Moenville News

Greetings from breezy, cooler northeast Haakon County. The weather here has been so wonderful, but it sounds like we may see our first snow of the season this weekend. I am just thankful the snow has held off this long - hopefully it will mean that our winter will be shorter this year.

Last weekend was opening weekend of the West River deer season, so there was a lot of activity in the community. Saturday, I spent most of the day working on projects in the house, just in case some stray bullets came flying through the yard. But all was well - there didn't appear to be any stray bullets, and my house benefited from the extra cleaning I was doing.

Duane and Lola Roseth had two of their children home for the weekend. Son Rhett Roseth and daughter Kayce and her husband, John Gerlach, arrived Friday night to spend the weekend deer hunting. The group left Sunday, but I didn't hear if they were successful in finding the deer they wanted. Lola made a trip to the doctor in Philip this week. The good news is that she is continuing to improve from her recent illness, but the bad news is that it will take a while before she is back to her normal, energetic self. While she was in Philip, she visited her father-in-law, Roy Roseth, who is a patient in the Philip hospital. Actually, I think Roy has been moved to swing bed status - so glad he is continuing to recover from his recent surgery.

Billy and Arlyne Markwed had a house-full of hunters over the weekend also. Friday, Clint and Jenna Bresee, Sioux Falls, Eric and Damion Bresee, Wall, and Bruce and Cindy (Markwed) Bresee, Spearfish, arrived. Saturday. Grandson T.J. Gabriel and family joined the group for lunch and supper. T.J. and Jeanine's sons, Dylan and Kyler, spent Saturday night with Grandma Cindy. I don't know if Cindy got much rest, but they had a great time. Sunday, Bunky and Connie (Neuhauser) Boger stopped by for a visit. While visiting with Arlyne, I found out why I wasn't able to reach them for news last week - they were busy finding a new water heater after the old one sprung a leak! Arlyne climbed out of bed and found herself standing in water, so she was very motivated to get the problem solved. There was probably a point in time years ago when water heaters were considered a luxury, but now they are a necessity!

Congratulations to Bruce Bresee on being named Region IV coach of the year for 2011 by the South Dakota Football Coaches Association. Bruce is the football coach at Spearfish High School.

Nels and Dorothy Paulson were in Pierre on business last Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, Nels worked in his shop, making more preparations for winter. Paulsons had deer hunters over the weekend. Their friend, Otis Funk, Pierre, and a couple of his buddies were out, as was Clint Habek and his son from Ft. Pierre. Nels and Dorothy have known Clint from years ago when Nels and Dorothy were active in the Kirley B-B gun team. Clint was an excellent shot in those days, but he shot for a team for the southeast part of the state, so he gave the Kirley shooters a lot of competition.

Lee and Mary Briggs entertained deer hunters over the weekend also. Their grandson, Chancey Riggle, and some of his friends were hunting Saturday, and they had good success. The Briggs' also hosted three gentlemen from Redfield.

Dick and Gene Hudson went to Whitewood last Friday to visit Son and Jean (Hudson) Keffler. Jean hasn't been feeling very well this fall. On the way home, Dick and Gene stopped in Piedmont for supper. Their niece, Lori (Snook) and her husband, Tracy Konst, own a restaurant there, so Dick and Gene got to enjoy a good meal and a nice visit all at the same time! Gene said their chickens are still not laying eggs, and she is looking for solutions to that problem. It sounds like some of the roosters may lose their heads. If anyone has any sure fire remedies to the egg laying problem, be sure to let Gene know!

Kevin and Mary Neuhauser had several hunters from the Sioux Falls area over the weekend. As is the tradition, the hunters cooked pork loins and other goodies on Saturday night, and several neighbors joined in the feast. Kevin and Mary's daughter, Sarah, and one of her friends spent the weekend at the ranch, also. A week ago, Kevin's friend, Chuck Heimes,, Sioux Falls, visited for several days and did a little turkey hunting.

This is a busy time of year for Cole Briggs. He works with several cattle producers around the state, preg testing their cattle. He uses ultrasound technology, ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of the test. Cole also says using the ultrasound is faster than the older palpation method, plus it is easier on the cow. He also sells the ultrasound machines, and he feels strongly that the technology helps strengthen the cattle industry. Cole will be heading to Colorado next week to test cattle at a large ranch there.

Julian and Coreen Roseth had a house full of kids and grandkids over the weekend. Kristin (Roseth) Martin and her children came out Friday. Saturday, Kristin, along with brother Nick and brother Adam and sister-in-law Jodi went deer hunting. Kristin had a meeting in Pierre Monday, so the grandkids stayed with Grandma Coreen.

Clark and Carmen Alleman entertained their usual group of hunters over the weekend, and it was a houseful. Saturday evening, Dick and Mary Carter and Elliot and Mary Jane Nelson, Pierre, joined the group for supper. The hunters had good success, which is good news.

Shirley Halligan went to Pierre last Friday to attend Les Mitchell's funeral. Afterwards, she joined Jerry and Marie Sylva and Hazel Rathbun for lunch. Friday night, Frank and Shirley took friends, Billy and Nancy Webb, out to supper. The Webbs will be leaving soon to spend the winter in Texas.

Hazel Rathbun said that her sister, Hattie Clark, is very comfortable at the Golden Living Center in Pierre. Other residents at the center include former neighbors, Maxine Norman and Just Anderson. Leo Stoner is also there for the time being, but he may move to Philip if there is room for him. Thank goodness for facilities to help care for us when we can no longer care for ourselves.

Ray and Nancy Neuhauser went to supper at the Senior Citizen's Center last Saturday night. Over the weekend, their guests were Nancy's daughter, Carrie, and husband, Tom, Sheridan, granddaughter, LaCosta, and family from the Mission area, and daughter, Sandy, Ree Heights.

Ron and Helen Beckwith had hunters over the weekend, and they got some very nice deer. Helen said her hip pain is better, and she hopes to go back to work next week. Ron and Helen visited their brother-in-law, Leo Stoner, in Pierre Friday.

Bill and Polly Bruce had a busy week of cattle work at the ranch. They sold calves Friday. Sons David and Andy and friend, Matt Gil de Leon, were on hand to help Vince and Bill with the cattle work. Andy left Friday, and the rest left Sunday. Vince's friend, Katie Goodwin, also spent the weekend at the ranch, helping with some of the cooking. Bill and Polly attended church in Midland Sunday, followed by lunch at the local restaurant.

Max and Joyce Jones are hosting deer hunters from Utah - the guys are enjoying the hunting, and the ladies are enjoying the visiting. Saturday, Joyce, son Todd, his wife, Darcy, and children, Mattie and Luke, attended an open house for Jan and Norm Widvey's 50th anniversary. Jan is Darcy's aunt, and she is also Mattie and Luke's piano instructor.

Marge Briggs is hosting hunters from Minneapolis and New York state. The hunters have come to the ranch for years and have become good friends. Monday, Helen Beckwith visited Marge, bringing her some taco soup. Marge said the soup is very good - sounds like I should get the recipe!

Ruth Neuhauser's daughter, Connie, has had a busy week also. She and her husband, Bunky Boger, have been attending a meeting in Billings, Mont., and they came back through Sunday, visiting with Billy and Arlyne Markwed, Kevin and Mary Neuhauser, and Randy and Leanne Neuhauser. They then went to Pierre to visit one of Connie's high school friends. Monday, they went on to Highmore to spend the day with Ruth, bringing her gifts for her birthday and helping her with her Christmas letter. After leaving Highmore, they had the misfortune of hitting a deer, which is complicating their return to their home in Arkansas. Fortunately, Connie and Bunky weren't hurt - I don't know how the deer came out.

We had a ranch full of hunters over the weekend, also. Among the guests were our daughter, Jen, and her husband, Ross Tschetter, Salem, as well as our daughter, Chelsea, Spearfish. Our friend, Chuck Ulen, Northern Minnesota spent Monday night with us also - he was headed home from a trip that took him up and down the west coast and various spots in between.

As I read back through the news, it seems that deer hunting has been the main activity in the community. I know that not everyone is a proponent of hunting, but it is an important component of managing the deer population. If no one hunted, the deer would become overpopulated, which leads to disease among the herd.

This week, I am grateful for Aunt Ruth Neuhauser. She will celebrate her birthday Wednesday, November 16, and I hope she has a wonderful day. She has been such a kind, loving, giving woman her entire life, and she has been an inspiration to me and many others. She and her husband, Bob, raised a wonderful family, she was a teacher and a 4-H leader, and it seemed that she never missed an opportunity to help someone if they needed it. She wrote the Moenville News for years and has always been active in the community, and she has done it all with a smile! Even now, when small everyday tasks are no longer easy for her, she still has an upbeat attitude and a kind word. I hope that I can age as gracefully as Aunt Ruth has - she is a gem!

I hope all of you are enjoying these snow-free days! Make the most of them - go out and make it a great week!