Midland mud bog a marvelous mess of fun

The Midland Fire Department and Midland Emergency Medical Service sponsored a mud bog last weekend five miles west of Midland. Originally scheduled for July 19, it was postponed until July 20 due to .90 of an inch of rain, making audience access nearly impossible, along with the inevitable destruction of the grass on the land. Thirty-four “mudders” competed and over 200 audience members attended. Several mudders got stuck and had to be pulled out, but most made it through the extra-muddy course. Times were predictably slower than in previous years. Shown above is a mudder coming out of turn number two, headed down the straight away.

The rain came down, soon followed by mud going up.

The Midland mud bog races were originally planned for Saturday, July 19. The sponsors, the Volunteer Fire Department and Midland Emergency Medical Service, decided to postpone the event until the next day, Sunday, July 20. Nine-tenths of an inch of rain made access and the audience part of the field too muddy for use. The sponsors did not want to destroy the grass on the pastures.

The track area, about five miles west of Midland, was dry enough for Sunday's 200-plus audience. Several racers got stuck and average course times were slower than in previous years. Thirty-four "mudders" signed up, with most running in more than one of the six events.

Powder Puff

(nine entrees)

1st - Kristin Martin

2nd - Abi Van Regenmorter

3rd - Misti Hostutler

Small Block Stock

(10 entries)

1st - Tyler Rankin

2nd - Rick O'Rourke

3rd - Misti Hostutler

Big Block Stock

(10 entries)

1st - Rick O'Rourke

2nd - Nick Van Dam

3rd - Nick Roseth

Small Block Modified

(12 entries)

1st - Dave Van Regenmorter

2nd - Brandon Morrison

3rd - Dale Morrison

Big Block Modified

(11 entries)

1st - Tony Titus

2nd - Brandon Morrison

3rd - Dale Morrison


(11 entries)

1st - Brandon Morrison

2nd - Tony Titus

3rd - Dave Van Regenmorter