Music department seniors visit New York

The Philip High School senior music trip to New York City, this year from March 30 to April 3, was "amazing," "awesome," "great," and "what an experience" according to music instructor Barb Bowen relating the most heard expressions from the seniors.

After being in high school chorus or band, or both, for all four years of their Philip High School years, the senior students then had to earn their individual funds to afford the trip. The students who attended this year's trip were Michelle Van Tassel, Tomilyn Trask, Zane Pekron, Molly Coyle, Bethany Kroetch, Jennifer Stangle, Abby Carley, Krystal Davis and Tawnie DeJong.

"Some will never have this chance again," said Bowen, who then added, "They all earned their money for this trip."

The students and chaperones attended the musical performances of "Phantom of the Opera" and "Mary Poppins." They visited the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Ground Zero. They posed for pictures in front of the places where the "Today Show" and "Good Morning America" are filmed.

The Philip group toured through Times Square and down Wall Street. Other educational experiences included visiting the Rock Observatory at the Rockafellow Center and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, which is the largest cathedral in the world.

The crew bused to Sioux Falls, where they flew the rest of the way to New York City.