Philip wrestles at Belle Fourche

The Philip Scotties traveled to the Belle Fourche wrestling tournament on Friday and Saturday, January 28-29.

Jordan Smith, 103, 5th place:

•pinned Brady Bamer, NC, 1:44

•dec. by Cole Romer, HS, 6-11

•pinned Cody Reiland, RCC, 2:50

•pinned Tate Brengle, HC, :45

•pinned by Ty Mancur, BF, 3:26

•dec. Cade Kling, UNA, 16-4

Andrew Brech, 119:

•pinned by Damon Lazre, DG, 4:53

•dec. by Jerome Lyson, DGJV, 4-11

Alex Brech, 145:


•dec. by Cameron Weiss, HS, 5-19

•dec. Pete Lambert, UPT, 12-4

•pinned by Jet Price, HC, 3:56

Mick Trask, 152:

•pinned by Casey Stirling, HS, 1:25

•dec. by Cole Yada, NC, 1-8

Lincoln Smith, 160, 2nd place:


•pinned Dan McKie, SP, 2:34

•pinned Branden Bisgaard, RCC, 3:37

•dec. by Ryan Murphy, ST, 4-13

Mark Trask, 171:

•pinned Caleb Gates, SUJV, 3:02

•pinned by Marshall Lamont, HS, 2:45

•dec. by Jeff Lang, LUS, 7-9 OT

Kent Buchholz, 189, 2nd place:

•pinned Dusty Mitchell, H/H, 1:58

•dec. Joel Kichembach, HS, 11-6

•pinned Justin Lashmett, LUS, 4:44

•dec. by Brandon Pfeifle, RCC, 5-7

Alex Moos, 275:


•dec. by Erik Haivala, ST, 3-18

•pinned Hunter Kalisiak, HCUN, :51

•pinned by David Crommie, DG, 2:31

The next wrestling meet for the Philip Scotties will be at the Custer Triangular at 5:00 p.m. on February 3.