Philip City Council meets

Rita Merrill, Director of Equalization, presented her annual report and update. A new assessment of the City of Philip is nearly complete.

New construction has resulted in a growth of $776,000 in Philip. The levy from last year, plus usage of the cost of living index, plus the new growth index will result in the tax projection for next year. Merrill reminds tax payers that there is still a freeze in effect, as it has been for years.

The Haakon County Commissioner's will meet as a Board of Equalization on Tuesday, April 10.

The council authorized Police Chief Kit Graham to hire five additional certified police officers for the Centennial weekend of June 14 to 17. It also approved for the Chamber of Commerce to utilizing the balance of the Centennial budget as appropriated to hire three security enforcement officers during the Centennial events. Chief Graham will hire these individuals.

The Philip Chamber of Commerce's request for open-malt beverage containers in designated areas during Centennial Celebration was also reviewed. A contingency was stressed concerning the city's review and formal approval of the special events license application from the Chamber of Commerce Centennial Committee outlining requests for the celebration. With this contingency in mind, the city approved the open-malt beverage request.

The council addressed a petition presented by Vickie Petersen relative to the parking stripes on Center Avenue. The discussion included the pros and cons of increasing the angle of the stripes from the sidewalk, of losing some or all of the handicapped parking spaces, losing parking behind the ambulance service building now that the service is moving in, and that the federal grant helping to pay for the street project greatly dictates the parking lines size and angle. The council decided to leave the parking lines as is until the grant requirements expire and it is time to repaint the lines.

The next scheduled meeting for the Philip City Council is 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 2, in the Community Room of the Haakon County Courthouse.