Philip street and utility improvements scheduling

The City of Philip’s pre-construction meeting on April 11th set the legalities of the Downtown Street Improvement Project. More importantly to the businesses concerned, it set the time and sequence of operations of the construction.

City Engineer Sam Hohn introduced Kevin Roth, also with SPN & Assoc., as the lead resident engineer for this project. The electrical engineer is Sara Honer of West Plains Engineering. The contractors are Hills Material Co. and Visu Sewer Cleaning.

Projected construction dates and deadlines are:

•Street rehabilitation will start on April 24 and be substantially completed by July 30, with finalization by August 30; and

•Sewer work start date will coordinate with Hills Material Co. It should be substantially complete by June 1; with finalization by July 1. Liquidated damages (late penalties) are set at $500 per day for the street project and $300 per day for the sewer project.

There will be three phases to the street rehabilitation. Phase I will be Oak Street and S. Wood Avenue. The streets will be closed from April 24th until the first part of June.

Phase II will be Center Avenue, except for the intersection of Pine Street. Center Avenue will be closed from the first part of June until the beginning of July. Both Phases I and II will include removal of the current asphalt and replacing the sidewalks, curb and gutter, street lighting, sewer lining and installing storm sewer.

Phase III – the resurfacing of Oak St., S. Wood Ave. and Center Ave. – should be substantially completed by July 30.

Hills Materials Company will be working from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday. They will not work on weekends unless necessary. Visu Sewer Cleaning will be working at night, when the sewers being unusable will be less of a hardship on downtown businesses.

Visu Sewer Cleaning explained that the process of lining the sewer for the sanitary sewer rehabilitation will require a temporary interruption of water and sewer services. The process will be in conjunction with Hills Material’s Phase I and II. Affected property owners will be notified the day before the interruption with a door hanger that will spell out the guidelines.

The engineers, contractors and city officials have set weekly inspections. Meetings will be held every Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. in the Finance Office during the project. Subcontractors working at the time are also required to attend.

Because of the community support, especially in local shoppers and businesses in exceeding the city’s 2005 sales tax goal of $300,000, the city is able to fund the completion of the project as planned.

Contractors must submit partial pay requests by the 20th of each month in order to get approval for payment from the funding agencies, engineers and city. All contractors and subcontractors must contact all area utility providers through SD One Call.

Hills Materials Co. subcontractors were reported as P.I.E., Inc. (electrical), Tru-Form (concrete), United Rentals/Highway Tech (traffic control), Premier Striping (street striping), M.A.K. Milling (remove/dispose asphalt), Rocking Tree Landscape, Inc. (tilling), Createx (pipes/junction boxes), O’Connell Construction (base course), and Sioux Pipe (sewer castings).

Visu Sewer has only one sub-contractor, United Rentals, to provide barricades.

It was mentioned that there will no longer be a dip at the intersection of E. Oak St. and Center Ave. when the project is done.