Philip Scotties stymie the Lyman Raiders 74-24

Double-teaming works ... This Lyman Raider had more than he could handle with only one Scottie after him, but two at once was what easily won the game for Philip.

The Philip Scotties hosted the Lyman Raiders and defeated them by a final score of 74-24 on Friday, September 8.

The game ended with about a minute and a half remaining on the "continuous clock" initiated this year as part of the mercy rule.

"We seem to be coming together as a team now," said Head Football Coach Keven Morehart. "We are still experimenting with players to determine the best position for each. We have a lot of depth in talent, and that is a nice problem to have."

After briefly testing the capabilities of the Lyman football team, Philip got on the scoreboard with a Casey Cuny run with 4:30 left on the first quarter clock. The extra point attempt was unsuccessful. With one minute still in the first quarter, Philip's quarterback Allen Hauk kept the ball to run in the second Scottie touchdown. Nathan O'Dea stepped over downed Raiders to get the two conversion points.

Not until over three minutes into the second quarter did Lyman make its first touchdown. Their extra point attempt failed.

The kick-off went to Philip's Jake Mathews, who ran it over 70 yards for the Scotties' third touchdown. The Philip offense and defense continued to dominate the game. A comment running through the Philip side of the spectators was that the Scottie defense was making more yardage than their opponent's offense.

Philip's Alex Moos "squiggle-kicked" the kick-offs to Lyman during most of the game. The Raiders often fell on the ball and sacrificed any further running on the play, watched as the ball bounced to a stop, or fumbled the ball for a Scottie take-over.

Philip rushing was highlighted by Cuny with 11 carries for 230 yards, resulting in four touchdowns. O'Dea carried the ball four times for 140 yards, two touchdowns, and two extra-point conversions. Jake Williams ran three times for 62 yards, one touchdown and one conversion. Allen Hauk had six carries for 10 yards, one touchdown and one conversion. Zane Fees had two runs for six yards and three two-point conversions.

Hauk attempted one pass which was incomplete.

Defense notables were Tate Guptill with seven solos and seven assists. Mathews had five tackles, three assists, one quarterback sack, and one interception which he carried in for a touchdown. O'Dea had one solo tackle and six assists. Michael Westerberg snagged one interception and ran it over 60 yards for a touchdown.

The Philip team racked up 10 first downs. It suffered only one fumble. Only one punt was performed and it went 45 yards. Scottie rushing saw 31 carries for a total of 493 yards. There were five penalties which cost Philip a total of 55 yards.

The next game for the Philip Scotties will be at 7:00 p.m. at Lemmon against the Cowboys on Friday, September 15.