Philip cowgirls and cowboys place well at Sturgis Regional High School Rodeo

Philip High School's Rodeo Club took second as a team, following Sturgis, at the Sturgis High School Regional Rodeo last weekend, June 13, 14 and 15.

Clint Nelson earned the Boys Rookie Award while Marla Kelly brought home the Hard Luck Cowgirl recognition.

The Philip athletes placed wellduring the rodeo's two rounds and the average.

First go results:

Barrel Racing: 1st, Blayne Kennedy, 17.499; 8th, Marla Kelly, 17.954; 9th, Kelsey Hostutler, 17.971.

Breakaway Roping: 6th, Hostutler, 3.920.

Goat Tying: 7th, Toyeala Fortune, 10.870.

Pole Bending: 2nd, Kennedy, 20.875.

Girl's Cutting: 6th, Fortune, 66; 8th, Bradi Porch, 61.

Steer Wrestling: 4th, Ryan Kammerer, 6.810; 5th, Wyatt Kammerer, 7.910; 7th, Jade Nelson, 9.010; 8th, Clint Nelson, 12.370; 10th, Fortune, 13.860.

Team Roping: 3rd, C. Nelson/Hostutler, 9.73; 4th, Kennedy/Sammi Rae Berry, 10.95; 7th, Samanth Nelson/Jace Nelson, 14.33.

Boys Cutting: 2nd, Trey Fortune, 68.

Second go results:

Barrel Racing: 3rd, Hostutler, 17.576; 10th, Kelly, 17.850. Breakaway Roping: 3rd, Hostutler, 3.280; 7th, Kennedy, 4.040.

Pole Bending: 2nd, Loni Nelson, 21.507.

Girl's Cutting: 3rd, Fortune, 70.5.

Saddle Bronc: 2nd, C. Nelson, 40.

Steer Wrestling: 4th, C. Nelson, 5.760; 6th, W. Kammerer, 9.130; 8th, Fortune,11.720; 9th, Jade Nelson, 15.680.

Team Roping: 6th, Tucker McDaniel/Jade Nelson, 17.61; 10th, Mark Trask/ Mick Trask, 22.43.

Tie Down Roping: 9th, C. Nelson, 15.170.

Boys Cutting: 4th, Fortune, 64.

Results for the average:

Barrel Racing: 4th, Kennedy, 35.396; 5th, Hostutler, 35.547; 8th, Kelly, 35.804.

Breakaway Roping: 3rd, Hostutler, 7.200

Pole Bending: 8th, L. Nelson, 44.725; 10th, Taylor Holman, 45.627.

Girl's Cutting: 5th, Fortune, 136.5; 8th, Porch.

Saddle Bronc: 3rd, C. Nelson, 40.

Steer Wrestling: 4th, W. Kammerer, 17.040; 6th, C. Nelson, 18.130; 7th, Jade Nelson, 24.690;8th, Fortune, 25.580; 9th, R. Kammerer, 6.810 (Placed in one go).

Team Roping: 6th, Tucker McDaniel/Jade Nelson; 8th, C. Nelson/Hostutler; 9th Kennedy/ Berry.

Tie Down Roping: 6th, C. Nelson, 31.200; 10th W. Kammerer, 39.370.

Boys Cutting: 2nd, Fortune, 132.