Mother's Day

A list of chronological statements traditionally heard by mothers:

Mommy, I wuv yu. - My favoritist chair is mommy's lap. - Mommy, will you kiss my skinned knee and make it all better? - My mom makes the best peanut butter sandwiches in the world. - Will you stay with me all day during kindergarten? - Kindergarten was great, and we get to go back tomorrow. - Please don't kiss me goodbye when you drop me off at school, at least not when all the other kids are watching. - It wasn't me! - Where do babies come from? - Can you help me with my science fair project? It's due tomorrow. - She can't be cool, she's my mother. - You're not the boss of me! - Can I go to a sleepover party with EVERYONE else ... Mommy, could you come get me because I miss you and my own bed? - Girls (boys) are gross! - Mommy, I made you breakfast in bed; sorry about the mess in the kitchen. - Dad might give the spankings, but it's far worse when you get mom upset. - I hate them, they're not my best friends any more, at least not until tomorrow. - Make my bed? I'll just mess it up again tonight. - You have to make eight dozen cookies for tomorrow's bake sale. - I saw Mommy and Daddy kissing; gross. - Don't go into the birds and the bees, because I already know all about that. - Don't bother whispering, because she hears everything. - What was your first date like?...Wasn't your first date with Dad?! - Clean up the mess in my room, what mess? - I'll slam my door if I want to. - Mom, how do you know when it's love? - Daddy, why does Mom sometimes cry while looking over the old family photo albums? - Can I have some money? - Dad tells me how to drive; Mom holds onto the dash real tight and tries to close her eyes. - Can I have the car keys? - I was in an accident; yes, I'm alright, but the car... yes I'm alright. - You don't have to wait up for me when I'm on a date ... thanks for always waiting up for me. - Can I have some money? - Graduation is when mother can't decide to cry sad tears or happy tears because you've grown up and are leaving. - This is my date, Mom. Are you feeling okay? - Yes Mom, I'll call from college every week ... sorry for not calling as often as I should. - Mom, you remember that little girl who I used to chase with frogs and snakes? Well, she's all grown up now. - Dad must like you as my girlfriend, because he says you remind him of Mom when they were dating. - Why do mothers always cry at weddings? - Mom, it's a boy! - How do you get the babies to stop crying ... oh. - I am learning that moms get smarter the older I get. - When we asked you to babysit your grandkids, what did you mean when you said that you had already done your time? - I saw Mom and Dad kiss, it was so sweet. - Mom, your curse of me having kids just like I was when I was little is now coming true. - Why do you feed the kids all that sugar and then send them back home with me? - I'm so glad, but how did you and Dad ever stay together for 25 years? - Mom, I love you.