be in Pierre on Feb. 8th during the Legislature day, but will be attending a planning day with the SD Governmental Finance Officer’s Group as she has recently been elected to its board of directors. The City Offices will be closed Dec. 23 & 26, 2011, and Jan. 2, 2012, in observance of legal holidays. The 2011 departmental inventories are due by Jan. 10th, 2012. The Year-End Special Council Meeting will be held on Thursday, December 29, at 5:00 p.m. in the Community Room to finalize fiscal year 2011's business as much as possible. The next regular Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 3, at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room. With no further business to come before the Council, motion was made by Kangas, seconded by Struble to declare the meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m. /s/ Greg Arthur, Council President ATTEST: /s/Brittany Smith, Deputy Finance Officer [Published December 15, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $354.47]
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Legal Notices
STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA COUNTY OF HAAKON OFFICE OF THE COUNTY TREASURER Notice is hereby given that all mobile homes and buildings on leased sites situated in the County of Haakon and State of South Dakota, upon which taxes for the year 2010 remain due and unpaid, are listed herein, as required by Section 1022-2 of the South Dakota Codified Law. Interest and advertising fees will be added to the amounts set forth below. This list may not reflect changes in ownership. Donnie Ehlers (MH/RE)...............287.68 George Fitzgerald (MH/RE)...........74.80 Andrew Reckling (MH/RE) ............81.54 In Testimony, I, Patti Rhodes, Haakon County Treasurer, hereto set my hand and seal this 5th day of December, A.D., 2011. /s/Patti Rhodes Patti Rhodes Haakon County Treasurer [Published December 15, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $12.90] to the commissioners. She will be the advisor for four counties: Haakon, Jackson, Jones and Mellette. Her position will begin on December 19, 2011. The computer situation was discussed as new ones would be needed. There is much information yet to be discussed, such as how they will be purchased when used by all four counties and how travel will be paid by each county. Secretary Hansen also stated she would be going part-time after January 1. At 1:15 p.m., the Supplemental Hearing was held, as advertised, for the following budgets: 101-130 Courts $ 7,400.00 101-163 Register of Deeds $12,500.00 101-212 Jail Expenses $13,500.00 No one appeared at the hearing to oppose or be in favor of the proposed budget supplements. A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to supplement these budgets by the above amounts. At 1:30 p.m., the Notice of Hearing for Sale of Alcoholic Beverages Licenses for 2012 was held. No one appeared at the hearing to oppose or be in favor of the following four licenses: T-34 Truck Stop Wheeler Brooks Post 173 American Legion Lake Waggoner Golf Club Assoc. South Fork Ranch, LLC A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to approve the above four alcoholic beverage licenses for the 2012 year. The following plats were presented, by resolution, to the commission: RESOLUTION 2011-11 Haakon County Board of Commissioners Philip, South Dakota December 6, 2011 APPROVAL OF PLAT Jake & Aaron Fitzgerald WHEREAS, the Haakon County Commissioners have unanimously approved Plat of Lot 4R being a replat of a portion of Lot 4 and Lot 5. Gertonson’s first subdivision of Lots 19, lying in the NW¼ SE¼, Section 14, T1N, R20E, BHM, Haakon County, South Dakota. BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commission of Haakon County, South Dakota, that the PLAT Lot 4R, being a re-plat of a portion of Lot 4 and Lot 5. Gertonson’s first subdivision of Lots 1-9, lying in the NW¼SE¼, Section 14, T1N, R20E, B.H.M., Haakon County, South Dakota is hereby approved. APPROVED this 6th day of December, 2011, by the Haakon County Commission at Philip, SD 57567. HAAKON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Gary Snook Chairman ATTEST: Patricia G. Freeman Haakon County Auditor A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to approve Resolution 201111. RESOLUTION 2011-12 Haakon County Board of Commissioners Philip, South Dakota December 6, 2011 APPROVAL OF PLAT Robert Fugate WHEREAS, the Haakon County Commissioners have unanimously approved Plat of Lot 1 of Fugate Subdivision located in SW1⁄4 of SW1⁄4 of Section 24, T1N, R20E, BHM, Haakon County, South Dakota. BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commission of Haakon County, South Dakota, that the PLAT Lot 1 of Fugate Subdivision located in SW1⁄4 of SW1⁄4 of Section 24, T1N, R20E, B.H.M., Haakon County, South Dakota is hereby approved. APPROVED this 6th day of December, 2011, by the Haakon County Commission at Philip, SD 57567. HAAKON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Gary Snook Chairman ATTEST: Patricia G. Freeman Haakon County Auditor A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to approve Resolution 201112. RESOLUTION 2011-13 Haakon County Board of Commissioners Philip, South Dakota December 6, 2011 APPROVAL OF PLAT - Clark Morrison WHEREAS, the Haakon County Commissioners have unanimously approved Plat of Lot 1 of Morrison Ranch Subdivision located in SW1⁄4 of SE1⁄4 of Section 19, T4N, R20E, BHM, Haakon County, South Dakota. BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commission of Haakon County, South Dakota, that the PLAT Lot 1 of Morrison Ranch Subdivision located in SW1⁄4 of SE1⁄4 of Section 19, T4N, R20E, B.H.M., Haakon County, South Dakota
Official Newspaper for the City of Philip, Haakon County, Haakon School District 27-1 & the Town of MIdland
is hereby approved. APPROVED this 6th day of December, 2011, by the Haakon County Commission at Philip, SD 57567. HAAKON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Gary Snook Chairman ATTEST: Patricia G. Freeman Haakon County Auditor A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to approve Resolution 201113. RESOLUTION 2011-14 Haakon County Board of Commissioners Philip, South Dakota December 6, 2011 APPROVAL OF PLAT R. Lee Smith & Christy A. Smith WHEREAS, the Haakon County Commissioners have unanimously approved the following plats: Plat of Tract 22-1 - located in NE1/4 and the SE¼ of Section 22, T8N, R22E, BHM, Haakon County, South Dakota. Plat of Tract 23-1 - located in NE¼ and the SE¼ of Section 23, T8N, R23E, BHM, Haakon County, South Dakota. Plat of Tract 25-1 & 25-2 - located in NE¼ and the SE¼ and the SW¼ of Section 25, T8N, R23E, BHM, Haakon County, South Dakota. Plat of Tract 26-1 & 26-2 - located in NE¼ and the SE¼ and SW¼ and the NW¼ of Section 26, T8N, R23E, BHM, Haakon County, South Dakota. Plat of Tract 27-1 - located in NE¼ and the SE¼ and SW¼ of Section 27, T8N, R23E, BHM, Haakon County, South Dakota. Plat of Tract 35-1 & 35-2 - located in SW¼ and the NW¼ and the NE¼ of Section 35, T8N, R23E, BHM, Haakon County, South Dakota. Plat of Tract 36-1 - located in NW1/4 and the NE¼ of Section 36, T8N, R23E, BHM, Haakon County, South Dakota. BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County Commission of Haakon County, South Dakota, that the above listed plats are hereby approved APPROVED this 6th day of December, 2011, by the Haakon County Commission at Philip, SD 57567. HAAKON COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Gary Snook Chairman ATTEST: Patricia G. Freeman Haakon County Auditor A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to approve Resolution 201114. The following November 2011 fuel bids were submitted: FUEL BIDS: Courthouse: None Highway Dept: 11-03-11 Fitzgerald Oil..........$3.48 No 2 11-03-11 Cenex ....................$3.49 No 2 11-01-11 Fitzgerald Oil...........$3.24 Gas 11-01-11 Cenex .....................$3.20 Gas 11-04-11 Fitzgerald Oil...........$3.48 Gas 11-04-11 Cenex .....................$3.50 Gas Highway Superintendent Kenny Neville reported that the haul route agreement had been sent back to Haakon County by Keystone Pipeline with some changes made. States Attorney Gay Tollefson, Superintendent Neville, Universal Field Services, Inc. Permit Specialist Chris Candelaria and Jerry Harvey, Land Agent all discussed the changes that had been made in the agreement and why. Some concerns were cattle gates and the request for a bond was removed. After a lot of discussion, it was agreed that Haakon County would resubmit the haul route agreement for approval. A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to go into Executive Session at 3:05 p.m. on personnel issues. At 3:55 p.m., the commission came out of Executive Session with the following action taken: A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement that the Deputy Treasurer’s position would be changed from a full time to two (2) part-time positions for the 2012 year. This will need to be recorded by way of resolution at the first commission’s meeting on January 3, 2012. Superintendent Neville finished his highway report by informing the commission that the 1991 Chevy Caprice once used by the Director of Equalization was taken out to the Highway Shop and parked. The mowing was completed and Neville was very satisfied with the job done with the rented mowing tractors. There had been some reports that the newly repaired “Billie Parsons slide area” was sliding again. Neville reported that it was expected to do that and it was not endangering the road but just letting the natural gravitational pull “settle” things. Neville is also lining up more projects to use the remaining Fund Exchange Agreement monies received this year which also paid for the repairs of the Parsons slide area. Auditor Freeman reported that copies of Policy Handbooks and suggested changes would be mailed out to the commission for the December 27, 2011, meeting to discuss changes for the 2012 year. Auditor Freeman reported to the commission that the Department of Revenue and Legislative Audit both were in agreement that the $250,000 Opt-Out for the Highway Fund would have to be ran through the 101 General Fund in order to be in compliance with them. There are only three restricted levy accounts in the Highway which are Secondary Road (restricted to roads only), H&B Reserve (restricted for technical assistance on highway projects) and Snow Removal (restricted to snow removal only). It was decided to reprint the revenue portion of the budget in the newspaper, showing this change. The public meeting for the redistricting of the county was set for December 27, 2011, at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Room of the Courthouse. An add will be placed in the Pioneer Review announcing it. To comply with GASB Statement 54, the commission is to establish a “Spending Priority Policy”. A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to establish the method of accounting spending authority to be restricted, assigned, unassigned and committed. A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to approve the 2012 SD Department of Health, County Health Services contract, paying $1,030 quarterly. A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to approve paying the SD Association of County Officials dues for 2012 in the amount of $226.24 each for Auditor, Treasurer and Register of Deeds. A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to pay the SD Association of County Commissioners dues for 2012 in the amount of $751.42. The commission was informed by the Auditor that requests had come in for assistance in paying for medications. There is a lot of research yet to be done to get the proper documentation submitted. Payments made by the county are at Medicaid rates. The Auditor’s Account with the County treasurer was presented as taxes for the month of November 2011. Haakon County Certificates of Deposit .........................235,000.00 Haakon County Library Certificate of Deposit..........61,676.90 Cash Management Fund...1,351,758.92 Bank Balance ...........................1,447.72 Checks & Cash on Hand..........6,803.29 The gross Courthouse salary & Payroll Warrants for December (November’s Work) 2011: Commissioners Wages ............1,968.99 Auditor’s Office.........................4,683.97 Treasurer’s Office.....................4,024.41 State’s Attorney’s Office ...........3,468.34 Director of Equalization ............2,733.89 Register of Deeds ....................2,905.63 Janitor ......................................1,902.56 Veteran’s Office ...........................810.00 Sheriff’s Office ..........................5,230.87 Highway Department..............19,150.40 WIC and Health Nurse Sec ......1,016.56 Librarians .................................2,331.74 Extension Secretary .................1,950.08 Emergency Management .........1,189.10 Weed Supervisor.........................191.26 Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield .........................20,287.27 AFLAC, premium.........................455.71 SD Retirement System.............6,132.64 Delta Dental ................................752.94 Vision Service Plan .....................136.36 First National Bank SS & WH ............................10,392.53 The Veteran’s Officer’s Monthly Report was presented to the commission for review. A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to approve the supplementing of 101-153 Court Appointed Attorneys in the amount of $14,000.00. The cash balance sheets were presented to each commissioner, along with the all budget expenditure sheets. Any budgets close to being over will be covered by contingency on December 27, 2011. The vendor Warrants were presented for beginning December (November’s Expenses) 2011: COMMISSIONERS Century Business Leasing, Inc. Supplies .................................164.21 Coyle's SuperValu, Supplies ........14.77 Pioneer Review, Publishing ........490.26 Pioneer Review, Supplies ............47.26 Quill Corporation, Supplies ..........31.98 SD Farm & Ranch News, Publishing ...............................175.00 SDACC, Annual Dues & Membership Fees .......................................751.42 1,674.90 COURTS SDACC, Court Clerp Legal Ins Exp .........................................184.59 184.59 AUDITOR Best Western Ramkota Inn, Travel ......................................211.48 Century Business Leasing, Inc., Maint Copier .....................................227.46 Connecting Point, Dues & Computer Support .....................................59.00 Patricia G Freeman, Travel ..........64.38 Golden West Tele Co, Telephone ...............................180.77 Mcleod’s Printing & Supply, Supplies .................................280.20 Quill Corporation, Supplies ........106.96 SD Department of Labor, Other Expense ...................................10.00 SDACO, Annual Dues & Membership Fees .......................................226.24 Haakon County Treasurer, Other Expense .....................................0.20 FNB, BCBS Transfer Fee .............10.00 1,376.69 TREASURER CNA Surety, Professional Fees...134.61 Golden West Tele Co, Telephone..................................63.29 Ingram Hardware, Supplies ............2.79 Mcleod’s Printing & Supply, Supplies .................................452.54 SDACO, Annual Dues & Membership Dues .......................................226.24 Haakon County Treasurer, Postage ......................................1.51 880.98 STATE’S ATTORNEY Tollefson Law Office, Annual Dues & Membership Fees ..................509.00 Tollefson Law Office, Office
December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
Rent ........................................150.00 Tollefson Law Office, Telephone....75.00 734.00 COURT APPOINTED ATTORNEY KSL Corp/Kevin S Lewis, Court Appointed Attorney ..............9,477.92 Jean M Massa, Court Appointed Attorney ...............................3,245.10 12,723.02 COURTHOUSE City of Philip, Utilities ....................72.70 Coyle's SuperValu, Supplies ........41.19 Ingram Hardware, Supplies ........205.06 Kone Inc, Professional Fees ......218.66 Petersen's Variety, Supplies .........23.92 Servall Uniform, Supplies ...........330.28 Walker Refuse Inc, Utilities ........ 132.84 West Central Electric, Utilities ....987.81 2,012.46 DIRECTOR OF EQUALIZATION Golden West Tele Co, Telephone ...............................101.71 US Postal Service, Supplies ......509.50 611.21 REGISTER OF DEEDS Golden West Tele Co, Telephone .................................98.10 Milcrofilm Imaging Systems Inc, Professional Fees ..................430.00 SDACO, Annual Dues & Membership Fees ....................................... 226.24 754.34 VETERAN’S SERVICE Golden West Tele Co, Telephone .................................38.31 38.31 SHERIFF AT&T Mobility, Utilities ..................80.08 CNA Surety, Other Expense .......134.61 Derek Droz, Fuel ..........................50.00 Golden West Tele Co, Utilities ....129.71 Haakon Sheriff Acct #4017617, Fuel ........................................217.26 Morrison’s Conoco, Repairs & Maint ........................................58.99 Morrison’s Conoco, Fuel ............535.88 Neve's Uniform & Equipment, Supplies .................................397.01 Petersen's Variety, Supplies .........15.99 Philip Motor, Inc, Supplies ............33.48 SD Sheriffs Association, Annual Dues & Membership Fees ...................408.11 Haakon County Treasurer, Other Expense ...................................14.85 2,075.97 JAIL Winner Health Mart, Expenses ...237.07 Winner Police Department, Expenses ............................1,784.83 2,021.90 HEALTH NURSE Coyle's SuperValu, Supplies ........35.29 35.29 MENTALLY ILL Denise Cody, Prof Services ......... 30.00 Donna K Dietrich, Prof Services .................................298.83 Dewey J Ertz, Ed D, Prof Services .................................780.00 Hosmer Law Office, Prof Services .................................248.82 Donald A Janz Ph.D., Prof Services ..............................1,100.00 Lewis/Clark Behav Health Ser, Prof Services .................................298.00 SSML & B PC, Prof Services .......33.55 Karen Swanda, Prof Services ......30.00 Yankton Co, Prof Services .........103.75 Yankton Co, Sheriff’s Office Prof Services ...................................50.00 2,972.95 LIBRARY DEMCO, Supplies ......................179.54 Haakon County Public Library, Supplies .................................333.58 Mountain Plains Lib Assoc, Annual Dues & Membership Fees ........40.00 SD Library Association, Annual Dues & Membership Fees ....................30.00 Barbara Sloat, Salaries ..............116.34 699.46
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Notice of Delinquent Tax List
STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA COUNTY OF HAAKON OFFICE OF COUNTY TREASURER TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I, Patti Rhodes, Treasurer of Haakon County, South Dakota, U.S.A., do hereby certify that the taxes and special assessments on the real property listed below have become delinquent for the year 2010. This list may not reflect changes in ownership. KATHLEEN L. BALLINGER ..........23.09 TR IN SE1/4SE1/4, 23-5-24 ROBERT COVERDALE ................89.69 LOT R-1 EX E 180’ 6-1-25 MIDLAND CHARLIE DALE ..........................192.64 LOT 10, BLK 24 %JACK DEAN .............................265.09 LOTS 7 & 9, BLK 18 J ANTHONY DERUNGS ...............18.87 LOT 1, 22-8-22 J ANTHONY DERUNGS .............175.40 LOTS 2,3, NE4SE4, S2SE4, 22-8-22 J ANTHONY DERUNGS ...............48.09 LOTS 4,5, 22-8-22 J ANTHONY DERUNGS .............142.13 LOT 6, N2SW4, SE4SW4, 22-8-22 J ANTHONY DERUNGS .............169.75 LOTS 1,2, SE4NW4, 27-8-22 J ANTHONY DERUNGS .............284.01 LOTS 3,4, E2SW4, 27-8-22 J ANTHONY DERUNGS .............212.04 NE4, 27-8-22 J ANTHONY DERUNGS .............258.19 SE4, 27-8-22 J ANTHONY DERUNGS .............134.58 LOTS 1,2, SE4NW4, 34-8-22 J ANTHONY DERUNGS .............200.30 NE4, 34-8-22 J ANTHONY DERUNGS .............250.30 SW4, 34-8-22 J ANTHONY DERUNGS .............194.52 SE4, 34-8-22 BENJAMIN JR & ANGELICA DOLLOFF JT ..................................................25.84 LOT 1, BLK 4, MIDLAND BENJAMIN DOLLOFF JR ...........103.56 LOTS 2,3,&4, BLK 4, MIDLAND NETTIE ELLIS.............................876.09 ALL LOT 2 EX 2B CONT .33 A & LOT A IN LOT 2, PHILIP HAROLD & KAREN IWAN ..........344.22 LOT 3, BLK 23 DANIEL & ESTHER OLDENBERG..............................608.87 LOTS 1 & 2, BLK 18 JOHN & DOROTHY PATTON .......57.21 LOT 3, BLK 3, WRAY’S ADD. RANDY RECKLING ....................779.21 N126’ LOT 23, BLK 6 RANDY RECKLING ......................97.84 ALL EX N 126’ LOT 23, BLK 6 JASON & TAMMY RHODES .......468.74 LOT 3, BLK 6,MICHAEL MCLAINE ADD. LEE & ROBERTA VAUGHAN......388.44 SE4NW4 EX 1A TR 8& .05A TR 9.72A S&W OF HWY 73, 25-1-20 TAMMY WILLIAMS...................1,473.19 LOTS 7,8 & 12.5’ LOT 9, BLK 11, MIDLAND TAMMY WILLIAMS........................35.92 LOTS 1,2&3, BLK 17, MIDLAND Witness my hand this 5th day of December A.D., 2011. (seal) /s/Patti Rhodes Patti Rhodes Haakon County Treasurer [Published December 15, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $52.83]
EXTENSION SERVICE Golden West Tele Co, Telephone ...............................121.11 Sheryl Hansen, Travel ..................16.28 Reliable Office Supplies, Supplies .................................239.98 Haakon County Treasurer, Postage ..................................133.48 510.85 WEED CONTROL Paul Staben, Salary ...................145.09 145.09 RD & BD 3-D Specialties Inc, Supplies .....406.36 A&A Tire & Repair, Supplies ....1,594.73 AT&T Mobility, Utilities ..................50.23 Brosz Engineering Inc, Bill Parsons Slide Area................................. 60.00 Butler Machinery Co Inc, Repairs & Maint ......................................863.53 Cenex Harvest States, Fuel ....6,684.99 Dale’s Tire & Retreading Inc, Repairs & Maint ...................................1,295.37 Eddie’s Truck Sales Inc, Repairs & Maint ........................................24.60 Ernie’s Building Center, Supplies ...7.98 Fitzgerald Oil Co, Supplies .........428.50 Fitzgerald Oil Co, Fuel ............3,360.20 Golden West Tele Co, Utilities ....230.12 Grossenburg Implement Inc, Repairs & Maint ..........................................6.57 Heartland Waste Management Inc, Utilities ......................................21.20 Ingram Hardware, Repairs & Maint ..........................................8.34 Kennedy Implement & Auto Co, Rentals - Machinery/ Equipment ............................6,000.00 Kennedy Implement & Auto Co, Repairs & Maint ........................16.14 Town of Midland, Utilities ..............19.00 Morrison’s Conoco, Repairs & Maint ........................................42.00 Morrison’s Conoco, Supplies .....381.00 NAPA, Repairs & Maint ..............229.66 NAPA, Supplies ..........................181.10 Philip Motor, Inc, Repairs & Maint ......................................180.00 Walker Refuse Inc, Utilities ........132.84 West Central Electric, Utilities ....245.56 W River Water Develop Dist, Utilities ......................................45.00 22,515.02 9-1-1 Centurylink, 9-1-1 .......................142.63 Golden West Tele Co, 9-1-1 .......488.84 631.47 EMERGENCY & DISASTER Golden West Tele Co, Utilities ....100.61 Petersen's Variety, Other Expenses .................................80.04 Lola Roseth, Travel ....................250.03 Haakon County Treasurer, Other Expenses .................................44.00 474.68 COURTHOUSE Ken's Refrigeration, Building Fund .......................................247.65 247.65 Total Checks...........................53,320.83 A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to pay the above warrants. The next special meeting will be Tuesday, December 27, 2011, at 1:00 p.m. The Haakon County redistricting meeting will be held on the evening of December 27, 2011, at 6:00 p.m. in the community room of the courthouse. The next regular meeting will be on January 3, 2012. A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to adjourn the meeting at 6.47 p.m. HAAKON COUNTY COMMISSION Gary Snook, Chairman ATTEST: Patricia G. Freeman, Haakon County Auditor [Published December 15, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $313.85]
There will be insufficient funds in the budget allowances in the 101 Fund in the 2011 budgets of (153) Court Appointed Attorney. It is hereby proposed that the following Supplemental Budget be adopted for the 2011 year. 101 – 153 Court Appointed Attorney ....................................$14,000.00 Notice is hereby given that the Board of Commissioners of Haakon County, South Dakota, will hold a public hearing on the above proposed supplemental budgets for the year 2011 at 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday, December 27, 2011, at which time any person interested may appear and be heard in favor of or opposed to the proposed budget. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS HAAKON COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA Gary Snook, Chairman ATTEST: Patricia G. Freeman Haakon County Auditor [Published November 15 & 22, 2011, at the total approximate cost of $77.70]
Proceedings of Haakon County Commissioners
REGULAR MEETING DECEMBER 6, 2011 A meeting of the Haakon County Commissioners was held on Tuesday, December 6, 2011, at 1:06 p.m. Those present at the meeting were Chairman Gary Snook, Vice Chairman Ed Briggs, Members Nick Konst and Rita O’Connell. Stephen Clements was unable to attend. Others present were Auditor Pat Freeman, Deputy Auditor Carla Smith, Treasurer Patti Rhodes, Highway Superintendent Kenneth Neville, Deputy Sheriff Derek Droz, States Attorney Gay Tollefson, Extension Secretary Sheryl Hansen, 4-H Program Advisor Carrie Weller, Chris Candelaria, Permit Specialist and Jerry Harvey, Land Agent from Universal Field Services, Inc., R. Lee Smith, Randy Wright and Pioneer Review Representative Nancy Haigh. A motion was made, seconded with all in agreement to approve the November 1, 2011, Regular Meeting Minutes. Extension Secretary Sheryl Hansen introduced 4-H Program Advisor Carrie Weller
Classifieds • Deadline: Tuesdays @ 11 a.m.
CLASSIFIED RATE: $6.00 minimum for first 20 words; 10¢ per word thereafter; included in the Pioneer Review, the Profit, & The Pennington Co. Courant, as well as on our website: www.pioneer-review.com. CARD OF THANKS: Poems, Tributes, Etc. … $6.00 minimum for first 20 words; 10¢ per word thereafter. Each name and initial must be counted separately. Included in the Pioneer Review and the Profit. BOLD FACE LOCALS: $8.00 minimum for first 20 words; 10¢ per word thereafter. Each name and initial must be counted separately. Printed only in the Pioneer Review. NOTE: $2.00 added charge for bookkeeping and billing on all charges. DISPLAY AD RATE: $7.80 per column inch, included in the Pioneer Review and the Profit. $5.55 per column inch for the Pioneer Review only.
PUBLISHER’S NOTICE: All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, which makes it illegal to advertise “any preference, or discrimination on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, or any intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.” This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is a violation of the law. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis.
December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
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Classified Advertising
Wages DOE. Call Grossenburg Implement, Winner at 800-6583440, Pierre at 800-742-8110 or Philip at 800-416-7839. FOR SALE BAR IN SMALL S.E. S.D. town, turn-key operation, liquor license, priced to sell. For information phone 605-864-8738. FOR SALE BY OWNER: 1992 Friendship mobile home in Wagner, SD. 28’ by 70’, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, family room, formal living room and dining room. $50,000. Judy Krcil (605) 4911165 or (605) 384-5107. AKC WEIMARANER PUPPIES 01/16/12. Mother/ ready Grandmother are professional guide dogs at Broken Arrow Farms. Proven bloodlines. Calm disposition. $500/$600 Mark (605) 222-1040 or mailto: wmark@huntbrokenarrow.com TJ’S BAR, DANTE, SD. Friendly small-town business. Close to Ft. Randall Dam recreation area. Selling because husband passed. I have health issues. Judy Krcil (605) 491-1165 or (605) 384-5107. $50,000. LOG HOMES DAKOTA LOG HOME Builders representing Golden Eagle Log Homes, building in eastern, central, northwestern South & North Dakota. Scott Connell, 605-530-2672, Craig Connell, 605-264-5650, www.goldeneagleloghomes.com NOTICES ADVERTISE IN NEWSPAPERS statewide for only $150.00. Put the South Dakota Statewide Classifieds Network to work for you today! (25 words for $150. Each additional word $5.) Call this newspaper, 605/859-2516, or 800-658-3697 for details. REAL ESTATE HOMES FOR SALE: 2 golf course homes; side-by-side, remodeled, 3 bedroom houses. 1st fairway, Sun City, AZ. $219,000 and $239,000. Private owner 602-390-3375. WANTED WILL PURCHASE UP to $10 million farm ground, either in production or capable of being put in production. All inquiries confidential. Let’s talk. 605-4319290, anytime. ***** HILDEBRAND STEEL & CONCRETE: ALL types of concrete work. Rich, Colleen and Haven Hildebrand. Toll-free: 1-877867-4185; Office: 837-2621; Rich, cell: 431-2226; Haven, cell: 490-2926; Jerry, cell: 4880291. K36-tfn
TETON RIVER TRENCHING: For all your rural water hookups, waterline and tank installation and any kind of backhoe work, call Jon Jones, 843-2888, Midland. PR20-52tp BACKHOE AND TRENCHING: Peters Excavation, Inc. Excavation work of all types. Call Brent Peters, 837-2945 or 381-5568 (cell). K3-tfn DIEDRICHS CONSTRUCTION Post & Stick Frame Buildings, grain bins, custom made homes, general contracting, siding and roofing. Call John at 441-1779. P47-tfn GRAVEL: Screened or rock. Call O'Connell Construction Inc., 859-2020, Philip. P51-tfn WEST RIVER EXCAVATION will do all types of trenching, ditching and directional boring work. See Craig, Diana, Sauntee or Heidi Coller, Kadoka, SD, or call 837-2690. Craig cell: 3908087, Sauntee cell: 390-8604; wrex@gwtc.net K50-tfn
FOR SALE: Stainless steel 4tub, 2-faucet bar sink, excellent condition. Del’s, Exit 63 Box Elder, 390-9810. P1-1tp FOR SALE: Dual reclining loveseat with center storage/ armrest/cup holder. Scotchguard applied. Chocolate brown color, only one year old. Cost $750 new. Reason? Too big for room. Call 859-2909 after 6 p.m. or leave message. Can send picP1-tfn ture if desired. FOR SALE: (49) pieces Themocraft Ballerina Rose pattern dishes, includes (9) cups, (7) saucers, creamer, sugar bowl, gravy boat, (1) dessert plate, (2) bread serving plates, (8) dessert bowls, (8) dinner plates, (1) large serving bowl, (2) larger serving platters with handles. All in fair to excellent condition, some have chips, cracks and crazing. $150 for all. Call 859-2888 or 515-1140. P16-2tp NOTICE OF SURPLUS PROPERTY: The following items have been declared surplus property by the Haakon School District Board of Education: (5) 30”x60” teacher’s desks (metal with double drawers); 1983 blue Ford F150 (inoperable). To inquire about any of the items, please contact Keven Morehart at 859PR16-2tc 2679, Philip. FOR SALE: New fully assembled dressers in carton – a fantastic buy at just $99.00 each. Stop by and see for yourself. Del’s, Exit 63, Box Elder, 605/ 390-9810. P52-4tp FOR SALE: 500 gallon end fill propane tank, $500. Call 4573502. PW52-2tc FOR SALE: Gifts for that hardto-buy-for person, as well as everyone else on your Christmas list! Del’s, Exit 63, Box Elder, 605/390-9810. PW52-3tp FOR SALE BY SEALED BID: Haakon School District is accepting sealed bids for a 1974 16x70 mobile unit that was used as an elementary instructional facility at Ottumwa. Please conKeven Morehart at tact 605/859-2679 for any questions or to schedule a time to view the mobile unit. Sealed bids will be accepted until December 19, 2011, at 4:00 p.m. and should be addressed to: Britni Ross, Business Manager, Haakon School District, PO Box 730, Philip, SD 57567. Please denote “Mobile Unit Bid” on outside of envelope. Bids will be opened at the Board of Education meeting to be held on December 19th at 6:00 p.m. The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. P51-2tc HERCULES TRAILER TIRES ARE NOW IN STOCK: 235/85/ R16, 12-ply. $150 mounted. Limited quantities available. Les’ Body Shop, 859-2744, Philip. P51-tfn
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DAYCARE PRESCHOOL OPENING soon in Interior. I have extensive background working with children. If interested, please call 433-5357. PR17-1tp CHRISTMAS GIFTS: Older collector Barbie dolls and Bradford Exchange bears. New and still in boxes. Call Cindy O’Connell, 837-2292. K1-2tc GIFT SHOP IS OPEN at Hillcrest office in Wall. Call Peggy Lurz, 279-2415. PW1-2tp CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Save $$ on heating bills! Sunheat infrared heaters, $299, free 5 yr. warranty on parts and labor. Call Dale O’Connell, 837-2292. K1-2tc RULAND ARENA: 386-2164. Practice team roping every Wednesday evening or by appointment anytime. Roping lessons? PW50-4tp WANTED TO BUY: Scrap iron, old machinery and cars. Call Chris, 605/999-9614. M50-4tc WANTED: Looking for used oil. Taking any type and weight. Call Mike at 685-3068. P42-tfn
EDUCATION ALLIED HEALTH CAREER training. Attend college 100% online. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 800-481-9409. www.centuraonline.com EMPLOYMENT PT/FT NURSE ASSISTANT, Days / Eve’s / Overnights, Up to 11.25HR + Benefits. Firesteel Healthcare Center / 1120 E. 7th St. Mitchell SD 57301 / Apply in person. SISSETON SCHOOL DISTRICT, Elementary Counselor, Contact: Mr. Yost, 516 8th Ave. W., Sisseton SD. 57262, 605-698-7613 ext. 210. Closing date: 1/6/12. EOE EARN HOLIDAY CASH NOW! Avon representatives needed. Never be laid off or fired! Earn up to 50% plus bonuses. No parties, quotas or inventory required. 877-454-9658. CUSTER REGIONAL HOSPITAL has an excellent opportunity for a full time Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant. Located in the beautiful Black Hills of Western South Dakota, our practice settings are surrounded by nature’s beauty including Mt. Rushmore, Wind Cave Nat’l Park & Crazy Horse. Enjoy a mild climate and many outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, fish-
ing, hunting and skiing. Custer Regional Hospital offers a competitive and comprehensive benefits package. It’s a great place to work and a beautiful place to live. Visit our website for more information at www.regionalhealth.com and apply online. This website offers much more information about our facilities, and the area. benefits, EEOC/AA HILLSVIEW GOLF COURSE HEAD GOLF PROFESSIONAL/MANAGER, Position is an independent contractor responsible for managing day-today golf operations. Closes: January 13, 2012. Contact: Human Resources Director, City of Pierre, PO Box 1253, Pierre SD 57501, (605)773-7429, laurie. gronlund@ci.pierre.sd.us; http: //www.pierre.sd.gov METAL BUILDING ERECTORS, Western Canada opportunities. Relocation assistance provided, on-site accommodation. Wage: $25+, Drug test req.Clark Builders www.clarkbuilders. com careers@clarkbuilders. com F: 1-888-403-3051 P: 1-877416-6815 (VM) OWNER/OPERATOR’S $5,000 Sign-On Bonus! Tons of warm, prosperous South TX runs! Frac Sand Hauling. Must have tractor, pneumatic trailers, blower. (817) 980-6095 TECHNICIAN: SUNDANCE, WY, JD dealership looking for equipment diagnostics and repair technician. JD experience preferred but not required. Fulltime, top pay, benefits. Call 866671-0052 WANTED: SERVICE TECHNICIANS at a stable dealership with three locations in South Dakota. Excellent benefit package. A/C service departments.
FOR SALE: Heavy duty hay feeder, holds four round bales, hay saver design. $900. 7482451, Faith. PR17-2tp FOR SALE: 3020 John Deere, gas, cab, with 58 loader. Has 4430 front end, new rims and tires. Practically all rebuilt. $10,700. 754-6126 or 391P1-4tc 6087. HAY FOR SALE: Grass/alfalfa, round bales, 1000 lbs. Call Jerry J. Nemec, 843-2564. P52-2tc VIRGIN ANGUS BULLS: Net Worth and Freedom bloodlines. Good structure, dispositions, calving ease for cows or large heifers. 605/390-5535 or 7546180, New Underwood. PR14-14tc FOR SALE: Harvested grain sorghum. Also: Alfalfa & alfalfa mix hay. 859-2943. P43-tfn
POSITION AVAILABLE: Halftime counselor position at the Kadoka School for the remainder of the school term. Applications are available at www. kadoka.k12.sd.us and submit to Kadoka School, attn: Tim Hagedorn, PO Box 99, Kadoka, SD 57543. EOE. K1-2tc HELP WANTED: Cashier, fulltime, 2 p.m. to 10 p.m., some weekends, wages DOE. Pick up an application at Gas & Go, Kadoka. K52-2tc HELP WANTED: Assistant cook position at the Kadoka School beginning Dec. 15. $9.00 per hour. Please send letters of interest to: Kadoka School, Attn.: Supt. Jamie Hermann, PO Box 99, Kadoka, SD 57543 or applications are available at: www.kadoka.k12.sd.us. Position open until filled. EOE. K52-2tc
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(Elderly, Disabled & Handicap Housing) Apartments carpeted throughout, appliances furnished, laundry facilities available.
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HOURS: M-F: 7 A.M. TO 5 P.M. • SAT: 8 A.M. TO NOON
S. HWY 73 • 859-2100 • PHILIP
Thank you to Roger Williams and all of his helpers for all they did during the Parade of Lights, the hospital auxiliary for the hot chocolate, Corner Pantry and Coyle’s SuperValu for helping make the parade look beautiful by turning out their lights, and for all the entries in the parade. It is a wonderful way to start the season … good old fashioned holiday spirit! Shirley Chin
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December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
Page 13
Betwixt Places News
by Marsha Sumpter • 837-2048 • bilmar@gwtc.net
Do you think homeschooling is something new? I just happened to be browsing through a September 1948 magazine (one of those I got attached to) and there is this ad “School - At - Home. Kindergarten through the ninth grade. Your child may receive sound schooling through successful home study courses of Calvert School. Used by 78,000 children all over the world, including 4,000 Army children in Japan. No teaching experience needed. Daily lessons, books, supplies provided.” A little catchup news. Don and Vi Moody did get to the Glo n’ Go parade in Philip Saturday night. They stopped in at Bud and Dorothy Stickler's for a quick chat before heading home and got a 60th anniversary picture of Bud and Dorothy's and some chokecherry jelly. Monday morning, I was on the road to Rapid City with three passengers. It was a busy and full day with appointments. Bill spends quality time at the card room in Philip, tucked in behind the Bad River Senior Citizen’s Center. That evening, I bowled, our team is the Rockers. Bill always tells me to have fun and some nights it's easier to do that than others. Tony Harty spent quality time at the Kadoka library Monday. The library has a new look and is spiffied up. Next Sunday, December 18, there is going to be an open house here at the Jackson County Library and if you need packages gift-wrapped, there will be that service available too. The library, in all the small communities, offers much more than just the opportunity to check out books. There is Internet service, you can upload books to your electronic devices, movies are available, and much more. Check out your library for the many services offered. Take the time to have reading be a part of your lives. You and your children will remember that special time together. Remember, if you can read, you can do anything! Don and Vi Moody were shopping Tuesday afternoon in Philip and stayed in town long enough to enjoy all the Christmas lights that are up and come on as the sun goes down. Thanks to the folks who brighten the Christmas season with your decorations. Jessica Gittings and Daniel watched Kobie, Jason and T.J. Davis and were overnight guests Tuesday at the Beth Davis home. Sandee Gittings was in Pierre late Tuesday on her other job. She was in the Ottumwa area Wednesday morning and in the Hayes area in the afternoon. Tony Harty enjoyed coffee with the fellows Tuesday morning and visited his niece, Kathy Brown, in the evening. Tuesday afternoon, I was among the many attending the funeral services for Mary Beckwith here in Kadoka. Later, I picked up Bill at the card room and we went to the 70th birthday celebration for Jim Moriarty at the Philip Nursing Home. It was a full house and Jim was delighted to see everyone. He said he didn't think he was going to make that big day. That evening, I bowled as a sub. I visited Vern Vander May here in Kadoka in the evening and delivered his Civil Air Patrol wreath. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Or at least that is what Ralph Fiedler is saying now that he no longer has to spend the time cleaning the snow for the state highway department in the Sturgis area. Cathy wrote that they had a little snow Tuesday and Thursday night and Ralph just grinned and said, “There's another phone call I missed.” Wednesday, I was among the morning bowlers. Then, Carol Solon picked me up and we went to Pierre to take a refresher course on our driving of the community van along with several from the Philip area. We stayed overnight, then attended the daylong training at the River Cities bus terminal, we returned home that evening. Norm Payne, Philip, handled transporting a couple of gals to Murdo for dental work Thursday since Carol and I were both out of town. It certainly works well that we can co-op services in the small communities of Midland, Philip, Wall, and Kadoka to provide rides to appointments for folks who no longer drive or don't like the traffic in the bigger towns. Wednesday, Tony Harty joined the coffee group in the morning. Tony visited with Bonnie Riggins, then made a trip to the Wanblee area in the afternoon. Following coffee Thursday, he visited Russ Hattel and dropped off an early Christmas package. He spent some time at the library in the afternoon and that evening went to Martin for the Knights of Columbus steak supper and meeting. Thursday. Don and Vi Moody got a phone call from their tenants at Rapid Valley letting them know that Blake Thompson and crew had started painting on the garage up at their Rapid Valley house. A few minutes later, a call came from Blake stating they had moved everything out to the sun deck and that their car was wrapped in plastic, because they didn't have a key to move it. When Vi and Don got into Rapid late Friday night, they had to park outside because everything was taped and no electric doors could be opened – so that was fun making a path to get into the house and find a place for the border collies to sleep. The job was finished Saturday afternoon and before Blake got stuff gathered up – he received a call from his folks, Jerry and Penny Thompson, they had just landed in Detroit, Mich., from their trip to Germany. That must have been fun! The garage is all insulated and painted now, so shelving and benches can come more to the fore. It seems a garage can really fill up fast, but with a car, a van, and a tractor (two west doors and a south facing door makes three) but it so nice to have this all done now. Thanks to the crew with ties to Philip folks. That's always nice. If you can't get one you can get the other sometimes! George and Sandee Gittings and great-grandson Daniel attended the Haakon County Farm-
ers Union meeting and potluck supper at the Herb and Hazel Sieler home Friday evening. Friday, Ralph and Cathy Fiedler went to Spearfish to do some errands and stopped to visit with daughter Lynette Klumb at her work and take her some clothes Cathy had mended. Friday morning, Tony Harty joined the coffee group at the local cafe. It should be mentioned that any traveler passing through, who happens to stop at the cafe when the local folks are there, are quite often pulled into the conversation as well. Tony had a doctor's appointment at the Kadoka Clinic with Dr. Coen Klopper. Tony Harty stopped by our house Friday morning, but Bill and I were scattering in all different directions. I was headed to Rapid City with the Haakon County Prairie Transportation (HCPT) van with a couple of gals and Bill was going to Philip. Grandson Eric Seager and family stopped briefly on their way to Madison. It seems that even though little Eli is breast fed, they do use bottles and the nipple was at home. I hurried to the grocery store to get a bottle for them as they came by. “I'm in my second childhood and need a bottle,” got me to the right section of the store. When Bill and I gathered later in the day, we headed to Madison, getting there pretty late. Beth Davis brought Kobie, Jason and T.J. out to the George Gittings’ home Saturday evening. Jessica and Beth both attended the hospital Christmas party. Jessica Gittings took the kids home Sunday morning. Jessica and Daniel spent the rest of the day at the Eric Heltzel home. Saturday was a beautiful day with temps in the 50s in the Sturgis area. Richard and Diana Stewart, Philip, arrived at the Ralph Fiedler house in the afternoon and they all went over to Spearfish and attended the Christmas parade of lights with the Eric Hanson family. Ralph, Cathy, Richard and Diana had supper together and the Hanson family had supper with some friends. The Stewarts spent the night and returned home Sunday. Tony Harty joined coffee folks in the morning Saturday and visited Russ Hattel later. Russ in looking for firewood and Tony told him about some he knew about. The evening was spent watching the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. The NFR had many from the area glued to the TV set most
Parade of trees ... The Galleria.
of the week with South Dakota cowboys and cowgirls in the competition. Saturday morning, December 10, Bill and I were up with the chickens, it seemed. I got the time of the graduation for Eric messed up. First I was right, it was 10:30, but then there was mention of 9:45, so I hurried everyone else along (by phone – bet they are going to take that phone away from me!) Anyway, at the Fieldhouse in Madison was the 2011 fall commencement ceremony of Dakota State University graduates. Grandson Eric Seager received his master of science in information assurance degree. On hand for this wonderful accomplishment were his mother, Shelley Seager, Aunt Sandra May, cousins Chase May and Amanda and Adam Claflin as well as his family, Chaciel Koscielski, Aviana and Eli. Following graduation, we all had dinner out. Bill and I got home that evening. What a time to forget to take a camera! Hope the rest of the shutterbugs send me good shots. George Gittings attended the Knights of Columbus steak fry Sunday evening at the church. Sunday, Bill and I were guests for lunch with our friend, Emma Jarl, at the Kadoka Care Center along with her son-in-law, Charles, White River. The folks put on a real Christmas party Parade of trees ... National Mutual Benefit. for friends and family of the residents and there was a full house. tucked the plane away for another It was a beautiful day, reaching day. temperatures of 55˚. At breakfast, After church Sunday and dinner our local golfer reported the snow out, Tony Harty went to the Herwas all off the runway and won- ber ranch where he visited with dered if I was going to fly? He his nephews, John and Jim and would get in his golfing early if I Jody, then he came by to give me was. (Our golf course and runway his news and win a couple of cohabit in the same grass.) I went games of farkel. to the airport and fueled up our All was fine back at the ranch little Cessna 172, checked the air when Don and Vi Moody got home in the tires, fuel, and oil, and Sunday. A tiny bird reported a pushed her out of the hanger. We Cessna SkyHawk had been flying were airborne in no time. Now, around Moody's that same afterwhere to go! I flew south over the noon. Excitement is in the air for Badlands wall and leveled off to- Don and Vi sometime soon. More ward the Solon ranch since they on that later. were busy getting new hydrants “You don't really need someone put in. Then over Moody's place, to to complete you. You only need Philip and looked over fields along someone to accept you completely.” the way, then back home and
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Parade of trees
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Parade of trees
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Parade of trees ... Karyl’s Angel
December 15, 2011 • The Pioneer Review •
Page 14
Moenville News
by Leanne Neuhauser • 567-3325
Greetings from slightly foggy, frosty, cooler, northeast Haakon County. We are so spoiled by the wonderful weather we've been having! Sunday, I was working on some outdoor projects, and I didn't even need a jacket! So Monday, when the sky was grey and the breeze had a definite bite, it felt like possibly winter was finally going to make an appearance. For now, however, there isn't much moisture in the forecast, and the temperature hasn't taken a nosedive, which is a good thing. And, we are one day closer to spring! Condolences to the family of Juanita Riggle Stoeser. Nita passed away last week in Pierre, and services were held Friday evening and Saturday. Nita was such a strong, elegant woman and an integral part of her community. She will be missed. I need to give belated congratulations to our friend and former neighbor, Jr. Clements, and to our friend, Mel Smith, as well as park ranger, Bryan Warner, on the recent awards they received. They were given the Amber Alert Law Enforcement Leadership Award as a result of their part in apprehending a man from Iowa who had fled with his child. Their actions resulted in a child being returned home safely, which is the purpose of the Amber Alert system. Great work, gentlemen! Also, belated congratulations to our nephew, William Neuhauser, and his wife, Tina, on the birth of their son, Caleb. William lives in Florida and is the son of Clayton Neuhauser and JoAnn Neuhauser. I'm happy to report that we have another new baby in the neighborhood! Congratulations to Adam and Jodi Roseth, who welcomed little Kam Robert Thursday, December 8. Kam weighed 8 lbs. 5 oz. and is 19 inches long. He joins big sister Bobbi and big brother Jax. Kam had some health issues and was taken to a Sioux Falls hospital, but he is receiving the treatment he needs and will hopefully be able to be home soon. A neighborhood cookie exchange was held at the home of Chase and Kelly Briggs Saturday. Those attending were Polly Bruce, Dorothy Paulson, Connie (Briggs) Moore (Chase's mother), Fran Erickson (Chase's maternal grandmother), Mary and Sarah Neuhauser, Leanne Neuhauser, Mary Ness (Kelly's mother), Jeanine Gabriel and daughter, Kori, Pam Scarborough and children, and Cindy Sinkey. (My apologies if I forgot anyone.) It was a nice afternoon of fellowship and visiting, with the bonus of going home with an assortment of delicious cookies! The exchange has become an annual event at Kelly's home. Gene Hudson saw the eye doctor this week and did not receive good news. She found out that she has macular degeneration and has lost the central vision in one eye, which is kind of a hard pill to swallow. She will be continuing treatment to maintain the vision that remains. However, Gene is strong and resilient, and I have no doubt that she will find a way to make the most of what she has. Saturday, Dick and Gene traveled to Whitewood to visit Son and Jean Keffler near Whitewood. Jean is Dick's sister, and she has been dealing with some medical issues of her own. Sunday, Dick and Gene attended church and provided a lunch to enjoy following the service. Lola Roseth was in Kadoka Thursday to attend an emergency management meeting. On the way home, she stopped in Midland to attend a Christmas EMT meeting in Midland. Sunday, Duane and Lola went to Sumerset to the home of their daughter Kacey's in-laws, to take part in their annual holiday chili feed. Lola continues to feel better following her recent illness. Unfortunately, Duane is now the sick one, dealing with the stomach flu that has been going around. Hope he feels better real soon! Nels and Dorothy Paulson were in Pierre last week for the annual check-up for Rutherford, their mule. And before you get all excited about the livestock at the Paulson place, I have to explain that their "mule" is actually an ATV, and it was named by the good folks at the dealership. (I guess there was a mule on the television show, Gunsmoke, that was named Ruthie, but Dorothy has a dear friend by that name, so Ruthie morphed into Rutherford.) It sounds like Rutherford is a critical component at the Paulson's, so it is important that it be in tip-top condition! Dorothy attended church Sunday. Friday evening, Billy and Arlyne Markwed took the T.J. Gabriel family to Pierre for an evening out – sort of a holiday treat. The group enjoyed supper, followed by the Pierre Players performance of "The Christmas Story." As usual, the Pierre Players did a wonderful job. Saturday, Billy and Arlyne attended funeral services for Nita Riggle Stoeser. Following the services, they visited Aunt Alice Jeitz. Sunday, Billy and Arlyne attended church at Deep Creek. Frank and Shirley Halligan attended funeral services for Nita Riggle Stoeser in Pierre. From there, they traveled to Kadoka to watch their grandson play basketball in Kadoka. While in Kadoka, Shirley enjoyed a brief visit with Lisa Christensen, who used to live in our community. Max and Joyce Jones were in Rapid City for a funeral Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday, they were in Pierre for the prayer service and funeral for Nita Riggle Stoeser. Joyce said she has also been practicing piano in preparation for a duet with her grandson, Luke. It sounds like they will be performing at the state Capitol – that's a lot of pressure! Helen Beckwith has been a busy lady this week, helping care for grandchildren in Ft. Pierre. Her daughter, Cheryl, is expecting a child and went into early labor last week, so Cheryl and husband, Marc, are in Sioux Falls. The doctors were able to stop the labor and give Cheryl and baby the medications they need to ensure a healthy birth. When I talked to Helen Monday, she said they expect the baby will be
born Tuesday. Good luck to all concerned! In between grandparent duties, Ron and Helen made a trip to Wall Saturday to do some shopping. Gary and Anne Beckwith were visitors Sunday. Activities at the Bruce ranch this week included moving cattle, feeding cattle and working on the new building, along with preparing for Christmas. Sunday, Bill and Polly were in Eagle Butte and visited at the home of their daughter Marcia Simons and family. When they returned home, their son Jim, grandson Brandon, and one of Jim's friends were at the ranch doing some target practice. The group enjoyed supper together before Jim, Brandon, and their friend returned home. Monday, Bill and Polly had a new furnace installed, so they are ready for colder weather whenever it arrives. Kevin and Mary Neuhauser attended prayer services for Nita Riggle Stoeser in Pierre Friday. Mary and daughter Sarah spent the weekend at the ranch. Ray and Nancy Neuhauser attended dinner at the senior center in Pierre Thursday. Friday morning, Nancy had a visit from her daughter, Kathy, and three of Kathy's
grandchildren. The group enjoyed some cookie making. Friday evening, Ray and Nancy attended the prayer service for Nita Riggle Stoeser. Saturday, Ray and Nancy drove to Eagle Butte to watch Nancy's grandson from Miller play basketball. Thank goodness for the good road conditions we have been enjoying, enabling people to travel to events without worry. Marge Briggs had a visit from Chase and Kelly Briggs and little ones Sunday. They delivered a plate of Christmas cookies, which Marge really appreciated. Connie Johnson teaches at the Cheyenne School, and Wednesday she took the fourth through eighth grade students to town to compete in the geography bee. Following the competition, the group toured the Christmas trees at the state Capitol. Monday evening, the Johnson boys made the rounds of the community, delivering boxes of fruit that had been sold as a fundraiser for the Philip FFA. The fruit is delicious, and the FFA is definitely a worthwhile program for young people. And speaking of Cheyenne School – their Christmas program will be this Thursday, December 15, 7 p.m. CST at the Kirley Hall. It is a
good way to kick start your holiday spirit and a great way to support the neighborhood children. Mary Briggs worked in Pierre all week. Saturday, Lee and Mary attended funeral services for Nita Riggle Stoeser. Also last week, Mary got word that her aunt had passed away in Sturgis. Ruth Neuhauser said that her week has been rather routine. Highmore Health, where Ruth resides, has been busy with Christmas activities. One of the activities included staff and residents decorating the doors to the rooms in the facility, making the place look very festive. Our week seemed to fly by in a flash. We were in Philip Tuesday to sell some calves. My mother, Letoy Brown, and her friend, Pat Jensen, Kadoka, joined us in Philip for visiting and supper. Our daughter, Chelsea, spent a couple of days with us, and we made an assortment of Christmas goodies and sent two boxes to soldiers in Kuwait. I'm sure they enjoy getting a little something to remind them of home and to let them know we appreciate their service. Chelsea also helped me with holiday decorating – two sets of hands sure makes the task go faster. We were in Pierre Friday, and Randy
and I attended the prayer service for Nita Riggle Stoeser. We had deer hunters and coyote hunters over the weekend, also. The coyote population is almost epidemic – at least that is how it sounds at night. Hopefully, the coyote hunters will keep coming to help control the population. I guess we need someone of Uncle Bob Neuhauser's caliber – he was quite a coyote trapper in his day! This week, I am grateful for the role models we have been fortunate enough to have in our lives. Uncle Bob, Aunt Ruth, Nita Riggle Stoeser, my mother – they are just a few of the people who have influenced us and countless others. Things weren't always easy in their lives, but they persevered and succeeded, serving as good examples to the rest of us. I hope that I can live my life so that someday someone will remember me as a good role model! As we get closer to Christmas, I hope you can all relax a bit, take a deep breath, and reflect on the reason for the season. Actually, I need to follow my own advice – it is easy to get off track. What a joyous time of year! Please go out and make it a wonderful week!
ecials: Lunch Sp day ri Monday-F 0 0 to 1:3 11:0 Call for specials!
The steakhouse & lounge
Tuesday, december 13th: Petite Ribeye Wednesday, december 14th: Basket of Pork Ribs
Saturday, Dec. 17th Dance to westBound
downtown Philip
Thursday, december 15th: Walleye monday, december 19th: Petite Top Sirloin
Open daily
monday thru saturday
Salad B Availab ar le a Lunch t !
Friday buffet, december 16th: Chicken Fried Steak Chicken • Shrimp
saturday, december 17th: Prime Rib
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