Philip at Sturgis' Black Hills Track Classic

The Black Hills Track Classic on May 20 in Sturgis was one further step for the Philip Scotties toward preparing for state competition.


Shot put

Karch Foley, 23rd, 39'3-1/2"


Foley, 21st, 113'7"

Triple jump

Jeff O'Connell, 2nd, 42'7"

100 meter dash

Colin Van Lint, 39th, 13.08

200 meter dash

Casey Cvach, 4th, 22.82

Tate Guptill, 34th, 25.44

400 meter dash

Jeff O'Connell, 2nd, 50.78

800 meter run

William Coyle, 22nd, 2:19.93

Anthony Iwan, 26th, 2:20.90

1600 meter run

Zane Pekron, 20th, 5:05.78

Kelvin Ferguson, 6:44

400 meter relay

Brandon O'Dea, Rob Williamson, Beau Ferguson, Cvach, 2nd, 46.18

800 meter relay

O'Dea, Williamson, Cvach, O'Connell, 1st, 1:34.50

1600 meter relay

Cvach, O'Dea, O'Connell, Williamson, 1st, 3:33.31

3200 meter relay

Ferguson, Anthony Iwan, Zane Pekron, William Coyle, 5th, 9:15.24

1600 medley relay

Tate Guptill, O'Dea, Williamson, Ferguson, 6th, 4:03.12


Shot Put

Kenzy Pinney, 10th, 33'8"

Marissa Mann, 13th, 32'2"

800 meter run

Kianna Knutson, 23rd, 3:06.47

1600 meter run

Holly Iwan, 11th, 65:55.43

3200 meter run

Emily Schofield, 8th, 14:47.00

High hurdles

Josie Guptill, 9th, 17.33

Colby Smith, 18th, 20.68

300 meter hurdles

Smith, 13th, 55.84

400 meter relay

Kady Pinney, Kenzy Pinney, Molly Coyle, Guptill, 5th, 54.62

800 meter relay

Kady Pinney, Kenzy Pinney, Smith, Kayla O'Connell, 6th, 1:59.59

1600 medley relay

O'Connell, Coyle, Kady Pinney, Guptill, 2nd, 4:21.50

3200 meter relay

O'Connell, Schofield, Coyle, Iwan, 4th, 10:51.34

1600 medley relay

Kady Pinney, Coyle, Guptill, O'Connell, 4th, 4:44.43