Pennington County Courant, May 31, 2012

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Number 22 Volume 107 May 31, 2012
Election for School Board to be held June 5
   Wall  School  will  be  holding  an election on Tuesday, June 5.     There are three incumbents and one  candidate  running  for  three positions for the school board. Scot Eisenbraun  who  is  the  current school board president, Pam Johnson vice-president, Todd Trask and Angela Lytle.    Incumbent  and  candidates  answered  questions  concerning themselves  and  how  they  would serve on the Wall School Board My name is Pam Johnson and I have been married to Dick Johnson for 24 years. We moved to Wall in 1998, and I truly believe we made a great move for our family. We have two daughters, both graduating from Wall High School, and both attending South Dakota State University. I work at First Interstate Bank and been on the Wall School Board for six years. What motivates you to want to become a board member or want to retain your seat on the school board? I made the decision to run again for the Board of Education because of the continual budget concerns we have. I feel I am fiscally minded, and with my experience, I can help make these difficult decisions. Also, with the uncertainty in the Impact Aid program, we need to keep a very close eye on where all the dollars are going. We cannot continue to expect to live off of Impact Aid to balance our budget. What attributes are essential for successful school board members? In order to be a good board member, a person should be able to step back and look at the whole picture and stay neutral until you have sufficient knowledge to make an educated decision based on what is best for the students, staff and public. The Board needs to work together with the Administration in problem solving and support the decisions that are made. Being a good board member shouldn’t mean micro-managing every decision that needs to be made; that is why the School Board hires the superintendent. And above all, keep the children first. The Board is there to make sure the children are provided the best education possible with the tools they have to work with. What do you see as the board's roles and responsibilities? The Board of Education has several functions, such as hiring the superintendent, overseeing development of and upholding the district policies the Board has approved, adopting and staying within the budget, and overseeing the facilities and curriculum. Board members need to work together as a team with the superintendent to make decisions that are best for the students, district and community. What role does policy play/have in the functioning of the board? The development and enforcing of policy is one of the many functions of a school board. It is a constant work in progress and policies have to be updated as the school environment changes. Our Board does the majority of the policy changes in the summer months and invites any input. It is then the Administration’s job to enforce those policies. What is your vision for education in this community? My hope for the education in our community is that education would continue to be the most important reason for our children to go to school. I know that athletics and extra curricular activities are important for a well-rounded student, but we need to remember that education and academics must come first. Our school does a great job of preparing our children for post secondary education and beyond, but I would like to see our test scores continue to rise. What is the most important responsibility of a school board? I feel the most important responsibility of a school board is to maintain a good working relationship and have trust in the superintendent, provide a quality education for our children, and keep our budget in line. Can you think of any district expenses that should be cut? I feel that our district has cut as many expenses possible while still providing quality education to the children in our district. We cut our budget substantially two years ago and if we aren’t careful to continually monitor our spending, we could be back to where we started. I do feel we are going to have to think outside the box and find innovative ways to fund and provide education in these difficult times. board needs to make sure that policies are being updated with the changes that are occurring in the community, state and federal levels. The policies need to layout a clear plan for the administration to follow so that district intent, goals and objectives can be met. Clear policies also keep the community informed of what the district is trying to accomplish. What is your vision for education in this community? Right now I believe that our school is just barely meeting the state requirement for time spent in school. Considering how much instructional time the students miss because of extra-curricular activities and church release time, I feel that the district should move back to a five day week and still keep the same daily hours in school. I know that the school is required to let students out for religious instruction, but have parents ever realized that by sending their child to church school, the student is missing 1⁄4 of the instructional time for that subject for the year. That adds up to a lot of missed learning opportunity. I don’t want to do away with religious education by any means but maybe parents could talk to their church leaders and have the religious education time start an hour later in the afternoon. Two other things that have bothered me over the years are that sometimes teachers have students correct each others’ papers. I feel that this is the teacher’s responsibility. I believe that when teachers correct the papers they get feedback on what concepts the kids are having a hard time grasping. The second thing that bothers me is letting students retake a test or finish up a test at a later time if they didn’t have time in class to finish it. Students need to learn to study for their tests the first time around. They won’t get the opportunity in college to retake tests so why get them started on that thought process in high school. What is the most important responsibility of a school board? In my opinion the most important thing for the school board to do is provide all the students with the best learning environment possible with the resources that are available. Can you think of any district expenses that should be cut? I must admit that I haven’t seen a detailed balance sheet, so I don’t know right off of any expenditure that needs to be cut. However, I will say once again that it was an irresponsible use of school funds to pay John Hess an extra $1544.00 in addition to his regular coaching wages as the boys’ varsity coach and his wages as the girls’ varsity coach. The teachers aren’t paid extra for giving up their free time to plan and correct papers after school. John should not have been paid extra on top of his coaching salary for giving up his free time to coach two teams. I believe that the school board and superintendent wanted the community to think that if they didn’t give John the extra wages that the school wouldn’t have had a boy’s varsity basketball coach. However, I know that two other people inquired about the coaching position and neither was given an interview. I also strongly disagree with hiring a new football coach and creating a teaching position for him when the school already has three varsity level football coaches within the system. The $37,100.00 salary for this new teaching position could have been used elsewhere in the system. I also don’t know if this teaching and football coach position was advertised as being open in our district. I could be wrong but I believe the superintendent is required to advertise teaching positions that are open if he is not going to fill the position with current staff members. I think it is time to make some changes to the school board. What attributes are essential for successful school board members? To keep an open mind. What do you see as the board's roles and responsibilities? To help our executive staff to keep our school district at a high level of excellence. What role does policy play/have in the functioning of the board? The policy that we have in place helps guide our staff and board in the day-to-day operations of our district. What is your vision for education in this community? I think that our community is very blessed to have an administration and school staff whose primary goal is to keep improving and I would like to continue to be a part of that. What is the most important responsibility of a school board? To help and work with the adminstration. Can you think of any district expenses that should be cut? This would be a very tough call at the present time. I would hope we can continue to hold the line on our budget and not have to cut staff or courses. As everyone knows the biggest expense to any business is salary and as a board over the last couple of years we have had little or no increase other than what the State has passed on to us.
Angela Lytle
Tell us a little bit about yourself. I grew up on a ranch north of Rapid City. I attended high school in Sturgis and now have a B.S. in accounting. I currently live on a ranch with my husband of 21 years, Rusty Lytle. We have four sons; Dalton, Zeb, Kale, and Clancy. I’m very lucky to have been a stay-at-home mom. I think it was really important for me to be home with my kids so as to instill in them my values. Growing up I was involved in 4-H, FFA and Rodeo. I’m currently a member of the Wall Rodeo Booster Club, a 4-H leader, and I taught Catechism at St. Patrick’s church for several years. I enjoy sewing, reading, gardening and occasionally barrel racing. What motivates you to want to become a board member or want to retain your seat on the school board? I feel that it is important as a good citizen to not just complain about a problem but to jump in and help fix it. For the last few years it seems that the current school board has been doing things here and there that I don’t always feel is in the best interest of the students. I don’t like that they write a policy and then ignore it at times. An example of this is hosting an alcohol party for the graduates, when track and golf season was not over. This violates training rules. If you’re not going to follow a policy, why write it? I feel that some current board members are overstepping their boundaries by micromanaging and trying to do the job of the administration. When did it become the job of school board members and a community member to do the interviewing for positions in the school system? I thought that was the job of the administration. The final episode that made me decide to run for the school board happened last fall when some upper classmen beat up on some eighth graders with clubs and where punished by having to apologize. I would think the eighth graders don’t feel that justice was served. The bullies should have at the very least been removed from the football team. What attributes are essential for successful school board members? The SD School Board handbook lists fourteen attributes that they consider to be essential to being an effective board member. I agree with them and feel that I possess these attributes. I would approach the school board position with honesty, integrity, and a willingness to listen. I know that the decisions made should be best for all the students. Since I’m being elected to this position, I have to be open to discussing with the community what they want accomplished in the district. I won’t hold a grudge when I don’t agree with the other board members decisions. What do you see as the board’s roles and responsibilities? I see the role of the school board to be writing clear policies for the administration to enact, hiring a superintendent, adopting a budget, planning and goal setting for the school system, overseeing the school properties, and working with the superintendent and staff to set instructional policies. Last I believe that the board should always delegate the tasks of recruiting, recommending for hire, evaluating, promoting, and disciplining staff (in accordance with board policy) to the superintendent. What role does policy play/have in the functioning of the board? Policy writing is one of the most important things the school board will do. In order for the school district to run smoothly the school
Todd Trask
Tell us a little bit about yourself. I am a graduate of Wall High School and life long resident of the area. What motivates you to want to become a board member or want to retain your seat on the school board? I believe that everyone has a responsibility to give something back to the community they live in and try to make things better.
Scot Eisenbraun
Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Scot Eisenbraun, my wife Melody and I farm and ranch in the Wall area with our three boys; Tyrel (Freshman at Southwest Minnesota State University), Taran (Junior at Wall High School), and Tate (Sixth grader at Wall School). I am a member of the First Lutheran Church in Wall, and currently serve as President of the Church Council.  What motivates you to want to become a board member or want to retain your seat on the school board?    I have two children in the school system and I am very interested in their education as well as the education of all the students in our district.  What attributes are essential for successful school board members?    A person should be open minded, willing to listen and keep the best interests of the students top priority.  What do you see as the board's roles and responsibilities?    The board should set policies, watch the budget and do everything they can to ensure each student receives a good education.  What role does policy play/have in the functioning of the board?    The board sets policies and enforces them.  What is your vision for education in this community?    My vision for the community is to create the best and most educated students and ensure they have the best opportunities available to succeed in the future.  What is the most important responsibility of a school board?    The most important responsibility of a school board is to work together providing all the resources necessary to educate the students of our district. Can you think of any district expenses that should be cut?    There are always places that can be cut but you have to carefully consider the impact it will have on the students and their education.
Memorial Day services observed in Quinn and Wall
The Quinn Area singers under the direction of Anita Sandal performed at the Memorial Day services in Quinn. John Tsitrian was the Master of Ceremonies and the Memorial address was given by Dennis Rieckman. ~Photos Laurie Hindman
The Quinn VFW honored the departed veterans at the Quinn cemetery on Memorial Day. Analise Garland played Taps and a salute for the departed was given by the Quinn VFW Honor Guard.
Pam Johnson
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
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The American Legion Memorial Day program conducted by Carroll McDonald Post 246 American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 246 held their Memorial Day services at the Wall Community Center on Monday, May 28. Chief Warrant Officer 5 Darla Crown was the guest speaker for the program while the 7th Calvary Drum and Bugle Corps entertained the audience before and during the program. Shown above is Retha Simpfenderfer and Bill Bielmaier laying wreaths at the memorial in Wall.
Area News
Pennington County Courant • May 31, 2012 •
Page 2
Local board hosts ASBSD director
by Del Bartels    Members of the Haakon School District and the Wall School District  boards  of  education  met  in Philip, Wednesday, May 16, to discuss  finances,  politics  and  other concerns.    Wade Pogany, executive director of the Associated School Boards of South  Dakota,  headed  the  informational  meeting.  “My  goal  is  to get  a  discussion  going  among board members; info gathering on thinking  by  board  members  and thinking  out  west  here,”  said Pogany.    The ASBSD is putting its influence  in  support  of  the  upcoming Initiated Measure 15, which would increase  state  general  sales  and use  taxes  for  additional  kindergarten  through  12  public  education  and  Medicaid  funding.  “As property  tax  keeps  moving,  at some point people say “No more,” said  Pogany.  “It’s  creating  an  inequity issue – have and have nots –  a  real  disparity.  An  opt-out  is easier said than done. Would you rather  have  property  taxes  increase and spread over the state, or have a sales tax increase?”    Mark  Nelson,  Haakon  School District  board  member,  said  he cut. We’ve never been able to look to the future with money.” Pogany agreed, “Many school districts said at least the first two years would be  needed  to  get  them  out  of  the hole.”    Hamill said, “I agree, a lot of the mentality is the state has to provide  for  an  adequate  education. That depends on what you think is adequate.”    Nelson  said,  “A  lot  of  our younger teachers with no real ties to the community get three or four years experience, then move to a different  state  that  pays  a  lot more.”    The ASBSD addresses other legislative  issues.  Todd  Trask,  Wall School  District  board  member, wants the ASBSD to back legislation  that  goes  for  “local  control, with some teeth in it.” Trask would like school and public lands money to  stay  in  the  county  where  the land is. He would like Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) funds – federal  payments  to  local  governments  that  help  offset  losses  in property taxes due to nontaxable federal lands within their boundaries)  that  goes  to  counties  to  be split  some  way  with  schools. Pogany said, “But then you’re taking from other entities. That would be a hard hill to die on in a battle with county commissioners.”    Nelson  said,  “Some  people  like the  merit  pay,  but  that  puts  a tremendous burden on our administrative staff.” Hamill agreed, “It wouldn’t change our good quality one iota, so why put our teachers in contention with each other?”    Rieckman believes other government agencies “are stretching the Department of Education too far.”    Pogany summarized various attempts over the years to get a financial accountability bill passed. “It’s  a  matter  of  trust.  We  have elected school boards, open meetings,  transparency  –  let  them (school boards) do their jobs.”    On  a  different  legal  topic, Pogany warned the audience that sexting is now considered a criminal offense, even for minors. How will school boards handle the issue when  it  comes  up?  Also,  though most school districts have anti-bullying  policies,  they  should  check the wording to align more closely with state requirements.
Contest for new logo for the Wall Library
   The  Wall  Library  is  holding  a contest to choose a new logo for the Library.  Adults  and  children  can enter, as often as they like. Please send or drop off your designs at the Library by June 30, 2012.     Your  design  should  be  in  black and  white,  although  you  may  include  a  colorized  version  of  the same design. It should be no larger that 8 1/2 by 11 inches (a regular sheet of paper). It should include the  words  “Wall  Community  Library” somewhere in the design.     The Library is also looking for a general Library logo.
Library holds Story Time
ASBSD giving out information and getting feedback. Shown are, from left: Jake Fitzgerald – Haakon school board member-elect, Mark Nelson – Haakon school board, Carolynn Anderson – Wall school board, Todd Trask – Wall school board, Dennis Rieckman – Wall superintendent, and ASBSD Executive Director Wade Pogany. Others in attendance were Anita Peterson, Vonda Hamill, Scott Brech and Superintendent Keven Morehart, all from the Haakon School District. ~Photo Del Bartels
had been talked to by local taxpayers.  If  a  sales  tax  goes  through, then will an opt-out also be asked for?”    Pogany  estimated  that  the amount of funds from Measure 15 would be approximately $700 per enrolled student. “You are trying to keep the cuts as minimal as possible,  trying  to  do  everything  you can not to hurt the children. What could you do with $700 per kid; not a  wish  list  but  a  have  to?  Right now we are in survival mode. The schools  in  the  state  are  so  far  in the hole we can’t do things that are needed  by  the  students,”  said Pogany.    Pogany said that the funds from Measure  15  have  no  strings  attached. The measure does not affect higher education, just kindergarten through 12th grade. It does have Medicaid on board; pooled together, to work together to leverage together for a shared need.    Vonda  Hamill,  Haakon  School District board member, said, “People really need to know this is not like  the  gambling  money.  It  will come to the schools.”    Anita Peterson, Haakon School District  board  member,  said, “Some  people  are  saying  this  is helping  the  legislators  out.  They don’t have to raise taxes, the  vote will.” Peterson is on the 18-member  board  of  directors  of  the ASBSD.    “I know this will help balance us out,” said Dennis Rieckman, Wall superintendent. “It’s been cut, cut,
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The Library will be hosting a Summer Reading Program all through the summer! Come by the Library on Fridays at 9:00 a.m., for storytime. Pick up a Book Bingo Card and get started on reading and winning great prizes! Every bingo wins a prize and a blackout will get you a gift certificate for a free book! Everyone, both kids and adults, are welcome to read with us this ~Courtesy Photo summer!
Bies running for S.D. House Representative of District 30
there is always a season to partake in. Growing up in the number one industry in South Dakota, agriculture, where our family ran cows on National  Forest  permits  taught him how to negotiate with different  entities  on  grazing  issues. Having a father who was a general contractor has encouraged him to know  land  ownership  and  land rights issues. Private land ownership in the Black Hills has given experience in the logging industry by managing timber on our property and addressing the pine beetle epidemic.     If Travis were to win the election, he would complete his term with the Custer County Commission,  If  the  other  commissioners did not feel it would be a problem for him to miss the time during the legislative session. The experience of being a commissioner and dealing  with  local  issues,  as  well  as helping manage a six million dollar budget each year makes Travis more aware of how to manage tax payers money.      Travis believes that you can not go  to  Pierre  having  a  “specific issue” to address. You need to be educated on all issues. Further experience with the Board of Game Fish and Parks, Black Hills Vision, Conservation District, and the Resource Advisory Committee, along with his love for Agriculture and the  land  will  bring  a  solid  background to the South Dakota House of Representatives for District 30.
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Rural letter carriers help to “Stamp Out Hunger”
   Letter carriers from the Wall and Philip routes collected bags of food on  Saturday,  May  12,  to  help “Stamp Out Hunger”.  This  was the  20th  anniversary  of  the  food drive which helps 130 families in the Wall and Philip area.    The Wall letter carriers pickedup 43 bags of non-perishable items, which netted 247.6 pounds of food from their routes. Walls Post Master Candee Kitterman said, “Wall collected around 20 percent of their bags which is a good run.”    Philip letter carriers collected 90 pounds.  The  items  have  been delievered  to  the  Wall  Country Cupboard food pantry.
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College briefs
SDSU students named to Dean's List.   The  following  students  have been named to the dean's list for academic  excellence  during  the Spring  2012  semester  at  South Dakota State University. To earn dean's list distinctions in SDSU's eight colleges, students must have completed a minimum of 12 credits and  must  have  earned  at  least  a 3.5  grade  point  average  on  a  4.0 scale.  Students  with  an  asterisk received a perfect 4.0 grade point average.     Students  named  to  the  Spring Dean’s list are:    *Laura  Rose  Barber,  Enning, SD  -  College  of  Education  and Human Sciences     *Kelsey  Marie  Richter,  Quinn, SD - College of Nursing     *Shayla A Johnson, Wall, SD  College of Nursing     *Amanda  Kay  Johnson,  Wall, SD - College of Pharmacy     Tomilyn Marie Trask, Wasta. SD - College of Engineering. 
   Inspired to look into public service, though the South Dakota Agriculture and Rural Leadership program,  Travis  Bies  became  a County Commissioner for Custer County. After serving six years as a Commissioner, serving the people  of  the  Black  Hills  and  surrounding area,  the goal is going to the  next  level  of  government,  to protect and defend the lifestyle of District 30, while moving progress forward  for  the  State  of  South Dakota.   Travis grew up in Rapid Valley on  the  family  ranch  and  then moved to Fairburn where he has been  ranching  for  the  past  20 years.  Being  a  avid  big  game hunter and father of five children
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School News
Pennington County Courant • May 31, 2012•
Page 3
Wall Elementary 2011-2012 awards
Krysta Kjerstad receives Golden West Scholarship
   Krysta  Kjerstad  of  Wall  High School has been named recipient of the  $1,000  Golden  West  Scholarship for 2012.   Krysta  was  selected  by  the school based on a number of merit based  qualities  including  leadership, academic achievement, civic and extracurricular activities, and the  motivation  to  serve  and  succeed.  Some of Krysta’s activities have included  basketball,  volleyball, golf, student council, Fellowship of Christian  Athletes  and  National Honor  Society.  She  also  participated  in  Girls  State  and  HOBY Youth Leadership Camp.  She plans to pursue a biochemistry  degree  at  the  University  of Nebraska-Lincoln  and  obtain  a medical degree.    The Golden West Scholarship is an  annual  award  established  to help promote educational opportunity  for  students  within  the
Presidential Award for Outstanding Achievement. Pictured from left to right …Shelby Ruland, Meghan Patterson, Mercede Hess, Karlie Dartt and Derek Griebel. (Not pictured Cash Wilson). Perfect attendance. Pictured from left to right …Reid Hansen, Samantha Rancour and Bridger Casjens. ~Laurie Hindman
Golden  West  service  area.  More than  440  scholarships  have  been awarded  by  the  Wall-based  telephone,  Internet  and  cable  television Company since Golden West’s scholarship  program  was  established in 1999.
Summer Reading program
   Five  (5)  items  (books,  audiobooks,  DVDs)  per  person  may  be checked  out  at  any  given  time. Items are checked out for a three week  period.  Items  may  be  renewed once for an additional three weeks.  An  effort  will  be  made  to contact the patron by phone or email when the books are due; however, it is the responsibility of the patron  to  return  materials  in  a timely manner.    Overdue fines start the day after the three week period. A fee of .10 cents  per  day  per  book  will  be charged.  Library  checkout  privileges  will  be  lost  when  the  fine amount reaches the cap of $3. If the fine  is  paid,  checkout  privileges will be reinstated.    Lost or damaged books  - the patron will be asked to reimburse the
Wall Community Library Policy
Presidential Academic Excellence Award was handed out to Jaicee Williams, Cooper McConaghy and Terel Eisenbraun.
Sixth and Fifth grade Principal Honor Roll. Pictured from left to right … Emilee Pauley, Madisen Grenstiner, Mercede Hess, Terel Eisenbraun, Cooper McConaghy and Jaicee Williams. (Not pictured Jayton McKay and Sage Gabriel.)
library  for  the  cost  of  a  replacement.  The  accrued  fine  amount will be counted as part of the replacement  cost.  This  will  be  addressed before checkout privileges continue. Should this occur more than  once,  a  patron’s  checkout privileges will be discontinued.    People who live out of the library service  area  and  seasonal  residents are required to pay a $25 refundable deposit for a library card. Your  deposit  will  be  returned  in full  once  all  items  are  returned and all fees are paid.
June 1-2-3-4:
The Avengers
(PG-13) Fri: 8:00 p.m. Sat: 8:00 p.m. Sun: 1:30 p.m. Mon: 7:00 p.m.
Fourth grade Principal Honor Roll. Pictured from left to right… Kassidy Sawvell, Alexa Dunker and Ash Grenstiner. (Not pictured Abby Moon.)
   The  Wall  Elementary  classes held their awards presentation on Wednesday, May 23.     Students  received  awards  for the following: Perfect Attendance    •Kindergarten: Bridger  Casjens.     •Second grade: Big White Cayne  Krogman  and  Samantha Rancour.    •Third grade: Reid Hansen                        Honor Roll    •Fourth grade: Cale  Baus, Aidan  Brunnemann,  John  Deering,  Samantha  Deutscher,  Kole Gallino,  Luke  Harris,  Zachary Hout,  Andrew  Law,  Tacia  Osterberg, Korra Westby and Rheagan Zebroski.    •Fifth grade: Jacob Bielmaier, Tadan  Casjens,  Karlie  Dartt, Derek Griebel, Bradan McDonnell Cooper McLaughlin, Meghan Patterson, Victoria Poor Bear, Shelby Ruland and Cash Wilson.     •Sixth grade: Damion Bresee,  Ruth  Bryan,  Austin  Carter,  Preston Eisenbraun, Tate Eisenbraun Paisley  Godfrey,  Emma  Michael, Aaron  Moschell,  Trista  Reinert, Mason Sandal, Kyla Sawvell, Brianna Schreiber and Sierra Wilson. Principal Honor Roll    •Fourth grade: Alexa Dunker, Ash  Grenstiner  and  Kassidy Sawvell. Big White: Abby Moon.    •Fifth grade: Terel  Eisenbraun, Mercede Hess, Cooper McConaghy and Jaicee Williams. Big White:  Sage  Gabriel  and  Jayton McKay.    •Sixth grade: Madisen  Grenstiner and Emilee Pauley. Presidential Award for Outstanding Achievement    •Fifth grade: Karlie  Dartt, Derek  Griebel,  Mercede  Hess, Meghan Patterson, Shelby Ruland and Cash Wilson. Big White: Sage Gabriel and Jayton McKay.      Presidential Academic Excellence Award    •Fifth grade:  Cooper  McConaghy,  Terel  Eisenbraun  and Jaicee Williams. Music Awards    The following students  participated  in  the  South  Dakota  Band Master Piano contest in Philip.    •Superior plus: Emily Ferris, Lily Wagner and Aaron Moschell.    •Superior: Emma  Michael, July Kammerer, Branden Hamann and Winter Godfrey.    •Superior minus: Madi Grenstiner and Cameron Ausmann.    •Excellent plus: Paisley Godfrey,  Ash  Grenstiner  and  Katie Humphrey.
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Big White student Jayton McKay shown with her Presidential Award for Outstanding Achievement award. (Not pictured Sage Gabriel.) ~Courtesy Photo
June 8-9-10-11: The Lucky One (PG-13) June 15-16-17-18: What To Expect When You’re Expecting (PG-13)
Cayne Krogman who attends Big White School had perfect attendance for the 2011 - 2012 school year. ~Courtesy Photo
annc@ gwtc.net
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Wall News
Gathered by Frances Poste    We  had  in  the  news  last  week that the Badlands Alumni Association had scheduled a meeting at Wall Drug for June 1st at 10 a.m. The meeting has been rescheduled for the same day, June 1, at 11 a.m. due  to  Lynn  Williams’  funeral being  at  9  a.m.  at  the  Methodist Church on that day.    Lourine  Winkowitsch  was  admitted  to  the  Regional  Hospital, Rapid  City,  on  Sunday,  the  20th. She  had  a  pacemaker  put  in  on Monday,  the  21st.  Her  son  Keith and her daughter Rene came to be with her. She has already been dismissed  on  Wednesday  and  is home!    Leah  Sebade  and  daughters, Diane  and Alana,  were  in  Rapid City, arriving on Monday, the 21st. Leah and Diane stayed with Evelyn Kjerstad and Alana stayed at her  son  Rob’s  home.  They  had come  for  the  Tuesday  funeral  of LaVawn Hedin a cousin of the late Warren Paulsen.    Sherry and Kurth DeLand came to  Wall  on  Tuesday,  the  22nd,  to see his mom Janis Bush. Janis had fallen  recently  and  has  the  most colorful  black  eyes  I  have  ever seen!  The  DeLands  took  her  to Rapid City on Wednesday and to the Black Hills Cemetery to decorate graves. They returned home to Stromsburg on Thursday.    Anita  Peterson  and  Edith Paulsen were in Rapid City on the 23rd.  They  visited  with  Evelyn Kjerstad and all went out to eat.    Maxine  Smith  and  Frances Poste attended Rapid City Central High  school’s  Graduation  Ceremony at the Civic Center on Sunday.  Mark  and  Darlene  Poste’s daughter Amanda was one of the graduates. It was hard to see anyone in that large crowd but Ruth Bruce  attended  to  see  grandson Charles,  Barb  and  Chris  Hall’s son,  receive  his  diploma;  as  was Donna  Jedlicka  to  see  grandson Jacob,  son  of  David  and  Kathy, walk up to get his. There were over 425 graduates!    Evelyn Kjerstad was down from Rapid City again on Sunday. She attended church and was going on to Philip to see family there.    While  in  Philip  on  Friday, Frances Poste visited Lucile Peterson and Dolly Blucher, briefly, as it was almost their lunch time. Both have apartments in the Senechal Building.    This  past  week  has  been  the time to put flowers on loved one’s graves for Memorial Day. Phyllis and  Jeanne  Denke  of  Rapid  City came  to  the  Wall  Cemetery  on Thursday despite the intermittent rain. Frances Poste joined them for lunch.  After  lunch,  they  went north  of  Quinn  to  the  St.  Paul’s Lutheran Cemetery, where Phyllis’ dad is buried.    As usual, there was a “houseful” of people attending the Memorial Service  in  Quinn.  Dennis  Rieckman,  Superintendent  of  Wall School,  was  the  speaker.  There were  some  music  selections  by Sadye  Curtis  and  Korra  Westby; Regan  Simons  sang  her  special song — The National Anthem; and a whole group of youngsters sang their “hearts out”. Dawna Rae Tsitrian played toe-tapping patriotic music with more gusto than anyone can do on that old piano. Very good program!    Alice Kjerstad Poss is here from Arizona. It was nice to see her.    The  Memorial  Service  in  Wall had  the  7th  Cavalry  Drum  and Bugle Corps as a prelude and selections during the service. Guest speaker  was  Darla  Crown,  Command Chief Warrant Officer (CW5) of  the  South  Dakota  National Guard. Darla grew up in this area, graduated  from  WHS  and  has  a great career with the military. Her talk was very informative and interesting. Dawna Tsitrian did double duty and played the piano at this event also.    Donald Aby passed away at the Rapid  City  Regional  Hospital  on Monday,  May  21st.  His  funeral service  was  at  the  Philip  High School Auditorium on Friday with burial  in  the  New  Underwood Cemetery.  We  offer  our  condo-
Pennington County Courant • May 31, 2012 •
lences to the family.    Dawn Pavao’s memorial service will be held at the Wasta Community Hall next week on Wednesday, June 6th. Again, we offer our condolences to her family.    Merlin  and  Mary  Jane  Doyle went to Barb and Joe Croell’s on Friday afternoon. They spent the night  and  on  Saturday,  they  all went to Gillette to Josh and Darcy Croell’s. The men built a new deck and the women did yard work.    Heard  this  morning  that  Lynn Williams  passed  away  last evening. Our sympathy goes out to the family.    Monday,  May  21,  Carol  Anne and Al Hodge visited Dale Keyser in  the  Regional  Hospital.  Larry and Dolores Maberry of Hesperia, California, arrived that evening to visit his uncle Dale and other relatives.  Dale  was  dismissed  on Thursday  evening,  all  is  well  for now.    Carol Anne Hodge went with the ladies of Badlands quilters to Ft. Meade to deliver quilts to veterans who are patients there. They went on  to  visit  quilt  shops  in  Sturgis and Hill City and enjoyed lunch together in Hill City.    Larry and Dolores Maberry and Gary and Ruby Keyser were supper guests of Al and Carol Hodge on May 22.    Carol  Anne  Hodge  rode  with Mary  Alice  Keyser  to  Philip  to meet with the Red Hats of the 50s. After lunch, they went to Al Brucklacher to tour their Bible Camp. It was a very good afternoon.    Max  and  Diana  Bebout  of  Percivil,  Iowa,  arrived  in  Wall  for  a visit  over  the  weekend.  Max  is  a cousin of Dale Keyser.    Friday evening, Gary and Ruby Keyser hosted a family gathering at  the  Wall  Golf  Course.  The Maberry’s  and  Bebout’s,  Cliff Keyser’s and Don Keysers and the Hodge’s all gathered    The  countryside  is  a  pretty green  with  the  yellow  of  clover mixed in. Seems the winter wheat is all headed out — must mean an early  harvest.  After  our  90+  degrees  last  Tuesday,  our  temperatures  have  been  almost  normal. Memorial  Day  was  windy  and chilly  —  we’ve  seen  that  before, too.  We had misty rain Thursday, Friday and Saturday but it didn’t add up much. We could use more rain. and  Cary  Tines  residence.  Cary, Pam along with grandkids Lainee and  Johnny  traveled  to  Douglas, Wy for Pam’s dad’s 80th birthday party over the weekend.    Shirrise Linn was in Rapid City on Thursday. While there, she had lunch  with  Tiff  Knuppe  and Melissa  Byrne.  Jen  Magee  and kids from Glenrock, WY arrived at the  Linn’s  Thursday  evening  to spend a few days. Clyde Arneson was  a  supper  guest  on  Friday night.  Katie  Wilsey  spent  Saturday afternoon at the Linn’s. Kassandra Linn enjoyed a late afternoon  volleyball  game  at  the  Pat and RoseMary Trask’s on Sunday.    Charlotte,  Laura  and  Katie Wilsey  arrived  at  the  John  and Jean  home  Friday  night  so  they would  be  there  for  branding  on Saturday.  Unfortunately,  they were rained out and had to postpone  until  this  Tuesday.  Charlie and Carol Linn and Bill O’Krepte of  Rapid  City  also  came  out,  but went back on account of the rain.    Carol  Anders  and  Jo  Strong
Page 4
went to Spearfish on Friday to attend  the Anders  –  Kjerstad  wedding and stayed overnight in Sturgis.  Rod,  Kelly  and  kids  also  attended. Baxter Anders was one of the groomsmen.    Freddie Ferguson attended the volunteer day party on Tuesday at the  Good  Samaritan  Center  in New Underwood.    Nothing  much  going  on  at  the Gravatt’s  this  past  week.  Peggy did go to Rapid City on Monday to help Brad and Jes unload the last of their stuff into the new house. They are officially living in Rapid now.  Brad  called  on  Saturday  to say that his car was stolen out of his  back  driveway….welcome  to the  neighborhood!  Peggy  helped set  up  the  Wasta  rest  areas  on Tuesday  and  Wednesday.  They opened on Thursday. Sounds like it will be a good summer for tourists.    The news was hard to come by this  week.  I  think  everyone  has been  busy  with  brandings  and moving cows.
gARDEN CLUB PLANT SHARE The GARDEN CLUB  invites EVERYONE  to our first annual PLANT SHARE on Saturday June 2nd from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Haakon Co. Court House. Bring plants to share if you like and join us for FREEBIES, DOOR PRIZES, REFRESHMENTS and PLANTS. Master Gardeners will be there to answer your questions. Come and have fun with us. NOTiCE Of 2013 RELAy fOR LifE MEETiNg The 2013 Quad County Relay for Life will be held in Wall. People interested in organizing the event or serving on an event committee should plan to attend the kick-off meeting on June 5th at 5:30 pm at First Interstate Bank basement in Wall. For more information contact Jody Bielmaier at 279-2841.
Genie Ellis, CNP
will be at
Countryside News
Submitted by Lola Joyce Riggins 837-2053    Greetings…  Well  people,  finally  some  news  again.  It  hasn't been an uneventful time. Kadoka got a storm that took the roof off the  Hogan's  Hardware  store  and striped the awning from the front of  the  old  Secondhand  or  Drug Store  straight  west  across  the main  street.  Residents  are  so thankful it wasn't more severe on the  town.  It  sucked  or  blew  the roof off the north side and mangled it pretty good. It dumped the old store roof on Main Street and the town people worked hard to clear the road. I found two nails where I walked hopefully to save flat tires.    And last week, I joined relatives and loved ones and became blessed with a new great-granddaughter. Emmarie Jaymes Fallon and Bob Clark welcomed a new baby sister for Aspen Alyvias.    I  owe  an  apology  to  Mary Paulsen because she has sent me a card almost every week to help me get  news  in.  She  is  a  blessing.  I mislaid  her  last  correspondence and have looked high and low so after  calling  her  I  am  going  to catch up.    On May 1, Mary helped with the judging  of  Famous  Faces  at  the Lead-Deadwood  school.  Her  son Tom is a teacher in the school system.    For  Mary's  birthday,  the Paulsen  guys,  Darren,  Delmer, Dawson,  Dreyson  and  Tom  and daughter-in-law  Jackie  met  in Rapid  City  and  treated  Mary  to birthday  supper  on  April  27. Happy belated greetings Mary.    George and Lorna Moore drove to Belvidere, Saturday, to attend a birthday dinner for Sage Calson's first  birthday.  May  the  Countryside wish Sage a belated wish.    Mary Paulsen substitute taught at the Big White School, Monday, May  14th.  and  the  Wall  school, Wednesday, the 16th.    Dennis  and  Kay  Sieler  joined family members at the Cedar Pass Lodge  in  observance  to  Mother's day. Always a great day for family members to get together and enjoy spending the day together.    Delbert and  Mary Paulsen left early  Sunday  morning  for  Ft. Pierre  and  attended  Mass  at  St. John's  and  then  drove  on  to  Holabird  to  pick  up  their  new  herd bull they had purchased from the Bar JV Hereford Bull Ranch (before) then returned home.    The  branding  crew  worked  at the Dennis Sieler Ranch and then Ruth, Rhyden and Faith stayed so Travis  and  Amanda  Frink  could have a evening out in observance of their wedding anniversary.    Delmer and Mary Paulsen made a  business  and  shopping  trip  to Rapid City and upon coming home, finished putting in more garden.    Most acquired a nice inch to two inches of rain of very welcome rain in the area.    Delmer  and  Mary  Paulsen joined the many friends and families to attend Graduation exerices for the Wall school students.    This has been a very unsettling and  busy  week.  I  am  ready  for things  to  settle  down  so  I  can.  I know there is a lot not being said.    Thought: Everyone faces challenges in life. It is a mater of how you learn to overcome them and use them to your advantage. Ingenrity, plus courage, plus work, equals miracles.
Wall Health Services Inc.
June 1st, 8th, 14th, 15th & 29th
Phone 279-2149 • Regular Office Hours:
Mon. - Thurs., 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon & 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. Fri.: 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon & 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Elm Springs News
Submitted by Larry & Peggy Gravatt    We  have  gotten  a  little  much needed rain in the community, but could sure use a lot more! I guess we need to be thankful for what we are  getting  and  hope  it  will  be enough for our crops and hay this summer.    Tyler  Wilson  and  kids  were home at the Kenny Wilson’s for the week helping with brandings. Kelli was also home on Wednesday and Thursday and went back to work at Custer State park early Friday morning.  Kenny  and  Janet  attended the graduation reception in Rapid  City  on  Sunday  for  Jacob Jedlicka.    Clyde  Arneson  was  a  Friday morning coffee visitor at the Pam
After hours, emergency, please call 911
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You’re invited to a
Wedding Reception
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Ashton Schulz & T yler Swift
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Saturday, June 9th
Wall Community Center 7:00 p.m.
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Daily Lunch Specials
May 31st: Brat
w/French Fries
w/Garlic Toast
June 1st: Taco Salad
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June 4th: Sloppy Joes
w/Baked Beans & Potato Salad
June 5th: Reuben
w/Hash Browns
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June 6th: Chicken or Steak Fiatas
w/Mexican Rice
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Obituaries Violet Denke___________________________________
riage, they moved to a farm-ranch north  of  Kadoka.  In  1957,  they moved  to  Wichita,  Kan.,  where Adolph worked on the Titan II Missiles.  In  the  fall  of  1962,  they moved to Rapid City where Violet worked for a rest home with Sidney Haine. Violet worked several years from her home as a terminal agent for National Trailer Convoy, and at SCI.      Later Violet, along with her husband,  owned  and  operated  the Western Mobile Home Park in Box Elder.  In  1989,  they  retired  and sold  their  business  to  their  son, Gene.  This  gave  Violet  time  to enjoy her favorite hobby, quilting. Violet  also  enjoyed  camping  and fishing  with  her  husband  (when the fish were biting!).    Violet  was  a  member  of  Peace Lutheran  Church  in  Rapid  City, and the Good Samaritan Club.      Grateful for having shared her life are her three sons, Gary Denke and  his  wife,  Gail,  of  Rapid  City, Gene Denke and his wife, Teresa, of Box Elder, and Gerald Denke of San Diego, Calif.; four daughters, Donna Denke of Rapid City, Darla Mengenhauser  and  her  husband, Jack,  of  Rapid  City,  Diane  Evans and her husband, Morris, of Rapid City,  and  Delores  Fitzler  and  her husband, Doug, of Alliance, Neb.; 10 grandchildren; 19 great-grandchildren;  one  great-great-granddaughter; two sisters, Ruth Denke of  Rapid  City  and  Elsie  Morrison and  her  husband,  Allen,  of  Melbourne, Fla.; two brothers-in-law, Arnold Johnson of Wall and Erhart Denke and his wife, Alice, of Sturgis;  two  sisters-in-law,  Marge Denke  and  Marie  Denke,  both  of Rapid City; and a host of other relatives and friends.      Violet was preceded in death by her husband Adolph Denke on December 3, 2003; a son, Greg Denke; her  parents,  Albert  and  Johanna Geigle; a grandson, Joshua Denke; and a sister, Minnie Johnson.        Funeral services were held 10:00 a.m.  Saturday,  May  26,  at  Peace Lutheran  Church  in  Rapid  City, with Pastor David Lindenberg officiating.     Music  was  provided  by  Robin Reinhold  and  Ruth  Stabile,  pianists,  and  Maygie  Schwiesow, Alice Richter and Alma Crosbie, vocalists.     Ushers were Kenny Denke and Glenn Crose.  Pallbearers  were Morris  Evans,  Phillip,  Steve  and Michael  Leithauser,  Doug  Fitzler and Joachim Schwiesow.     Interment was held Saturday, at the Wall Cemetery.     A  memorial  has  been  established.     Arrangements  were  with  the Rush Funeral Chapel of Wall.     An online guestbook is available at www.rushfuneralhome.com
Pennington County Courant • May 31, 2012 •
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Lynn Williams___________________
Milo and Dale Williams.      Memorial services will be held at 9:00  a.m.  Friday,  June  1,  at  the United Methodist Church in Wall, with Pastor Darwin Kopfmann officiating.     Interment with military honors will be held 12:30 p.m. Friday, at
Black  Hills  National  Cemetery near Sturgis.     A  memorial  has  been  established.     Arrangements  are  with  the Rush Funeral Chapel of Wall.     His online guestbook is available at www.rushfuneralhome.com     A  full  obituary  will  appear  in next week’s paper.
    Violet  Denke,  age  85  of  Rapid City,  S.D.,  died  Tuesday,  May  22, 2012, at the Golden Living Center Bella Vista in Rapid City.    Violet  Geigle  was  born  July  9, 1926, at her parents’ home north of Quinn, the daughter of Albert and Johanna  (Hein)  Geigle.  She  was baptized and confirmed at St. Paul Lutheran Church north of Quinn.      Violet grew up and received her education in the Quinn area. She and her other sisters spent much time helping on their parents’ farm -ranch.      Violet was united in marriage to Adolph  John  Denke  on  February 22,  1948,  at  her  parents’  home north  of  Quinn.  After  their  mar-
    Lynn  Williams,  age  90  of  Wall, S.D., died Monday, May 28, 2012, at the Rapid City Regional Hospital.     Survivors  include  two  daughters,  Carla  Brucklacher  and  her husband, Mark, of Wall, and Cleo Williams of Rapid City; four grandchildren,  Stacy  Keyser  of  Whitewood,  Tyler  Keyser  of  Baldwin, Wisc.,  Jennifer  Tietsort  and  her husband,  Ron,  of  Custer,  and Matthew Brucklacher and his wife, Sonja,  of  Greeley,  Colo.;  seven great-grandchildren;  one  brother, Percy “Bud” Williams of Philip; and a  host  of  other  relatives  and friends.      Lynn was preceded in death by his wife, Evelyn, on February 23, 2011; his parents, Frank and Hazel (Percy) Williams; and two brothers,
Please join us in congratulating Larry & Norie Ruland on their 50th Wedding Anniversary!
Married June 2, 1962 in Quinn, SD.
We love you! Jem, Kelly, Shaun, Michelle, Dale, Lorie, TJ & Miranda Dillon, Courtney, Ryan, Amanda, Teelan, Presley, Brittany, Krysta, Paige Riley & Shelby Kylee & Shyanna
Patriotic quilts for Veterans
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Dowling Community Church Memorial Day through Labor Day Service 10:00 a.m. Badlands Cowboy Church Wall Rodeo Grounds Wednesdays, 7 p.m. Evangelical Free Bible Church Wall Ron Burtz, Pastor 279-2867 • www.wallfreechurch.com Wednesdays: Good News Club, 2:45 p.m., Awana 4:45 p.m., Youth Nite, 7:00 p.m.; Sundays: Sunday School & Adult Bible Fellowship, 9 a.m., Sunday Worship Service, 10:30 a.m., Women’s Bible Study, 6:30 p.m. Interior Community Church Highway 44 East Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Sunday Worship Service 10:30 a.m. Scenic Community Church Pastor Ken Toews Services - 2nd and 4th Sundays 9:00 a.m.; Sept. through May. First Baptist Church New Underwood Pastor James Harbert Bible Study, 9:00 a.m.; Sunday Services, 10:00 a.m. Wall United Methodist Church Pastor Darwin Kopfmann • 279-2359 Sunday Worship 10:00 a.m. Wasta Services Sundays at 8:30 a.m. New Underwood Community Church Pastor Wes Wilean Sunday School 9 a.m.; Adult & Children Service 10 a.m.; Youth Fellowship: Wed. 7 - 8:30 p.m. St. John's Catholic Church New Underwood Father William Zandri Mass: Sundays at 11:00 a.m.; Wednesdays at 9:30 a.m. at Good Samaritan Nursing Home; Reconciliation before Sun. Mass First Evangelical Lutheran Church Wall Pastor Curtis Garland Sunday Service, 9 a.m. Emmanuel Lutheran Church Creighton Services 11:00 a.m. Sunday morning.
With The Bible
Berean Bible Society PO Box 756 Germantown, WI 53022 www.bereanbiblesociety.org
by Cornelius R. Stam "This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief" (I Tim. 1:15). Of all Paul's "faithful sayings," this is perhaps the most wonderful, and the one through which most people have found the joy of sins forgiven. The subject is that "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners." Why else would Christ have had to leave His glory in heaven if it were not, as the Bible says, to come to earth in human form to represent us in the payment for sin? And, thank God, He paid the full price for the sins of all men, for it was not a mere man who died on Calvary's cross. So complete was His payment that Paul could exclaim: "He came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief." Paul, himself, though once Christ's chief enemy on earth, had now been saved by Him and, had come to know the joy of sins forgiven. The great tragedy is that so many people do not feel their condition to be hopeless apart from Christ. They have not yet seen how far they come short of the glory and holiness of God. They know they are sinners, but they do not yet feel that their condition is so hopeless that they need a Savior. Thus they keep trying, trying, trying -- and failing, failing, failing! How much wiser we are to confess our sins before God -- to take the place of sinners, so that He can save us. This is the first step to heaven. When we have done this we are in a position to accept God's offer of full pardon and justification through Christ, who died to pay the penalty for our sins. Since none are perfect and all have sinned, "this is," indeed, "a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners." Why not believe God's Word, accept Christ as your Savior and be saved today?
In time for Memorial Day, Badlands Quilters delivered five patriotic quilts to the Veterans Hospital at Fort Meade. The quilt tops were made during the groups’ Weekend Getaway last March. The hospital will give the quilts to veterans in the Hospice Unit. ~Courtesy Photo
Pronghorn antelope plan available for review
The S.D. Game, Fish and Parks Department is offering citizens the opportunity  to  review  a  five-year draft management plan for pronghorn antelope. The  South  Dakota  Pronghorn Management Plan is a draft plan on how the state proposes to manage  this  unique  big  game  species associated  with  South  Dakota’s grassland  habitats.  The  draft  is now open for review during a 30day public comment period. The draft management plan can be  found  on  the  GFP  Web  site  at http://gfp.sd.gov/hunting/biggame/antelope.    There  is  also  the opportunity to provide feedback on the plan through this link. A printed copy of the report can be obtained by writing: Game, Fish and  Parks;  523  East  Capitol  Avenue;  Pierre  SD  57501.  Written comments on the draft plan may be mailed to the same address.
St. Patrick's Catholic Church • Wall Rev. Leo Hausmann Masses: Saturday 5 p.m., Sunday 8 a.m. Weekdays refer to Bulletin St. Margaret Church • Lakeside Mass: Saturday 7 p.m. even number months or Sunday 10 a.m. odd number months Holy Rosary Church • Interior Mass: Saturday 7 p.m. odd number months or Sunday 10 a.m. even number months
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School & Sports
Pennington County Courant • May 31, 2012•
Page 6
Kindergarten 2012 graduation class
Wall boys golf team place fourth at State meet
Big White Kindergarten Class of 2012. Piper Cordes and Quinn Moon have successfully made it to the first grade and were honored with cake and punch after the ceremony. ~Courtesy Photo
Wall School Kindergarten Class of 2012. Back row pictured from left to right … Jada Kusser, Becca Griebel, Kadence Kusser, Cassidy Albrinck, Emma Eisenbraun, Sean Dunker, Bridger Casjens, Paige Kjerstad, Thane Simons, Kaylen Spotted Bear, Burk Blasius and Dawson Hess. Front row pictured from left to right … Mason Crawford, KaDan Smith, Conner Ulrich, Natalee Armenta, Terryn Shearer, Nora Dinger, Brodi Sundall, Jayda Reinert and Owen Fauske. ~Photo Laurie Hindman
Wall boys team takes fourth place at State Tournament. Pictured from left to right …Head Coach Mark Ammann, CJ Schulz, Lane Hustead - three way tie for 10th individual placing, Les Williams - four way tie for 22nd individual placing, Ryder Wilson and Assistant Coach Stuart Kitterman. ~Photo courtesy of South Dakota Public Broadcasting
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Wall girls golf team place seventh at State meet
Wall girls team takes seventh place at State Tournament. Pictured from left to right …Assistant Coach Stuart Kitterman, Taylor Richter, Autumn Schulz - two way tie for eighth place, Alyssa Ermish, Jennifer Emery and Head Coach Mark Ammann. ~Photo courtesy of South Dakota Public Broadcasting
Pennington County Courant • May 31 , 2012 •
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JUNE 1, 2 & 3
JUNE 8, 9 & 10
Wall High School Rodeo Team:
Back row: Mattee Pauley, John Luke McGriff, Trey Richter, Lane Blasius, Tucker O’Rourke. Middle row: Paul Kruse, Trent Shearer, Rolly Fortune, Bailey Hapney, Elsie Fortune, Carson Johnston, Taran Eisenbraun, Mazee Pauley, Brett Gartner. Front row: Kailey Rae Sawvell, Bailey Lytle & Carlee Johnston
Black Hills Federal Credit Union
279-2350 279-2561
Econo Lodge
279-2121 279-2141
Two Bit Saloon & Steakhouse
Cactus Cafe & Lounge Common Cents
First Interstate Bank Golden West Telecommunications
Walker NAPA/Red Rock Restaurant
279-387/279-2388 279-2325 Wall, SD
Wall Auto Livery Wall Booster Club Wall Building Center
Corner Pantry/Subway
Hildebrand Concrete
Crown Oil Co.
279-2245 279-2261
Ken’s Refrigeration
279-2894 279-2565 279-2772 279-2592 279-2688 279-2622
Dakota Mill & Grain Dartt Angus
279-2242 279-2000 279-2168
Pennington County Courant Polished Pinky Rush Funeral Home Super 8 Motel TLC Electric
Wall Dairy Queen
279-2655 279-2175
Wall Drug Store Wall Food Center
Days Inn Motel De’s Oil Inc./SanDee’s
Wall Lube & Espresso Bar
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West River Electric Assoc.
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Pennington County Courant • May 31, 2012 •
SEEKING POLICE CHIEF, Gettysburg, SD. Experienced certified law enforcement Officer in friendly, small town, other officers on duty, fantastic benefits, wages DOE, EOE. Contact City Finance Office 605-765-2733 cogburg@venturecomm.net. Close June 4 or until filled. 7-12 TECHNICAL EDUCATION INSTRUCTOR, Alexander Public School - Teach vocational subjects. Specific areas: Welding, Carpentry, Automotive, Diesel, or Agriculture. Please send an application letter, resume and transcripts to: Mike Klabo, PO Box 66, Alexander, ND 58831, ND Teaching License, Housing available, Competitive wages SEEKING EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR for the United Way & Volunteer Services of Greater Yankton. For information and application go to www.yanktonunitedway. org. COUNTY HIGHWAY SUPERINTENDENT - Huron, SD. Job description available at www.beadle.sdcounties.org. Deadline to apply is 6-15-12 . Submit resume with salary expectations to auditor@beadlesd.org. SEEKING BUSINESS MANAGER for McLaughlin School Disctrict #15-2. Send resume and application (available at www.mclaughlin.k12.sd.us) to Keith McVay, PO Box 880, McLaughlin, SD 57642. Open until filled. GREAT PAYING JOBS! Statewide construction jobs, $12.00 $15.00 OR MORE hourly + benefits. Summer or permanent. No experience necessary. Hit Pay Dirt! Apply Online www.sdwork. org. THE SISSETON SCHOOL DISTRICT has an opening for an Activities Director. Job description can be obtained by contacting the business office. Send a LOA, resume and credentials to Dr. Stephen Schulte at 516 8th Ave. West, Sisseton, SD 57262. Closed: 6/15/12. EOE. WANTED: SERVICE TECHNICIANS at a stable dealership with three locations in South Dakota and four locations in Nebraska. Excellent benefit package. A/C service departments. Wages DOE. For locations and phone numbers check our website: www.grossenburg.com. GREAT PAYING JOBS! Statewide construction jobs, $12.00 $15.00 OR MORE hourly + benefits. Summer or permanent. No experience necessary. Hit Pay Dirt! Apply Online www.sdwork.org. CUSTER REGIONAL HOSPITAL and Custer Regional Senior Care are searching for dedicated, caring nurses to join our team. We have full and part time LPN and RN positions available. We offer excellent benefits and competitive wages. For more information please call 605-673-2229 ext. 110 or log onto www.regionalhealth.com to apply. EEOC/AA FOR SALE ESTABLISHED FLOWER SHOP located in Gettysburg, SD to sell as going business or will sell inventory and coolers separate. Joys Flowers 605-765-2399 or 2002 HD ROAD KING, triple, black and chrome, diamond cut heads, Rinehart, fiberglass bags and lots of extras. 13,000 miles. All work done by HD. Asking $18,000. 1997 HD Softail Badboy, black & silver, S&S carb, lots of extras. 32,000 miles. Looks and runs great. Must sell!! $9,000.00. Call 605-229-1152. OTR & DRIVER OPPORTUNITY DRIVERS - $1000 SIGN-ON BONUS. *HOME WEEKLY *Must be Canadian eligible. *2500+ miles weekly *$0.42 for all Canadian miles *$50 border crossing pay *95% no tarp (888) 691-5705. NOTICES REFLECTIONS MEMORIAL PARK Estelline, South Dakota. Proud of our Veterans, School and Community. See us online at www.reflectionsmemorialpark.com Visit this summer! The PDR Hunt is a FREE deer hunt for physically disabled children ages 12-18, September 1415, 2012. Clark, South Dakota. Call Dean Rasmussen (605) 2330331, www.pdryouthhunt.com. ADVERTISE IN NEWSPAPERS statewide for only $150.00. Put the South Dakota Statewide Classifieds Network to work for you today! (25 words for $150. Each additional word $5.) Call this newspaper or 800-658-3697 for details. Win $4,000 in groceries. Enter to win. Take a survey at www.paper.net and tell us about your household shopping plans, your news and ad media use and preferences. Thank you! WANTED TO BUY BUYING ANTLERS UP to 7.50 per lb. brown elk, 6.00 per lb. brown deer. Will be buying porcupines again this fall. Phone 605-5170397 or clawantlerhide@hotmail. com.
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GARAGE/ MULTI-FAMILY MOVING SALE: Thursday, May 31, 5-8 p.m., 3 miles north of Philip on Hwy. 73, Jeff Rieckman residence. Sofa, chop saw, circular saw, chain saw, 6 ft. work bench, patio heater, chest deep freeze, TV, CD stereo, wildlife prints, garden hoses & tools, toys, lots of stuff! P25-1tp
WANTED: Old comic books that originally sold for 10-12¢ each when new. Good cash buyer. Tim, 303/517-9875 (Colorado). PR41-2tp WANTED! Young family looking for place to rent out of town (Wasta or Wall area). Call 605/ 210-1805 or 307-756-2897. PW24-4tp HOST FAMILIES: Have you ever thought what it would be like to open your home to an international exchange student? We are looking for great families like yours. Our students come with their own spending money and insurance. If you are interested please call Deb at 605/441-5859 or email debexchange@yahoo. com P23-3tp LOOKING TO RENT: 3 (or more) bedroom house to rent or rent-toown in Kadoka/Philip area. Contact Chris Riggins, 719/3387775, day or night. K23-4tp
WANTED: HOUSEKEEPERS Full or part-time positions available. Applicants must be prompt and have attention to detail. Positions available at Budget Host Sundowner and America’s Best Value Inn, Kadoka. Apply at ABVI or call Joe at 808/2841865. K17-tfn HOUSEKEEPERS WANTED at Best Western in Wall and one young girl for part-time laundry help. Contact Jackie at 2792145. WP40-2tc POSITION OPEN: The Kadoka Area School District is seeking applications for an elementary teacher position. Applications can be found on the Kadoka Area School District website. Applications must include cover letter, resume, and references, and submitted either electronically to Jamie.Hermann@k12. sd.us or mail to Kadoka Area School District, Attn: Jamie Hermann, 800 Bayberry St., PO Box 99, Kadoka, SD 57543. Kadoka Area School District is an EOE. K25-2tc WANTED: DEPENDABLE PERSON for full-time farm/ranch work in Murdo, SD, area. Machinery and livestock knowledge required. Housing and other benefits provided. References required. Call 669-2903, evenings. P25-2tc POSITIONS OPEN: Haakon School District is seeking applications for the following positions: Full-time grade 7-12 Special Education Paraprofessional and part-time Library Paraprofessional (4 hours/day). Must be highly qualified, or be willing to become highly qualified. Applications are available at the Haakon School Administrative Offices (Philip). Questions may be directed to Superintendent Keven Morehart at 859-2679. Positions open until filled. Haakon School District is an EOE. P24-2tc HELP WANTED: Construction foreman, carpenters and laborers in the Faith, Philip, Sturgis and Cheyenne River areas. Wage depending on experience. Troy PR39-tfn Schultes, 985-5055 GREAT SUMMER JOB! Sales experience preferred but will train. Salary plus commission. Possibility of up to $12.00 per hour wage. Housing is supplied in Wall. You will make great wages, meet lots of people and have fun. Position available May 1, 2012. Apply at GoldDiggers on Mt. Rushmore Road in Rapid City or call factory at 348-8108 or fax resumé to 348-1524. P14-tfn
GREAT PAYING JOBS! Statewide construction jobs, $12.00 $15.00 OR MORE hourly + benefits. Summer or permanent. No experience necessary. Hit Pay Dirt! Apply Online www.sdwork. org. GRAIN ELEVATOR CONSTRUCTION workers wanted. Mechanical, basic welding. Onida area. Some travel. Benefits. Will train. Advancement opportunities. Contact Dusty Sumner, J&D Construction 320-226-3402 EOE. FINANCE OFFICER: The City of North Sioux City, South Dakota, is currently accepting applications for a full-time Finance Officer. Applications/resumes should state qualifications and experience. Starting salary is contingent upon applicantís experience/qualifications and benefits are included. Bachelorís degree in finance, accounting, business, public administration or a related field is preferred but not required. In addition to experience with municipal finance operations/regulations, successful candidate must possess excellent organization and communication skills as well as strong management and leadership talents. Applications/resumes are being accepted until 5:00 p.m. June 15, 2012, at City of North Sioux City, 504 River Drive, North Sioux City, SD 57049. For information call 605-232-4276. EOE. BRIDGEWATER CITY accepting written Notice of Interest for Manager Lessees for City Bar. Call Bridgewater Finance Office 605/729-2690 or see bridgewatersd.com for more information. FREDERICK AREA SCHOOL District #6-2 has the following positions available: Full time janitor; fulltime (12 month position) business manager with benefits; special education assistant to work with K-12 students. Apply with letter, resume, to FASD, Attn: Supt. Randy Barondeau, PO Box 486, Frederick SD 57441. Open until filled. PLUMBERS WANTED Journeyman or Apprentice. Full time, permanent, possible OT wages. DOQ. Mitchell SD area. Mitchell Plumbing & Heating 605-9967375. In business 20 years.
EMPLOYMENT CREATIVE SURFACES in Sioux Falls is seeking a Template and Order Expeditor. Works with countertop division and involves measuring countertop projects using PhotoTop software and drafting with AutoCAD-13. 80% travel within 3hr radius. Resume and references to Denise Pins: deniseb@creativesurfaces.com. THE CITY OF FREEMAN is taking applications for a full-time Police Chief. Contact Freeman City Hall, ATTN City Administrator Dennis Nelsen, P.O. Box 178, Freeman, SD 57029 or call 605-925-7127. Position open until filled. EXPERIENCED CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION Field Supervisor needed. Based out of Dell Rapids, SD. Excellent pay and benefits. Call Buskerud Construction at 605-428-5483. Equal Opportunity Employer. DAKOTA PLAINS CREDIT UNION ($44MCU) seeking a Branch Manager for its Ellendale, ND location. Responsibilities include Ag/consumer lending, staff supervision, and strategic planning. Candidate must have excellent leadership/interpersonal skills, years of supervisory & financial institution experience. Bachelorís degree/equivalent experience required. Excellent benefit package. Resumes accepted through June 8, 2012: DPCU (Attn: CEO), Box 248, Edgeley, ND 58433. Or email: mreisnour@drtel.net. FULL-TIME MAINTENANCE/ CUSTODIAN~Alexander Public School - Maintain building and grounds, cleaning, minor building repairs, general painting, basic plumbing and electrical, and lawn care. Salary $18 per hour, $5460 benefit. Successful applicants must pass a background check. Submit a letter of application and resume to: Mike Klabo, PO Box 66, Alexander, ND 58831, or call (701) 828-3334.
FOR SALE: 1996 Camero convertible, V-6, power windows, locks, brakes, air, tilt wheel, automatic, less than 59K miles, asking $6,800. Call 279-2631, Wall, after 4 p.m., ask for Steve. PW24-2tc FOR SALE: 1993 GMC 1500 Sierra pickup, regular cab, 2WD, longbox, 146K miles, runs great, $3,000 OBO. Call 441-2697. PR35-tfn
FOR SALE: (6) Blue Heeler pups, six weeks old, good cattle dogs. Call 685-5856 for more information. P24-2tp
ROUGH COUNTRY SPRAYING: Specializing in controlling Canada thistle on rangeland. ATV application. ALSO: prairie dogs. Call Bill at 669-2298. PR41-23tp HILDEBRAND STEEL & CONCRETE: ALL types of concrete work. Rich, Colleen and Haven Hildebrand. Toll-free: 1-877867-4185; Office: 837-2621; Rich, cell: 431-2226; Haven, cell: 490-2926; Jerry, cell: 488-0291. K36-tfn TETON RIVER TRENCHING: For all your rural water hookups, waterline and tank installation and any kind of backhoe work, call Jon Jones, 843-2888, Midland. PR20-52tp BACKHOE AND TRENCHING: Peters Excavation, Inc. Excavation work of all types. Call Brent Peters, 837-2945 or 381-5568 (cell). K3-tfn GRAVEL: Screened or rock. Call O'Connell Construction Inc., 859-2020, Philip. P51-tfn WEST RIVER EXCAVATION will do all types of trenching, ditching and directional boring work. See Craig, Diana, Sauntee or Heidi Coller, Kadoka, SD, or call 837-2690. Craig cell: 390-8087, Sauntee cell: 390-8604; wrex@gwtc.net K50-tfn
FOR SALE: Well-kept family home on quiet street in Philip. Three bedrooms, 2 bath ranch style home with finished basement, stainless steel appliances and a two-car attached garage, located at 609 Sunshine Dr. For more information contact Monte Palecek at 859-2655. R40-4tc PHILIP HOME FOR SALE: Located at 100 Hone St. Recently remodeled with many upgrades, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, with study and family room, 2100 sq. ft., finished basement, fenced yard, 26’x24’ attached garage and two storage sheds. Call 859-2082. Priced at $138,990 (negotiable). P24-2tp HOUSE FOR SALE, LOCATED AT 607 SUNSHINE DRIVE, PHILIP: 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2100 sq. ft. home on a large lot located on a quiet cul-de-sac. Has attached 2-car garage, storage shed, large deck and an underground sprinkler system which operates off a private well. Contact Bob Fugate, Philip, at 8592403 (home) or 515-1946 (cell). P24-tfn
HOUSE FOR RENT: Two bedrooms, 2-1/2 baths, 204 Philip Ave., Philip. $600/month. 303/ 912-3898. PR40-2tp TWO BEDROOM APARTMENTS FOR RENT IN WALL: Contact Christianson Properties, 605/858-2195. PW24-6tc APARTMENTS: Spacious one bedroom units, all utilities included. Young or old. Need rental assistance or not, we can house you. Just call 1-800-481-6904 or stop in the lobby and pick up an application. Gateway Apartments, Kadoka. WP32-tfn
FOR SALE: Young pullets, $8 now; $10 in September. Call 8592129 or 484-5411. PR41-2tp WANTED: Hay to put up on shares in the Wall-Philip area. Call 441-0284, please leave a message. P24-4tp FOR SALE: Angus bulls, 1 polled Hereford, good, moderate structure, easy to handle, poured, vaccinated. $2,000 - $3,000. Call 390-5535 or 754-6180. P22-4tc
NEED A WEEKEND BABYSITTER? Call Charity at 993-3026 (home) or 307/756-2897 (cell). Located in Wasta. PW24-4tp
SKIING & FISHING BOAT FOR SALE in Wall. Excellent condition. Call 279-2643. WP41-2tc FOR SALE: (2) Honda ATV 4wheelers: 2004 500 Rubicon, automatic; 2008 500 Foreman, electric shift. Both in excellent condition. Call 669-2381 or 3818359. PR39-3tp
RESCHEDULED GARAGE SALE: Saturday, June 2, 9 to 2 (everything 1/2 price or less after 1:00), Phillis Thorson residence, 22077 Park Ave. (2 miles west on dump ground road), Philip. Lots of everything! All clothing items are $1 each or fill a bag for $5. Many items 25¢. Phillis Thorson & Crystal Mar tinez. P25-1tp
FOR SALE: Several nice, clean queen mattress sets. Del’s Second Hand & Gifts, Exit 63 Box Elder, 390-9810. PR41-4tc FOR SALE: Rope horse halters with 10’ lead rope, $15 each. Call 685-3317 or 837-2917. K44-tfn
WANTED: Looking for used oil. Taking any type and weight. Call Mike at 685-3068. P42-tfn
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Pennington County Courant • May 31, 2012 •
Page 9
Published May 31, 2012, at the total approximate cost of $609.52.
Public Notices
MINUTES MAy 15, 2012 A meeting of the Pennington County Board of Commissioners was held on Tuesday, May 15, 2012, in the Commissioners' meeting room of the Pennington County Courthouse. Chairperson Lyndell Petersen called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. with the following Commissioners present: Don Holloway and Nancy Trautman. APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA MOVED by Holloway and seconded by Trautman to remove Item 5, Approval of the Minutes of the May 1, 2012, Board of Commissioners’ meeting from the Consent Agenda and approve the agenda as amended. Vote: Unanimous. MOVED by Trautman and seconded by Holloway to continue the approval of the minutes of the May 1, 2012, meeting to the June 7, 2012, County Board meeting to review the video recording of the meeting. Vote: Unanimous. CONSENT AGENDA ITEMS The following items have been placed on the Consent Agenda for action to be taken by a single vote of the Board of Commissioners. Any item may be removed from the Consent Agenda for separate consideration. MOVED by Trautman and seconded by Holloway to approve Consent Agenda Items 6-11 as presented. Vote: Unanimous. 5. Action was taken on this item under Approval of the Agenda. 6. Approve the vouchers listed at the end of the minutes for expenditures for insurance, professional services, publications, rentals, supplies, repairs, maintenance, travel, conference fees, utilities, furniture and equipment totaling $4,212,303.31 and authorize the Chairperson’s signature. 7. Recognize and thank the Pennington County volunteers for the month of April 2012. The list of volunteers is on file in the Human Resources office. 8. Authorize the Chairperson’s signature on the 2012 Emergency Management State and Local Agreement Addendum. 9. To acknowledge Disinterment Permit Number 787272 from the South Dakota Department of Health pursuant to SDCL 34-25-38.1. 10. General Fund Supplement SP12016 – to schedule a hearing at 9:15 a.m. on Thursday, June 7, 2012, for a supplement to the 2012 General Fund Mountain Pine Beetle budget in the amount of $32,006 from non-budgeted revenue received in the current year. 11. To approve the Adopt-A-Highway Program request for Black Hills Works ITS to clean a portion of Reservoir Road and authorize the Chairperson’s signature on a letter to the organization. End of Consent Agenda Appointment Of Pennington County Extension Advisory Board Membership MOVED by Trautman and seconded by Holloway to approve the selection of the following individuals to serve on the Pennington County Extension Advisory Board: Richard A. Bray, Heath W. Frye, Pam Kieffer, Delores Knuppe, Janice Morgan, and Mary Williams. Vote: Unanimous. ITEMS FROM AUDITOR A. Annexation to the Flume Lane Road District: MOVED by Holloway and seconded by Trautman to approve the annexation to the Flume Lane Road District for the following property: Lot B of NE1/4NW1/4 of Government Lot 3 in Section 6, Township 1 North, Range 6 East, and Lot 5 of Lot C of J S Johnson Subdivision of the BHM, Pennington County, South Dakota, effective for the 2012 tax year and after. Vote: Unanimous. B. Notice of Consideration to Amend the Order for an Election on the Formation of the Scenic-Conata Basin Ambulance District Previously Adopted on May 1, 2012: MOVED by Trautman and seconded by Holloway to amend the Order for an Election on the Organization of the Scenic Conata Basin Ambulance District previously adopted by the Board of Commissioners on May 1, 2012, to correct the legal description. Vote: Unanimous. The corrected legal description is entered below. SCENIC CONATA BASIN AMUBULANCE DISTRICT T1S-R13E SECTION 22 GL 6-9; E1/2SE1/4 SECTION 23 GL 5-8; S1/2N1/2; S1/2 SECTIONS 24-26 ALL SECTION 27 GL 5-6; SE1/4NE1/4; SE1/4SW1/4; SE1/4 SECTION 28 GL 5-7; SE1/4NE1/4 SECTION 33 N1/2 LESS GL 1; S1/2 LESS SW1/4SW1/4 SECTION 34-36 ALL T2S-R13E ALL T2S-R14E SECTIONS 4-9 ALL SECTION 16 W1/2 SECTIONS 17-20 ALL SECTION 21 W1/2 SECTION 28 W1/2 SECTIONS 29-34 ALL T2S-R16E SECTION 31 S1/2 SECTION 32 SW1/4 T3S-R13E SECTIONS 1-23 ALL SECTION 24 NW1/4; W1/2NE1/4; W1/2SW1/4; NE1/4SW1/4; NW1/4SE1/4 SECTION 25 W1/2W1/2 SECTIONS 26-33 ALL SECTION 34 N1/2 T3S-R14E SECTIONS 3-10 ALL SECTION 17 N1/2NW1/4 SECTION 18 GL 1-2; N1/2NE1/4; E1/2NW1/4 SECTION 21 S1/2 SECTION 22 SW1/4; W1/2SE1/4 SECTION 27 W1/2; W1/2E1/2 SECTION 28 ALL SECTION 31 S1/2 SECTIONS 32- 36 ALL T3S-R15E SECTIONS 1-2 ALL SECTION 11 N1/2; NE1/4SW1/4; SE1/4 SECTIONS 12-13 ALL SECTION 14 SE1/4NW1/4; NE1/4; S1/2 SECTIONS 21-36 ALL
Public Notice Advertising Protects Your Right To Know.
PROGRAM RESOLUTION FOR COUNTyWIDE SIGNING PROJECTS WHEREAS, P e n n i n g t o n County desires replacement and improvement of regulatory, warning and guide signs as authorized by MUTCD, state law, and/or local ordinance. LOCATION: County Roads County Secondary Roads Township Roads Road District Roads TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION: Traffic Control Signing AND WHEREAS, Pennington County is obligated and hereby agrees to provide proper maintenance of signing as recommended by the latest edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the South Dakota Department of Transportation be and hereby is authorized and requested to program for construction, in accordance with the “Local Roads Plan” the State’s “Standard Specifications for Roads and Bridges,” and the “MUTCD.” Estimated Cost of Project Including Engineering: $1,537,300 Proposed Year of Construction: 2020 Vote of Commissioners: Yes 3, No 0 Dated at Pennington County, SD, this 15th day of May, 2012. Lyndell Petersen, Chairperson Pennington County Board of Commissioners ATTEST: (SEAL) Julie A. Pearson, Auditor Request for Support of Congressional Bills HCR107, HR1489 and the NAWPA Water Project – LaRouche PAC: MOVED by Trautman and seconded by Holloway to postpone action indefinitely on the requests to support HCR107, HR1489 and the NAWPA Water Project. Vote: Unanimous. ITEMS FROM PLANNING AND ZONING - CONSENT AGENDA The following items have been placed on the Consent Agenda for action to be taken on all items by a single vote of the Board of Commissioners. Any item may be removed from the Consent Agenda for separate action. MOVED by Trautman and seconded by Holloway to approve Planning Items AD as presented. Vote: Unanimous. A. The Spring Creek Watershed Management And Project Implementation Plan – Approval Of Payment Application – Amanda Richardson SPC2011PC67. To approve payment for SPC2011PC67 in the amount of $3,600 to Amanda Richardson. B. The Spring Creek Watershed Management And Project Implementation Plan – Approval Of Participant Agreement – John Or Mickey Beehler SPC2011PC53. To approve Participant Agreement SPC2011PC53 for John or Mickey Beehler and authorize the Chairperson’s signature thereto. C. The Spring Creek Watershed Management And Project Implementation Plan – Approval Of Segment 1 Grant Extension with SD DENR. To authorize the Chairperson’s signature on the Segment 1 Grant Extension application. D. The Spring Creek Watershed Management And Project Implementation Plan – Approval Of RESPEC Contract – Segment 2. To approve the Contract for Professional Services for the Spring Creek Watershed Management and Implementation Project Segment 2 and authorize the Chairperson’s signature thereto. End of Consent Agenda. ITEMS FROM EQUALIZATION (CONTINUED FROM ABOVE) MOVED by Holloway and seconded by Trautman to take a five minute recess. Vote: Unanimous. The Board recessed from 10:30 to 10:35 a.m. MOVED by Trautman and seconded by Holloway to take the abatement application for RD from the table. Vote: Unanimous. A. Abatement Application: MOVED by Holloway and seconded by Trautman to deny the application for abatement of 2011 taxes based on the disabled veteran exemption for RD because the application was filed after the deadline. Vote: Unanimous. ITEMS FROM PLANNING AND ZONING E. Second Reading Of Ordinance Amendment / OA 12-03. Pennington County. To amend Section 511-W-1 “Late Charges.” MOVED by Trautman and seconded by Holloway to approve the second reading of Ordinance Amendment / OA 12-03. Vote: Unanimous. ORDINANCE #34-22 AN ORDINANCE AMENDMENT TO THE PENNINGTON COUNTY ZONING ORDINANCE. BE IT HEREBY ORDAINED BY THE PENNINGTON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS THAT THE PENNINGTON COUNTY ORDINANCE #34 BE AMENDED AS FOLLOWS: SECTION 511-W: Section 511-W-1 shall be amended to include the following: 1. Any owner of property upon which work has been done for, which a Conditional Use Permit, Variance, Construction/Mining Permit, Plat, Rezoning, or Planned Unit Development is required, prior to issuance of said permit, shall pay a doubled application fee, plus a $500.00 penalty fee. PENNINGTON COUNTY COMMISSION Dated this 15th day of May, 2012. /s/Lyndell Petersen, Chairperson ATTEST: (SEAL) /s/Julie A. Pearson, Auditor PERSONNEL CCADP: Effective 5/7/12 – J. Cole, $16.63/hr.; Effective 5/3/12 – A. Thomson, $15.85/hr. Jail: Effective 4/23/12 – L. Good,
Pennington County Courant • May 31, 2012 •
$27.12/hour; Effective 4/29/12 – M. Berger, $19.26/hr.; Effective 5/1/12 - R. Fulkerson, $17.05/hr.; K. Trenary, $4951.33 + $60.00 FTO; T. Pyle, $3773.58 + $60.66 FTO. WSDJSC: Effective 5/1/12 – J. Martin, $3508.25; J. Blanden, $4597.83 + $60.66 FTO; Summer School Contract Effective 6/1/12 – R. MacLanders, $2,400; H. Clausen, $2400. Law Enforcement: Effective 5/1/12 – K. Thom $8750 (Elected Officials Wage Policy); Effective 4/24/12 – J. Evenson, $15.09/hr.; Effective 5/7/12 – P. Bahr, $15.09 hr.; Effective 5/16/12 – S. Cresalia, $15.09/hr.; Effective 5/14/12 – K. Kintigh, $10/hr.; Effective 6/1/12 – J. Cheesman, $3431.25. Register of Deeds: Effective 5/1/12 – D. Mayer, $6250. (Elected Officials Wage Policy) State’s Attorney: Effective 1/1/12 – G. Brenner, $9052. ESCC: Effective 5//12 – M. Thompson, $17.48/hr. Highway: Effective 4/30/12 – R. Montez & L. Jacobs, $11.26/hr. VOUCHERS A & A Property Management, 1418.00; A & B Business Equipment, 601.03; A & B Welding Supply Co, 1025.22; A Family Inn, 170.00; A To Z Shredding Inc, 346.50; A-1 Sewer & Drain, Inc, 440.00; Ace Hardware-East, 30.47; Ace Steel And Recycling, 6.92; Active Data Systems Inc, 105.56; Adams-Isc, Llc, 496.30; Adolescent Substance Abus, 15.00; Advanced Drug Testing Inc, 376.00; Al-Asfour, Ahmed, 700.00; Alley, Jason, 47504.50; American Correctional, 8250.00; American Signal Corp, 614.93; Americinn Motel, 1320.00; Andersen, Norma J, 15.00; Anderson, Mary, 17.60; Applied Concepts Inc, 6674.00; Applied Real Estate Resea, 35.00; Apria Health Care, Inc, 1148.06; Arc International, Inc, 4405.30; Armstrong Extinguishers, 69.00; Ashley, John, 1375.00; Atmosphere Hospitality M, 1488.00; Audio Video Solutions, 377.50; Bailey Jd & Mp Merryman, 352.77; Bailey Jd & Mp Merryman, 2925.00; Ball, Kent, 66.00; Banks, Bridgette R, 1211.90; Barco Products Company, 1023.30; Bargain Printing, 114.15; Barnier, Greg, 1266.50; Becker, Susan J, 30.55; Beezley, Lawrence D, 200.00; Behavior Management, 9300.00; Behm, Wesley A, 100.00; Best Western Ramkota Inn, 231.00; Bh Chemical Company Inc, 3673.36; Bh Fiberglass & Plastics, 140.00; Bh Industries, Inc, 514.00; Bh Orthopedic &, 1569.98; Bh Pest Control, Inc, 255.00; Bh Power Inc, 23836.54; Bh Services Inc, 293.92; Bh Surgical Hospital, Llc, 1828.50; Bh Wilbert Vault, 330.00; Bhe Industries Inc, 132.96; Biegler, Greg Lpc,Ccdc Ii, 480.00; Biers, Dallas Q, 22.10; Bierschbach Equipment, 194.25; Big D Oil Co, 145.00; Black Hawk Vfd, 200.00; Blickenstaff, Henry, 40.00; Bob Barker Company Inc, 1454.55; Bollock, Monty, 3282.40; Borge, Bradley T, 246.00; Borstad, Charles O, 25.00; Boyer Ford Trucks Inc, 553.79; Bradley, Allan L, 100.00; Bringswhite, Erik, 300.00; Brokaw, Curtis, 63.68; Brown, Raymond, 270.00; Buskerud, Ronald, 219.49; Butler Machinery Company, 7.00; Callis, Robert, 100.00; Canyon Business Products, 423.80; Career Learning Center, 30.00; Carlson, Jean, 736.90; Carol Butzman Consulting, 7635.86; Carquest Auto Parts, 12.58; Cash-Wa Distributing, 949.39; Caster, Patty, 63.00; Cbcinnovis, Inc, 138.75; Cbm Food Service, 16072.94; Cdw Government Inc, 5232.12; Cedar Shore Resort, 737.55; Central Hills Plumbing, 112.33; Century Business Prod Inc, 54.31; Certified Laboratories, 276.75; Cetec Engineering, 379.04; Champion Water Systems, 94.50; Chemguard, 4420.75; Chemsearch, 1741.13; Children's Home Society, 800.00; Chris Supply Co Inc, 614.34; Churchill Lp, 240.00; City Directories, 430.00; City Of New Underwood, 19399.45; City Of Rapid City, 22542.87; City Of Rapid City -Water, 17104.40; Clark Printing, 166.40; Climate Control Systems, 5452.07; Cna Surety, 50.00; Colbath, Angela M, 5195.34; Communication Services, 78.00; Community Health Center, 2185.75; Computer Repair And Sales, 48.75; Connelly, Randal E, 1773.75; Connelly, Randal E, 190.00; Contractors Insulation, 818.35; Contractors Supply, Inc, 151.35; Copy Country, 47.50; Cornerstone Apartments, 600.00; Costello, Porter Et Al, 488.15; Countryside Property, 438.00; County Of Niobrara, 300.00; Crescent Electric Supply, 1512.45; Cretex Concrete Products, 21467.28; Crum Electric Supply, 459.94; Cuny, Lynn, 100.00; Dahlke, Brenda, 205.60; Dakota Battery & Electric, 178.60; Dakota Plains Legal Srvs, 15500.00; Dakota Supply Group Inc, 77.07; Dakota Typewriter Exchang, 1280.47; Dakotaland Autoglass Inc, 170.00; Dale's Tire, 2894.34; Danko Emergency Equipment, 226.69; DarnallKnowlton, Tammie, 18.32; Davis, Jeremiah J, 14.00; Davis, Kathy, 946.85; Dennis Supply - Rc, 477.21; Diagostine, Scott A, 100.00; Diamond Pharmacy Services, 17958.19; Diamond Vogel Paint Cntr, 38.54; Dickson, Paul, 20.00; Diesel Machinery Inc, 1393.85; Dietrich, Donna, 325.30; Dimaio, Kathryn E, 1111.80; Dimaio, Kathryn E, 15.20; Diversified Auto, 136.04; Doorn, Charlene, 169.00; Doran, Joe, 179.00; Doty Vfd, 100.00; Eagle Ridge I, Llp, 270.00; Eagle Ridge Ii, Lp, 262.00; Ecolab Pest Elimination, 882.31; Eddie's Truck Sales Inc, 5543.62; Edgewood Estates, Lp, 240.00; Eileen's Colossal Cookies, 7.90; Election Systems, 12933.64; Elks Events Enterprize Co, 225.00; Environmental Chemical, 676.91; Eprovider Solutions, 102.20; Erickson, Kenneth J, 190.00; Evergreen Office Products, 1483.44; Executive Mgmt Fin Office, 718.53; Farmer Brothers Coffee, 750.62; Fastenal Company, 374.71; Federal Express, 8.11; Feehan & Cline, Pc, 3564.11; Fennell Design, Inc, 3635.35; Ferley, Ty, 240.00; Fiferman, Leslie, Ph.D., 1540.00; Fink, Teresa L, 857.55; Firesteel Technologies, I, 13546.00; Firestone Complete Auto, 131.42; First Western Insurance, 26584.00; Fischer, Jody D, 452.00; Flooring America, 154.05; Fogsngal, Llp, 5547.79; Foley's Custom Print, 32.50; Fosness, Jennifer, 4200.00; Frank, Thomas, 100.00; Franz, Andrew, 21.60; Fremont Industries Inc, 526.50; French, Brenda, 500.00; Fye, Tana, 295.20; G & H Distributing - Rc, 86.72; G4S Justice Services, Inc, 1999.80; Gallimore, Calvin, 20.00; Gardner Denver Nash Llc, 342.06; Geib, Elston, Frost Pa, 7863.44; George, Bernard, 79.45; Gibson, Loveletta Mae, 190.00; Glenn, Brandon, 32.00; Godfrey Brake Service, 667.00; Golden Rule Creations, 246.23; Golden West Technologies, 943.90; Good-Mitzel, Melissa, 50.00; Gordon, John, 125.00; Gorton, Dennis, 45.00; Grainger841964646, 103.46; Great Western Tire, Inc, 605.77; Grimm's Pump Service Inc, 679.64; Groseth, Craig, 133.00; Gunderson,Palmer,Nelson, 5369.39; Gustave A Larson Company, 88.56; Haggerty, Tiffany, 221.00; Hamilton, Candy, 100.00; Hanson, Dennis, 240.00; Hanson, Harlan R, 88.00; Harn, Jerri, 283.20; Harris, Betsey, 1020.82; Harveys Lock Shop, 52.95; Hautala, Keith A, 575.00; Health Concepts Wellness, 937.66; Health Education Design, 588.96; Heartland Paper Company, 3601.96; Hein, Cheryl, 840.00; Hendrickson, Kristina, 230.00; Henning, Gerald, 150.00; HewlettPackard, 3958.00; Hill City Hardware, Inc, 269.99; Hills Materials Co, 32081.94; Hillyard/Sioux Falls, 1868.72; Hoelscher, Dennis E, 100.00; Hoffman, Fredrick Dustin, 840.00; Horwath Laundry Equipment, 268.00; Howes Oil Company Inc, 82900.52; Hudgens, Sue, 9.60; Hughes County Sheriff, 50.00; Humane Society Of The Bh, 4166.67; Husby, Jason, 142.00; Ic Solutions, 500.50; Icehouse/Artic Glacier, 52.45; Indoff Inc, 3142.99; Industrial Electric, 66.00; Inland Truck Parts, 57.12; Inter-Agency Training Cou, 270.00; Interboro Packaging Corp, 168.40; Interstate All Battery, 152.05; Interstate Batteries, 416.80; Intoximeters Inc, 2000.00; J Scull Construction, 581134.95; Jackson Lewis, Llp, 735.00; Jadari, Jennifer, 67.00; Janssen, Thomas K, 100.00; Janz, Donald A, 3690.00; Jefferson Partner Lp, 1388.10; Jenner Equipment Co., 3800.78; Jensen, Dee, 135.00; Johnson Machine Inc, 3097.95; Johnson Siding Vfd, 749.99; Johnson's Carpet, 2485.00; K & D Appliance Service, 243.24; K-Mart, 39.98; Kabeiseman & Pollard, 170.00; Kappedal, Jean, Csr, 216.60; Kasuske, Lisa A, 270.00; Kennedy Pier & Knoff Llp, 142.40; Kerif Night Vision, 147.70; Kinkade Funeral Chapel, 1700.00; Kintigh, Kylie, 328.00; Kistler, Harvey, 179.00; Klapkin, Aaron, 54.00; Knecht Home Center Inc, 358.44; Knollwood Development Lp, 178.00; Knollwood Townhouse, 710.00; Knology, 295.76; Knology, 6423.60; Kone Inc, 5457.51; Koser Enterprises Llc, 167.22; Ksl Corporation(Atty Fees, 147.60; Kt Connections, 1787.51; Kurylas, Roman, 350.00; Laboratory Corporation Of, 46.50; Language Line Services, 50.00; Lantz, Clifford D, 63.00; Lewis & Clark Mental Heal, 149.00; Lewis Kirkeby & Hall, 270.00; Lewis, Laura, 1210.00; Lewis, Mikal D, 87.00; Lighting Maintenance Co,, 53.02; Lillie, Heath, 72.50; Lindquist & Vennum Pllp, 1089.00; Lindstrom, Richard D, 100.00; Little Print Shop Inc The, 296.52; Little, Stephanie, 20.00; Lloyd, Amanda, 226.00; Lowe's, 656.17; Lyle Signs Inc, 3875.00; M & M Fencing, 15881.81; Maher, William, 540.00; Malhotra, Deepak, 240.00; Manlove Psychiatric Group, 2225.05; Maple Green Llc, 750.00; Marco, Inc, 1657.01; Mareska, Richard, 179.00; Marx, William, 63.00; Masters Awards, 315.86; Matheson TriGas, Inc, 219.86; Mattson-Casteel, Cathy, 3123.53; Mayer, Robert, 142.00; McGowan, Wendy T, 2614.43; McKie Ford Inc, 2079.27; Medical Waste Transport,, 95.20; Medicap Pharmacy, 909.34; Medicap Pharmacy - St Pat, 5577.95; Medline Industries Inc, 574.23; Menards, 366.00; Mercy Housing SD2, Llc, 292.00; Mercy Housing Sdi-Llc, 175.43; Metro Fire, 1255.68; Metrocount Usa Inc, 260.00; Meyer, Tiffany, 99.16; Mg Oil Company, 2369.83; Mh Enterprises Llc, 200.00; Midwest Marketing Llc, 1504.54; Midwest Motor Supply Co, 611.99; Molitor, Brittney, 64.00; Moore Medical Corp, 3806.52; Moran, Patty, 315.00; Morgan Co. Sheriff's Offi, 51.50; Moss, William A, Psyd,Llc, 1300.00; Motive Parts & Supply Inc, 418.42; Motorola Solutions, Inc, 3050.80; Moyle Petroleum, 14024.77; Mro Corporation, 122.59; Mrs Land, Llc, 2500.00; Murphy Law Office, P.C., 2404.06; Nada Appraisal Guides, 426.00; Nelson, Diana, 1008.00; Neve's Uniforms Inc, 3874.74; Newkirk's Ace Hrdwre-East, 706.90; Newkirk's Ace Hrdwre-West, 415.06; Nfpa, 300.00; Nooney Solay & Van Norman, 2142.60; North Central Supply Inc, 674.00; North Haines Vfd, 50.00; Northern Truck Equipment, 479.00; Northwest Pipe Fitting In, 765.58; Northwestern Engineering, 248.50; O'Day, Valarie, 155.20; O'Gara, Hugh, 60.00; Officemax Incorporated, 193.37; Olson, Leann J, 500.00; Olson, Michael, 142.00; Oster, Michael J, 525.00; Oubre, Isabelle, 190.00; Overhead Door Co Of Rc, 245.48; Owens, Harold E, 90.00; Pacific Hide & Fur Depot, 220.99; Paradis Properties Llc, 847.72; Parent Teacher Outlet, 24.34; Parker Drive Development, 270.00; Parker, Nanette, 16.00; Parks, Ashlie, 20.00; Peckosh, Thomas F, 240.00; Peckosh, Thomas F, 305.00; Penn Co Council On Aging, 8723.00; Penn Co Health & Human Sv, 217.54; Penn Co Highway, 252.89; Penn Co Jail, 25.00; Penn Co Jsc, 62.60; Penn Co Juv Diversion, 110.00; Penn Co Sheriff, 1711.51; Penn Co States Atty, 324.75; Penn Conservation Dist, 6519.50; Pennington County Courant, 1431.52; Pennington County Housing, 190.00; Pete Lien & Sons Inc, 58.79; Phoenix Supply Llc, 571.79; Pioneer Enterprises, Inc, 3505.00; Positive Promotions, 25.00; Powell, Michael, 270.00; Power House Honda, 399.51; Powles, Brandon, 40.00; Preston County Sheriff, 25.00; Pro Windmill, Inc, 98.00; Promo Direct, 596.00; Pruss, Tina, 198.40; Psi Health Care Inc, 45.00; Pyn, Donald D, 100.00; Quality Transmissions, In, 155.19; Quill Corporation, 346.88; Radiology Assoc. Prof. Ll, 130.32; Rangel, Elisa, 800.00; Rapid Chevrolet Co Inc, 421.68; Rapid Collision, 2284.00; Rapid Delivery Inc, 72.00; Rapid Leasing, 490.40; Rapid Rooter, 525.00; Rapid Tire & Alignment, 872.51; Rapid Transit System, 380.00; Rapidcare, 370.00; Rc Area School Dist 51-4, 2503.56; Rc Arts Council, 123.44; Rc Emergency Services, 952.53; Rc Fire & Emergency Srvcs, 378.00; Rc Journal, 2870.40; Rc Police Dept-Evidence, 2275.72; Rc Regional Hospital, Inc, 31250.54; Rc Regional Hospital, Inc, 87.50; Rc Regional Hospital, Inc, 816.29; Rc Regional Hospital, Inc, 2176.28; Rc Regional Hospital, Inc, 61.77; Rdo Equipment Co, 17341.64; Record Storage Solutions, 319.03; Redwood Biotech, Inc, 2271.07; Redwood Toxicology, 557.27; Regional Health Physician, 186.39; Reishus, Kathryn M, 270.00; Reuer, Allen, 2065.00; Rhodes Chemical Of The Bh, 120.00; Rhudy, Katrina, 20.00; Ricoh Usa Inc, 1119.85; Ricoh
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T3S-R16E SECTION 3 SW1/4 SECTIONS 4-10 ALL SECTION 11 SW1/4 SECTIONS 14-36 ALL T3S-R17E SECTIONS 25-26 ALL SECTION 27 NE1/4; S1/2 SECTION 28 S1/2 SECTIONS 29-36 ALL T4S-R14E ALL THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY T4S-R15E ALL THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY T4S-R16E ALL THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY T4S-R17E ALL THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY BHM, PENNINGTON COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA C. Eastern Pennington County Ambulance District: MOVED by Trautman and seconded by Holloway to order that the election be held on July 10, 2012, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for determination of the organization of the Eastern Pennington County Ambulance District, and if the question for organization should pass, an election for the first Board of Trustees for the newly organized district will be held at a future date. Vote: Unanimous. The legal description follows. EASTERN PENNINGTON COUNTy AMBULANCE DISTRICT T1N-R13E SECTIONS 1, 12, 13, 24, 25, & 36 ALL T1N-R14E ALL T1N-R15E ALL T1N-R16E ALL T1N-R17E ALL T2N-R13E SECTION 12 THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY SECTIONS 13, 24, 25, & 36 ALL T2N-R14E ALL THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY T2N-R15E ALL T2N-R16E ALL T2N-R17E ALL T3N-R14E THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY T3N-R15E THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY T3N-R16E ALL T3N-R17E ALL T4N-R15E THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY T4N-R16E ALL T4N-R17E ALL T5N-R15E ALL THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY T5N-R16E ALL THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY T5N-R17E ALL T6N-R15E ALL THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY T6N-R16E ALL THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY T6N-R17E ALL THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY T1S-R13E SECTION 1, 12 & 13 ALL T1S-R14E ALL T1S-R15E ALL T1S-R16E ALL T1S-R17E ALL T2S-R14E SECTION 1-3 ALL SECTION 10-15 ALL SECTION 16 E1/2 SECTION 21 E1/2 SECTIONS 22-27 ALL SECTION 28 E1/2 SECTIONS 35-36 ALL T2S-R15E ALL T2S-R16E SECTIONS 1-30 ALL SECTION 31 N1/2 SECTION 32 N1/2; SE1/4 SECTIONS 33-36 ALL T2S-R17E ALL T3S-R13E SECTION 24 E1/2NE1/4; SE1/4SW1/4; E1/2SE1/4; SW1/4SE1/4 SECTION 25 N1/2; E1/2SW1/4; SE1/4 T3S-R14E SECTIONS 1-2 ALL SECTIONS 11-16 ALL SECTION 17 S1/2NW1/4; NE1/4; S1/2 SECTION 18 S1/2; S1/2NE1/4; SW1/4NW1/4 SECTIONS 19-20 ALL SECTION 21 N1/2 SECTION 22 N1/2; E1/2SE1/4 SECTION 23-26 ALL SECTION 27 E1/2E1/2 SECTIONS 29-30 ALL SECTION 31 N1/2 T3S-R15E SECTIONS 3-10 ALL SECTION 11 W1/2SW1/4; SE1/4SW1/4 SECTION 14 N1/2NW1/4; SW1/4NW1/4 SECTIONS 15-20 ALL T3S-R16E SECTION 1-2 ALL SECTION 3 N1/2; SE1/4 SECTION 11 N1/2; SE1/4 SECTIONS 12-13 ALL T3S-R17E SECTIONS 1-24 ALL SECTION 27 NW1/4 SECTION 28 N1/2 T4S-R13E SECTION 1, 12, 13 ALL SECTION 24 THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY BHM, PENNINGTON COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA ITEMS FROM SHERIFF A. 2012 Justice Assistance Grant Information – Brian Mueller ITEMS FROM EQUALIZATION A. Abatement Application: MOVED by Holloway and seconded by Trautman to table this item briefly for the State’s Attorney to research the applicable statutes. Vote: Unanimous. ITEMS FROM HIGHWAy DEPARTMENT A. Award Recommendation – Nemo Road Bridge Repairs: MOVED by Trautman and seconded by Holloway to award Nemo Road Bridge Repairs, STR. No 52324-266; Str. No. 52-321-266; and STR. No. 52-306-261, to the low bidder, Corr Construction Services Inc., PO Box 170, Hermosa, SD, in the amount of $140,406.00. Vote: Unanimous. Bid documents are on file at the Highway Department office. B. Federal Aid Surface Transportation Program Resolution for Countywide Signing Project: MOVED by Holloway and seconded by Trautman to approve the Federal Aid Surface Transportation Program Resolution for Countywide Signing Projects and authorize the Chairperson’s signature thereto. Vote: Unanimous. FEDERAL AID SURFACE TRANSPORTATION
Usa Inc, 44.81; Rieck, Richard R, 63.00; Rittberger, Shannon, 179.00; Robertson, Brett, 26.40; Rochester Armored Car, 358.40; Rodriguez, Emilio, 20.00; Roger Frye's Paint Supply, 701.16; Rose, Michelle, 20.00; Roseth, Lola K, 267.90; Russo, Peter, 100.00; Safety Kleen Systems Inc, 517.71; Sandberg, Ann G, 270.00; Sanitation Products, Inc, 663.45; Schiley, Buck, 805.00; Schmidt Funeral Home, Llc, 5520.00; Schneller, John Dr, 892.50; Schuft, Scott, 294.47; Schultz, Verlin, 100.00; Schuttler, Richard, 63.00; Scotts Bluff County Court, 50.00; Scovel Psychological, 4110.00; Sd Assoc Of Defense Lawye, 10.00; Sd Dept Of Public Safety, 60.00; Sd Dept Of Revenue, 734.00; Sd Dept Of Transp-Finance, 2757.27; Sd Div Of Motor Vehicles, 18.00; Sd Federal Prop Agency, 447.00; Sd Human Services Center, 1223.20; Sd Invasive Species Mgmt, 250.00; Sd Network Against Family, 175.00; Sears Commercial One, 54.03; Servall Uniform/Linen Co, 3740.05; Sheehan Mack Sales, 137.18; Sherwin Williams Paints, 588.45; Shi International Corp, 1680.90; Shoener Machine & Tool, 155.85; Sign & Trophy/Westex, 161.00; Simon, Robert, 72.00; Simplexgrinnell, 225.00; Simpson's Printing, 29.50; Simpson, James M, 47.50; Simtable, Llc, 280.00; Skinner & Winter Prof, Ll, 7144.65; Skyline Engineering, Llc, 1950.00; Slowey, Yavonne, 234.00; Smith, Glenda M, 240.00; Smoot & Utzman, 1870.00; Solar Sound, 316.02; South Creek Village, 300.00; Southern Hills Publishing, 941.72; Soverign Property Llc, 675.00; Spizzirri Press, Inc, 50.00; Sprinkler Service Company, 339.30; Stadel, Tammy, 1637.81; State Of South Dakota, 49864.98; Steam Cleaning Specialist, 1800.00; Stephens, Matthew, 4230.00; Stewart, Cathy L, 40.00; Stinson, Bruce, 57.50; Sturdevant's- Rapid City, 222.86; Summit Signs & Supply Inc, 95.00; Surrmeyer, Tim, 142.00; Swanda, Karen, 15.00; Swanson Services Corp, 280.43; Technology Center, 169.94; Tessco Incorporated, 1928.48; The Imaging Center, Llc, 1637.97; Thiewes, Bruce, 89.90; Three-D Specialties Inc, 6172.00; Tice, Barry, 127.00; Titan Access Account, 704.14; Tomjack, Chad, 133.00; Tow Pros, 100.00; Tractor Supply Credit Pla, 202.86; Trautman, Nancy, 356.75; Trimin Systems, Inc, 3000.00; Truck Utilities, Inc, 159.99; Tschetter And Adams Law, 261.90; Twilight First Aid &, 53.90; Twl Billing Service &, 1622.86; United Rentals Northwest, 574.79; Universal Adcom Llc, 589.50; Upper Knollwood Townhouse, 540.00; Us Postal Service, 1451.57; Vanway Trophy & Awards, 6.00; Vermeer High Plains, 178.08; Victory Chapel Church Of, 240.00; Video Service Of America, 104.00; Vinyl Graphics, 1204.96; Von Wald, Lynn, 490.00; Waag, Arden, 100.00; Walker Napa Auto Parts, 61.46; Walker, Brian, 133.00; Wall Building Center, 7.49; Wardle, Dan, 106.00; Warne Chem & Equip Co Inc, 131.68; Watertree, Inc, 863.10; Watson Law Office, P.C., 32.80; Weichmann, Cynthia, 919.40; Weifenbach, Ronald L, 270.00; Wellspring, Inc, 3823.30; Wenande, John, 269.64; Wendell, Gordon, 191.00; Wessel, Al Jr, Md, 5000.00; West Payment Center, 2931.16; West River Dermatology,Pc, 1626.99; West River Intrntnl Inc, 4626.34; Westby, Curt, 63.00; Western Communication Inc, 11366.00; Western Dakota Tech Inst, 129.00; Western Mailers, 26.05; Western Stationers Inc, 6676.30; Western Thrifty Inn Llc, 1360.00; Weyrich Enterprises, Inc, 180.59; Wheeler Lumber Operations, 4836.00; Whetham, Cheryl, 100.00; Whisler Bearing Co, 624.40; Wilson, Craig, 154.00; Winner Police Dept, 267.72; Wkc Enterprises, 240.00; Wlh Investments Inc, 194.00; Wolf, Ione, 360.25; Wood Stock Supply, 31.64; Wood, Brenda, 42.65; Woods, Wendell, 20.00; Wright Express Fsc, 480.10; Yankton Co Sheriff Office, 25.00; Yankton County Treasurer, 103.75; Zacharias, Jerome C, 820.00; Zep Sales & Service, 364.02; Ziggy's, 80.97; AT&T Mobility, 217.39; BH Community Foundation, 1,000.00; BH Power Inc, 44,719.93; City of Rapid City, 1,589.73; Executive Mgmt Fin Office, 5.89; Federal High Risk Pool, 137.00; First Administrators, 465,794.43; First American Title Co, 267,236.49; First Interstate Bank, 6,233.33; FSH Communications, 60.00; Golden West Co, 1,311.69; Golden West Technologies, 52.50; Kieffer Sanitation, 2,650.71; Knology, 4,301.48; Lattice Inc, 32.38; Medical Waste Transport, 145.19; Midcontinent Communications, 914.47; Montana Dakota Utilities, 400.52; Mt Rushmore Telephone, 101.23; Orbitcom, Inc, 45.49; Qwest Corporation, 7,587.39; Red River Service Corp, 45.89; SD Dept of Revenue, 9,789.21; US Bank Trust, 1,792,235.00; Verizon, 824.43; Walker Refuse, 107.25; Wells Fargo, 39,132.95; West River Electric, 1,338.21; Wright Express FSC, 9,447.06; A A Horwath And Sons, 430.60; Agent Fee - All Continent, SD US, 360.00; Amazon Mktplace Pmts, 127.03; Amazon.Com, 49.88; American Airlines, 50.00; Angel Brothers, 49.00; Black Hills Chemical, 1,945.03; Bob Barker Company, 5,526.24; Brte Strke Tchnlgies Inc, 68.00; Budget Rent-A-Car - Kenner, LA, 214.94; Buy.Com, 1,819.95; Cedar Shore - Oacoma, SD, 85.55; Charm-Tex, 551.40; ChevronVacherie, LA, 37.00; Circle K - Phoenix, AZ, 16.80; Clarion Hotels - Gretna, LA, 905.04; Copy Country, 283.28; Country Inn And Suites - Watertown, SD, 97.00; Cpi Us Dollars, 67.66; D & F Truck & Auto Electr, 105.95; D And R Service, 232.14; Dash Medical Gloves, 2,188.00; Delta Air, 3,836.40; Enterprise Rent-ACar - Kenner, LA, 149.30; Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Phoenix, AZ, 34.46; Federal Supply USA, 82.00; Frontier Auto Glass, 261.89; Godfrey Brake Service, 20.52; Golden Corral, 255.96; Hardware Hank, 14.38; Hilton Hotels Palmr Hs Chicago, IL, 1,252.48; Immedia Systems, 59.78; Indoff Incorporated, 579.96; Jobtarget Llc, 99.00; Mcmaster-Carr, 35.60; Menards, 28.50; Moore Medical LLC Web, 130.04; Morovision Night Vision, 166.20; Morse Watchmans Inc, 211.00; Network Solutions, LLC, 117.99; Neve'S Uniforms, 9.95; Neve'S Uniforms, 46.65; NPCI, 44.82; NWTC GB Registration, 350.00; Office Depot, 132.77; Omni Austin Downtown - Austin, TX, 452.61; Orion Healthcare Technolo, 75.00; Paypal Officehomel, 300.00; Ramada Limited - Metairie, LA, 200.70; Rapid Chevrolet-Cadillac, 76.48; Robinson Textiles, 382.20; Rushmore Civic Center, 691.50; Shell Oil - Kenner, LA, 14.51; SSI School Specialty, 96.04; Continued on page 11
Public Notices
Proceedings of Pennington County Commissioners (cont. from previous page) Sturdevant's Atuo Parts, 1,594.14; Supershuttle-Execucaraus, TX, 30.40; The Flagpole Company, 440.00; The UPS Store, 62.79; Top Quality Glove Mfg, 139.50; United Air, 2,907.60; Vanway Trophy & Award Inc, 94.00; Verizon Wrls Myacct Vn, 4,029.45; Wagner's Meat Market - Kenner, LA, 16.45; Wm Supercenter, 1,263.50; www.Newegg.Com, 135.94. ADJOURN MOVED by Trautman and seconded by Holloway to adjourn the meeting. Vote: Unanimous. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:40 a.m. Julie A. Pearson, Auditor Published May 31, 2012, at the total approximate cost of $293.64.
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Williams opposed. 4673. Anderson moved to support open enrolled students sitting out of varsity athletics for one year of eligibility. Seconded by Johnson. Motion carried. Business Manager Mohr gave an overview of the preliminary 2012-2013 budget. 4674. Johnson moved to approve the preliminary 2012-2013 budget. Seconded by Trask. Motion carried. Elementary Principal Sykora gave his report to update the board on the current happenings in the elementary. The district received two copies of the Title I Distinguished Schools book. He visited with Wendy Brunnemann who said she would put one on display in the public library. The other one will be put on display in the school. The Elementary concert went very well. He congratulated the students, Ms. Christiansen and Mrs. Sykora. He also thanked everyone who returned the Title I surveys. There was a lot of good CAPITAL OUTLAy SPEC. ED.
Pennington County Courant • May 31, 2012 •
information provided which will be used to complete the consolidated application. Business Manager Mohr referenced the SDRS candidate biographies which were included in the board packets. 4675. Trask moved to support Dave Merrill in the SDRS board election. Seconded by Johnson. Motion carried. Mohr informed the board that a decision was made to replace our teacher workroom copier with a refurbished copier from Marco for $5,500.00. Information was provided by Mohr on the SDRS Special Pay Plan. The information was briefly discussed and a decision will be made about being part of the program in June or July. Superintendent/7-12 Principal Rieckman discussed the painting project at the Power House with the board. It was decided that the district would furnish supplies and equipment for the project and hire Kracy Painting for the services. A quote for the services was passed around LUNCH TOTAL FUNDS to the board members. 4676. Trask moved to approve accepting the quote from Kracy Painting in the estimated amount of $21,800 for the Power House project. Seconded by Cordes. Motion carried. Rieckman reviewed the preliminary MS/HS class schedule for next school year with the board. Rieckman asked for approval to donate $200.00 to the Rodeo Club to purchase belt buckles for the practice rodeo. 4677. Williams moved to approve the donation of $200.00 to the Rodeo Club to purchase buckles for the practice rodeo. Seconded by Anderson. Motion carried. Rieckman noted the senior class purchased a new podium to donate to the school. A discussion was held on whether to proceed with an assembly for next school year that is put on by Farmers Union. There was a consensus by the board to proceed. Rieckman discussed surplus lights that Conde has for sale. Through discussion it was determined that the board was not interested in the lights. Next, there was discussion about removing one set of bleachers at the Power House to allow room to store the new gymnastics floor. 4678. Williams moved to approve removing one section of bleachers on the northwest side to create gymnastics storage. Seconded by Anderson. Motion carried. Williams asked questions regarding the facility rental policy. She noted she would like to see changes made to add weapon free and add deposit and clean up fees if possible. At 9:12 p.m. Chairperson Eisenbraun declared a recess.
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At 9:19 p.m. Chairperson Eisenbraun declared the meeting back in regular session. 4679. At 9:19 p.m., Johnson moved to go into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing personnel and contracts, according to SDCL 1-25-2. Seconded by Bielmaier. Motion carried. At 9:58 p.m., Chairperson Eisenbraun declared the meeting out of Executive Session. 4680. Anderson moved to approve contracts and resignations with the following change: Ronda Wilson, Co-Advisor for Student Council and Senior Class. Seconded by Cordes. Motion carried, with Johnson opposed to hiring a new teacher due to budget reasons. The board would like to recognize Mary Williams for being selected to serve on the Local Teacher Reward Plan Advisory Council dealing with House Bill 1234. With no further business brought to the board, Chairperson Eisenbraun declared the meeting adjourned at 10:02 p.m. Respectfully submitted by Niki Mohr, Business Manager ______________ Scot Eisenbraun, Chairperson ________________ Niki Mohr, Business Manager Published May 31, 2012, at the total approximate cost of $151.78.
REGULAR BOARD MEETING UNAPPROVED MINUTES MAy 9, 2012 The Board of Education of the Wall School District #51-5 met in regular session on Wednesday, May 9, 2012, in the Library of Wall School. Members present: Chairperson Eisenbraun, Vice-Chairperson Johnson, Members Cordes, Anderson, Williams, Bielmaier, and Trask. Also attending were Superintendent Rieckman, Business Manager Mohr, Elementary Principal Sykora, Autumn Schulz, Emily Linn, Anika Eisenbraun, Glen Lakner, Carol Lakner, Randall Poste, Angela Lytle, Terri Harris, and Laurie Hindman. Chairperson Eisenbraun called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. All action taken in the following minutes carried by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated. Business Manager Mohr took a roll call of the board members. All members were present. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Eisenbraun thanked Teen 19 for covering the meeting. Eisenbraun noted Angela Lytle and Terri Harris were being added to the agenda. 4670. Trask moved to approve the agenda with the addition of Angela Lytle and Terri Harris as item 5a. Seconded by Anderson. Motion carried. Eisenbraun noted that the contract portions of the consent agenda were being moved to item 13 – Other due to contract questions. 4671. Williams moved to approve the consent agenda as follows: Seconded by Bielmaier. Motion carried. Approve minutes of April 11, 2012 board meeting. (See changes below) Approve minutes of April 19, 2012 special board meeting. Approve May claims. During discussion Williams pointed out some minor changes to the minutes. The above motion reflects the changes as follows. Chairperson Eisenbraun called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. The board would like to look into advertising the 2003 bus for sale. 4663. Bielmaier moved to approve accepting Lake Central’s bid in the amount of $82,561 from Harlow’s in Webster. Seconded by Cordes. Motion carried. GENERAL FUND A & B WELDING CO, AG SUPPLIES, 30.07; A ROYAL FLUSH PORTABLES, PORTABLES, 201.00; BARNETT, SHARON, APR MLG, 187.22; BLASIUS, BRETT OR PAULA, APR MLG, 28.86; BOULDER CANYON COUNTRY CLUB, GOLF ENTRY FEE, 55.00; CARTER, ANGELA, APR MLG, 203.65; CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL, TRACK ENTRY FEES, 50.00; COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, DIBELS DATA SYSTEM, 127.00; DAYS INN, MOTEL, 93.00; ELSHERE, STACY, APR MLG, 63.46; ELWOOD, KRISTEN, APR MLG, 175.08; ERMISH, DAVID, MLG, 74.74; FAUSKE, TIM OR ERIN, APR MLG, 284.16; FIRST INTERSTATE BANK, SUPPLIES/TRAVEL/GOLF FEES, 1,053.88; FRINK, AMANDA, APR MLG, 32.56; GIBSON, JANELLE, MLG, 236.80; GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES, PHONE MAINT, 393.18; HARMON LAW OFFICE, LEGAL FEES, 116.67; HAUK, DAN, SUPPLIES, 23.98; HEATHERSHAW, ANITA, APR MLG, 59.20; HILL CITY LETTER CLUB, GOLF ENTRY FEE, 100.00; KADOKA COMMUNITY TRACK MEET, TRACK ENTRY FEES, 100.00; KADOKA SCHOOL DISTRICT 35-1, TRACK ENTRY FEE, 100.00; KELLY RICHTER, DAWN, JANAPR MLG, 293.04; KIER, ASHLEY, APR MLG, 179.08; KITTERMAN'S CONSTRUCTION, FB FIELD FENCE, 4,925.41; LUEDEMAN, DANA, APR MLG, 195.36; LURZ PLUMBING, REPAIRS, 1,154.39; MARCO, INC., COPIES, 527.50; McCONNELL, GWEN, APR MLG, 189.44; MENARDS, SUPPLIES, 23.98; MOHR, NIKI, MEALS, 26.00; OMNI SERVICES, SUPPLIES, 1,000.22; PENNINGTON COUNTY COURANT, BID REQUEST/PROCEEDINGS, 326.58; PEOPLE'S MARKET, TRACK ENTRY FEE, 100.00; PHILLIPS66, CONOCO, 76 , GAS, 365.82; RED ROCK RESTAURANT,
BEGINNING BALANCE: 03-31-12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$505,063.75 . . . .$296,313.83 . .$(8,515.99) . .$1,594,424.83 . .$14,742.40 . . . . .$2,402,028.82 Receipts: Local Sources: . . . . . . . . . . .$31,007.45 . . . . .$11,956.36 . . .$9,102.33 . . . .$458.18 . . . . . . .$3,474.22 . . . . . . . .$55,998.54 County Sources: . . . . . . . . .$1,826.48 . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,826.48 State Sources: . . . . . . . . . . .$67,859.00 . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . . . . .$67,859.00 Federal Sources: . . . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . .$4,352.90 . . . . . . . . .$4,352.90 Other Sources: . . . . . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . .$50.00 . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$50.00 General Journal Revenue: . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$0.00 Total to be accounted for: . . . . . . . . .$605,756.68 . . . .$308,320.19 . .$586.34 . . . . .$1,594,883.01 . .$22,569.52 . . . . .$2,532,115.74 Disbursements: . . . . . . . . . .$168,730.37 . . . .$9,434.45 . . . .$27,463.91 . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . .$9,320.15 . . . . . . .$214,948.88 General Journal Disbursements: . . . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . .$0.00 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$0.00 EOM BALANCE: 04-30-12 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$437,026.31 . . . .$298,885.74 . .$(26,877.57) .$1,594,883.01 . .$13,249.37 . . . . .$2,317,166.86 CAPITAL OUTLAy MARCO, INC., COPIER, 5,500.00; SOFTWARE UNLIMITED, INC., ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE MAINT, 3,395.00. FUND TOTAL: 8,895.0 SPECIAL EDUCATION FUND CHILDREN'S CARE HOSPITAL, SERVICES, 2,177.00; CHILDREN'S CARE HOSPITAL & SCH, TUITION, 10,003.05 PHILLIPS66, CONOCO, 76, GAS, 95.32; WALMART COMMUNITY BRC, SUPPLIES, 169.28. FUND TOTAL: 12,444.65 FOOD SERVICE FUND ARMSTRONG EXTINGUISHER, FIRE INSPECTION, 197.96; DEAN FOODSNORTH CENTRAL, MILK, 921.91; EARTHGRAINS/SARA LEE BAKERY GROUP, FOOD, 99.50; REINHART FOODSERVICE, L.L.C., FOOD, 1,395.17; US FOODSERVICE, FOOD, 2,124.53; WALL FOOD CENTER, FOOD, 60.60; WALL WATER DEPARTMENT, WATER, 37.08; WEST RIVER ELECTRIC COOP., ELECTRIC, 573.44. FUND TOTAL: 5,410.19 CHECKING ACCOUNT TOTAL: 53,833.02 Glen Lakner was present to address the board about an auction being held in the school gym. He questioned the policy that allows activities such as auctions and funerals to take place. After discussion on this topic it was determined the policy would be reviewed. Angela Lytle addressed the board with a couple questions about the above topic. She wondered whether the gym floor covering was interrupting physical education of the students. Rieckman responded that all physical education classes have been held and kids have still been on the gym floor during lunch. Lytle also asked how much was charged for rent for the auction. Rieckman responded that the policy was followed at $200 each day of the auction. Angela Lytle and Terri Harris addressed the board about supporting their plan to hold an alcohol and drug free post graduation party. They gave information on what other towns/schools offer as an alternative to the traditional post graduation party. They are funding this party with money that the senior parent group had left over from the post prom party. Lytle and Harris asked Rieckman for permission to attend a senior class meeting to get information about this party to the students. Rieckman was in agreement and the board was in support of this activity. Randall Poste, the district’s technology coordinator, addressed the board about federal changes to the Children’s Internet Protection Policy. Our district has always been in compliance, but now we must make changes to stay in compliance. By July 1, 2012, we need to have an internet safety policy in place. In addition, all devices which the school owns will be filtered on and off campus. An internet safety course must also be provided to all staff/students on an annual basis. The first reading was held for the internet safety policy. Williams asked questions about the policy and noted some minor areas to correct. Next, Rieckman reviewed the SDHSAA proposed election items. He noted the board needed to choose a candidate to support for the Division I Representative position. They also needed to decide whether or not to support open enrolled students sitting out of varsity athletics for one year. 4672. Trask moved to support Mark Hofer of Sioux Falls Roosevelt. Seconded by Cordes. Motion carried with
CITy OF WALL MUNICIPAL WATER WATER QUALITy Last year, the City of Wall monitored your drinking water for possible contaminants. This brochure is a snapshot of the quality of the water that we provided last year. Included are details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state standards. We are committed to providing you with information because informed customers are our best allies. WATER SOURCE We serve more than 766 customers an average of 165,300 gallons of water per day. Our water is groundwater that we produce from local wells. The state has performed an assessment of our source water and they have determined that the relative susceptibility rating for the Wall public water supply system is low. For more information about your water and information on opportunities to participate in public meetings, call (605)279-2563 and ask for Jeff Clark. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION The sources of drinking water (both tap water and bottled water) include rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs, and wells. As water travels over the surface of the land or through the ground, it dissolves naturally-occurring minerals, and can pick up substances resulting from the presence of animals or from human activity. Contaminants that may be present in source water include: •Microbial contaminants, such as viruses and bacteria, which may come from sewage treatment plants, septic systems, agricultural livestock operations, and wildlife. •Inorganic contaminants, such as salts and metals, which can be naturally-occurring or result from urban stormwater runoff, industrial or domestic wastewater discharges, oil and gas production, mining, or farming. •Pesticides and herbicides, which may come from a variety of sources such as agriculture, urban stormwater runoff, and residential uses. •Organic chemical contaminants, including synthetic and volatile organic chemicals, which are by-products of industrial processes and petroleum production, and can also come from gas stations, urban stormwater runoff, and septic systems. •Radioactive contaminants, which can be naturally-occurring or be the result of oil and gas production and mining activities. In order to ensure that tap water is safe to drink, EPA prescribes regulations which limit the amount of certain contaminants in water provided by public water systems. FDA regulations establish limits for contaminants in bottled water which must provide the same protection for public health. Drinking water, including bottled water, may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants. The presence of contaminants does not necessarily indicate that water poses a health risk. More information about contaminants and potential health effects can be obtained by calling the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline (800-426-4791). Some people may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general population. Immuno-compromised persons such as persons with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, persons who have undergone organ transplants, people with HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorders, some elderly, and infants can be particularly at risk from infections. These people should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers. EPA/CDC guidelines on appropriate means to lessen the risk of infection by Cryptosporidium and other microbial contaminants can be obtained by calling the Environment Protection Agency’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline (800-4264791). If present, elevated levels of lead can cause serious health problems, especially for pregnant women and young children. Lead in drinking water is primarily from materials and components associated with service lines and home plumbing. The City of Wall public water supply system is responsible for providing high quality drinking water, but cannot control the variety of materials used in plumbing components. When your water has been sitting for several hours, you can minimize the potential for lead exposure by flushing your tap for 30 seconds to 2 minutes before using water for drinking or cooking. If you are concerned about lead in your water, you may wish to have your water tested. Information on lead in drinking water, testing methods, and steps you can take to minimize exposure is available from the Safe Drinking Water Hotline or at http://www.epa.gov/safewater/lead. DETECTED CONTAMINANTS The attached table lists all the drinking water contaminants that we detected during the 2011 calendar year. The presence of these contaminants in the water does not necessarily indicate that the water poses a health risk. Unless otherwise noted, the data presented in this table is from testing done January 1 – December 31, 2011. The state requires us to monitor for certain contaminants less than once per year because the concentrations of these contaminants are not expected to vary significantly from year to year. Some of the data, though representative of the water quality, is more than one year old. 2011 TABLE OF DETECTED CONTAMINANTS FOR WALL (EPA ID 0417) TERMS AND ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THIS TABLE: • Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG): the level of a contaminant in drinking water below which there is no known or expected risk to health. MCLGs allow for a margin of safety. • Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL): the highest level of a contaminant that is allowed in drinking water. MCLs are set as close to the MCLGs as feasible using the best available treatment technology. • Action Level (AL): the concentration of a contaminant which, when exceeded, triggers treatment or other requirements which a water system must follow. For Lead and Copper, 90% of the samples must be below the AL. • Treatment Technique (TT): A required process intended to reduce the level of a contaminant in drinking water. For turbidity, 95% of samples must be less than 0.3 NTU. UNITS: •MFL: million fibers per liter •pCi/l: picocuries per liter (a measure of radioactivity) •ppt: parts per trillion, or nanograms per liter •mrem/year: millirems per year (a measure of radiation absorbed by the body) •ppm: parts per million, or milligrams per liter (mg/l) •ppq: parts per quadrillion, or picograms per liter •NTU: Nephelometric Turbidity Units •ppb: parts per billion, or micrograms per liter (ug/l) •pspm: positive samples per month Highest Level Allowed (AL) AL=1.3 AL=15 Highest Level Allowed (MCL) 2 4 Major Source of Contaminant Corrosion of household plumbing systems; erosion of natural deposits; leaching from wood preservatives. Corrosion of household plumbing systems; erosion of natural deposits. Major Source of Contaminant Discharge of drilling wastes; discharge from metal refineries; erosion of natural deposits. Erosion of natural deposits; water additive which promotes strong teeth; discharge from fertilizer and aluminum factories
Substance Copper Lead
90% Level 0.1 2
Test Sites > Action Level 0 0
Date Tested 09/28/09 09/28/09
Ideal Goal 0 0
Units ppm ppb
Substance Barium Fluoride
HIghest Level Detected 0.011 3.27
Date Tested 05/27/09 05/27/09
Ideal Goal (MCLG) 2 4
Units ppm ppm
Please direct questions regarding this information to Mr. Jeff Clark with the Wall public water system at (605) 279-2563. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT yOUR DRINKING WATER Elevated Fluoride Levels Detected This is an alert about your drinking water and a cosmetic dental problem that might affect children under nine years of age. At low levels, fluoride can help prevent cavities, but children drinking water containing more than 2 milligrams per liter (mg/l) of fluoride may develop cosmetic discoloration of their permanent teeth (dental fluorosis). The drinking water provided by your community water system (City of Wall) has a fluoride concentration of 2.4 mg/l. Dental fluorosis in its moderate or severe forms, may result in a brown staining and or pitting of the permanent teeth. This problem occurs only in developing teeth, before they erupt from the gums. Children under nine should be provided with alternative sources of drinking water or water that has been treated to remove the fluoride to avoid the possibility of staining and pitting of their permanent teeth. You may also want to contact your dentist about proper use by young children of fluoride-containing products. Older children and adults may safely drink the water. Drinking water containing more than 4 mg/l of fluoride (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s drinking water standard) can increase your risk of developing bone disease. Your drinking water does not contain more than 4 mg/l of fluoride, but we’re required to notify you when we discover that the fluoride levels in your drinking water exceeds 2 mg/l because of this cosmetic dental problem. For more information, please call Jeff Clark of City of Wall Water Department at 279-2563. Some home water treatment units are also available to remove fluoride from drinking water. To learn more about available home water treatment units, you may call NSF International at 1-877-8-NSF-HELP. Please share this information with all the other people who drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools and businesses). You can do this by posting this notice in a public place or distributing copies by hand or mail. This notice is being sent to you by the City of Wall. State Water System ID# 0417. Published May 31, 2012, at the total approximate cost of $318.02.
Pennington County Courant • May 31, 2012 •
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MSG Rieckman to retire from S.D. National Guard
MSG Dennis Rieckman will retire  form  the  South  Dakota  National Guard effective June 1, 2012. MSG Rieckman has served in the SDNG for 31 years, one year in the Army Reserves, and two years on active duty in the Army. On active duty, he served with the 3rd Armor of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment as a combat medic in Amberg, Germany form December 1974 to June 1976. He  joined  the  SDNG  in  March  of 1983 and served as a medic in the 153rd Engineer Battalion. He also served with the 881st Troop Command and with the State Medical Command. He has served as a line unit medic, section sergeant, operations sergeant, and several other medical  related  positions  during his time in the guard. His one year stint with the Army Reserve was as an  instructor  teaching  medical classes to enlisted soldiers. MSG Rieckman is currently the Superintendent and 7-12 Principal in  Wall.  He  and  his  wife  Kathy have three daughters all residing in  Sioux  Falls  with  their  spouses and one grandson.
Wall Ridge Apts. 1 Bedroom
on-site laundry facility
in Wall
PRO/Rental Management 605-347-3077 1-800-244-2826
www.prorentalmanagement.com www.freerentersguide.com
FOR THE PROPOSED SCENIC CONATA BASIN AMBULANCE DISTRICT A meeting and election will be held on June 12, 2012 at 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. to determine if the proposed Scenic Conata Basin Ambulance District shall be formed. If the district is formed by this election, nomination and election of a 5 member Board of Trustees will take place at the meeting immediately following the election and results of said election are in favor of formation. Residents within the proposed district who are also registered voters within the district are eligible to vote in this election. The meeting and election will begin at 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and continue until all present have voted. The meeting and election will be held at the Scenic Community Center, Scenic, SD. The area to be included in the proposed district for tax year 2012 is: S1/2 OF SECTION 31, SW1/4 OF SECTION 32 LOCATED IN T2S-R16E; S1/2 OF SECTION 21, SW1/4 , W1/2SE1/4 OF SECTION 22, W1/2, W1/2E1/2 OF SECTION 27, ALL OF SECTION 28, S1/2 OF SECTION 31, ALL OF SECTIONS 32-36 LOCATED IN T3S-R14E; ALL SECTIONS 1 & 2, N1/2, NE1/4SW1/4, SE1/4 LOCATED IN SECTION 11, ALL OF SECTIONS 12 & 13; SE1/4NW1/4, NE1/4, S1/2 IN SECTION 14, ALL OF SECTIONS 21-36 LOCATED IN T3S-R15E; SW1/4 OF SECTION 3, ALL OF SECTIONS 4-10, SW1/4 OF SECTION 11 AND ALL OF SECTIONS 14-36 OF T3SR16E, ALL OF SECTIONS 25-26, NE1/4, S1/2 OF SECTION 27, S1/2 OF SECTION 28 AND ALL OF SECTIONS 29-36 OF T3S-R17E; ALL THAT PART LOCATED IN PENNINGTON COUNTY IN T4S-R14E, T4S-R15E, T4S-R16E AND T4S-R17E.BHM Pennington County, SD. Voters with disabilities may contact the Pennington County Auditor for information and special assistance in absentee voting or polling place accessibility. Julie A. Pearson, Auditor Pennington County Published May 31 & June 7, 2012, at the total approximate cost of $35.78.
other conditions have been made by DENR. The Surface Water Discharge permit specifies the quality of water that can be discharged and still protect the uses of the receiving water. The proposed discharge permit and supporting document are available from DENR at the address listed below. In accordance with the Administrative Rules of South Dakota, Chapter 74:50:02, any person desiring to comment on the Department's recommendation for the conditional issuance of this permit must submit written comments to the below address within the specified thirty (30) day comment period. Comments may be directed to the following address: South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Di-
vision of Environmental Services, Surface Water Quality Program, Joe Foss Building, 523 East Capitol, Pierre, SD 57501-3181. Any person desiring a public hearing must file a petition which complies with the ARSD 74:50:02. If no objections are received within the specified 30-day period, the Secretary will issue final determinations within sixty days of the date of this notice. Additional information may be obtained by calling Andrew Renner, with DENR, at (605) 773-3351, or by writing to the address listed above. /s/Steven M. Pirner Published May 31, 2012 at the total approximate cost of $31.41.
APPLICATION AND RECOMMENDATION The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has received an application for the issuance of a Surface Water Discharge (SWD) permit from the following applicant: APPLICANT NAME: City of Wall PERMIT NUMBER: SD0020346 FACILITY LOCATION: The first three cells are located about ½ mile east of the city in the Southwest ¼ of the Southwest ¼ of Section 32, Township 1 North, Range 16 East; The last two cells are located about 8 miles southeast of the city in the North ½ of the Northwest ¼ of Section 1, Township 2 South, Range 16 East, in Pennington County, South Dakota MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 314 Wall, SD 57790 The renewal of the Surface Water Discharge permit will allow the discharge of treated wastewater from the City of Wall’s wastewater treatment facility. Any discharge from this facility will enter WHITEWATER CREEK. WHITEWATER CREEK has been assigned the following beneficial uses: (9) Fish and wildlife propagation, recreation, and stock watering waters; and (10) Irrigation waters. Tentative determinations regarding the water quality limits for any discharge and
Email us at annc@gwtc.net or courant@gwtc.net
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