Oral Interp goes to state

The Philip High School Oral Interpretation team will be going to the state competition December 3 and 4 in Pierre.

The six students qualified through district and regional meets. The team members are Michael Westerberg, Jesse Heaton, John Hart, Rose Heeb, Brittany Westerberg and Tracie Erdmann. Their coach is Laura Jacobs. All six members will be performing together in the reader’s theater category. Their piece, entitled “Parts of Life”, is a compilation of poetry, prose and lyrics concerning death.

Philip High School has an entry in the duo drama category. Brittany Westerberg and Tracie Erdmann will be presenting their serious piece, “To Burn a Witch.” At the state competition, the drama category will include serious and humorous pieces competing against each other.

Rose Heeb will be presenting her oratory piece, “The Unthinkable Deed Called Censorship.”

Brittany Westerberg will be presenting “Autumn Sonata” as her serious interpretation of a play.

Jacobs also judges at various meets, but never her own team members.

In oral interpretation, the highest possible rating is a superior. An excellent is the next rating, while a good follows that.