Philip trounces New Underwood with 50-point mercy rule at Prospector Bowl

The Philip Scotties made their Deadwood Prospector Bowl football game a short one, mercifully finishing off the New Underwood Tigers in the third quarter with a final score of 81-28.

The Saturday, September 19, game lasted only one hour and 52 minutes. Using fifteen first downs, 30 running plays for a total of 476 yards and nine passing plays for a total of 76 yards, the Scottie offense dominated New Underwood. Philip lost 25 yards because of penalities, compared to five yards by the Tigers.

Philip 24 30 27 ** = 81

New Und. 0 14 14 ** = 28

The Scottie touchdown frenzy began with Cvach rushing in from the 10 yard line and then picking up the extra point conversion. Foley ran in a nine yard TD, with Jeff O'Connell catching an O'Dea pass for the conversion. Brandon O'Dea carried the ball for a 51 yard TD and Colin Van Lint caught another O'Dea pass for the extra two points.

In the second quarter, Philip scored twice before New Underwood got on the scoreboard. Foley finished the drive with a nine yard run, and Rob Williamson rushed in the conversion. Cvach zipped in a 34 yard TD and Tucker McDaniel ran in the extra two. New Underwood's Alex Anderson finally got by the Scottie defense with a 14 yard run and six points, and Jackson Tisdale ran in for two more points. Philip's Rob Williamson caught an O'Dea pass for a 20 yard TD and Tim Wells ran in the conversion. New Underwood got Anderson to blast in a 55 yard TD, though the extra point attempt failed. Philip's Cvach came back with a 28 yard run for the TD and the Scottie extra point attempt failed. The half ended 54-14.

Early in the third quarter, Cvach finished a Philip drive with a one yard TD. Foley kicked in the extra point. On the kickoff, New Underwood's Anderson carried the ball 86 yards for a Tiger TD. The extra point attempt failed. The Scotties' Cvach then rushed for a 62 yard TD, followed by a Wells conversion. New Underwood again used Anderson, this time for a 75 yard TD, and Tisdale again ran in the conversion. Cvach retaliated with a 57 yard rush to the goal posts. The extra point attempt failed. Philip quickly regained control of the ball and Wyatt Kammerer ran in a 10 yard TD. The game was called because of the 50 point lead held by the Scotties.

Philip rushing leaders were lead by Casey Cvach with 282 yards in 18 attempts. Brandon O'Dea made use of his one carry to go 51 yards. Wyatt Kammerer carried twice for a total of 51 yards and Karch Foley rushed four times for a gain of 24 yards. Quarterback O'Dea threw nine times for six completions, 76 earned yards and one touchdown.

The Scottie defense leaders were Foley with 3 solo tackles and 5 assists, Tim Wells with 4 solos and 2 assists, Travis Nelson with 3 solos and 3 assists and 1 fumble recovery, and Tucker McDaniel and Jeff O'Connell both with 2 solos and 3 assists.

The next football game for the Philip Scotties will begin at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 26, at Wall against the Eagles.