Mitchell Allen Crawford______________________

October 1, 1963 - April 16, 2014

Mitchell Allen Crawford, 50, died Wednesday, April 16, 2014, after a sudden medical event.
Born October 1, 1963, in Philip, S.D., to Joe and Ardie Crawford, Mitch graduated from Stevens High School in 1981, attended BHSU off and on for several years, and worked at family businesses, including JR's Bar & Grill, Smokin' Joe's -- and, for the last decade, Integrated Commercial Solutions.
Mitch married Carla Trembore (Rapid City), becoming loving stepdad to Hunter, 13, and his life was filled with sustained and unique meaning when son Cooper, 9, arrived.
Mitch followed the Broncos, didn't mind Windsor, enjoyed Stephen King, Bocephus, Louis L'amour and John Cougar – but cultivated a peculiar set of eccentricities. Like obsessing on The Weather Channel. Mashing six soft-boiled eggs in a bowl and eating the result with a spoon. Boasting of membership in the Bones, a college fraternal order so exclusive it was basically unknown beyond his roommates, the world’s only other Bones. And driving so slow that Geological Time put Mitch down as a reference -- or, as sister Angie says, he sought "warp turtle speed." His driving drove Joe nuts, sister Katy observed.
Mitch couldn't throw a ball, just pathetic, but was a talented wrestler, winning an AAU championship via his wits and a headlock recalled by a state champ as dominant. And he could hunt and fish. There was no brotherly competition that way. Because it wasn't close, Luke says. "Ever.” Mitch won arm wrestling tournaments -- and, a genuine tough guy, always had his brother's back. Humor, a constant undercurrent in Mitch’s life, made him master of the quip, a fun storyteller, great at simply visiting -- but if ya had it comin', he’d swat ya.
Still, what Mitch will be remembered for is his big, beautiful heart. He recognized Life Moments. Ever the softie, he’d invariably show up, quietly supporting you, in tough times. Or to celebrate you, as he just proudly and lovingly did for his mom’s 75th birthday.
Like Angie noted, "Mitch always picked up the phone."
Our loss is immeasurable. Mitch is survived by wife Carla; sons Cooper and Hunter; parents Joe and Ardie; siblings Luke, Katy Jameson (Dean), and Angie; and his dog Shiloh.
Mitch was a Buckaroo for 20 years. In lieu of flowers, memorials will be designated for the Buckaroo Scholarship Fund.
Visitation will be held at Kirk's Funeral Home in Rapid City, Friday, April 25, 5-7 p.m.
Social hour will be held Saturday, April 26 at 9 a.m., with funeral service at 10 a.m. at the Wall gymnasium.
Burial by Buckaroo shall proceed apace at the Wall Cemetery.