Philip City Council completes year-end business

Year-end business for the Philip City Council was addressed at the scheduled special meeting on Wednesday, December 29, 2004.

The well water users agreement has been drafted and sent to the various users. A meeting to finalize that issue has been set for Friday, January 14.

The Philip Airport PAPI lights are up and running. The specific line item ran higher than expected, but the overall budget for the airport absorbed the cost. The airport five-year engineering proposals have been received and engineering interviews with the airport committee are scheduled at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 19 in the Haakon County Courthouse Community Room.

The building committee proposed only a warning to known building permit offenders. It just so happened that work done would not impair utility and safety codes, but that was coincidental. The committee recommended that future fines be levied against the landowner and the contractor.

Collaborating with the Haakon School Board, the Philip City Council is also in favor of continuing combined municipal elections with school board elections; thus saving costs and historically increasing voter turn-out. One polling location in Philip, more than likely at the high school, would also save costs and some voter confusion. City council members up for re-election this year include: Monte Palecek in Ward I, Dan Walker in Ward II, and David Schofield in Ward III. Petitions can begin circulating no earlier than January 28, 2005.

With an estimate from SPN and Associates now on record, council permission was given for the finance office to pursue grant money for the proposed handicap-accessible sidewalk and necessary retaining walls on the west side of Highway 73 on “school hill”. The estimate given was $108,050.

The commercial garbage haulers licenses for 2005 have been approved for Heartland Waste and Walker Refuse.

Brian Pearson and Tom Lesselyoung were given formal approval to attend the South Dakota Rural Water Conference in Pierre on January 11-13.

The council is glad to report that many individuals who have been asked to comply with the nuisance ordinances have made visible efforts to improve their property. Community beautification is one of the top priorities on the Community Assessment report.