Philip wrestlers take third place at Wagner Duals

Clint Nelson winning his Howard match of the Wagner Duals. Photo by Deb Smith

The Philip Area Scottie wrestling team earned third place at the 2010 South Dakota State "B" Dual Tournament at Wagner on Saturday, January 30.

The 12 teams competing were divided into three brackets. Though Philip won its bracket, it came in third behind first place Hot Springs and second place Wagner. The Scotties first defeated Tri-Valley with a team score of 45-29. They then racked up a 43-30 win over Howard, which had earlier defeated Parkston. The Philip team fell to Wagner 19-38, then to Hot Springs 19-53.

The tournament's Pinner Award went to Bon Homme's Lincoln Stoebner who scored four falls in 4:23. In duals, a wrestler may move up a weight class to fill in a slot or to gain experience against different wrestlers.

Philip vs. Tri-Valley


Lane Blasius, 103 lbs.

•decision over Austin Oyen, 9-2

Chandlier Sudbeck, 112 lbs.

•decision by Ryan Schuman, 6-9

Dace Kelly, 119 lbs.

•pinned Alex Anderson, 4:23

Reed Johnson, 125 lbs.

•pinned Riley Page, 1:21

Brayden Fitch, 130 lbs.

•pinned by Zach Schuman, 0:58

Clint Stout, 135 lbs.

•major decision by Caleb Heiberger, 1-16

Blake Lobdell, 140 lbs.

•win by forfeit

Ross Julson, 145 lbs.

•decision by Garret Heiberger, 1-3

Tanner Radway, 152 lbs.

•win by forfeit

Chance Knutson, 160 lbs.

•pinned by Luke O'Hara, 1:20

Troy Guptill, 171 lbs.

•pinned Thad Johnson, 2:55

Clint Nelson, 189 lbs.

•pinned Nathan Gruis, 3:46

Gavin DeVries, 215 lbs.

•pinned by Eric Gruis, 0:55

Karch Foley, 285 lbs.

•pinned Ty Ollerich, 3:03

Philip vs. Howard


Blasius, 103 lbs.

•decision over Bailey Neises, 15-3

Sudbeck, 112 lbs.

•decision by Tyler Genzlinger, 3-11

Kelly, 119 lbs.

•pinned Cole Hodges, 5:42

Austin Pinney, 125 lbs.

•pinned by Evan Donahue, 4:00

Johnson, 125 lbs.

•pinned by Donovan Kullnat, 1:33

Stout, 130 lbs.

•pinned James Jungwirth, 5:33

Radway, 135 lbs.

•pinned Adonis Ruml, 1:46

Lobdell, 140 lbs.

•decision by Dan Noonan, 3-6

Julson, 145 lbs.

•decision over Derek Genzlinger, 2-0

Knutson, 152 lbs.

•pinned by Bradyn Neises, 3:50

Guptill, 160 lbs.

•pinned Aaron Jacobson, 2:32

DeVries, 171 lbs.

•pinned by Kyle Moe, 0:20

Nelson, 189 lbs.

•pinned Garret Werkmeister, 3:08

Foley, 215 lbs.

•pinned Nick Connor, 1:37

Philip vs. Wagner


Jed Brown, 103 lbs.

•decision over Nick Dion, 8-6

Blasius, 112 lbs.

•decision by David Kocer, 0-8

Sudbeck, 119 lbs.

•decision over Brady Soulek, 7-4

Kelly, 125 lbs.

•decision by Austin Soukep, 3-6

Johnson, 130 lbs.

•decision by Trevor Lensing, 2-13

Stout, 135 lbs.

•decision by Derek Dickerson, 3-15

Radway, 140 lbs.

•decision by Dackery Geiman, 3-14

Lobdell, 145 lbs.

•decision over Mitch Breen, 13-5

Julson, 152 lbs.

•decision by Anthony Anderson, 1-9

Knutson, 160 lbs.

•pinned by Robert Kokesh, 1:42

Guptill, 171 lbs.

•decision by Steven Holzbauer, 3-9

Nelson, 189 lbs.

•win by forfeit

DeVries, 215 lbs.

•pinned by Andrew Krcil, 1:17

Foley, 285 lbs.

•decision over Bryant Soulek, 3-1

Philip vs. Hot Springs


Blasius, 103 lbs.

•pinned Kyle Hyde, 1:47

Sudbeck, 112 lbs.

•pinned by Philip Rickenbach, 0:41

Kelly, 119 lbs.

•pinned by Clayton Steinmentz, 1:48

Johnson, 125 lbs.

•pinned by Colter Steinmentz, 1:43

Stout, 130 lbs.

•pinned by Logan Phelps, 1:09

Fitch, 135 lbs.

•pinned by Tyler Hyde, 1:39

Radway, 145 lbs.

•decision by Jerred Tarrell, 8-11

Julson, 152 lbs.

•decision by Brady Harkless, 1-11

Lobdell, 160 lbs.

•decision over Kade Klippenstein, 8-5

Knutson, 171 lbs.

•decision by Levi Collins, 3-14

Guptill, 171 lbs.

•decision over Matt Harkless, 13-1

Nelson, 189 bs.

•pinned by Jesse Atwood, 0:35

Foley, 285 lbs.

•pinned Ben Pucket, 1:44

The Philip Area Scotties will host the District 7B Wrestling Tournament on Saturday, February 13. The Region IVB Tournament will be in Fort Pierre on Saturday, February 20, and the State B Wrestling Tournament will be over Friday and Saturday, February 26-27 in Sioux Falls.