"Nunsensations - the Nunsense Vegas Review" to be put on by Philip Drama Group

Musical Nunsense ... Getting into the habit of being feathered showgirls. From left: Maureen Palecek, Deb Smith, Carmen Fees, Cindy Nuzum, Deb Smith and Barb Bowen.

In its 30th season, the Philip Drama Group will be presenting the glitzy, feather-filled, sequin-studded "Nunsensations - The Vegas Review"

This will be the group's third Nunsense musical. On stage will be the veteran talent of Barb Bowen, Maureen Palecek, Cindy Nuzum, Carmen Fees, Deb Smith and Anita Peterson.

The Philip Drama Group will offer four performances, all beginning at 7:00 p.m. The first two times will be in Philip on Thursday and Friday, June 5th and 6th, in the Fine Arts Building. The Saturday, June 7th, show will be at the Kadoka City Auditorium as a fundraiser for the Kadoka Nursing Home Association. The closing show on Sunday, June 8th, will be back in Philip, this time as a dessert-theater fundraiser for the Philip Hospital Auxiliary.

The plot is simple. It seems that the convent is always in need of money. The Nuns of Hoboken were first seen when one of the sisters killed almost all of the convent with her soup-gone-bad. In order to raise enough money to bury the last four departed sisters, the surviving nuns held a game night and talent show.

The Philip stage next saw the nuns in "Nunsense II - The Second Coming." The sequel's action began months after the first. The nuns were back, presenting a "thank-you" show for all the people who supported them in the past. Their brief brush with show business has ignited their inner star quality.

For this performance, their third adventure, the nuns are told that a parishioner will donate $10,000 to the sisters' school if they will perform in a Las Vegas club. All are eager to accept, except Mother Superior, however, she is convinced by the others that, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Most of the songs, dance and comedy schtick take place in The Pump Room Lounge at the Mystique Motor Lodge in Las Vegas. The risque', show-biz style comes almost too easily to these supposedly unworldly Hoboken sisters of the cloth.

Some of the songs include: Life is a Game of Chance, T. & A., From Vaudeville to Vegas, When the Chips are Down, What's Black and White with her Money on Red?, I Left Him There, Sin City Sue, Double or Nothing, A Little Goes a Long Way, Hollywood 'n Vinyl and Take the Money and Run.

Bowen plays the Mother Superior. One of her favorite Nunsense lines is, "Oh, it's a dream come true." Palecek plays the drill sergeant second-in-command who teaches the newer nuns. One of her character's lines is, "Oh, sure, as usual I'm supposed to fix things." Nuzum's character, originally from a Brooklyn gang, speaks the younger language ... unfortunately for the censors. Fees' character, nicknamed Sister Mary Amnesia, has the infamous line of, "What's the number for 911?" Her best friend is her puppet, played by Peterson. Smith plays a nun who has dedicated her life to God through dancing. One of her favorite lines in this musical is the non-nun description of, "soft brown hair and deep set eyes."

Doing the Vegas introductions will be Ray Gibson. The cast and crew are directed by Marcy Ramsey and Diane Walker. Piano accompaniment will be played by Marilyn Millage. The rest of the production team is rounded out by Mike Seager, Steve Millage, Bruce Kroetch and Nancy Ekstrum.