Philip squeezed out by New Underwood

The Philip Scottie football team traveled to New Underwood, Friday, September 16, to challenge the Tigers.

The first quarter saw two explosive touchdown plays. New Underwood got on the scoreboard first with a 61-yard rush. The extra point attempt failed, and the score stood at 0-6. Philip retaliated by sending Cody Reder on an 80-yard rush to the endzone. Trying a kick for the first time this season, the Scotties gained the extra point courtesy of Chaney Burns. The first quarter whistle blew on a 7-6 advantage for Philip.

The second quarter belonged to the Scotties. After a successful advance by Philip, Reder finished the last four yards for another touchdown. The extra point attempt failed. Again gaining possession, the Scotties set up their kicker on the 41-yard line, where Burns came through with a three-point shot. Yet again in possession of the ball, Philip was just yards from the endzone when the whistle sounded and the first half ended. Philip stood at 16 and New Underwood at six.

The third quarter was a massive frustration for the Scotties. An 11-yard rush by the Tigers for six points, followed by a successful two-point conversion pass, helped New Underwood close the gap to a score of 16-14. Again gaining possession and eventually having the ball at their own one-yard line, the Tigers rushed in for another touchdown. The conversion was good, and the score was 16-22. The ball seemed to always be in New Underwood's hands, and an eight-yard rush scored another touchdown. The conversion attempt failed.

The fourth quarter started with the scoreboard showing Philip - 16, New Underwood - 28. Following through after a drive, the Scotties found themselves at the two-yard line. Reder rushed in for yet another touchdown. The conversion was good. The score was 24-28, where it stayed until the final gun.

The Scotties earned 10 first downs, while the Tigers were credited with 15. Philip was saddled with 55 yards lost through seven penalties, while New Underwood was set back 35 yards through six recorded penalties.

Philip rushed a total of 359 yards. The leading ball carriers were Reder with 301 yards from 27 carries, Cassidy Schnabel with 37 yards on seven carries, and Jade Berry with six carries for 21 yards. Quarterback Tate DeJong tried three passes, with no completions to his intended receivers.

Defensively, Philip was lead by Reed Johnson with 14 assisted tackles, and one quarterback sack. Austin Pinney racked up two solos and 10 assists, and one quarterback sack. Wyatt Schaack earned three solos and eight assisted tackles. Lane Scott got two solos and nine assists, while DeJong came away with one solo and nine assists.

The next game for the Scotties will be during the 20th annual Prospector Bowl, Saturday, September 24, at Ferguson Field in Deadwood. At noon, the Philip Scotties will go up against the Harding County Ranchers.