Philip takes Second Place at "Mid Dakota Monster" Lyman Wrestling Invite Tourney

Travis Nelson, 103 lbs., took 7th place in the tournament.

At the Lyman County "Mid Dakota Monster" Wrestling Tournament held at Presho on Friday and Saturday, January 4th and 5th, there were 22 teams participating and over 800 matches were held.

As a team, the Philip Scotties placed second with 241.5 points, and with 12 of the Scottie varsity wrestlers placing. Philip had one champion, three 2nd places, two 3rd places, three 4th places, a 6th, a 7th and two 8th places (one of these was unattached). Winner won the tourney with 256 points. Third was Hot Springs with 214 points.

Travis Nelson, 103 lb., 7th place:

•pinned Seth Ireland, Bennett Co., 1:09

•decision by Nick Montieth, Lead-Deadwood, 5-6

•technical fall over Jess Williams, Wall, 15-0

•dec. by Clayton Steinmetz, Newell, 4-9

•pinned Seth McFarland, Spearfish, :39

•pinned Dominic Bradford, St. Thomas More, 3:05

Ty Merchen, 103 lb, JV:

•pinned by Kyle Higgins, Winner, :11

•pinned by Jace Everson, Gettysburg, 1:46

Jordan Smith, 119 lb., 2nd place:


•pinned Joe Reedy, Newell, 1:11

•major dec. over Tyce Meyer, Win., 12-3

•dec. over Waylon Macek, Ben.Co., 7-2

•dec. by Doug Thompson, Kimball/White Lake, 6-7

Clint Stout, 119 lb., JV:


•TF by Kyle Ringwood, Spear., 0-15.


•dec. by Austin Nisbit, Mobridge, 5-11

Tucker McDaniel, 125 lb., 6th place:

•pinned Michael Rensch, Rapid City Central, 3:39

•pinned Zach McCabe, RCC, 1:06

•m.dec. over Miles Melius, Winner, 13-4

•pinned by Cody Novotny, Win., 1:25

•dec. by Tyson Muellen, Mob., 4-5

•dec. by Miles Melius, Win., 2-8

Tanner Radway, 125 lb, JV, 8th place:


•pinned by Miles Melius, Win., 1:51

•pinned Kaito Shimatani, Red Cloud, 3:00

•pinned Zach McCabe, RCC, 3:36

•pinned Taygen Schuelke, Newell, 4:12

•pinned by Tyson Mullen, Mob., 3:34

•pinned by Aaron Carda, Stanley Co., :49

Troy Guptill, 130 lb, 2nd place:


•pinned Sacha Reudebusch, Mob., 2:43

•dec. over Chase Novotny, Win., 10-9

•dec. over Nathan Novak. Ben.Co., 7-5

•m.dec. by Cole Romey, Hot Springs, 2-14

Roger Davis, 130 lb, JV:

•pinned by Josh Robison, Hill City, 1:00


•pinned by Jace Nelson, Philip, 1:40

Jace Nelson, 130 lb, JV:


•pinned by Nathan Novak, Ben.Co., 1:28

•pinned by Ricky Seaman, Sunshine Bible Academy (SBA), 2:51

Cecil Heeb, 135 lb, 2nd place:


•pinned Jerred Tarrell, H.Springs, 5:34

•dec. Ross Julson, Wall, 10-8

•dec. Taylor Novotny, Win., 10-7

•TF by Brendon Waterson, Spear., 0-16

Bodhi Lytle, 140 lb, 8th place:


•m.dec. over Aaron Rude, RCC, 16-2

•pinned by Jesse Docken, Win., 3:59

•pinned Preston Burma, SBA, 2:26

•dec. by Jake Longville, Lyman, 3-6

•pinned by Wilson Soap, RCC, 4:32

Chance Knutson, 140 lb, JV:


•TF by Bryce Lewis, Spear., 1-16


•TF by Preston Burma, SBA, 0-17

Andrew Brech, 145 lb, 3rd place:


•pinned Jesse Cordes, St.TM, 3:11

•pinned Grady Brodrecht, Lyman, 3:05

•dec. by Sean Dillion, H.Springs, 7-11

•pinned Levi Collins, H.Springs, 4:08

•dec. over Blake Burnham, Win., 5-0

Tate Guptill, 152 lb, 3rd place:


•pinned Mathew Her Many Horses, Todd Co., 1:18

•dec. by Zane Nightingale, K/WL, 8-9

•pinned TJay Teveldal, SBA, 3:33

•dec. Colby Keegan, Cheyenne Eagle Butte, 11-3

•dec. Josh Schmidt, Gettys., 6-4

•m.dec. over Riley Norton, L/D, 14-5

Karch Foley, 160 lb:

•pinned CJ Gilliand, Sully Buttes, 1:10

•dec. by Evan Burkinshaw, Wall, 0-5

•pinned by Ben Kraft, Mob., 5:45

Mick Trask, 171, 4th place:


•pinned Adam Keller, RCC 1:09

•pinned Tommy Walling, Lyman, 1:27

•dec. by Jayden Hansen, Gettys., 0-3

•pinned Philip Soulek, K/

WL, 2:40

•dec. by Dustin Fischer, H.Springs, 4-9

Lincoln Smith, 189 lb, 1st place:


•pinned Chase Hill, S.Buttes, 1:15

•pinned Andrew Twiss, R.Cloud, 1:31

•pinned Keenan Cornelison, Stanley Co., :34

•m.dec. over Tyrel Bonnet, Newell, 9-0

Clint Nelson, 215 lb, 4th place:


•pinned Tyler Marshall, S.Buttes, 5:09

•pinned by Brian Van Houten, Stanley Co., 4:52

•pinned Matt Hamaker, H.Springs, 2:06

•pinned Jacob Franks, R.Cloud, 4:11

•dec. over Jacob Anderson, Lyman, 12-4

•pinned by Brian Van Houten, Stanley Co., 3:58

Mark Trask, 285 lb, 4th place:


•pinned Steve Engebretson, H.Springs, :45

•pinned Michael Dobesh, St.TM, 2:42

•pinned by Bryce Burnham, Win., 2:22

•pinned Charles Eagle Bull, R.Cloud, 2:48

•pinned by Skyler Eriksen, Lyman, :51

The Philip Scotties will host their next tournament. It will begin at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, January 11th, and resume at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 12th.