Nurse from Philippines joins Philip Health Services for three-year job commitment

Christine Nadala arrived in Philip from Dipolog City, Mindanao Island, Philippines, on Friday, October 16, to begin a three-year commitment to work as a nurse at Philip Health Services, Inc. Her first day on the job was October 20.

Nadala is the third person to join PHSI under the H1-B visa program. Melanie Tezon-Berdin, a lab technician, has been in Philip since July, 2007. Dennis Donato, a nurse, has been living and working in Philip since January, 2009. Under a similar program, Dr. George Mangulis came from Latvia in 1947 to dedicate over 50 years to health care in the Philip area. Dr. Coen Klopper came from South Africa in 1991 and stayed until 1999. He returned to Philip in March of 2003 and continues to be a valuable member of the Philip area health community.

Nadala received her four-year bachelor of science degree in nursing from the University of Cebu, Philippines, in 1997. "Most of my family is in the medical field," said Nadala. "As a child, I dreamed of being a nurse. What attracted me most then was the uniform, which is white. Now, in my heart I love to do nursing, taking care of very nice, lovely people in the hospital. What interested me most is ER; I love challenge and quick thinking." She has been an emergency room nurse for eight years.

After several years experience in the Philippines, she worked from 2005 to 2006 for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. "A cruise ship has two doctors and three nurses for 3,000 people on board," said Nadala. "It was a wonderful experience and a good start. My husband, John Felben, worked 11 years for the cruise line before he stopped. The X-ray machine and other equipment was portable and the medical technician work was on us nurses. But, my friends in Miami said I needed more experience and training to be licensed in America."

Nadala worked in the United Arab Emirates from 2005 to 2008, where she took and passed her nursing license and English examination. She then worked in Canada until she and her family moved to Philip.

"We are very happy Christine is here," said Carmen Fees, head of the nursing department at Philip Health Service, Inc. "We've been waiting a long time for the visa and other paperwork to be accepted. With her family here, too, we get three for the price of one. It's great that she will be here for three years, which gives stability to our work force."

Nadala first heard about the Philip opening through an agent. According to its website, "Philip was a small community that offered cost-effective living," said Nadala. "We often times checked the website for the weather, how many people are here, pictures and lifestyle. We pretty well knew Philip before we came. We arrived at the decision to move here and we have no regrets. We are so blessed. While we are walking, people wave and say 'Hi." They are so cool. Of the different places we've seen in the world, Philip is so warm. This is the place we were looking for."

"We don't come from a big city. While growing up in the Philippines, I helped with farm work raising goats, pigs, chickens and some cattle. Cattle in our country are not that much, but the concept is the same. It is not that huge of an adjustment we made; it's like home. Life here is simple and easy. This is the perfect place to grow up a family. Our eight-year-old daughter, Aitanna, loves this place. The school and individuals make it so easy and fun. She is so excited to go to school every day."

"I want people to know me and that I'm part of the health team," said Nadala.