Philip wrestlers do well at Dickinson tournament

The Philip Scotties wrestled at the Dickinson Tournament held in Dickinson, ND, on Friday and Saturday, December 17 and 18. The results are as follows:


Jordan Smith, 112:

•dec. Sarkman, LEM, 3-1

•pinned by Klamm, BR, 4:19

•dec. Sarkman, LEM, 9-5

•pinned by Oberafell, SID, 1:06

•pinned by Vettel, BEU, 1:30

•dec. Smith, DIC, 9-0

Alex Brech, 145, 6th place:

•dec. Scholl, SM, 4-1

•dec. Sneva, WIL, 1-1

•dec. by Dow, PC, 0-6

•dec. Olson, BFU, 15-6

•dec. by Fritz, SID, 4-12

•dec. by Fritz, SID, 0-2

Bo Slovek, 152, 3rd place

•dec. by Hansen, MR, 4-6 OT

•dec. Descarlias, TM, 6-2

•pinned Klein, BOW, :53

•dec. Peterson, LEM, 11-8

•dec. Peterson, LEM, 10-2

Lincoln Smith, 160, 7th place:

•dec. Mann, BEU, 5-4

•dec. by Lunnes, FN, 1-5

•pinned by VanDyke, FS, 1:42 •pinned Jangula, SM, :49 •pinned Deirhert, WIL, 4:16

Kent Buchholz, 189, 4th place:

•dec. by Strube, MIN, 7-11

•pinned Bitz, MAN, 2:13

•pinned Waldo, DL, 3:24

•pinned Williams, SID, 4:59

•dec. by Vincent, TM, 6-8

Junior Varsity

Troy Guptill, 103, 2nd place

•pinned by Brown, DIK, 1:35


•pinned Dauwen, WM, :39

•pinned Saenquist, DIC, 1:01

•pinned Mann, BEU, :55

•forfeit Dauwen, LEM

•pinned by Brown, DIC, 3:38

Andrew Breck, 119, 3rd place:


•pinned Bedder, :43

•pinned Betz, DL, :60

•pinned Awalt, RYAN, 2:29

•pinned Bayeff, MIN, 1:57

•dec. by Decker, DC, 3-5


Tate Guptill, 145, 5th place:



•pinned by Elm, BN, 1:46

•pinned by Delarme, BLC, 1:30


•pinned Mootz, 4:14

•pinned Noe, STA, 1:59

Mick Trask, 152, 6th place:


•forfeit, Berd, BCH, 5:29


•dec. by Gerhardt, STM, 7-15

•dec. by Clark, STL, 0-6

•injury default

•dec. by Richard, BEARH, 8-23

John Hanes, 160, 6th place:

•dec. Nelson, FN, 9-1


•pinned by Anderson, MAN, 1:21

•pinned by Paulick, DIC, 1:11

•pinned Ahman, MIN, 2:34

•pinned Whitney, BOW. 2:11

•dec. by Jordahl, FN, 2-10

Mark Trask, 171, 2nd place:

•pinned by Ziegler, FS, 3:46




•pinned Simonton, GUD, 3:06

•pinned Houston, WILL, 1:09

•pinned by Ziegler, FS, 2:35

Branden Moos, 215,


•injury default, Vannet, MIN


•forfeited to Harstad, STL

•forfeited to Summett, FS

Alex Moos, 275, 5th place:

•pinned by Miller, DL, :47

•pinned Ostby, FN, :51

•pinned by Menahan, COL, 3:57

•pinned Houle, BLC, 1:33

•pinned Ruland,STL, 2:51

•dec. Hall, BEL, 4-0

•pinned Menahan, COL, 4:45

The next meet for the Scotties will be a triangular in Philip at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, January 3.