Muirs new to Philip; bring new business to town

Chuck and Franny Muir come to Philip from Phoenix, Arizona. They intentionally looked for a small town to live in, and they luckily found Philip. Chuck works for WAPA. They already belong to the Chamber of Commerce and are working to be a part of the community.

Chuck and Franny Muir have moved to Philip. Chuck comes to work as a high voltage power system electrician for WAPA. Franny runs a massage business where the one giving the massage travels to the client.

The Muirs are recently from Phoenix, Arizona, though Chuck is originally from a small town. Chuck was in the Navy and has lived in or visited large metropolises such as Los Angeles and Tokyo. The Muirs wanted to “find a place to slow down” and were intentionally looking for a smaller town to live in.

Chuck and Franny could more easily make a move now that their four daughters are grown and no longer living with them. “The kids are all planted in other places.”

Philip is different from Phoenix in more ways than just the traffic. “There, people don’t look at you. People here wave at you even if they don’t know you.”

They were reading The Pioneer Review on-line before they moved to Philip. They used the business directory on the Philip website to get in touch with Shirley Chin, who then put them in touch with others.

“Everybody was very nice when we got here. They were all helping us find a place to stay,” said Chuck and Franny. “It was nice to have the help. The people are really great.”

When the Muirs requested information or assistance in their move, people in Philip often said, “Sure, no problem.” Chuck asked about a deposit on a storage unit and was told not to worry about it – his word was good enough. “That shocked the heck out of me. You don’t find that in the big city. If you run a business like that there, you will get taken.” Chuck continued, “People in the big city say that they don’t have time, that it is your problem.”

Chuck is working with Jerry Ellens in maintaining and building electrical substations. There are a dozen stations already under their supervision. The nearest other crews are in Rapid City, Pierre and Huron.

Franny is getting her mobile massage business going. “Word of mouth is key, once a few people get under my hands they will tell others that they should see the new girl in town.” She and her husband are already members of the Philip Chamber of Commerce, and have signs up in the most noticeable places in Philip for the massage business. She said that networking is a little different here, though in a good way, “Philip is an entity in itself.” Look for her ad in the next issues of The Pioneer Review and The Profit.

Over 11 years ago, Franny took over 750 hours of training in order to earn her massage license in Phoenix. She had been a waitress for 12 years. She remembers serving over 200 clients before she could eat and having consistantly tired legs. Chuck, admittedly a little biased toward his wife, said, “She gives massages better than anybody else you are going to find.” Franny is not out for competition, but she believes that she can fill a niche since she comes to the client. They do not have to end a massage by leaving their own homes or businesses to go out into the heat or cold. “A good massage can make you so relaxed that it might fool you, so I recommend resting at least 15 minutes before driving.” In Phoenix, it could take hours to drive across town. She worked in tandem with a chiropractor for over two years.

Chuck and Franny admit that they “have always got to be doing something. You can be real busy or real slow. You can always do more.” The two own a chocolate Labrador and enjoy baking and entertaining. Chuck half jokingly suggested to Franny to introduce people to her cooking, “You would blow their doors off with your cooking.”