Open container request to city council

During the Philip City Council's regular meeting on Monday, March 5, the Centennial committee requested a special ordinance during Philip's Centennial Celebration to allow open containers of alcoholic beverages.

The council had already accepted the chamber's request to put up banners and close off a portion of downtown Philip for the St. Patrick's Day kickoff of the Centennial Celebration.

Centennial Committee Chairman Joe Gittings made the request which was complimented by Mayor John Hart. Hart said that the research and suggestions were thorough and practical. The planned 40' x 120' tent would be secured; part of it staked in the Firehall Park and the rest held in place by water barrels.

The tent and its surrounding area is designed to provide a safe and manageable beer-only area, while still including the two downtown bars. Another aspect is the chamber would not have to apply for a malt beverage license.

Based on a City of Deadwood ordinance, Philip's ordinance would exclude minors, other alcoholic beverages and any public place outside of the designated area. The chamber would sell unique cups for beer and wristbands designating the person is over 18.

The city council tabled the issue until a copy of the Deadwood ordinance can be acquired and legal council can be consulted. The council expressed its desire to stay within legal time requirements for ordinance readings.

In other business, the 2006 calendar year brought in $323,994 of sales taxes to the City of Philip. For the 2006 Fiscal Year, revenue for the city of Philip was separated by source. Operating and capital grants accounted for 54%. The street and lighting projects and the airport project were the main factors for this. Charges for services brought in 22%, sales taxes - 17%, property taxes - 15%, and the rest in miscellaneous revenues, unrestricted investment earnings and state shared revenues.

The April 10th city election has been cancelled. No petitions werefiled in Ward III and only incumbents filed in Wards I and II.

The solid waste disposal contract with Walker Refuse has been

renewed for three years.

The South Dakota Municipal League District 8 meeting will be Thursday, April 19, in Kadoka. The deadline to file objections with the Board of Equalization is Thursday, March 15, at 5:00 p.m.

The council will meet as a Board of Equalization at 3:30 p.m. on Monday, March 19, in the finance office. The next regular council meeting is Monday, April 2, at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Room of the Haakon County Courthouse.