Midland News

It's Monday and it's cloudy at the moment and the wind is blowing but...we don't have that white stuff yet! Sounds like we may get some moisture later in the week! We could use some moisture before the ground freezes but just between you and me I prefer rain to snow at this point. And haven't we had some beautiful nights with that full moon making a most picturesque photo. I do enjoy those evenings when the sky is full of stars and there is a full moon. God does paint an awesome picture of natural beauty! The deer have their antennas out watching and listening for those hunters that are on the move. Orange caps and orange vests and jackets can be seen across the prairie as those hunters search for that prize buck. Jerry and I drove out to the DeYoung place later Sunday afternoon and did we see the deer...bucks and doe and Mulley's guess that's the way you spell it. Our family is not hunters so I don't know much about those four legged animals. They are a graceful animal as they clear those fences, but, on the other side of the coin, they can cause a lot of damage to a vehicle and to the persons in that vehicle when they make contact. I prefer not to be out on the road at night for that very reason.

Notice: Anyone wishing to purchase a DVD of the 100th celebration of St. William Catholic Church can contact Sally Ehlers at 843-2270.

Karel Reiman had a full household over Veteran's Day weekend! Her son Steve Reiman, Patrick and Rececca, Mandan, ND arrived on Wednesday evening as did her son Mark Reiman from Kadoka. Her daughter Anne Moege, Mitchell arrived at noon on Friday. It was a busy, busy weekend as on Friday afternoon brother-in-law Bob List, Yankton and a friend Marvin Guthmiller were there to do some hunting. The whole group attended and enjoyed the soup and sandwich meal, put on by the Midland Legion members the evening of Veteran's Day. Bob and Marvin seemed to have a bit of a comedy of errors on their hunting expedition but enjoyed themselves in spite of it. Bob had a lesson of the pheasant with Steve's kids, Patrick and Rebecca, showing them the beautiful and unique colored feathers of a pheasant and how each one had its place and seemed to change color with the lighting. It is just a nice thing when folks take the time to share something like this with kids and down the road those kids many think...remember when? After church on Sunday and a bite to eat everyone headed for home but for the two hunters...they had some more hunting to do and were planning on leaving for home around noon on Monday.

According to Karel Reiman, Joe Hanrahan and his crew from Kadoka are putting new siding on the St. Peter's Lutheran Church south of Midland starting today, Monday. Some of the men folk from the parish helped out and the ladies were going to serve those men folk a hot meal at the church.

Some of the Hunt sisters, Christine Niedan and Michelle Meinzer, Midland and Teresa Palmer, Murdo attended the Zonta Fair at the Ramkota in Pierre on Saturday. They reported there was a good crowd with many folks showing their wares and giving people some ideas for Christmas gifts.

Jan (Hunt) Tolton spent two weeks with her daughter Jenna Tolton at El Pasco, TX getting acquainted with that new granddaughter Keenan Derex Gonzales. Keenan is the daughter of Jan Tolton and Oscar Gonzales. This makes another great-grandchild for Ida Hunt and the late Lyle Hunt. It's hard when those grandchildren are so far away. You just don't have a chance to see them very often! This makes two grandchildren for Jim and Jan Tolton. Their son Jordan Tolton and daughter Jessica live at Aberdeen.

Reminder: Christmas in Midland will be on December 3rd this year so be watching for ads telling of all that will be going on! This will be the ninth year for this event! Carol Hunt came up with the idea for Christmas in Midland those years ago and got others involved and it has become an enjoyable event each year. Roy and Carol Hunt went to Rapid City on Saturday to get some things for Christmas in Midland. And as Carol says: "Thanksgiving is just around the corner and yet when you go shopping everything is getting set up for Christmas. I can't believe it is again time for Christmas in Midland. It is scheduled for Saturday, December 3, 2011 at the Midland Legion Hall. The Senior Citizens will again be serving soup and sandwiches in the lunch room that day. If anyone is interested in setting up a tree or Christmas scene please contact Carol Hunt (843-2537) or Sophie Foley (843-2861. Come join us to see the trees and scenes set up by local people in the community."

Pat and Sophie (Larson) Foley had hunters over the weekend. Todd Larson and sons Kendall and Logan of Sioux Falls and Jim Larson, Midland! Sophie said her daughter Renee Schofield of Kadoka and Sophie's granddaughter Ashley Schofield who attends college at Black Hills State University at Spearfish brought supper over for everyone Saturday night, which Sophie much appreciated.

Lisa and Matt Foley of Wagner were visitors at the parental Gene and Audrey Jones home from Friday night till Sunday afternoon. Sunday after Mass Edna Dale and Miranda and Mariah joined the Joneses and Foleys for dinner before all left for their homes.

In visiting with Celia Doud by phone Monday morning she told that Jim and Jessie Root had supper with them Saturday and the main dish was walleye caught by you know who? What's that, Jim Root you say? You would be right! Celia said this is an annual event before Jim and Jessie head south for the winter. Celia also shared she had been working on and had finished a flowered quilt her mother Genieve Koehler had embroidered some many years ago. Celia said her mom would have embroidered it sometime in the late 30's and the colorful flowers her mom embroidered on that quilt were every bit as fancy as those new sewing machines you can buy will do. Her mother had finished all of the flowers on the guilt and so what Celia had done was the backing of that guilt. Reports are, "it is a beautiful quilt". I am sure it is! And that quilt has special meaning because of being done by her mom. Have you ever noticed that often times when we least expect it something special comes into our lives and that special something gives a lift to ones days. Celia is a quilter in her own right and makes some beautiful quilts. George and Genieve Koehler and family lived in Powell, SD during that time and they had sheep and her mom would drive the pickup and herd those sheep. It is no secret, heart-warming stories are a passion of mine and this particular quilt is one of those stories.

"Fiddler on The Roof" was the latest musical attended Friday evening in Rapid City by Judy Daly, Pat Snook, and Marcia Jackson and Diane Jacobson from Hot Springs. Barb Jones wasn't able to go and gave her ticket to daughter-in-law Jen Jones. Diane Jacobson is Jen's mother. They all thought the performance great.

Morris and Barbara Jones left for Bismarck, ND Friday morning, where they picked up their daughter Jill Sheldon and traveled to Center, ND to attend the funeral of Lynette Hatzenbihler. Lynette was the mother of their daughter-in-law, Sandra Jones. She passed away at the age of 66 years from cancer. On returning to Bismarck, they stayed with Jill and helped her and Todd for the next two days, cleaning up the yard and house so the Sheldon family could move back into their home at Hogue Island near Bismarck. They moved out as a result of this past years flooding on the Missouri River on May 27th. Their home had water in the basement but they were able to keep it out of the upper floor with sandbags, dikes and water pumps running constantly. Sunday, five and a half months later, they moved back home. There is much work left to be done, but being in your own home again is a great feeling. We to express our sincere sympathy to the family of Lynette Hatzenbihler! And to Jill and Todd, we are glad you are finally in your home once again!

While the Joneses were in North Dakota, Carrie and Wes Mentele and boys of Howard, and Tom Riddle of Mitchell came to hunt at the Jones ranch. Denny and Wanda Mentele also of Howard joined them in the hunt. Pat Jones, Braden, Monica and Piper of Wessington Springs came to Midland on Saturday to fill their deer licenses also. By Monday noon, six buck deer were harvested off the Jones's ranch.

Bad River Club

November 4, 2011---windy again! But as yet, we have not had to contend with the snow which has been plaguing several of the other states. Only four members, Janice Bierle, Emily Sammons, Isabelle Sampson and Maxine Stirling were able to be entertained at the home of Betty Sinkey, hostess. Due to prior commitments, Kathy Tolton, Wilma Saucerman, Verona Evans and Edna Joy were unable to be with us.

Creed and Flag Salute were in unison. There was no other business except a reminder of our annual noon Christmas luncheon, December 2nd to be held at Verona's home. Maxine will be co-hostess. Gift exchange and secret pal will be revealed following the noon luncheon.

Betty made sure there were no "tricks" only plenty of "treats" when she carried out her Halloween theme. Cleverly made "scare crows" decorated with Halloween décor held a bag of candy with a special treat hidden inside. These were placed at each table setting keeping watch over the other goodies waiting to be enjoyed at the delicious luncheon. Maxine guessed the correct price and Emily took home the door prize. Even though there were only five of us, we all enjoyed our fun-filled afternoon. Just being together with friends is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Club reporter Isabelle Sampson

The Senior Citizens met at the center for their November 7th meeting with seven members present. President Woitte opened the meeting and led in the Flag Salute. The minutes of the October meeting were read and approved. The treasurer's report was given. George Stroppel moved to accept, Betty Sinkey seconded and motion passed.

The bulletin board was done, no cards were sent. Maintenance moved the tables and set up for the blood drive and the Historical meetings in October. We decided to have the soup supper at Christmas in Midland again. Shorty will purchase a roaster for the center to use for this. Meeting adjourned! Mickey Woitte, secretary.

As I close my news column this Tuesday morning in looking towards the west the clouds have a cold wintery look to them. Sounds like parts of western South Dakota got some of that white stuff called snow. Brrrrr! Guess it's getting time to bring out those winter coats and mittens! There has been a lot of activity going on in the new house just to the south of us. Heard tell hopes are to be moved in by Thanksgiving! There will still be work to do but some of those things can be done after you are moved in. Building a new home is a lot of work but there is also excitement as you move into that new home. Jerry and I were at the soup and sandwich meal put on by the Midland Legion members on Veteran's Day. We sat down by a family we didn't know and in seeing a man and a woman and two small children I thought...ah huh, this must be the new Open Bible pastor and his family. We introduced ourselves and when telling my name was Sonia his remark was, "you must be the Sonia who writes the Midland News?" I thought, "You have got to be kidding, I don't even know this man and he knows someone named Sonia writes the Midland News." Well, he is the new Open Bible pastor and he and his family recently moved here from Oregon. When he learned he and his family would be moving to Midland he had bought some copies of the Pioneer Review to try and learn some things about the folks in Midland, SD. I told them, "You know you live in a small town when....people have figured who you are because in that room you are the only ones they don't know." They seem like a nice family and we do welcome them to our community and wish them all the best. Have a good day and a good week and keep warm!