Philip community play, female version of The Odd Couple, will drive you nuts

Sympathy of friends, now get out ... The Odd Couple, the female version, should be a real laugh for audiences. Sloppy vs. neat-freak. Outgoing vs. hypochondriac. Standing, from left: Cindy Nuzum, LeAnn Knutson, Deb Smith and Diane Walker. Front: Jayne Gottsleben, playing Olive Madison, and Carmen Fees, playing Florence Unger.

Actress Jayne Gottsleben will play the sloppy, headstrong and life-loving Olive Madison. Carmen Fees will play the neat-freak, insecure, and indescribably annoying Florence Unger. The linguini will fly and the audience will roar with laughter.

The Philip community theater group will perform the female version of The Odd Couple on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 5, 6 and 7. The shows will start at 7:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., respectively, in the Fine Arts Building of the Philip High School.

After one of her new roommate's tiraids, Gottsleben's character retorts, "If I've just been told off, I think I may have missed it." At one point in the play, Gottsleben's character goes all kinds of nuts and states, "Florence left. She's angry because she didn't like what I said." What did she say? "Get out!"

Sympathy starved, Fees character is hyper-critical about table coasters, lamps, well cooked capon and punctuality. Yet without even trying, she can make not one, but two, Don Juans cry for her.

Because these two friends are opposites, they attract laughter. They also have a group of other friends ... well, with friends like these ...? Trivial pursuit may be the cover story for the girls' weekly get-together, but Olive Madison states, "Who gives a #%&@ what the category it is? Just ask a question."

Supporting cast include Diane Walker whose character is thankful for a penguin. At one point she accuses a ditsey blonde friend, "YOU are the oldest vegetable in the world!"

Deb Smith portrays a police woman. She has a mean right hook, a gun in her purse and an almost violent fixation on Charley Chan.

Cindy Nuzum plays a chain smoking friend whose reminiscences include, "I remember the first time I danced close with him. He kept saying, 'It's not what you think.' I had to go to confession the next day."

In a real stretch, LeAnn Knutson plays a ditsey blonde who dresses way too sexy for her husband's tastes. During their weekly board game evening, she is ready to talk trash, but keeps everyone on track with, "Is that your final answer?"

Kieth Smith and Del Bartels play the Spaniard lady-killer-wanna-bees who live upstairs in apartment 14B. They have trouble with the English language, but not with getting the laughs.

Joe Gittings and Marcy Ramsey co-direct this female version of The Odd Couple. Bruce Kroetch, Nancy Ekstrum and Beth Smith are responsible for the set. Steve Millage and Mike Seager are sound and lights.