Midland School reorganization process

The Kadoka and Midland School Districts have agreed to enter into a discussion surrounding the reorganization of the districts. The reorganization process is dictated by law, but more importantly, developed by board members, administrators and community members who care about the education and lives of the students we serve.

The reorganization process will begin with the selection of a “reorganization committee”. The recommended committee make-up includes: two community members (recommended that at least one of the community members be the parent of a student in school), a teacher, two board of education members, superintendent of schools and the business manager.

This committee will “work through” the combining of the two school districts from the curriculum to be used, transportation concerns, policies, salaries and benefits for staff, and any other special needs the new district may have. The joint boards will receive the recommendations of the committee. The recommendations will give the school boards an indication of the feelings of all communities regarding the proposed reorganization.

The boards will then conduct public meetings to relate the reorganization plan to the communities prior to the election date. Once a mutually agreed upon plan for reorganization is reached, the boards will submit the plan to the South Dakota Secretary of Education. The Secretary will approve (or disapprove) the plan and help arrange a date for an election (an opportunity for patrons from both districts to vote on the proposed reorganization plan). If the plan is approved by the voters of the two districts, the new district will be operational July 1, 2007.

This is a brief synopsis of the activities involved in the preparation of the reorganization plan.

I will attempt to provide our school communities with information on a monthly basis pertaining to the developments of the reorganization plan. Education is about the students we serve and bringing them the best education services we can provide. It is my sincere desire to continue to promote education for the good of every student the Kadoka School District serves. Please call the school if you have questions.