Philip city council finalizes 2012 budget

The Philip City Council meeting Monday, October 3, began with the council first approving the payment of pending bills, which totaled $187,458.41. This included salaries and benefits of $31,674.24.

In old business, no future compliance responsibility is required with the Land and Water Conservation funds that were used for the Lake Waggoner bathhouse project.

The council then established the city's amount to be appropriated for the advertising of the 2012 Matched Bronc Ride. That amount is $1,500. The council did not establish any policy for future year's appropriations, instead leaving the amount open to be determined before each year's budget is set.

The council approved the second reading of the 2012 municipal appropriations. The total projected expenses are $1,426,390. The total projected means of finance is $1,426,390. Any surplus between revenue and cost for water, sewer and garbage collection is projected at $595.

Then the council heard from Brandon West and Beau Ravellette concerning the Matched Bronc Ride. Ravellette put forth the request that the amount be put back to $2,500 since the costs for horses and the winners' pay-out have gone up, along with many other expenses. He said that the city's advertising assistance helps entice sponsors, with them knowing their names go out on each poster and other advertisement. The city's amount going toward advertising opens up other money to go toward the arena upkeep and other aspects of the Matched Bronc Ride.

In 2007, the city originally gave $5,000 to the chamber of commerce for the Philip centennial, which was in turn given to the Matched Bronc Ride. In 2008 and 2009, the city paid $2,500 which went to advertising for the bronc ride. In 2010 and 2011, $2,000 was paid each year.

Councilman Mike Vetter wondered if, when it is advertised well the year before, wouldn't word of mouth be adequate advertising? He compared this general knowledge to the annual Sturgis Rally.

West said, "Everybody knows there's a bronc match in Philip. Your advertising is to let them know exactly when it is. The city needs to do something to advertise Philip; if you don't promote then what do you do for revenue?" He added, "The money we get from you does not cover everything in advertising." He estimated the city's amount covered between half to two-thirds of the total. Ravellette concluded, "You're paying out tax dollars, but you're getting that back through revenue."

Since the council had already set $1,500 into next year's budget for the Matched Bronc Ride advertising, that amount would stand. West and Ravellette should address the issue again before the next budget is set.

The council then approved a $21,646 supplement to its budget for this year. "Whereas, it appears that there will be insufficient funds in the 2011 general fund budget to carry out the indispensable functions of government, it is proposed that the following supplemental appropriations contingency transfer be adopted to cover these expenses." The proposal carried.

The city will finalize the transfer of Outlot 02 from Grossenburg Implement. Councilman Greg Arthur said, "We made people get surveys to prove they weren't building on lot lines. We'd look pretty stupid if we didn't survey this." Vetter agreed, "My thought is since they wanted to get rid of it, they should prepare the quit claim." Grossenburg's will have to survey the lot before the city will take responsibility for the land that has been used by truckdrivers as a roadway.

The council approved building permits for Curt Arthur to move a 16'x24' shed out of the city, for Perry Brucklacher to put up a 12'x16' shed, for Lary Osburn to put up a 12'x16' shed and to replace a concrete walk and part of a fence, for Joe Prouty to do emergency sewer line repairs, and for Ronnie Coyle of Coyle's Super Valu to excavate and repair a geothermal valve and drainage outlet.

The city has received scoping recommendations from the State of South Dakota for the South Dakota Highway 73 (Larimer Avenue) sidewalk project. Finance Officer Monna Van Lint said, "It is going to design. It is going to happen." The new sidewalk will be according to ADA standards and will be five foot wide. Project date is 2015.

The council approved to move its 2000 Chevy Blazer to the airport to be used as a courtesy vehicle. The 1988 Dodge Ram Charger, which was gifted from the county to the city in 2000 for use as the airport courtesy car, will be surplused and sold. The city will purchase a $48,050 loader for the street department. The city's 1986 Case W14B Loader purchased in 1986 for $37,625 will receive estimates on repairs and value, then possibly be sold through sealed bids or auction.

West Central Electric's annual meeting is Wednesday, October 5, in Presho. Finance Officer Monna Van Lint and Deputy Finance Officer Brittany Smith will be out of the office, October 5-7 for the South Dakota Municipal League annual conference.

The next regular city council meeting will be Tuesday, November 8, starting at 7:00 p.m. in the Haakon County Courthouse community room.