Philip Volunteer Fire Dept. Mud Bog

The Philip Volunteer Fire Department sponsored its annual mud bog fundraiser on Saturday, August 30, at O'Connell Construction, Sand and Gravel west of Philip.

"It was an excellent mud bog," said Fire Chief Marty Hansen. "It was a really good show. None of the contestants got stuck, though one was stopped when their battery came out of its box and yanked out some wiring."

Though the day's temperatures neared 100 degrees, the action was fast and furious over the traditional mud course. A common comment was how much air time some of the vehicles got when they launched off the ground at certain points in the mud course.

Powder Puff

1st place - Kroy Grass

2nd - Abi VanRegenmorter

3rd - Misti Hostutler

4th - Kristin Martin (blazer)

5th - Julie Kelly

6th - VanRegenmorter (entered twice using a different vehicle)

7th - Martin (jeep)

Small Block Stock

1st - Rick O'Rourke

2nd - Brian Hostutler

3rd - Leonard Ferguson

4th - Nick Roseth

5th - Tyler Rankin

6th - Cole Venard

7th - Travis Saunders

8th - Greg Ryan

9th - Chad Brink

Small Block Modified

1st - Adam Roseth

2nd - Duane Ryan Sr.

3rd - Mike Rusk

4th - Brandon Morrison

5th - Dale Morrison

6th - Dave VanRegenmorter

7th - Cole Venard

8th - Jason Sampson

9th - Leonard Ferguson

10th - Miles Medearis

11th - Allan Grimes

12th - Rick O'Rouke

Big Block Stock

1st - Darrel Titus

2nd - Rick O'Rourke

3rd - Tyler Rankin

4th - Cole Venard

5th - Brian Hostutler

6th - Nick Roseth

7th - Leonard Ferguson

8th - Chad Brink

9th - Daran Bordeaux

10th - Patrick Barnes

Big Block Modified

1st - Tony Titus

2nd -Ed Titus

3rd - Dale Morrison

4th - Darrel Titus

5th - Dave VanRegenmorter

6th - Brandon Morrison

7th - Allan Grimes

8th - Travis Callaway

9th - Brad Gebes

10th - Adam Roseth

11th - Mike Rusk


1st - Tony Titus

2nd - Ed Titus

3rd - Travis Callaway

4th - Duane Ryan Sr.

5th - Darrel Titus

6th - Dale Morrison

7th - Brandon Morrison

8th - Adam Roseth

9th - Brian Hostutler

10th - Brad Gebes

11th - Patrick Barnes

12th - Chance Wooden Knife

13th - Dave VanRegenmorter

14th - Mike Rusk