Philip has good showing at South Dakota High School Rodeo Finals in Belle Fourche

Eight Philip High School rodeo contestants placed high in the standings during the South Dakota High School Rodeo Finals in Belle Fourche, June 25 to 29.

Trey Fortune excelled in the Boys Cutting event. He took seventh in the second go, ninth in the short go and in the average. For the season he placed 11th. Trey saw action in two other events, steer wrestling and team roping.

Jade Nelson took second in the second go of calf roping and was 10th in the average. He also competed in steer wrestling.

Clint Nelson was sixth in the second go for steer wrestling and 10th for the season. He also particpated in saddle bronc, calf roping and team roping.

Blayne Kennedy took second in the second go of barrel racing. She was a competitor in the pole bending, breakaway and team roping.

Toyeala Fortune won the first go of girls cutting. She tied for sixth in the average and placed sixth for the season. She is an alternate for the national team.

Philip had two team roping teams place during the four-day event. Samantha Nelson, Creighton, and Jace Nelson placed second in the first go. Tucker McDaniel and Jade Nelson placed seventh in the first go.

Other Philip contestants were Bradi Porch, Pole bending, barrel racing and cutting, Marla Kelly, barrel racing, Mick Trask, team roping, Ryan Kammerer, steer wrestling, Mark Trask, team roping, Carissa Doolittle, goat tying and breakaway roping, Loni Nelson, pole bending, Kelsey Hostutler, breakaway and team roping and barrel racing and Wyatt Kammerer, steer wrestling and team roping.

The South Dakota National Team is comprised of the following:

Boys Cutting - Travis Cowan, Highmore, Tel Schaack, Edgemont, Sam Olson, Buffalo, and Trey Young, Dupree.

Girls Cutting - Stacy Doll, Prairie City, Wanda Maude, Hermosa, Joey Painter, Buffalo, and Jamie Hart, Frederick.

Bareback - Mark Kenyon, Hayti, Jayden Hansen, Gettysburg, Dillon Manderfeld, Sturgis, and Cole Elshere, Faith.

Breakaway Roping - Kaycee Nelson, Buffalo, Jasper, Sturgis, Taryn Sippel, Peirpont, and Kari Cable, Pukwana.

Pole Bending - Jasper, Sturgis, Taylor Jo Voelsch, Watertown, Shelby Thompson, Eagle Butte, Hayley Smith, Rapid City, and Amy Deichert, Spearfish.

Calf Roping - Dane Kissack, Spearfish, Billy Bolden, Ogalala, Jess Woodward, Dupree, and Troy Wilcox, Red Owl.

Saddle Bronc - Clayton Etzkorn, Pierre, Chet Smith, Rapid City, Elshere, Faith, and Chancy Miller, Faith.

Goat Tying - Painter, Buffalo, Teri Heavlin, Rapid City, Lacey Tech, Fairfax, Shandel Yordy, Martin, and Echo Johnston, Red Owl.

Steer Wrestling - Cole Fulton, Miller, Kyle Albers, Hartford, Jace Melvin, Ft. Pierre, and Clay Edgar, Oral.

Team Roping - Wilcox, Red Owl & Dalton Kelly, Quinn, Edgar, Oral & Clint Kindred, Oral, Tyler Mutchler, Newell & Justin Collins, Belle Fourche, Ty Miller, Spearfish & Tanner Lolley, White River, and Amy Tierney, Oral and Schaack, Edgemont.

Bull Riding - Taylor Cowan, Ft. Pierre, Elshere, Faith, Connor Sell, Martin, and Ty Moncur, Belle Fourche.

Barrel Racing - Sippel, Peirpont, Tierney, Oral, Kristin Lawrence, Mobridge, and Misty McPherson, Piedmont.