Philip Scottie athletes compete at People's Market Track and Field Meet in Kadoka

Athletes from Philip traveled to Kadoka to compete in the open class People's Market Invitational Track and Field Meet on Thursday, April 24th

Brandon O'Dea went a distance of 18'06" to earn first place in the long jump. Marissa Mann took second in the shot put with a throw of 31'01." The 1600 meter medley team of Josie Guptill, Kady Pinney, Lindsay Mann and Tylissa Fitch earned second place with a time of 4:53.2. Another second place was earned by the 400 meter medley team of L. Mann, Kayla O'Connell, Pinney and Guptill with a time of 4:32.5. Karch Foley threw the shot put 39'07.5" to earn a second place medal. O'Dea, Beau Ferguson, Rob Williamson and Jeff O'Connell ran the 1600 meter relay in 3:59.7 to take second place.


Shot Put

M. Mann - 2nd, 31'01"

3200 Meter Relay

Philip - 3rd, 11:23.3 (O'Connell, Holly Iwan, Molly Coyle, Fitch)

800 Meter Relay

Philip - 3rd, 2:01.4 (Coyle, Pinney, Stacy Weller, L. Mann).

1600 Meter Run

Iwan - 3rd, 6:04.7

400 Meter Relay

Philip - 4th, 57.3 (M. Coyle, Colby Smith, Pinney, L. Mann).

300 Meter Hurdles

O'Connell - 6th, 58.30

1600 Meter Medley

Philip - 2nd, 4:53.2 (Guptill, Pinney, L. Mann, Fitch).

3200 Meter Run

Emily Schofield - 3rd, 14:20.1

Brandy Bartels - 5th, 14:52.0

400 Meter Relay

Philip - 2nd, 4:32.5 (L. Mann, O'Connell, Pinney, Guptill)


Shot Put

Foley - 2nd, 39'07.5"


Foley - 5th, 108'05"

Long Jump

O'Dea - 1st, 18'06"

3200 Meter Relay

Philip - 6th, 10:42.3 (Zane Pekron, William Coyle, Kelvin Ferguson, Colter Cvach)

800 Meter Relay

Philip - 3rd, 1:43.3 (O'Dea, B. Ferguson, Williamson, O'Connell)

1600 Meter Run

Pekron - 6th, 5:20.4

400 Meter Relay

Philip - 3rd, 49.3 (O'Dea, B. Ferguson, Williamson, O'Connell).

400 Meter Dash

O'Connell - 3rd, 56.20

1600 Meter Medley

Philip - 4th, 4:56.2 (Marcus Martinez, Trey DeJong, Casey Cvach, W. Coyle)

1600 Meter Relay

Philip - 2nd, 3:59.7 (O'Dea, B. Ferguson, Williamson, O'Connell).