Philip Scottie Homecoming football smears New Underwood Tigers 50-0

Dogpile … When the Philip Scotties had a dogpile, the Tigers seemed to always be on the bottom.

Philip 22 28 - - = 50

New Underwood 0 0 - - = 0

Less than a minute after the game's first kick-off, Philip's Casey Cuny ran 50 yards for the first touchdown. The extra point attempt failed.

The kick by the Scotties' Alex Moos flew high and deep into the opponent's territory, but even the underdogs of New Underwood got through the Philip specialty team. New Underwood was finally stopped on their own 29 yard line. Needless to say, Philip returned to its "squiggle" kicking for the rest of the game, hoping for a weird bounce to create a fumble.

With 7:31 still left in the first quarter, Cuny again kept the ball and ran 56 yards for another touchdown. Cuny also ran in the two-point conversion. The Scottie defense easily stopped the Tigers. The Scottie offense was at it again. A bit later, a Philip fumble was luckily recovered by Philip. Cuny, again, hung onto the ball and ran 33 yards for a third touchdown. This time someone else was handed the ball, and Jake Mathews completed the extra point conversion ... still standing on his feet.

New Underwood tried to hold the hiking of the ball until the very last second. At first, this strategy worked and the Scottie line jumped off-sides. Philip players caught on quickly.

The first quarter ended 22-0.

Less than two minutes into the second quarter, Philip's Allen Hauk threw a pass to Casey Elshere, who ran it 10 yards to score. The extra point attempt failed.

The time clock read 7:30 when Mathews ran in a 17-yard touchdown. Hauk ran in the two-point conversion. Philip's Jordan Smith got on the Scottie stat sheet when, at the clock's 4:44 mark, he intercepted a New Underwood pass. Thirty-four seconds later, Cuny again carried the ball over the remaining nine yards to score. Slate Evans carried the ball in for the two-point conversion.

The half was to end in 24 seconds, when Cuny ran 55 yards for what would be the final touchdown. Even though the extra point attempt failed, there was still a separation of 50 points on the scoreboard. When the gun was fired, the game was officially over.

Scottie rushing was lead by Cuny with 11 carries for 294 yards, 5 touchdowns and 1 conversion. Mathews carried the ball twice to gain 18 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 conversion. Elshere carried the ball once, and gained 28 yards. Zane Fees used his 2 carries to go 8 yards. Hauk ran twice for 6 yards and 1 conversion. James Williamson got the ball once, and gained two yards.

Elshere caught the ball once for a 10 yard gain. J. Williamson had 1 reception for 31 yards. Hauk threw both of those passes.

Philip's tackling was an obvious team effort. Michael Westerberg - 2 solos, 7 assists; Lincoln Smith - 1 solo, 12 assists; J. Williamson - 2 solos, 1 assist; Fees - 2 solos, 6 assists; Alex Moos - 4 assists;

Elshere - 4 assists; Evans - 3 assists; Mathews - 3 assists; Andrew Brech - 3 assists.

There are 33 players on the Philip team roster.

The next football game for the Philip Scotties will be at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 19, in Wall against the Eagles.