Philip Area team takes second place at own "Wrestle Mania" Tournament

Philip's annual Invitational Wrestling Tournament "Wrestle Mania" on January 16 and 17 ended with Rapid City Central taking first place and Philip earning second place out of 14 schools.

This is the sixth year that Central, an "AA" school, has claimed top honors, and the third consecutive year that Philip, a "B"-sized school, has taken second place.

Rapid City Central (RCC) won with 273 points. Philip Area finished with 229.5, Burke/Gregory (B/G) - 224.5, Lemmon (Lm) - 120, Stanley County (SC) - 111.5, Harding County (HC) - 107, Lyman - 105, Gordon/Rushville (G/R)- 85, Douglas (Dg) - 84.5, Spearfish (Sp) - 83, Chamberlain (Ch) - 74.5, Custer (Cu) - 60.5, Lead/Deadwood (L/D) - 21 and St. Thomas More (STM) - 13. All participating schools also had their junior varsity wrestlers competing as separate teams.

Philip Area had three tournament champions, Troy Guptill (140 lb.), Andrew Brech (152 lb.) and Mick Trask ( 275 lb.). In the his final match, Guptill continued a well-executed reversal into a pin over Burke/Gregory's Mike Braun at the 2:30 time mark. Brech made his championship match pin over Hill City's Taz Olson at the 4:42 mark.

The final match of the tournament was the heavyweight championship bout between Trask and Lyman's Skyler Eriksen. It ended 4-2 in triple overtime. Trask was ahead 1-0. With 1:05 left on the clock, Eriksen reversed to get a 1-2 lead. Then, with only 15 seconds to spare, Trask forced an escape to put the score at 2-2 and cause the bout to go into overtime. After three extra periods, Trask made one last reversal in the last eight seconds for the win. At the whistle ending the match, both men stood up shaking hands. The first two times these wrestlers competed against each other, Eriksen had won over Trask.

Philip Area's Tate Guptill earned second place in the 160 lb. division.

Philip Area had three third-placers, Travis Nelson (119 lb.), Tucker McDaniel (130 lb.) and Blake Lobdell (135 lb.). Philip Area also had three fourth places, Jesse Williams (112 lb.), Ross Julson (145 lb.) and Karch Foley (189 lb.).

Clint Nelson earned a fifth place in the 215 lb. division. Tanner Radway (125 lb.) and Cecil Heeb (145 lb.) both earned sixth place spots. Seventh place in the 103 lb. weight class went to Chandler Sudbeck. Clint Stout (119 lb.) and Chance Knutson (171 lb.) both earned eighth place spots for the Philip Area team.

Chandler Sudbeck, 103 lb., 7th place, season 5-7

•pinned by Blake Stone (RCC), 4:48

•major decision over Sterling Brown (HC), 12-1

•decision over Herman Fennell (SC-jv), 8-6 in over time

•pinned by Russell Felicia (Ch), 2:35

•decision over Jesse Retzleff (G/R), 9-7 in overtime

Jesse Williams, 112 lb., 4th place, season 9-10

•pinned Reece Jensen (HC), 1:35

•major decision over Dominic Bradford (STM), 12-0

•decisioned by Seth McFarland (Sp), 4-7

•decision over Benji Hammell (Ch), 2-0

•decisioned by Matt Stoeser (SC), 3-9

Clint Stout, 119 lb. j.v., 8th place, season 7-8

•pinned Joe Beck (B/G jv), 3:36

•technical fall to Travis Nelson (Philip Area), 4-21

•decision over Mark Shorb (Cu), 6-4

•major decision by Andy Nelson (Sp), 2-12

•decision by Wade Hall (RCC), 2-9

Travis Nelson, 119 lb., 3rd place, season 11-4


•tech fall over Clint Stout (Philip Area), 21-4

•pinned by AJ Dostal (B/G), :44

•tech fall over Joe Beck (B/G jv), 19-3

•decision over Thomas Tolton (SC), 7-0

Tanner Radway, 125 lb., 6th place, season 8-9


•pinned by Travis Reber (RCC), 3:41

•won by forfeit over Jordon Pasion (Ch)

•decision over Shane O'Connell (RCC jv), 8-3

•decisioned by Nick Montieth (Sp), 0-2 in over time

•decisioned by Chantry Norman (SC), 6-8 in overtime

Reed Johnson, 125 lb. jv, season 2-6

•pinned by Witt Dobesh (STM), 1:09

•pinned by Jordon Pasion (Ch), 1:21

Tucker McDaniel, 130 lb., 3rd place, season 13-7


•decisioned by Kellen Lowe (RCC), 2-4


•pinned Tyler Saxton (Ch), 2:31

•won by default over Josh Thompson (L/D)

•decision over Kellen Lowe (RCC), 7-1

Blake Lobdell, 135 lb., 3rd place, season 15-6

•pinned Ben Ten Eyck (STM), 1:22

•major decision over Dylan Severyn (Cu), 12-0

•decisioned by Selby Soesbe (B/G), 7-10

•decision over Tyler Harter (RCC), 5-3

•pinned Brendon Waterson (Sp), 4:05

Roger Davis, 140 lb., season 1-4

•pinned by Dereck Pollock (G/R), 1:32

•pinned by Kyle Harkin (Cu), 1:26

Troy Guptill, 140 lb., 1st place, season 8-2

•pinned Josh Reoh (Dg), 3:10

•pinned Tate Cowan (SC), :45

•decision over Dakota Hunsaker (RCC), 6-0

•pinned Mike Braun (B/G), 2:30

Ross Judson, 145 lb., 4th place, season 10-8


•decisioned by Zach Wager (Cu), 3-5

•pinned Jesse Richardson (G/R), 4:08

•pinned Philip Hannahs (B/G jv), 1:35

•decision over Cecil Heeb, (Philip Area jv), 7-4

•decisioned by Matt Even (Lm), 1-3

Cecil Heeb, 145 lb., 6th place, season 5-7


•decision over Matt Even (Lm), 7-5

•pinned by James Wilson (RCC), 1:39

•default to Zach Wager (Cu)

•pinned by James Wilson (RCC), 1:39

•decisioned by Ross Julson (Philip Area), 4-7

Andrew Brech, 152 lb., 1st place, season 7-2


•tech fall over Tanner Eisland (Cu), 16-0

•major decision over Chris Petersen (B/G), 9-1

•pinned Taz Olson (HC), 4:42

Tate Guptill, 160 lb., 2nd place, season 11-6


•pinned Cody LaCompte (SC), 1:37

•pinned Kyle Gorsuch (RCC), 2:37

•decisioned by Jacob Korzeniewski (Dg), 6-8 in overtime

Chance Knutson, 171 lb., 8th place, season 5-8


•pinned by Tyler Jones (RCC), 4:28

•pinned Ty Cooper (Cu), 1:20

•major decision by Trae Welsch (RCC jv), 2-13

•pinned by Andrew Steffen (B/G jv), 4:17

Karch Foley, 189 lb., 4th place, season 7-10

•pinned Levi Giedd (Ch), 5:29

•pinned by Chapman Ham (RCC), 4:52

•pinned Tanner Johnson (G/R), 2:28

•decision over Austin Rotert (Sp),6-4

•won by forfeit over Trent Gress (HC)

•major decision by Brendan Smith (Ly), 3-15

Dallas Lamm, 189 lb. jv, season 3-2

•pinned by Brock Sinclair (B/G), 1:42


•decisioned by Austin Rotert (Sp), 2-8

Clint Nelson, 215 lb., 5th place, season 13-6


•decisioned by Sam Olson (HC), 2-3

•pinned Evan Smith (Ly jv), :46

•pinned Jace Melvin (SC), 3:43

•major decision by Jacob Anderson (Ly), 11-19

•decision over Jake Weber (RCC), 9-6

Mick Trask, 275 lb., 1st place, season 13-3

•pinned Brody Peterson (Ly), 3:45

•pinned Steve Kantz (B/G jv), 1:02

•major decision over Casey Chilstrom (RCC), 15-6

•decision over Skyler Eriksen (Ly), 4-2 in overtime

Exhibition bouts

Reed Johnson

•pinned by Cole Stevenson (HC), 3:36

•decisioned by Douglas wrestler, 5-10

•pinned by Gordon/Burke wrestler, 1:13

Roger Davis

•major decision by Derek Pollack (G/B), 7-18

•decisioned by Lyman wrestler 2-11

•win by injury default over Josh Reoh (Dg)

Dallas Lamm

•decisioned by Andy N/A, (G/B), 0-4

•decision over Gordon/Burke wrestler, 5-2

•pinned by Kota Simonson (Dg), 2:42

The next meet for the Philip Area team will be at the Parkston Tournament starting at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 24.