Philip Scotties make semi-finals by beating South Central, 44-22

Going, going, gone ... The Philip Scotties are going into the semi-finals because rushers and pass receivers could get down the field against the South Central Cougars. The defense held back the Cougars and stopped them after the score was tied. Here, a fast Scottie got by several defensive players, though several others were trying to head him off.

The Monday night, October 31, football game hosted by the Philip Scotties versus the South Central Cougars was tied half way through the fourth quarter. The Scotties then lunged ahead to end the game 44-22.

With a little over three minutes into the game, the Cougars fumbled and the Scotties recovered. Philip earned a first down in two plays, then was the first to get on the scoreboard, when Casey Cuny ran in a 55 yard run at the 7:20 mark. Cuny then ran in the conversion points.

The Cougars came back with a ground-eating charge full of first downs. The Scotties snatched possession of the ball with an interception on their own two yard line. The charge was slowed and they punted. A Cougar fumble gave the ball back to the Scotties, but the quarter remained 8-0.

Back and forth action finally ended half way through the second quarter when a Philip pass play to Cuny earned a 34 yard touchdown. A Cuny conversion put the score at 16-0. Within seconds, though, South Central’s Phil Kahler returned the kickoff for a 87 yard touchdown. Paul Cahoy brought in the conversion for a score of 16-8.

The Cougars regained possession in two minutes of play. Their forward advance was slow, but unstoppable. With two minutes left in the half, the Cougars were on the one yard line. Cahoy completed the rush, and Dan Jons made the extra point kick to put the score at 16-15.

Now it was Philip’s turn for an unstoppable charge. With only 16 seconds left in the first half, Cuny launched over the one remaining yard to score. The extra point attempt failed and the score was 22-15.

The third quarter kept the crowd’s attention right up to the end when the Cougars were shy one foot of their goal line. Three seconds into the fourth quarter, they scored with a Dillon Lambley run, followed by a Jons kick. The score was tied 22-22. Rushes, passes, fumbles, and sacks all were seen in the next seven and a half minutes.

The Scotties were at their three yard line when Cuny ran in for a touchdown. Cuny then ran in the conversion to put the score at 30-22. Philip’s John Hart wrapped up the rest of the game with two interception touchdowns: a 55 yard run for six points followed by a 45 yard run for another six. The first extra point attempt failed, while the second conversion was successful. The game ended 44-22.

Philip rushing leaders were Cuny with 16 carries for 155 yards, and Dana Kerns with 20 carries for 107 yards. South Central rushing leaders were Cahoy with 11 carries for 60 yards, Evan Schmitz with 11 for 50, and Kaycee Martin with 7 for 42.

The Philip passing game had five completions out of 10 tries for 126 yards. Cuny caught 2 for 38 yards, while O’Dea caught 3 for 88 yards with one interception for 88 yards. South Central completed 11 of 25 for 162 yards.

Philip’s Alex Moos had six kickoffs for 189 yards. Nathan O’Dea punted four times for an average of 36 yards per punt.

Defensive action for Philip was lead by Kerns with 8 solo tackles and 4 assists, Cuny - 2 solos and and 18 assists, Lincoln Smith - 8 solos and 4 assists and 1 fumble recovery, Bo Slovek - 4 solo and 11 assists and 1 fumble recovery. Defensive action for South Central was lead by Dillion Lambley - 3 solos and 8 assists, Mark Horn - 3 solos and 7 assists, and Cahoy - 2 solos and 8 assists.

Philip had 11 first downs, compared with South Central’s 20.

The Philip Scotties will host the semi-final game at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 5, against Gettysburg.