New large print collection

Rotating collection ... Haakon County Public Librarian Alison Kattlemann has found shelf space for the 150 large print books made available by the State Library transition.

The South Dakota State Library is transitioning from a public library to a "library for libraries". It is reducing its collection by 80 percent and giving the books to libraries throughout South Dakota.

This change at the State Library has positively impacted the Haakon County Public Library when it comes to large print books. The local library is in a circuit with six other libraries. Each library in the circuit has received 150 such books, and will rotate them between the other libraries in the circuit.

There are 10 circuits across the state. Each circuit chose to initially receive either 25, 50, 75, 100 or 150 books. Shipping is free to mail the books because large print books fall under the rules and regulations of the National Library Service for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

"This means that just this year our library has access to over 1,000 new books," said librarian Alison Kattleman. "Beginning in 2008, to maintain the Large Print Collection we will purchase four books for every 25 that we received this year. In 2008, we will buy 24 to add to the collection.

"The change of services at the State Library has provided wonderful opportunities for our local library to meet patrons' needs," said Kattleman. "I have been able to participate in more training events provided by the State Library which benefits our local library and community."

Haakon County Public Library patrons can check out the large print books for one month at a time, like other library materials. There are many genres represented in the expanded collection: westerns, romances, travel fiction, non-fiction, classics and other great works of literature.

"We chose 150 books because our large print books have a 100 percent turnover rate. This means that in one year every book in our large print collection is checked out at least once," said Kattleman.