Philip Scotties bring down Wall Eagles

Philip took advantage of five Wall turnovers to shut out the Eagles, 52-0, in the last game of the regular season play on Thursday, October 19.

Philip 6 24 22 - = 52

Wall 0 0 0 - = 0

The win boosted Philip, the third-ranked team in Class 9A, to 7-1 overall and 6-0 in Western Conference play. Wall was pushed back to 4-4 overall and 3-3 in conference games. Philip will move on to a play-off game against Campbell County.

At 6:29 in the first quarter, the Scotties took an early 6-0 lead on a Zane Fees 4-yard run. The extra point attempt failed.

The Eagles tried to match the early score, but lost a pass attempt deep in Philip territory. "We had a pass dropped in the end zone after they scored; that let the air out of us," Wall Coach Mark Ammann said. "The flood gates opened up and they converted all our turnovers for points."

Eighteen seconds into the second quarter, James Williamson make a three-yard run to score. Fees made the conversion play. With less than 2-1/2 minutes remaining in the half, Casey Cuny ran the ball 40 yards for a touchdown. Fees again made the conversion. With less than a minute to go, Casey Elshere caught an Allen Hauk pass for a 15-yard touchdown. Alex Moos brought in the conversion play.

Scottie defenders kept the Eagles at bay throughout the game. While the Philip offensive blockers made gaping holes for their own ball carriers.

At the 9:33 mark in the third and final quarter, Fees ran a drive 13 yards for a touchdown. Jake Mathews completed the conversion. Later, at the quarter's half way point, Cuny ran the remaining 13 yards to again score, then followed up with carrying in the conversion. With less a minute left in the third quarter, the Scottie team created a way for Cuny to run a 60-yard touchdown, and the game was over.

Philip rushed 41 times for 302 yards, while Wall went 16 or 21. Scottie rushing was lead by Cuny with 13 carries for 183 yards. Fees got the ball 11 times for 62 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 conversions; J. Williamson - 5 carries for 22 yards; Nathan O'Dea - 4 for 37, and Mathews - 3 for 11 yards and 1 conversion.

Wall rushed 16 times for 21 yards. Their leaders were Heathershaw - 4 for 6, Sharp - 3 for 6, Barber - 2 for 4, and D. Eisenbraun - 1 fo 3.

Philip tackles were lead by Lincoln Smith with 4 solos and 6 assists; Elshere - 2 and 4; Mathews - 1 and 5.

Philip had 18 first downs to Wall's two. The Eagles gained 62 yards through 10 passes with five completions, though suffering two interceptions. Wall lost three fumbles, while Philip lost one. Wall gave up 16 yards through two penalties, and Philip lost 25 yards through three penalties.

The Scottie team helped running back Cuny get past the 1,000-yard season mark with 183 rushing yards on Thursday. He has 1,187 yards during the 2006 regular season. Cuny's four game touchdowns gives him 21 touchdowns this season.

The first 2006 State Football first round playoff pairings were played on Tuesday, October 24. The results will be published next issue.

The top three highest power rated teams in each region automatically qualify for the playoffs in all classes. The next four highest power rated teams, regardless of region, are selected at-large. An at-large team that finishes fourth in their region remains in their region. An at-large team finishing fifth or sixth in their region is moved to a new region with highest power rated at-large team (if more than one) traveling the least for their first round game. The at-large team will be seeded where their power points rank them within the named region. The first place team in each region will play the fourth place team and the second place team will play the third place team. The highest seeded team will host throughout the playoff.

The first parenthesis contains the regular season record and the second parenthesis contains the final power point ranking. An * denotes at-large teams.

9A Region 1 - *Estelline (4-4) (47.750) at Northwestern (6-2) (55.000); Castlewood (5-3) (50.625) at Warner (5-3) (51.000).

9A Region 2 - *Doland/Conde (4-4) (46.250) at Hanson (8-0) (59.625); Scotland (4-4) (49.250) at Centerville (5-3) (49.500).

9A Region 3 - *Sully Buttes (4-4) (46.625) at Gettysburg (7-1) (54.125); Highmore/Harrold (5-3) (48.625) at Timber Lake/Isabel (5-3) (49.875).

9A Region 4 - *Campbell County (4-4) (45.875) at Philip (7-1) (55.250); Kadoka (5-3) (47.375) at Kimball (5-3) (50.250).