Philip Scotties going to State B Track and Field

The Philip Scottie track and field team will have 17 members going to the State B Track and Field Meet in Rapid City on Friday and Saturday, May 29 and 30.

The Region 7B Track Meet was held in Kadoka on Thursday, May 21. Out of nine schools competing, the Philip boys' team won the meet with 169 points. Second place went to Wall with 158. White River took a distant third with 86. As a team, the Philip girls earned third place with 102 points, behind Kadoka Area's 138 points and Wall's 109.

Individuals can pre-qualify for the state meet during various meets in the season by matching or bettering pre-set times or distances. Any one earning first or second place in a event at the region meet also qualifies for the state meet. An individual may compete at state in up to, but not more than, four events.

The top eight finishing individuals and relay teams at state will earn medals. If an event requires more than one preliminary heat, the top two athletes from each heat will advance, with the best times or distances filling in the remainder of the eight slots.

At regions, Philip's Josie Guptill won both hurdle events with a time of 17.3 in the high hurdles and 50.4 seconds in the 300 meter hurdles. Casey Cvach won the 100 meter dash in 11.4 seconds and the 200 meter dash in 22.9 seconds. Jeff O'Connell took the 400 meter dash in 51.6 seconds and won the triple jump with a 43 foot, four and a half inch distance.

The Philip boys' 400 meter relay team of Brandon O'Dea, Rob Williamson, Casey Cvach and Jeff O'Connell won it in 45.5 seconds. The boys' 800 meter relay team of O'Dea, Williamson, Cvach and O'Connell ran it in one minute and 37.9 seconds for first place.

The Lady Scottie's 800 meter relay team of Kady Pinney, Kenzy Pinney, Molly Coyle and Kayla O'Connell claimed first place with a time of one minute and 56.01 seconds. A time of four minutes and 18.9 seconds gave first place to the 1600 meter relay team of O'Connell, Coyle, Kady Pinney and Guptill.


Shot put

Karch Foley, 1st, 45'4-1/4"


Foley, 2nd, 130'10"

Tate Guptill, 4th, 109'3"

High Jump

Colter Cvach, 5th, 5'0"

Long jump

Brandon O'Dea, 2nd, 18'5"

Triple jump

Jeff O'Connell, 1st, 43'4-1/2"

100 meter dash

Casey Cvach, 1st, 11.4

Guptill, 5th, 12.1

200 meter dash

Casey Cvach, 1st, 22.9

Colter Cvach, 7th, 25.9

Colin Van Lint, 8th, 26.5

400 meter dash

Jeff O'Connell, 1st, 51.6

Colter Cvach, 7th, 58.3

800 meter run

Anthony Iwan, 6th, 2:17.4

Zane Pekron, 7th, 2:23.6

1600 meter run

Zane Pekron, 5th, 5:15.3

3200 meter run

William Coyle, 2nd, 11:15.2

Zane Pekron, 4th, 11:46.9

Kelvin Ferguson, 6th, 12:41.3

110 meter hurdles

Karch Foley, 4th, 20.0

Colter Cvach, 6th, 22.7

300 meter hurdles

Tate Guptill, 2nd, 46.9

Karch Foley, 4th, 49.6

400 meter relay

Brandon O'Dea, Rob Williamson, Casey Cvach, Jeff O'Connell, 1st, 45.5

800 meter relay

O'Dea, Williamson, Ferguson, Anthony Iwan, 1st, 1:37.8

3200 meter relay

Ferguson, Coyle, Pekron, Iwan, 2nd, 8:56.1

1600 medley relay

Tate Guptill, Van Lint, Williamson, Ferguson, 4th, 4:06.9


Shot Put

Kenzy Pinney, 3rd, 35'5-3/4"

Marissa Mann, 4th, 32'2-3/4"

Discus throw

Kenzy Pinney, 4th, 95'7"

200 meter dash

Colby Smith, 7th, 29.9

800 meter run

Holly Iwan, 2nd, 2:37

1600 meter run

Holly Iwan, 4th, 5:43.1

3200 meter run

Emily Schofield, 3rd, 14:14.4

High hurdles

Guptill, 1st, 117.3

Colby Smith, 6th, 19.8

Kaci Olivier, 7th, 24.0

300 meter hurdles

Guptill, 1st, 50.4

O'Connell, 3rd, 51.1

Colby Smith, 8th, 56.2

400 meter relay

Kady Pinney, Kenzy Pinney, Coyle, Guptill, 3rd, 54.00

800 meter relay

Kady Pinney, Kenzy Pinney, Coyle, O'Connell, 1st, 1:56.01

1600 meter relay

O'Connell, Coyle, Kady Pinney, Guptill, 1st, 4:18.9

3200 meter relay

O'Connell, Schofield, Coyle, Iwan, 2nd, 10:43.80

1600 medley relay

Kady Pinney, Smith, LaRae Van Tassel, Kianna Knutson, 4th, 5:07.8

Philip competitors who have earned a berth at state are:

William Coyle - 3200 meter relay.

Casey Cvach - 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter relay, 1600 meter relay.

Karch Foley - shot put, discus 300 meter hurdles.

Tate Guptill - 300 meter hurdles.

Josie Guptill - 100 meter hurdles, 300 meter hurdles, 1600 meter relay.

Anthony Iwan - 800 meter relay, 3200 meter relay.

Holly Iwan - 800 meter run, 3200 meter relay.

Jeff O'Connell - 400 meter dash, triple jump, 400 meter relay, 1600 meter relay.

Kayla O'Connell - 800 meter relay, 1600 meter relay, 3200 meter relay.

Brandon O'Dea - long jump, 400 meter relay, 800 meter relay, 1600 meter relay.

Zane Pekron - 3200 meter relay.

Kenzy Pinney - shot put, 800 meter relay.

Emily Schofield - 3200 meter relay.

Kady Pinney - 800 meter relay, 1600 meter relay.

Molly Coyle - 800 meter relay, 1600 meter relay, 3200 meter relay

Rob Williamson - 400 meter relay, 800 meter relay, 1600 meter relay.

Beau Ferguson - 800 meter relay, 3200 meter relay.

The alternate athletes for the Scotties are Colby Smith and Colin Van Lint.