Murray's Coffee, Confections & More to open

The husband and wife team of Willard "Edwin" and Beth Murray, originally of Belton, Mich., are newcomers to Philip. They are opening Murray's Coffee, Confections & More at 103 N. Larimer Ave. (just north of The Gas Stop).

The coffee shop will offer hot and iced tea, hot and iced coffee, water, canned pop, baked doughnuts, scones, cinnamon rolls, mini cakes, bars (like brownies, but thinner). All of the baked goods will have different flavors, everything won't be just chocolate.  They are hoping that if everything goes well to offer a soup and sandwich special.

"Our plan is to feature a 'flavor of the day'," said Beth.

The Murrays said they chose South Dakota because of the excellent hunting conditions. "I like to hunt antelope and mule deer and decided this was a good place for retirement. We started in Sturgis looking for reasonably priced housing because it is where I prefer to hunt, but I found Philip. We decided to stay here because the town is so friendly and had a reasonable priced house. We don't have near the friendliness in Missouri," said Edwin.

Beth stated they had been thinking about opening a coffee shop for about eight months. "I told Edwin that his baking skills were just exceptional we should sell his creations. I just think he needs to keep busy and isn't really meant to be retired."

Murray's Coffee, Confections & More is scheduled to open June 15. It was originally scheduled to be opened on June 1, but remodeling is taking longer than expected due in part to the health department changing their original plans. "Everything is just taking a little longer than expected," said Edwin.

As of now, there are no employees, but the Murrays are not opposed to it. They say they will have to see how business goes before they think about extra help.

On the back side of the coffee-shop will be a nail salon run by Tricia Burns, friend of the Murrays. "We were telling her about what we wanted to open and she wanted to be closer to her son's day care, so everything just worked out nicely," said Beth.

Store hours of Murray's Coffee, Confections & More will be based on what the customers do. "Right now we are thinking of starting at 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, but we will just see how it goes from there," said Edwin.

Customers wanting to place orders by phone can reach the Murrays at 859-2141 or online at http://www.murrayscoffeeconfections-more.com. The coffee shop will offer wireless Internet and it will be available for the customers to use while at the shop. "Customers can eat and be on their laptop at the same time if they want to," said Beth.