Philip All-School Play "Daddy's Girl"

The secret recipe is the key ... Laughter and a heartwarming ending are on the menu at the Philip All-School Play “Daddy’s Girl”.

The Philip All-School Play will be performed Thursday, May 3, and Sunday, May 6, in the Philip Fine Arts Building.

Directed by Laura O'Connor, the large cast covers an amazingly wide range of hilarious characters. The crotchity restaurant owner has loyal customers who eat there for almost any reason other than his company. Only two people can still put up with him. One is his nagging wife, who's been dead for 25 years, and her best friend who is doing almost anything to catch his heart; from dressing to kill to almost getting killed by Big Gorilla (sorry, that's Big Earl Ella).

The eatery's usual clientele of shirtless Bob, love-scared Professor Walter and cantankerous seniors Violet and Daisy are all coddled by the not-too-quick waitress. She and the owner's famous sandwich are the only things going for the place, until all craziness lets loose.

A really irksome, meddlesome and underhanded news reporter (not in Philip!) blows in. A biker broad and her Britni Spears wannabe daughter also show up. Somehow, among the dancing on the counter, near fist fights, recipe stealing, catsup knifing, matchmaking, a devious angel and chocolate pie, a mystery must be solved. The grouch must discover who is his long lost daughter.

Some humor will be missed by the extremely young in the audience, but that should not stop them from laughing throughout at the physical and other verbal humor.

Michael Westerberg is the grump (sorry, the owner/cook). Megan Mortellaro is the hero worshipping waitress. Brandy Bartels is framed as the dead wife. Loni Nelson is a heavenly character with her own agenda. Mariah Evans simply wants her man. Krista Van Lint is an acid tongued restaurant critic for the newspaper. Dorothy Alfaro is the rough biker who likes what she sees in almost any guy. Colby Smith is the Jekyll and Hyde sweet young thing who sings and dances like nobody's business. John Hanes is the professor who becomes a babbling idiot around the gorgeous and unknowing waitress. Cecil Heeb does not like to wear shirts, but does end up wearing something else. James Nelson tries to keep the reporter in line, while encouraging the professor. Ancient Ashley Berry and Sarah Foland finish each other's sentences while they are drooling over the far younger men. Kristina Schofield works the lights and sound. Alaetra Evans and Kareshia Enders are the costumes and design crew.

Come laugh, clap and go "Aaah" at the scandalous recipes in this diner.