Moses Building Center closes its Kadoka lumber yard

"It just wasn't self-supporting anymore," said Mike Moses, owner of the Moses Building Center in Philip, of the lumber yard in Kadoka.

Three years ago, as of the first of March, Moses had purchased the Kadoka Lumber and Supply business from Jim Kujawa. Now the Kadoka branch has been closed and the materials stored there transferred to the Philip location.

Kujawa, who has been working full-time at the building center in Philip since then, said that he is now in the process of selling the building and land to Peters Excavation.

"Brent Peters didn't have a shop or any real storage before," said Kujawa. "He needed something. The property will be used again right away. There will be a business still there," said Kujawa.

On Monday, Peters said, "The sale is pending due to formalities and paperwork."

The recent manager of the Kadoka store, Eric Osborn, is the new shop/warehouse manager in the Philip store.

"No problem," said Osborn of the job location change. "I used to work over here in Philip for about four years pouring concrete. People know me here."

"We are closing our doors in Kadoka," said Moses, "but, we will still offer free same-day or next-day service for deliveries to the Kadoka area, as long as the customers and contractors let us know a little in advance."

Almost everything has been moved to Philip. "All that is left is some clean-up and shelving to be torn down," said Moses on March 30. The store was to be completely ready for transfer to a possible new owner by April 1.