Philip Scotties defeat Lemmon/McIntosh 26-8

Scottie vs. Cowboy one-on-one ... Philip’s #24 Zane Fees caught a Scottie pass and ran it 26 yards, despite the best efforts from Lemmon/McIntosh to stop him.

The Scotties traveled to Lemmon on Friday, September 15, and defeated the Lemmon/McIntosh Cowboys 26-8.

Scotties 8 6 6 6 = 26

Cowboys 0 2 0 6 = 8

The long bus trip, the cold temperature, Philip's two previous easy wins ... something distracted the concentration of the Scotties during the first half. At least Coach Keven Morehart thought that his players' heads weren't where they should have been - in the game.

This first quarter started slowly - not until eight minutes into play did the Philip team score its first touchdown. Casey Cuny ran in the goal, then ran in the conversion for two more points.

Philip continued its season's strategy of "squiggle-kicking" the kick-offs, which has paid off up through this game's first quarter. Philip quickly regained possession of the ball. Though they made a series of first downs, they couldn't push the ball over the line until a minute and a half into the second quarter. Nathan O'Dea rammed over the last remaining yard to earn Philip's second score. The extra-point pass attempt failed.

The Scotties have not experienced much offensive trouble, and hiking the ball other than over the punter is a play that needed work. One of two such hikes forced the punter to strategically "help" the ball over the wrong goal line to avoid Cowboy possession just yards from their goal. Philip scored two more points, but this time for Lemmon/McIntosh, on a touchback.

The post-touchback kick-off had to come from the 20-yard line. It was a nice play, and the Scotties were once again in mid-field. Five and a half minutes minutes into the second half, Scotties' O'Dea went in for another touchdown. The extra point attempt failed. The Cowboys offered more real experience to the Scotties than other teams have so far, but they just could not get within scoring distance. They did slow the Philip offense, though.

Over three minutes into the last quarter, Cuny carried the ball 16 yards for Philip's last points - the extra-point attempt failed. Then, the Cowboys surprised the Scotties with a series of plays that culminated in a 10-yard touchdown at the 6:37 mark in the the fourth quarter. The Scotties stopped the extra point attempt.

The Scotties experimented with several pass plays, some with devastating potential. Two out of five passes were caught - one to Lincoln Smith for 26 yards and one to O'Dea for 15.

With 2:19 remaining, the Scotties lost the ball at their own 10 yard line to a Cowboy interception. Without the "continuous clock" that the Scotties have grown accustomed to, they held the Cowboys until the clock wound down on its own accord.

Fifty carries gave the Scotties 312 yards. Leaders were Cuny for 155 yards in 25 carries; Hauk for 56 yards; and Zane Fees for 51 yards. Smith lead the tackling with 3 solos, 11 assists; Matthews - 3 solos and 8 assists; and Cuny - 2 solos and 9 assists. The Scotties lost 45 yards to five penalties. The Cowboys could only get 185 yards against the Scotties.

"Overall, it was a great game for us," said Coach Morehart. "Our next game is against Harding County, which is ranked second and is on a roll going 3-0 already this year. We will need to play our best game to be competitive." The Class 9A Scotties also have a 3-0 record.

Philip's next game will be at 10:00 a.m. in Deadwood against the Harding County Ranchers in the Prospector Bowl. The Ranchers are currently number two in Class 9B. The game will be aired live on the radio at 980 AM.