Nelson lung transplant update and future fundraising

Jenn is a Midland teenager who requires a double lung transplant. The Kadoka Lutheran Confirmation class, the Future Business Leaders of America, and other community members assisted with the free will offering event. The supper raised $2,365 to assist with transplant related expenses. Total costs for just the double lung transplant operation range from $300,000 to $500,000. Extraneous expanses such as transportation and lodging for the family, and follow-up medical care are added expenses.

The Philip FCCLA chapter is selling Christmas stockings in honor of Jenn. These handmade socks, felt-fabric stockings can be personalized, filled with candy or coal and can be delivered to your person of choice. The suggested donation for each sock is two dollars. Santa will deliver the ordered socks around the Philip schools on Wednesday, December 19. These gifts don't just have to be for students, orders can be picked up at the school before December 21 or the FCCLA will make in-town deliveries. FCCLA has been making these stockings for eight years, finding that they sell very well, and hope that they will again this year.

"The stockings are great little gifts with a lot of hard work put into them going for a good cause," said FCCLA supervisor Brigitte Brucklacher. All proceeds will go to Jenn for transplant expenses. People can purchase the socks through any FCCLA member or by calling the Philip High School Office.

Jesse and Sheryl Hansen are fundraising campaign coordinators, with the help of the Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA), for Jenn's benefit.

The Hansens reported on Jenn's current status and her recent medical trip for evaluation to confirm her eligibility for a double lung transplant. Jenn is enjoying a better appetite, and is holding at a constant weight. Plans are for her to be dismissed sometime next week. She is looking forward to a quiet Christmas where she, her father, mother and older brother can simply be together.

Another fundraising coordination meeting was held on Wednesday night in Room A-1 at the high school. Youth are encouraged to attend such meetings; they are a important part of the planning.

The Hansens report, "Hey Team, Nicki Nelson and Jennifer had a long day and Jenn was tired but things went well. Jenn was even laughing and joking around with us on the phone. Please keep her in your prayers.

"We had a great turnout in Kadoka and had a fantastic group of volunteers who helped furnish and cook food, and serve the meal.

"We had a meeting in Midland; things went well there. I'm sure they will get something fantastic going in that community. Thanks for all your help," stated Jesse and Sheryl Hansen to an e-mail chain of friends and supporters.

For more information about other fundraising and volunteer opportunities, contact Sheryl and Jesse Hansen at 859-2044.