Philip Scotties take Gordon/Rushville Tourney

Troy Guptill, senior, wrestled in the 171 pound division and earned third place.

The Philip Scottie wrestling team traveled to Gordon, NE, to compete in the Gordon/Rushville Tournament on Saturday, December 12.

The tournament had 14 high schools represented. The South Dakota schools were Philip, Pine Ridge, Oglala, Red Cloud, Bennett County and Little Wound. The Nebraska schools were Chadron, Gordon/Rushville, Sidney, Ainsworth, Mitchell, Valentine, Perkins County and Mullen.

As a team, Philip finished with 182 points to earn first place. Mitchell finished with 123.5 points for second place. Ainsworth had 119 for third, and Valentine received fourth place with 115.5 points.

In the previous week's Stanley County Invitational, the Philip wrestling team finished in third place with 178.5 points. Out of the 24 varsity and junior varsity teams, Gregory/Burke took the top spot with 228 points. Second place went to Lyman County with 186, and Spearfish finished in fourth place with 164.5. Individual Philip Scottie placers were Lane Blasius, 103 lbs. - first place, Chandlier Sudbeck, 112 lbs. - second place, Dace Kelly, 119 lbs. - fourth place, Blake Lobdell, 145 lbs. - second place, Chance Knutson, 160 lbs. - second place, Bodhi Lytle, 171 lbs. - fourth place, and Clint Nelson, 215 lbs. - first place.

Gordan/Rushville Tournament


Lane Blasius, 103 lbs., first place

•pinned Austin Thelander (PC), 1:05

•pinned Keaton Gracey (AW), 5:18

•pinned Bart Miller (VAL), 3:26

Chandlier Sudbeck, 112 lbs., fourth place

•pinned Dane Aurich (SID), 1:06

•decisioned by Dillan Aurich (SID), 4-10

•pinned Ely Sharkey (AIN), 2:49

•decisioned by Jesse Relzlaff (G/R), 4-11

Dace Kelly, 119 lbs., second place

•pinned Nate Votruba (SID), 1:18

•pinned Dave Davis (PR), 3:42

•decisioned by Tyler Walton (AW), 1-7

Reed Johnson, 130 lbs., fourth place

•pinned by Jared Simonson (MUL), 2:59

•pinned Skylar Livermont (BC), 2:59

•decision over Nate Pfortmiller (MIT), 4-3

•decisioned by Eric Arnold (VAL), 2-9

Tanner Radway, 140 lbs., third place

•pinned Brenan Roach ((SID), 3:54

•decisioned by Garrett Fodhert (OGA), 4-6

•pinned Joseph Merrival (PR), 2:59

•decision over Justin Schremmer (CHA), 9-2

Clint Stout, 145 lbs.

•decisioned by Taylor Scherer (BC) , 0-11

•decision over William McClure (CHA), 8-5

•decisioned by Jess Shelbourn (VAL), 4-16

Blake Lobdell, 152 lbs., first place

•pinned Ty Shelbourn (AIN), 0:35

•pinned Dalton McCollam (BC), 5:56

•pinned Riley Kosmicki (PC), 2:30

Bodhi Lytle, 160 lbs., first place

•pinned Alex Jacobsen (SID), 4:45

•decision over Justin West (AIN), 10-9

•decision over Andy Loy, (G/R), 8-6

Troy Guptill, 171 lbs., third place

•pinned Julian Hernandez (RC), 2:22

•decisioned by Wile Brown (CHA), 0-8

•pinned NA (VAL), 4:00

•pinned Julian Hernandez (RC), 0:45

Clint Nelson, 189 lbs., second place

•pinned Josh Wild (CHA), 1:59

•pinned Rori Cross Dog (PR), 3:16

•decision over Nick Lucking (MUL), 11-7

•pinned by Jordan Debus (MIT), 0:40

Karch Foley, 215 lbs., second place

•pinned Tyler One Horn (LW), 0:26

•pinned Casey Meier (MIT), 1:14

•pinned by Mat Pribil (G/R), 1:01

Junior Varsity

Brayden Fitch, 125 lbs.


•pinned Barrett Brown (SID) , 2:05

•pinned Trent Porath (MUL), 4:51


•pinned Tristen Bukaske (VAL), 2:08

Austin Pinney, 125 lbs.

•pinned Trey Johnson (PC), 2:13



•pinned Brady Hicks (BC), 4:33

•pinned Silas Running Eagle (RC), 2:36

Roger Davis, 152 lbs.

•pinned by Justin Sage (SID), 1:54



•pinned by Noah Matthews (SID), 3:40

•pinned by Jeff Gehrt (G/B), 3:28

Chance Knutson, 160 lbs.

•pinned Santos (VAL), 0:59

•decision over Kelby Christian (SID), 10-1

•pinned Scott Kelsey (SID), 1:29


•decision over Justin Smith (VAL), 14-2

The next meet for the Philip Scotties is on Friday and Saturday, December 18 and 19, at the Dickinson Wrestling Tournament.