Philip Area wrestlers 4th at Gordon

Clint Nelson

The Philip Area wrestling team began its 2010-2011 season by competing at the Gordon/ Rushville Wrestling Tournament in Gordon, Neb., Saturday, December 11.

Out of 15 schools represented, the Philip Area team earned fourth place with 117.5 points. First place went to Valentine, Neb., with 156.5 points, second place went to Ainsworth, Neb., with 136.5 points and third went to Chadron, Neb., with 123 points. The other team scores were Mullen, Neb. - 79, Mitchell, S.D. - 78, Ogallala, S.D. - 73, Gordon/ Rushville, Neb. - 60, Bennett County, S.D. - 48, Sidney, Neb. - 46, Pine Ridge, S.D. - 35, Perkins County, S.D. - 15, Red Cloud, S.D. - 7, Hay Springs, Neb. - 0 and Little Wound, S.D. - 0. Last year the Philip Area team took first place at this tournament.

In individual weight classes, Philip wrestler Clint Nelson scored first place in the 215 pound division. Three second places were earned by Philip Area, by Chandlier Sudbeck - 125 pounds, Travis Nelson - 135 pounds and Tanner Radway - 152 pounds. One third place was claimed by Lane Blasius in the 130 pound division. Three fourth places were earned by Jed Brown - 103 pounds, Chance Knutson - 171 pounds and Clint Stout - 189 pounds.

Jed Brown, 103 lbs., 4th place

•pinned by Ely Sharkey (AIN), 5:16



•decision over Forrest Sanabria (MIT), 12-4

•decisioned by Ely Sharkey (AIN), 9-14

Grady Carley, 112 lbs.

•pinned by Bradon Trout (MIT), 1:40


•decisioned by Vince Martin (PR), 1-13

Chandlier Sudbeck, 125 lbs., 2nd place

•pinned Elkananh Riley (OGA), 3:50

•technical fall over Nathaniel Votruba (SID), 18-1

•decisioned by Jesse Retzlaff (G/R), 8-13

Lane Blasius, 130 lbs., 3rd place


•decisioned by Brandon Dehling (CHAD), 9-13

•pinned Luke Tinnon (OGA), 0:56

•decision over Eric Arnold (VAL), 8-1

Travis Nelson, 135 lbs., 2nd place


•pinned Derek Hockenbary (VAL), 1:18

•decisioned by Chance Bila (CHAD), 5-7

Reed Johnson, 140 lbs.

•decisioned by John Swanson (MIT), 4-9

•decision over Tanner Wernsman (SID), 9-4

•decision over Christian Miyamoto (PC), 10-2

•decisioned by Justin Schremmer (CHAD), 4-8

Tucker McDaniel, 145 lbs.

•decisioned by Jarod Spurlin (MUL), 4-6


•decision over Colton Snyder (MIT), 17-9

•decisioned by Seth Ireland (BC), 3-6

Tanner Radway, 152 lbs., 2nd place

•pinned Ken Graham (G/R), 3:59

•decision over Thomas McNair (AIN), 8-6

•pinned by Bryce Weideman (MIT), 1:25

Chance Knutson, 171 lbs., 4th place

•pinned Jonas Cardona (MIT), 4:44

•decisioned by Taylor Gross (AIN), 4-14

•decision over Tyrell Wilson (MUL), 6-3

•pinned by Davis Matthes (SID), 1:31

Clint Stout, 189 lbs., 4th place

•pinned by Nick Licking (MUL), 2:43


•pinned Tristan Miskimins (CHAD), 2:22

•pinned Ted Pedregon (PR), 2:43

•decisioned by Trent Osnes (VAL), 2-11

Clint Nelson, 215 lbs., 1st place

•pinned Jeff Olhman (VAL), 3:06

•pinned Michael Gill (OGA), 0:56

•pinned Austin Brown (CHAD), 3:45

Gavin DeVries, 275 lbs.

•pinned by Nathaniel Allen ( AIN), 0:28

•pinned by Tanner Rein (MIT), 0:20

Junior Varsity

Rance Johnson, 103 lbs.

•pinned Rich Robinson (VAL), 1:40

•pinned by Trevor Bukoske (VAL), 4:00

•decisioned by Wacey Gallegos (AIN), 4-11


•pinned Timothy McClure (CHAD), 2:16

Raedon Anderson, 119 lbs.


•pinned by Lane Riley (SID), 2:58

•pinned Justin Bear Runner (PR), 3:49


•pinned by N/A (VAL), 0:57

•decision over Chandler Bakley (BC), 9-5

Austin Pinney, 125 lbs.

•pinned Lucas Higer (SID), 3:12


•pinned Jeremy Huether (BC), 2:52


•pinned Pryce Pinney (AIN), 2:49

Ryder Wilson, 140 lbs.


•decisioned by Tanner Mastin (SID), 3-17

•pinned by Tyler Bakley (BC), 1:31

•pinned Lane Gambill (AIN), 2:29

•pinned by Wyatt Egger (MIT), :34

Taran Eisenbraun, 152 lbs.


•decision over N/A (BC), 9-2

•pinned by Justin Sage (SID), 2:13


•decision over Taylor Hood (G/R), 3-2

•(exhibition) pinned by N/A (MUL), 2:13

Roger Davis, 160 lbs.

•pinned Tristan Robles (MIT), 0:50

•forfeit to Michael Tucker (PC)

•pinned Isaac Holbrook (MIT), 0:37

Bohdi Lytle, 171 lbs.


•pinned Scott Kelsey (SID), 1:34

•pinned Ed McCleary (VAL), 4:40


•pinned Mathew Skinner (OGA), 1:53

The next meet for the Philip Scotties is Friday and Saturday, December 17-18 at the Dickinson Wrestling Tournament.