Philip Nursing Home flies through inspection

by Jennifer Henrie, Marketing/Human Resources, Philip Health Services, Inc.

On June 22-23, surveyors from the South Dakota Department of Health visited the Philip Nursing Home for its annual inspection.

Under contract with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the state is required to inspect all nursing homes that provide care to people receiving Medicare and Medicaid.

There are over 180 regulations and standards that Medicare certified nursing homes must uphold at all times to protect the residents. These regulations cover many aspects of life in the nursing home, such as the care of residents, how the staff and residents interact, the physical environment of the nursing home, health inspections and fire safety. State surveyors include nurses, dietitians, pharmacists and environmental sanitarians. When the survey has been completed, a report is issued to the nursing home, specifying any concerns with the level of care.

Kent Olson, administrator of Philip Health Services, Inc., said, "Thanks to the outstanding work year round by our staff, the Philip Nursing Home had a very successful survey. We had just a few minor deficiencies." One deficiency, illustrating the great detail of the inspection, was a bucket mistakenly placed under a sink in the hospital's mechanical room. "The regulation states that there must be three feet of clear working space around a sink, and the bucket needed to be moved. This is the level of detail that nursing homes are expected to comply," said Olson.

The next step for the Philip Nursing Home was to prepare a plan of correction to address the deficiency items. The plan identified how and when each of these items will be corrected and who would be responsible for the follow through. It was submitted to the state Department of Health for approval, and was granted August 2.

The Philip Nursing Home was authorized to continue its service and payment arrangements for residents with Medicare and Medicaid.

"Nursing home inspections can be a stressful experience, but they are designed to make sure the residents are cared for in the best way possible," Olson said. "This year's survey shows that our staff is doing a great job of meeting the standards."