Philip wrestles at Parkston

The Philip Scotties traveled to the Parkston wrestling tournament on Saturday, January 15.

Part of the wrestling team traveled to the Newell junior varsity meet there.


Jordan Smith, 103, 3rd place:

•pinned by Tyler Cowan, SC, 1:54

•dec. by Tyler Welch, PK, 6-8

•dec. Joseph Aesoph,PK, 11-2

•dec.Francis Ruml, HW, 12-0

Andrew Brech, 119:

•pinned by Andrew Aesoph, FK 4:45

•dec. by Casey Zoellner, DC, 10-0

Alex Brech, 145, 4th place:

•pinned Justin Wermers, PK, 5:14

•dec. by Matt Kiefer, WEB, 4-17

•dec. Tony Konechne, KWL, 8-2

•dec. by Louie Lafleur, STM, 4-9

John Hanes, 152

•pinned by Ryan Meyer, PK, 1:27

•pinned by Landon McCloud, FK, 4:09

Lincoln Smith, 160, 3rd place:

•dec. Kirby Morsching, STM, 6-4 OT

•pinned by Adam Ferger, PK, 3:05

•pinned Tyson Russell, SC, 3:32

•pinned Kirby Morsching, STM, 4:44

Kent Buchholz, 189, 4th place:

•dec. Andy Johnson, SC, 3-2

•dec. by Brent Fosheim, WEB, 4-20

•pinned Tyler Nolz, UN-PK, 4:27

•dec. by Garrett Gassman, HW, 4-7

Newell j.v. meet

Troy Guptill, 103, 2nd place:

•dec. Dakota Hunsaker, UNA, 17-2

•pinned Ross Julson, W/K, 2:03

•dec. by Cade Cling, BF, 6-2

Tate Guptill, 140, 3rd place:

•pinned Rahn Coman, DOU, 1:47

•pinned by Michael Aberle, SUN, 3:02

•pinned Tim Hansen, H/L, 2:10

•dec. Paul Johannesen, UNA, 5-2

Mick Trask, 152:

•pinned by Drew Smith, DOU, 1:30

•pinned Kyle Skjoldal, LEM, :40

•pinned Shandy Stahl, H/L, 2:00

•pinned Chris Adam, SUN, 4:04

Mark Trask, 171, 1st place:

•pinned Zach Hamm, H/L, 1:44

•pinned Hazer Burghduff, HAR, 1:03

•dec. Ray Moore, SUN, 3-4

The next wrestling meet for the Philip Scotties will be at the Custer Triangular at 5:00 p.m. on February 3.